• Published 2nd Jan 2015
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The Power Ponies: The Power Inside - Matthew Stone

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A Feeling of Doubt

An unknown comic issue always opens up in the alternate world of where crime is lethal is crooked in the human civilized metropolis called Corvine (which is actually pretty close to Maretropolis). The city itself is under deep hell, and the citizens are under protection by one of the most trusted heroes that arrived a couple years ago. They’re like ponies, except different. They are known as the POWER PONIES.

They are formed in groups that are a similar team to the main six in the parallel world of Equestria. The cast is as follows, Mistress Marvelous who looks like Applejack, Saddle Rager who looks like Fluttershy, Fili-Second who looks like Pinkie Pie, Zapp who looks like Rainbow Dash, Radiance who looks like Rarity, and Masked Matter-Horn who looks like Twilight. A teen dragon in his own leotard suit named Hummer, who looks like Spike, aids the six main ponies. They even encountered an old villain who decided to reform himself, and force respect upon himself towards an annoyed team to prove HE IS good. That reformed character is Bellcord, who looks a lot like Discord. There is also Mote, a young filly who’s muscular, told to keep an eye on Bellcord by Matter-Horn’s instructions. The last character who’s part of the team is a blanket, similar to a pet blanket seen in a cut-out animated universe. The small blanket with his mask and cape is named Pouter, and he’s very nervous about almost anything.

The team had accomplished much to prove that can collaborate well without any problems, almost. The rivalry between Bellcord and the other Power Ponies still seethes, and the six main members are having trouble coping with how to collaborate with upcoming fights. Pouter is usually confused and concerned of how to help bring them together and make hem get along, but it wasn’t simple. Little did they know too, this universe is under someone else’s wrong clutches for the taking.

The Power Ponies' main enemy is known as the League of Evil, and their hideout is just underground the city, located in an abandoned railway subway station, covered with rubble and rocks. The supervillians chill and relax as they already hang out for mysterious instructions by an unknown ally. Pharaoh Phetlock, High Heels, Long-Face, Smudge, Mane-Iac, and Shadowmane are here. They all recall the Power Ponies once destroyed Pandora’s Box, which Mane-Iac was close to using to bring mass destruction on her previous parallel city Maretropolis. They arrived to think of a new plan as they wait for their leader, and Mane-Iac was the first to speak.

“We’ve been beaten by the Power Ponies for far too long!” Mane-Iac complains, presenting the issue.

“We have to find a way to bind and choke them for good!” Pharaoh sneers.

“Or make ‘em cry…” Long Face laughs.

“Maybe we can magically turn them into shoes?” High Heels suggests.

“Or cover them in smudge?” Smudge suggests.

“NO! THEY ARE BOTH DUMB PLANS!” Mane-Iac roars at H.H. and Smudge.

“I see you’re already making a plan.” a sudden voice said.

The villainous group looks around to see who said that. Mane-Iac then looks at the end of the room, seeing their leader walking in. He acts as a shadow figure as he walks slowly in the room. His appearance is alien-like, green skin and having antennas on his forehead. He has a huge scare on his right eye, and he’s wearing a caped suit.

“Uh, who are you?” Pharaoh asks.

“I am Bakura.” the leader announces, “And with my help, the power pests will be demolished, killed, destroyed.”

He isn’t from around here from what Mane-Iac guesses, but Bakura is holding something to her surprise. It’s one of the Power Ponies’ gadgets he’d stolen from a while back under their noses. He kept it as a clue to their weakness, an open wound to their flaw.

“What is that?” Long Face asks, curious of the object.

“That’s a data decoder.” High Heels tells him, “Capable of forcing glitches in technology to go away and have machines work with a sharp spark. It’s also capable of hacking into enemies’ info in computers. JUST WHAT WE NEED TO GO AGAINST THEM! WOOOO!”

“Calm yourself!” Bakura hisses, “We have much more to do than just THAT.”

“Like what? Expose the team’s secrets?” Long Face asks.

Bakura looks down to the ground.

“I have an old brother imprisoned and locked away for some time now.” Bakura confesses, “And the Power Ponies are the ones responsible for sending him to solitary confinement by judicial decision. From all the magic I saved now, I will use it to force release and gain his freedom. He will then help me possess Matter-Horn to go against her only team, which will divide and conquer them. Then, their judgment will tear them apart. That’s when the decoder comes to play. We’ll use it to find where my brother is imprisoned.”

“I’m starting to like this.” Mane-Iac smiles.

“Same here.” Pharaoh agrees.

“Yes. Brilliant.” Smudge nods.

“Then we need to think of a trap to lure Matter-Horn and her so-called friends.” Bakura instructs, “I also have a dark history with her other friend Mote, so I’ll have inquires of ridding him to strengthen our plans.”

“Anything else?” Mane-Iac asks.

“Yes.” Bakura grins, “After we take hold of Matter-Horn, I will remove her powerful mask. You might not know this, but it has high power just like a king’s magic crown. With it, our other powers will be combined and unstoppable.”

“She won’t hand it over easily though.” Mane-Iac sighs.

“And she has only one.” Bakura adds, “That’s when we’ll also need to capture Radiance. The materials she uses to make these powerful masks should be for all of us! Force into play will make her cooperate if she refuses. With masks the same as Matter-Horn’s design, we’ll kill everyone in our power and rule all of Corvine!”

“Perfect…” Mane-Iac laughs.

The other villains then laugh along with her, including Bakura.

It was at the top of a glass skyscraper where the Power Ponies’ headquarters took place. Matter-Horn is researching about recent studies of odd orange weather and aura patterns in the sky, and an odd silhouette emerging through as if a demon was released. It could be a new threat that she and her team needs to prepare for.


Matter-Horn turns, and sees Bellcord is in his green leotard suit, smiling at her mischievously. She snarls in disgust, and turns to look back to the screen. The little blanket Pouter also floats into the room, hoping nothing disastrous or loathing will happen since Bellcord is by Matter-Horn.

“Researching about farts in the air, are we?” Bellcord snickers.

“Don’t you have anywhere better to go?” Matter-Horn scowls.

“Silly pony, I’m under parole. Remember?” Bellcord grins, “That means I’m under certain house arrest, not to leave these headquarters during the night, even if I wanted to.”

“I never declared that.” Matter-Horn sighs.

“No, but Zapp did.” Bellcord said.

“What? Without my permission?” Matter-Horn turns to him.

“It’s for his own good!” Zapp said, flying into the room in anger, “That criminal mastermind will cause nothing but trouble!”

“I said I reformed.” Bellcord scowls at her, “But if it’s your choice to mistreat me, I won’t stop you.”

Saddle Rager then trots into the room, angry to see Bellcord as well.

“YOU MISTREATED US!” Zapp yells at Bellcord, “Your CHAOS nearly took down everyone in Corvine!”

“I never meant any harm!” Bellcord protests.

“Well you need to learn to control your magic for the better!” Saddle Ranger huffs.

“I can’t though!” Bellcord snaps.

“Um… can’t we just get along for the rest of the night?” Pouter tries to suggest.

“SHUT UP!” Bellcord, Zapp, and Saddle Ranger all said at once to the Blanket.

The little sidekick Blanket squats down in embarrassment, regretting in even opening his mouth.

“Guys! Enough arguing!” Mistress Marvelous said, entering the room, “We have far bigger problems! There’s an exploding outbreak near the Avocado Bay Security Prison!”

“WHAT?” the gang all said at once.

It was then that Radiance, Fili-Second, Hummer, and Mote reported into the room. Mistress Marvelous has capability of giving out information of current crimes and updates. With such news, Matter-Horn turns on the news, putting it one the giant computer screen so everypony can see the mishap and what the reporters have to say.

A female woman is standing right in front of the maximum-security prison in flames, with her camera crew panicking. SWAT teams are marching in to contain the dangerous criminals from escaping. Huge slabs of concrete are also being torn and thrown out of the cell windows.

“The invasion of the prison began right after the explosion around 9 P.M.” the reporter gives out, “Police are now observing the ones responsible for the attacks as they fight the powerful beings themselves. One told us that the attacker gave out his name Bakura, and…”

“Bakura?” Mote said, “That name sounds familiar. That sounds like Mordum’s brother.”

“Who is Mordum?” Bellcord asks.

“One of the world’s most deadliest criminals and serial killers!” Mote huffs, “he once tried to slaughter everyone in Corvine with his summoned demons and enslave them all. He even had plans to use them as sex laborers. When we came into play to stop him, his blade powers nearly killed us. They locked him away in that prison with his powers being drained for good, and now…”

“The prison is under attack.” Matter-Horn shudders, “If his brother is intending his escape, they’ll bring out revenge.”

“We got to stop them!” Zapp said.

“I agree!” Bellcord said in defiance.

“YOU AGREE?” Zapp scoffs, “Nice try!”

“You’re under jurisdiction, and you’re forbidden to help…” Matter-Horn starts to say.

“I MUST HELP!” Bellcord insists, “I mad myself reform to help you, and you better accept that! Besides, whatever magic Mordum has, he’ll use to try and kill you. If you want to win this, my magic is the only way to protect you…”

Saddle Rager is surprised of how sincere and protective Bellcord is trying to be. From what she know, the shy and defiant power pony sees that he has a gentle heart. As for Matter-Horn, she’s extremely reluctant, yet she sees Bellcord’s point.

“Very well, you’ll collaborate with the team.” Matter-Horn sighs, “But you’re under close watch! GOT IT!”

“Fine…” Bellcord sneers.

The rest of the power ponies frown, but accept that he has to help too. They then move out as a group, with Hummer flexing his muscles. Pouter then scurries behind them, falling behind and nervous that the fight won’t go really well.

The team of ten has took their running path through one of the subway tunnels closed down at the late hours. They went under the business districts with their powerful speeds, mixed with magic and mutated energy. It wasn’t long when until they finally reached up to one of the ladders that leads to the nearest countryside, exactly where Avocado Bay Security Prison is located. Matter-Horn then zooms upward, and smashes open the lid of the entrance to introduce the exiting team towards the building prison.

As they all come out, they then rush toward the police to get situated and know what they’re dealing with. One of the human officers look down at the group, then widen their eyes as they see Bellcord. They lift their guns at the reformed member.

“He’s with us.” Matter-Horn mumbled, “Are there anyone else with Bakura?”

“Mane-Iac, Smudge, Long Face, Pharaoh Phetlock (whatever the buck that even means), High Heel, and ShadowMane.” the officer tells her, “And they appear to be heavily armed.”

“On it!” Matter-Horn nods.

The ten heroes then dash through the flames to go into the hellish barrier. Matter-Horn looks around for where the team should start, and looks at an opening straight ahead for them. She looks back, having her hoof point forward as they go into the burning prison. They can hear screams and moans of dying inmates. Zapp is thinking of a way to spring into action so she can save them, but then…


The hug bang rings out, as something blocks the team’s way. They then look up, finally meeting Bakura face to face. But he isn’t the only one blocking their path, Mordum is right by him. The evil brother is bigger that Bakura, has long sharp fangs, really black skin, black eyes, and slimy goo covering him all around. He’s not even human. He’s there threatening death!

Author's Note:

My first story of 2015!! ENJOY!

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