Six Manipulations, Six Heroes

by Matthew Stone

The All-Out Brawl!! Last Hope For the Universe

Chrysalis went along with the explosion as she was knocked out unconscious by it. That broke her apart from her fight with Starswirl, having her land solid hard to the rocky surface. The sound around her was beginning to blur, as she goes into a sleepy dream. No, not a dream, a memory. Or was it a hallucination? She couldn’t tell.

But right now, she sees herself somewhere else besides the battle. At this moment, she can her the stomps of her changelings hooves, as they march and guard their queen as she’s being pulled in her black chariot. There are about twenty changeling soldiers, and herself in charge of the moving parade. They are going through an amazon jungle, searching for a new land that they obviously want to suck every drop of love out of. They look around all the vines and hanging branches of this forest, having Chrysalis getting impatient from all this boredom.

“Please tell me we have only ten more minutes left to go.” she whines.

“Nope.” a changeling guide said, “Unfortunately from my senses, another two hours.”

“ARRRGH!” Chrysalis shouts in displeasure.

She slouches down on her chariot seat, and glances at her changelings. She even notices her other dearest soldier, Kaiba. He was one of them and part of working, all before the epic battle and explosion. Chrysalis now knows she’s in one of her memories, but she plays along with it. She wants to relax after all the pressure of that battle anyway.


The sound alarmed the changelings, and takes Queen Chrysalis by surprise. The leaves and branches rustle fast and loudly above them as they see the creature coming at them. A GIANT GREEN PTERODACTYL FLIES DOWN TO ATTACK THEM!

“PROTECT THE QUEEN!” the changeling captain orders.

In an instant, the changelings use their magic to create glowing bows and arrows. they fire away at the dinosaur monster, but the creature pushes the darting arrows aside, and immediately kills of the first five changelings with it’s poisonous claws the moment it swoops down.

Kaiba stands his guard, and holds his ninja stars he grabbed from his backpack. He aims and throws towards the pterodactyl’s head. However the bird monster head bumps Kaiba real hard, and sends him flying towards a tree. He crashes into the wooden trunk, breaking his back and going unconscious.

Four more changelings then get out rope to try and lasso the violence-seeking beast. However, one the ropes loop around the monster, it pulls them up while the changelings still clutch onto the ropes. The pterodactyl then has them hanging over it’s mouth, and shakes it’s wings rapidly until they let go. Chrysalis gasps in dismay when she sees the creature EAT HER SOLDIERS.

Ten more remain, and Chrysalis gets out of her chariot, and looks up at the monster with fiery eyes.


The then makes a green sword with her magic, just by using her mind. She places it in her front hoof.

“YOUR HIGHNESS! DON’T!” a changeling soldier warned.

But she ignores this warning. At once, all ten of the changelings watch in awe as she battles the beast with her sword, having it clash with it’s vicious claws.

The beast bites down at Chrysalis, but she twirls away and blocks it’s mouth with her sword as it nears her. The defense makes a good attacking cut on the pterodactyl’s lips, having it pull itself back and shriek in pain. Chrysalis then rushes forward to stab the living monster, but the beast flings it’s tail around to push Chrysalis down to the ground. Half of the changelings then rush in to save their queen, but the pterodactyl spits something out of it’s mouth toward them. Chrysalis sees her soldiers then get struck by the beast’s saliva. As it turns out, the spit is a killing acid, melting and vaporizing her heroic changelings who tried to save their life. Tears deep down from her soul drop out as she sees them go into their death.

The last five changelings then run off in fear, abandoning their queen. This shocks Chrysalis when she sees this.

“COWARDS!” she cries, “HOW DARE YOU!”

The beast then slaps it’s clawed wing on her cheek to get her attention. That hurt Chrysalis, really much! However the beast wouldn’t care less. All it sees in front of it, is food!

Chrysalis mutters silent profanities as the giant pterodactyl lowers it head and opens it mouth, ready to swallow her whole!


The unknown sound got the dinosaur monster’s attention. Chrysalis heard it too. She looks up, assuming it came from the trees.


That sound blew in the wind once again. The pterodactyl still kept hold of Chrysalis with his giant leg, and roars a demand for the intruder to come out. Chrysalis may understand that the beast wants a challenge. Then, she notices something odd strike the beast.

It was a pink flash, that just ran and grazed the dinosaur bird right by it’s cheek. It came back again, and again, AND AGAIN! It’s like it constantly keeps punching and slapping the creature, just to take it by surprise and confuse. Chrysalis knows only one thing about that moving pink flash. The strategy to fight the monster is working, and so far, the pterodactyl is losing.

Finally, the beast staggers back and let’s Chrysalis go without even knowing it. Chrysalis then topples backward, and sees what causes the pink flash the moment the creature land’s on the evil beast’s head.

It was a pony! Though it wasn’t like any other. It’s fur is so puffy and pink. The pink fluffy pony almost seemed like a pillow.

“PFFFFT!” it said to Chrysalis.

That made Chrysalis chuckle a little, right after the fluffy pony stomps the beast on the head with all four legs. The pterodactyl then falls to the ground, defeated and weak.

Chrysalis then raises herself up, and wobbles with her legs. She’s curious of the puffed and pillow-looking pony, as it comes up really close to her.

“Stay back, I don’t like to be touched.” Chrysalis said rudely.

The pink pony didn’t seem to understand what Chrysalis just said. All it does was say “PFFT!” again, and hops on the queen’s back.

“HEY!” Chrysalis said in an annoyed tone.

She then sees the innocent eyelashes on the pony’s eyes. It must be a female, that’s for sure. The fluffy girl pony then circles around the queen’s back.

Chrysalis still sighs.

“What are you exactly?” she asks her.

“PFFT!” the fluffy pony just said.

“Is that all you’re going to tell me?” the queen mumbles.

The fluffy pony nods, still having an innocent smile on it’s face.

Chrysalis mutters sounds of irritation. It’s quite frank to her that this pony hasn’t come from Ponyville, Manehatten, Vanhover, or anyplace else. The queen then looks back once again at the pony, thinking she has no choice but to make her regretting decision. It’s still a generous thing to either way.

“Can I call you Fluffle Puff?” she asks the pink pony.

The pink pony gasps in joy, and nods real fast at that name.

“Fine.” Chrysalis mumbles.

She then hears moaning from Kaiba, as he wakes up. Fluffle Puff then rushes to help him up. Kaiba looks at the pink pony by surprise.

“Uh, you highness…” Kaiba starts to ask.

“Save it.” Chrysalis spat, “We have a long journey back to my castle.”

Then she looks at Fluffle Puff, ready to make her generous decision.

“Do you… ugh…. want to come with me?” she asks.

Fluffle Puff gasps in joy even louder, and hops up and down really fast while nodding. The queen than has Kaiba march with her as Fluffle Puff hops onto the queen’s back, going on the journey with her.

Chrysalis is still looking back at her memory. It was five days after that pterodactyl incident, that she is finally safe in her personal castle. To makes thing more interesting, Chrysalis allowed Fluffle Puff to crash her place and stay for a while, just to keep her company. Chrysalis kind of liked Fluffle because she’s pretty cute, but the pink pony also saved her life from that wretched beast that day. If it weren’t for her, she would be dead.

Chrysalis feels warm, which feels strange to her at first. A though comes to het that this feeling will pass, just as see looks at her maps on her royal desk.

While she does that, she looks behind her to see Fluffle Puff playing with crayons and paper. She appears to be coloring, but would Chrysalis care? The queen insists to herself that she must plan out her diabolical schemes.

After five more minutes at looking at her maps, she feels Fluffle Puff tap on her shoulder. Chrysalis than looks around to see Fluffle holding her sheet of paper.

“What?” Chrysalis grumpily moans.

Fluffle then hands the paper to Queen Chrysalis. The changeling ruler than looks at what the pony made, and her eyes widen. They become less angry and happy, as Chrysalis looks in such surprise of the heartwarming drawing Fluffle has made.

On this piece of paper is a child-like crayon drawing of Queen Chrysalis playing and cuddling with Fluffle Puff. Red happy hearts also surround them in the picture. Chrysalis never felt like she’d been cared by any pony before. It was weird to her, but she almost didn’t take love for granted. In a way, she didn’t just earn it, she UNDERSTOOD it.

Tears fall slowly as she understood very calmly what it’s like to care for somepony. She then grabs Fluffle Puff, and hugs her real tightly, nuzzling with the pony’s pink fur.

“I vow I’ll never try and do anything evil to hurt you.” she weeps, “Because you are… my friend…”

Days passed by, as Chrysalis finally recalls these moments. Through the past two months, she forgot about invading another pony community to drain love. The other changelings watched in confusion, as they passed by Chrysalis playing with Fluffle Puff ever day. They’ve done tickle fights, games of tag, chess, checkers, even Chrysalis can’t keep record.

The last night she knew that she ever hanged out with this special pony was that Fluffle Puff cuddled at the top of a mountain with her. The mountains that connected to the queen’s castle was considered a home to her. Chrysalis keeps looking down at Fluffle Puff, who smiles at her while licking too. This made Chrysalis smile, having sympathy finally grow in her. As they hug, they watch the golden sunset in the horizon introduce the beautiful midnight aura in the sky. The northern lights then appear, having the galaxy stars combine and turn the space above into a gorgeous light show. Chrysalis even vowed to Fluffle Puff that she’ll remember this moment….

…Then the next day… Fluffle Puff disappeared.

Chrysalis than witnesses herself in her memory dream, searching for her friend, crying and wondering what could have caused Fluffle to vanish so fast. She even orders the other changelings to help her find the pink pony. They were reluctant, but since she was queen, they helped search for Chrysalis’ dearest friend.

…However she was nowhere to be found.

Chrysalis then knew how this all went after revisiting her past in this time-travel like dream. The snap inside her makes her turn back into her rotten, cruel self as soon as she gives up finding Fluffle. Assumptions grew as she thinks she was abandoned because it was some sort of game. Then…

Chrysalis then sees herself attacking another village to drain love. That was also weeks past Fluffle’s disappearance. Yet, on that day she was attacking the village, she notices black weeds arising from the ground, helping Chrysalis conquer the village. Than, Volucris appears, introducing her debut after being imprisoned for quite some time.

After that…


Her eyelids open fast as she sees the fight that’s still continuing. Other fighters, even Discord, Spike, Leo, Ian, Doctor Whooves, and Derpy and stagger to their feet.

Chrysalis then sees the cause of the explosion, as Mokuba, Tails, and TJ come out of the cave. Mokuba’s hooves glow in front of him as he walks.

“That explosion came from ME.” Mokuba sneers at Volucris, “That move is simply known as the Starlight Flash Attack.”

Nopony else knew it, but just before Chrysalis’ dreaming memory and Volucris’ fight interruption, the fight in the cave was a near loss for Tails, TJ, and Mokuba.

Dark Vine Cadenza had distracted TJ with one of her hidden disguised changelings that came with her. It had transformed into an evil clone of Little Strongheart to slow him down. That given Cadenza the chance to weaken him and corrupt him. But just as the vines came to grab him, TJ chopped away and killed the evil plants. His anger had risen as he looked at the evil princess.

His fur glowed yellow and had risen up, and his eyes were red with hate and vengeance.


He fired the blue-white attack, as it struck Dark Vine Cadenza really well.

Also, as Mokuba was beaten up, he got trapped in the surrounding vines. As he was about to turn into Dark Mokuba, he burst free, and even became STRONGER THAN BEFORE!

"You are really strong, but I have three words for you.... GO TO HELL!" Mokuba shouted at Shadow Armor.

Shadow Armor was in shock of his new strength form he achieved.

"B-But How?!" Shadow Armor stuttered.

"Get ready for my greatest attack...." he said, just as he was charging his power to one great blast!, "STARLIGHT FLASH!!!!!"

Mokuba shot his power that knocking out Shadow Armor and REVERTED HIM BACK TO SHINING ARMOR! Dark Vine Cadenza surprisingly CAME BACK TO BEING CADENCE, just as the explosion occurred, having everypony stunned and knocked down during the battle, inside and outside the cave.

Now Discord, Spike, Leo, Ian, Doctor Whooves, Derpy, Storm, Blade, Gilda, Trixie, and Sunset look in delight to see that Shining Armor and Cadence are standing by Mokuba’s side, back to their true good forms. Mokuba even hugs his parents, very happy that he’s back together with them. Discord and Spike also cry in happiness for the unknown pony that’s now the most important of all.

“I’m so happy I found and saved you.” Mokuba said to his father, Shining Armor.

Shining Armor looks at Mokuba, very devastated of all these years wasted of not knowing that his son was gone all this time. Cadence was traumatized, by very happy that she and Shining Armor is fortunate enough to see that their son exists and is alive.

“I’m happy you’re finally with us as well.” Shining Armor wept to Mokuba.

Kaiba came out slowly by the cave to stand by Tails and TJ. Then, Cadence looks at Volucris with such an enraged face.

“YOU MONSTER!” she cries at the evil queen, “YOU TOOK OUR SOON!”

Chrysalis looks deep into Cadence’s eyes in the distance to understand her deep love.

“I wouldn’t care if you knew that he existed, or either or not he’s dead.” Volucris sighs in a careless voice, “Even so, since you’re back together with your stupid soon, it will men the world to me to finish you all here at once. I would have used you more, but you just snapped out of the spell. Such a pity.”

Discord and Spike frown in such strength when looking at Volucris. The main queen than looks back to the rest of the group in front of her.

“Right…” she purred, “Let’s get this over with…”

“YOUR MAJESTY!” a changeling roared, “WE HAVE AN INTRUDER!”

Volucris seethes at this new interruption.

“Who is it?” she demands.

The changelings drag the pony very harshly to have it meet her up front. Chrysalis looks at the prisoner in curiosity as it comes closer. The her eyes widen. Shock and recognition comes to her realization when she sees this female pink pony…


“We found this pink brat hopping by these mountains!” the changeling soldier laughed, “We knocked it out at just the appropriate time!”

“Is that so?” Volucris asks.

The evil queen changeling than steps slowly to the limping pony, wheezing and coughing. The fluffy pony than looks up at Volucris, drooping her ears and crying out moans and whimpers, hoping for mercy.


The changelings than use their black magic to create a magic blue shield that pulls over Discord, Spike, Mokuba, Shining Armor, and the others. Volucris grins when planning grim pleasure. She then has the razor sharp vines tear out of the ground to grab the heroes. Vines grab, Discord, Spike, Tails, TJ, Mokuba, Shining Armor, Cadence, Leo, Ian, Doctor Whooves, Derpy, Storm, Blade, Gilda, Trixie, Kaiba, and Sunset.

The dragons, even Garble, can see the huge shield coming up in the middle of the mountain cove, right in the center of the battle against their enemies. When Thanor and Starswirl fight off more changelings with the other dragons, they notice what’s going on through the shield. Thanor and Starswirl gasps in horror as they Volucris now getting the best of the heroic friends.

Back inside the shield, the vines clutches harder to it’s prisoners by their hands. Discord looks down at Spike and Ian in sadness, as they’re the first three to feel something drain out their bodies.

“It’s a simple magic prevention spell that’s linked with my precious vines.” Volucris explains, just as Tails and TJ now feel drained too, “I saved that beautiful curse to work for this moment.”

“I’m sorry Twilight…” Discord whimpers to Twivine and the manipulated main five.

“We’re sorry.” Spike adds when looking at their brainwashed friends.

Chrysalis can feel their sadness for losing their friends, just like she did with Fluffle. But then she focuses on the pink pony again. Kaiba notices too, just as the energy pulls out of him really fast. Spike then looks at Queen Chrysalis eyeing Fluffle. He then becomes really surprised. As Chrysalis wobbles to her feet, she’s crying. Really hard does she cry when she sees Volucris pick up Fluffle with her painful magic. Cadence notices this too, and sees something different in Chrysalis that she never expected. She almost felt she has sympathy for the changeling sister of Volucris’ now. She understands that Chrysalis cares for Fluffle. Then…

“All this work for victory really made me hungry.” Volucris muses, “I think it’s time I had a snack.”

This made Chrysalis whimper and gasp in terror. VOLUCRIS IS GOING TO KILL FLUFFLE!

Fluffle shakes madly as Volucris opens up her mouth to prepare herself for devouring.


Chrysalis then feels her changelings hold her back.

“Don’t try anything stupid your highness.” one changeling said, “Just let Volucris do as she pleases.”

Chrysalis is in disbelief. Fluffle disappeared because Volucris made her. Now she sees her only friend, struggling and crying in pain, getting slapped and beaten by Volucris.

“Say ‘AHHH’. It won’t hurt one bit.” Volucris giggles.

Discord and Spike cry out tears for Fluffle, just as the changelings chant for Volucris to kill her. Then, Chrysalis growls and seethes louder, louder, LOUDER…

“ENOUGH!” she shrieks.

She then has her green aura push the betraying changelings aside, as she rushes to Volucris to punch her in the face!

Discord, Spike, Tails, and TJ all gasp in surprise at once. Cadence and Shining Armor just observe, wondering what’s changing Chrysalis’ behavior. She then grabs Fluffle Puff and hugs her tightly in her arms, having her head look up in the sky and her horn glow with a mix of green and blue. The shield than shatters into tiny pieces with her force, having the dragon’s rush in to fight off more of Volucris’ changelings. Chrysalis then kills the weeds with her horn’s powers, and frees the prisoners from the vine bindings.

“Why…” Cadence tried to ask Chrysalis.

“Fluffle is my dearest friend!” Chrysalis spat at her, “She helped me understand how much happiness there is for protecting a friend!”

Fluffle smiles up at Chrysalis, licking her face. Chrysalis then looks at Volucris angrily. In addition, Thanor and Starswirl land by Chrysalis to stand by her. Kaiba then walks in while pointing his sword at Volucris. The dragons come closer to Volucris as they fight through more of the evil changelings and manipulated ponies.


“You know what sis, I had enough of you! I’m on the good guys’ side this time!” Chrysalis than turns to Thanor, “Do you want to help me defeat my sister?”

“WHAT?” Twivine shakes in shock.

“Um… sure.” Thanor nods, smiling.

“Looks like you’ve been hooked, lined, and stickered Volucris.” Starswirl grins.

“HAHAHA! Good one!” Discord laughs.

“YOU TRAITOR! GET THEM!” Volucris rages.

“RIGHT!” Twivine screams.

The heroes and villains then began to charge at one another, as the Dark Cutie Mark Crusaders starts to get up toward Storm. When they make their attack, he dodges and uses his special freezing attack to trap the evil crusaders in an ice formation. Their lower legs couldn’t move.

“HEY!” Apple Vine yells.

“I never knew I had ice powers.” Storm muses, “Guess I’m going to use them now.”

“I have ice powers too Storm!” Fireburn screams as he comes up to Storm, punching him in the face.

The strike throws Strom back, having the griffon shake his head in such energy. He dodges the fiery ice attacks made by Fireburn, as the brainwashed pony keeps firing and firing. Suddenly, a punch hits Fireburn on the face. The red pony turns to see Garble, willing to protect Storm and ready to start a fight.

“So, EX-COUSIN, you wanna fight?” Fireburn sneers.

“Yeah, to bring you back!” Garble shouts, “So get ready!”

“Well, let me go into my dark dragon form…” Fireburn snickers.

Garble looks in amazement as he sees Fireburn magically grow with his dark powers. In such short notice, the red pony shakes and transforms into a big dark dragon.

“NOW…” Fireburn said, in his dark dragon form, “You will die…”

The fight between them begins, while Rainbow Briar fights Gilda, and Storm and Blade fight against Flutterbrute and Darkness. Sunset Shimmer and Trixie fight against Twivine, while Chrysalis fights against Volucris. Kaiba also fights against the evil changelings, yelling angry words of disappointment at them when he throws punches.

TJ then comes face to face with Fearburn in the big battle crowd.

Fearburn looks at TJ as he smirks. “I knew you love Strongheart more than she loved me. But once she gets rid of you, then she will be mine, you worthless TJ.”

“I won’t let you take her.” TJ growls.

“Well then…” Fearburn soothes.

He then whistles out to Tough Love, who comes charging at TJ, pushing him to the ground.

“Tough Love, face your ex-lover.” Fearburn commands.

“Yes Fearburn, he will be dealt with.” Tough Love agrees.

She then takes out an arrow, and strikes it towards TJ. The fox then escapes the attack, and begins his ultimate fight with her.

In the crowd, Tails helps Sunset and Trixie fight Twivine, while Discord joins Storm and Blade to fight Flutterbrute and Nightmare Darkness.

Darkness Scootaloo, Apple Vine and Spice Bell also knock out Snips, Snails and Pipsqueak during their battle with them.


“We’ll never tell you!” Pipsqueak protests.

“Very well…” Spice Belle sneers.

With that, they cast their brainwashing spell onto their new victims.

Then Snips, Snails and Pipsqueak gets up as their eyes start glowing green.

Meanwhile, Mokuba gets to his own fight with the other changelings personally. He has a red aura glow around him, as he uses his Kaioken Tech strategy to shoot the red lasers at his enemies. Flaming lasers burn and smolder the evil changelings that get struck. Mokuba then goes through at least one hundred changelings in a row, using a slow flowing motion to take them out one by one. His move is incredible, because to a pony’s eye he is going the fasted speed that’s compared to a hummingbird. At that speed, he snaps all his enemies’ necks to take them down in a split second.

Mokuba then catches up to stand by Discord, Spike, Tails, and TJ. TJ eventually knocked Tough Love out because he couldn’t bare fighting her any longer. The five friends look at each other, wondering what to do next.

Then, the five buddies look at Volucris slamming onto the ground and coming in front of them. She grins evilly as the manipulated six ponies, Dark Cutie Mark Crusaders, Tough Love, and Fearburn come to stand by Volucris.

“Looks like this is it.” Discord sighs.

“Yep.” Spike nods.


And now, Tails, TJ, Discord, William, and Mokuba come forth to their manipulated friends, and true enemy.

William is somewhere under the battle at the very to of the mountain. The cave he’s hiking in with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon is really dark and mucky. There is some light coming from the magical quartz hanging on the black ceiling of the cave.

“EWWW!” This is gross!” Diamond Tiara whines.

“Maybe this is what we deserve for bullying Apple Bloom.” Silver Spoon thinks out loud.

“Maybe you’re right.” Diamond Tiara considers.

“Oh for the love of…. YOU’RE OVERREACTING!” William complains, “Just relax! Everything will be fine as long as we find Princess Celestia and…lu….oooooooo….”

Sure enough, the three characters did find Celestia and Luna trapped in their green hives. But they weren’t the only ones.

TWILIGHT, APPLEJACK, PINKIE PIE, RAINBIOW DASH, FLUTTERSHY, RARITY! They were trapped in hives too. The same as Braeburn, Little Strongheart, and everypony else that just got enslaved.

The slimy hives completely cover the rest of the cave corridor for the rest of the grim mile. All good versions or ponies are trapped inside and unconscious in these prisons.