Six Manipulations, Six Heroes

by Matthew Stone

Peace Interrupted!! A New Foe Rises

The next week after the successful construction at all of Equestria’s cities, Discord came to visit Celestia in her throne room at Canterlot. He almost kept hugging her too often but Celestia understood, and appreciates that he’s happy for her to be safe. She smiles.

Princess Luna then enters the room, seeing how her sister is doing.

“A new good morning, isn’t it?” Luna asks Celestia.

“Yes, I agree.” Celestia nods at Luna.

“A new message came in too.” Luna informs, “Manehattan has a little crack problem. The orphanage for example.”

“Wha- I JUST BUILT THAT WITH FLUTTERSHY?” Discord stutters in alarm.

“Don’t worry Discord.” Celestia chuckles, “I’ll go clean it up for them. Just don’t wait too long.”

“Oh, thanks.” Discord said, relieved, “And believe me my love, I never wait very long either.”

Fluttershy then passes by Celestia, as she and Luna leave the room.

“Flutter Butter? What are you doing here?” Discord asks her.

“I thought I see how you’re doing.” Fluttershy smiles.

Discord then looks around the throne room.

“It’s funny. Seeing perfect chaos that’s nice now, after all the devastating things that happened.” he observes.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Fluttershy sighs.

“Awww… Little Dip Cord is having his reunion.” a sinister voice snicker in the throne room.

Fluttershy and Discord then perk their ears.

“Who’s there?” Discord demands.

A gust of fog then explodes harshly to the floor. In the rising cloud wall comes out a red skinned human being with red eyes. He has black hair, and wears white clothing, shirt to pants.

“Who are you?” Fluttershy asked nervously.

“V” the man said, “Do you remember my father…. Tirek?”

Discord and Fluttershy gasp.

“Hmm. I assumed he betrayed you once, didn’t he?” V asked with a grin.

“Yes…” Discord said in shame.

Then the lord of chaos became confused and angry instead.

“I didn’t even know Tirek had a son either!” Discord snapped.

“Yeah, he wanted to keep that hidden from you.” V cooed.

“So what do you want?” Fluttershy snarled, “Are you hoping to hurt somepony?”

“No, I just thought I send you a message that I’m planning to plot my revenge on you and your friends.” V explained, “YEAH, YOU GAVE THEM A KEY TO DEFEAT MY DAD AND SEND HIM BACK TO TARUTUES WITH THOSE RAINBOW POWERS. I was going to MAKE YOU AND YOUR PALS SUFFER. BUT NO, THAT UPSTART QUEEN VOLUCRIS BEAT ME TO THE PUNCH, AND SET MY PLANS FOR ANOTHER FOUR YEARS. But it was a minor set back. Right now, I am putting something real depressing together than can bring Equestria to it’s collapse. See, since I heard about a fox’s visit in this universe, I got thinking of new materials from new worlds. Where those two tailed fox brats came form, they might come back. I’m just getting prepared.”

“SO?” Discord asked.

“SO? I Am heading back to find King Sombra, to make sure this plan of mine is a go with no hiccups, and I already got about forty bad guys, badnicks and villains with me. Since I saw you and your friends destroyed Volucris, that somewhat inspired me. Normally I wouldn’t do this, but I given you my debt. In four years, I will come back to attack this world and your friends too. So tell them and they have time to prepare of what is in store for them. Also, a big surprise will be waiting for you Discord, and you already know my dad means when he will be out of his banishment soon. But not yet. See, you don’t know who my helper is, and it a selection to mysterious too. I am not telling you who is going to bust out Tirek, so live with it. And Discord, there one thing I need to do before I go.”

“What’s that?” Fluttershy asked defiantly.

V then made a big blast with his hand. The ray hits both Fluttershy and Discord, hitting them real bad and severe.

“Little payback for what you did with my dad…” V snarls.

V then comes over to put his foot on Discord.

“That power you just felt, is an example of how much MORE powerful I am than you.” he spat at Discord, “Not even the Elements of Harmony, Chaos, or Rainbow Powers can come against me! See you in four years!”

Then, in an unknown flash, V disappears into darkness.

Fluttershy wobbles up to her feet to help Discord to his feet. Just then, Rainbow Dash and Twilight enter the throne room.

“Guys, we have great news!” Rainbow Dash said, “Mokuba is going to learn everything from his mom and dad, Shining Armor and Cadence. He’ll live with them so…”

Rainbow Dash and Twilight then stop in place to see the hurt marks made on Discord and Fluttershy as they limp on their feet.

“What happened?” Twilight asked in alarm, “Should I inform Princess Celestia?”

“There’s no need, we’re fine.” Discord said, “But…”

“But…” Rainbow Dash persuades to get an answer.

“Tirek’s son.” Fluttershy simply says in fear.

At the griffon kingdom, Gilda and Storm go through the streets, passing by their race to return home.

“That was quite a trip.” Storm sighed.

“I’ll definitely have a cold one when I lay in bed.” Gilda hums.

Then, Gilda gets a rude bump when she walks. She turns around, demanding who did it, but catches herself when she sees who it is.

“Is that Prince Everest?” Storm asked Gilda, when noticing with her.

The mean looking griffon prince just snarled at the two friends, and kept walking with his guards.

“There’s no way I’m going to make a trade with any pony county.” he said to is guards walking by him.

“We’re going to get together to make negotiations in the next four years.” his first guard by him said, “So you don’t need to worry about jumping to it.”

Only then, in the next four years, is when something more devastating will happen.

Meanwhile, in the other universe, Tails felt a dark energy.

"Another foe already?!" TJ grumbled.

Tails smirked to himself.

"Well, here we go again." he replied.