• Published 20th Oct 2014
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The Revenge of Tirek - Matthew Stone

After a fearsome messenger's prediction becomes reality, it'll take the help of some old allies and a NEW one!

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The Brawl Heats Up

The royal throne room is becoming a total trash competition when Fireblaze continues to fight against his sickening older brother. Wildfire then swipes his claws up to strike Fireblaze, having the red dragon pony twirl around to hit and crack the marble on the white walls. Fireblaze then charges back at his competitor, flowing back and forward from the demonic pony’s clawing throws. Wildfire then charges again at the red pony to tackle him to the wall once more, punching his back head against it ten times. The fighting method is weakening Fireblaze a tad bit, having him grunt and weep in unpleasant pain.

Then, Wildfire has the liberty to toss Fireblaze into the air, and come up on top to kick and toss him straight to the floor. A bone in Fireblaze’s leg nearly breaks as he collapses to the shinny yet dusty surface.

“Heh.” Wildfire coos, “You’re gonna give up now?”

“No….” Fireblaze refuses.

Fireblaze then wobbled to his knees, and stiffens his legs to give them strength again. He then zooms up real fast to come at Wildfire, punching him hard on the cheek.

It was REALLY hard and might, but Wildfire doesn’t care. He just smiles, and grimaces at Fireblaze. He’s actually…. enjoying the pain, and giving it during the fight. That creeps Fireblaze out… BIG TIME!

“Oh…. don’t stop now….” Wildfire cackles, “If you win, there will be no difference. So let’s enjoy whatever we have!”

The fight then resumes, as Fireblaze does a forehead hit to his chest. This sends Wildfire crashing through the mosaic window of the throne room, having some glass cut the skin of his arms and legs. Wildfire laughs, as he grabs and wrenches his palm to a piece of glass, coming again at the red dragon pegasi. He then swings and badly cuts Fireblaze, having the young adult pegasi cry out in alarm.

Fireblaze now has his eyes glow ruby red with anger. He has enough. He yells as he flies to hit more throws at his abusing brother.

Down below, Applejack continues to fight by Pinkie Pie against the fierce enemies that are ironically their friends. They’re trying so hard not to hurt them TOO badly. They’re still innocent on the inside.

Pinkie Pie falls back from the torch swings coming from country looking pegasis, while see links her arms behind Rarity’s, who is coincidentally behind her at the right time.

She then lifts her up with a mighty jump, and swings her around to have the unicorn’s legs kick the brainwashed bastards back. Rarity then releases her grip from Pinkie, and flies in the air to jump and crush at least five enemies from on top, knocking them out.

“TAKE THAT! CRETINS!” Rarity scoffs.

Applejack feels whips being swung at her, by more of the country ponies surrounding her. The cowboy pony then gives a lot of buck kicks to send them flying back on top of their own recruits.

Applejack then turns to see her next challenger. Babs.

She couldn’t…. not her own cousin….

But she didn’t have much choice. Because Babs initiates their fight, as she swings her side kicks to try and injure Applejack’s chest. The orange cowboy pony then jumps up with her knees working, and kicks Babs on the forehead.

Babs then makes fast movements like a snake, and grabs Applejack’s neck with her arms from behind. The cousin then punches Applejack on the cheek again and again, until the orange earth pony struggle nice and good to tear Babs from her grip.

As Babs is thrown back, she comes at Applejack again. Every kick the orange pony receives, she blocks. She tries to keep that position going as long as she could. Though she’s growing tired. Babs is just lowering her stamina.

Babs then stops for a minute, just to look into Applejack’s eyes.

“I’m your cousin…” Applejack whimpers, “Please stop this…”

“My master wants you captured…” Babs said simply, still manipulated.

“Forgive me. You’re not my cousin. Not right now!” Applejack sobs.

Applejack then cries out more than before, as she continues her sad fight with her family member.

Tails keeps flying back and forth as Cosmos comes at him. She has her black magic create floating weeds, to try and whip the poor fox. Tails then charges and dodges the darting pant strings, to kick and punch Cosmos by the arms. She squeals in dismay, and halts herself to focus on Tails mouth, nose, and ears. Her teeth expose, as if her nerves are glowing red in death around them.

“You used me!” Cosmos accuses to Tails.

“I DID NOT!” the fox protests, “You’re just delusional!”

“Oh, but I think you threw me away. You just think I’m a piece of garbage, BUT I’M NOT!” she wails, “You just didn’t see me change! NOW……”

Her eyes start to widen, as her dots of them become tiny and horrifying. Tails shudders in shock.


Then, she powers up all the blackest magic around her body, having her hoofs grow and change into vines while becoming bigger herself. The dark aura then swirls around her as she screams.

TJ then comes by Tails, ready to fight beside him.

“She’s doing what an evil spy might do.” the cousin jokes.

Cosmos then roars in front of the two foxes.

“BRING IT ON!” Tails screams back at her.

The enemy and two cousins then charge, colliding their next battle.

In the alchemy room, just below the throne room, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Spike, Zecora, Luna and William work together to create the potion.

They can also hear banging coming from the wooden door entrance to the lab cellar. Rainbow Dash can then be heard outside. She’s protecting her friends in the room, making sure they succeed at their job.

“Way to go sis.” Scootaloo whispers, smiling.

“I mixed it all in, blood, marking, spices…” Luna hums, “I just pray Tails is honest about Sonic’s help…”

“I heard that some ponies don’t think that Tails doesn’t fit into…” William almost blurbs out, breaking the fourth wall a tad bit.

“Talk about it later!” Luna orders, having her voice loud, “We must finish up, and then think!”

Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Twilight rush into the outdoor gate entrance, while they leave Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie to their fight. They stand up tall in position, hearing the clashing coming from behind them. The Canterlot guards, including Shining Armor’s, wail in agony as they get defeated by their captors.

Twilight then has sweat pour from her purple mane, down to her light purple skin. The gate doors bang louder and louder, as one of the brainwashed ponies from outside works hard to tear it apart. The griffon soldiers are also clutching to their weapons, having them point straight and ready.


The door wobbles as that sound is made. Twilight, Rainbow, and Fluttershy then run backwards as the door falls over like a timber tree. A loud thud announces itself, as the brainwashed brown pony leads the griffons to rush in and come at the three girl ponies. A new fight is born, as the first three griffon guards charge at the cyan Pegasus. Rainbow Dash flies up to miss the spears throws that are aimed at her. She then speeds up to make a single sonic rainboom take down the three griffons, along with fifty more who try and invade from the castle side. The blow has Fluttershy and Twilight stagger a bit, yet they focus on their next opponents.

Fluttershy then shows courage with anger, as she punches through the griffons with her yellow hoofs. The action sequence she’s doing is just like chopping down forest trees all at once. She even hops up and up, to avoid the spear jabs trying to attack her.

Twilight then does her part by having the purple rays on her horn blast down the soldiers. She then flies backward then they take out their crossbows, firing away as she whooshes past the dangerous arrows.

Rainbow Dash then looks to see who the brainwashed pony was, just to know who knocked the door down.

Doctor Whooves.

“GREAT! Now they made HIM the bad guy?” Rainbow Dash snarls, grimacing back at the griffons soldiers.

Twilight overhears the info from Rainbow Dash, and breathes heavily.

“We got to hold them back longer!” the purple alicorn huffs.

Twilight then notices the enemies coming closer and closer. They’re outnumbered. Rainbow and Fluttershy realize this too, and fly back to be by Twilight, They can’t take them out all at once. There are thousands, THOUSANDS of griffon soldiers.

All hope may be lost…


An earthquake is instantly made unknowingly by Twilight’s surprise. She then looks with Fluttershy and Rainbow to see who’s protecting them from the guards.


The red teenage dragon then calls out his allies, as other dragons come from the hidden clouds from above. The good reptiles then breathe fire to push the griffons back, flying over them as if they’re hunting hawks.

“GARBLE?” Rainbow Dash asked in shock.

The teen dragon then turns to see the three of them.

“Spike figured this would happen when he written to me.” Garble confesses, “It might have been wrong of him not to tell you, but he requested we come help you at your time of need.”

Twilight smiles at this.

“Way to go Spike!” she cheers, “Oh, and thank you Garble!”

The Crystal guards then charge out of the building, combing with the dragon soldiers. Twilight and the others then rush back to the throne room to help their other friends, while the Crystal guards and dragons fight the griffons.

Sunset Shimmer was somewhere in the rocky plains now. She can see the mist passing by her like a pack of micro gnats. Then…

A rumble is made under her hooved feet. She looks up, seeing Canterlot in front of her. A fiery explosion is then made at the kingdom bridge.

She gasps, and rushes toward the castle pathway, ready to help.

Then, an unknown black silhouette appears, blocking her path. Gilda appears….

The female griffon emerges out of the shadows as she stands in front of Sunset.

“Hello…Sunset…” the brainwashed Gilda said.

She then takes Sunset by her chest in such surprise, and flies her up high in the night sky. She then swings her around real fast like a merry-go-round, and catapults her towards then castle. Sunset then screams in dismay, as she crashes through the Canterlot throne room window. Twilight who now enters, looks up to see this. Applejack then notices Sunset during her fight with Babs. The new coming pony then lands badly to the floor, going out cold.

“SUNSET!” Twilight screams.

Then, as the fighting continues, Gilda swoops in front of Twilight, Rainbow, and Fluttershy.

“Hello…. Dweebs…” Gilda sneers.

Storm who is in the corner of the room, then notices his cousin.

“GILDA!” he cries.

He then has his eyes zoom into hers at the distance. They’re blank, and they have the black aura.

“V….” Storm growls, “Everest… THEY’LL PAY FOR THIS!”

Gilda then turns to see her cousin. She then makes interest in fighting him, as she charges over to him. Storm whimpers in fear, horrified that he has to fight his own cousin.

“Well, shall I destroy you?” Gilda snickers.

Thus, the fight starts between the two griffons.

At the Griffon Kingdom throne room, Tirek looks at Sombra holding Trixie in his arms.

“Sombra, you may send Trixie to the castle now…” Tirek said.

“As you wish.” Sombra chuckles.

With his flash, he send sends himself and Trixie to Canterlot magically.

Tirek then looks at his other associates in the room. More griffon guards are also by their side. Everest himself, is sharpening his sword.


V smiles when looking up at his father. Then, he stomps his foot down, teleporting all in the room to Canterlot for the final fight.

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