• Published 20th Oct 2014
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The Revenge of Tirek - Matthew Stone

After a fearsome messenger's prediction becomes reality, it'll take the help of some old allies and a NEW one!

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The Return of Mokuba

At the Crystal Empire, the filly prince walks down the corridor completely built with diamonds. He his still stunned, STUNNED to hear about Discord’s fatal suicide attempt. He turns around the next corner to check up with Celestia, Ian, and Leo who look at Discord and rub his paw.

The filly comes up to the princess. He also sees Luna flying to the sky, preparing to keep watch over the kingdom.

“How is Discord?” Mokuba asks.

“A little better.” Celestia said, “However the spell is changing his stomach attitudes. Leo had to give him aloe juice to help the pain.”

Mokuba sobs as he sees Discord, rattling and coughing. Shining Armor then enters the room, surprising both Celestia and his son. He looks at Mokuba.

“You don’t have to watch if you don’t…” Shining Armor tries to day.

“I’m… fine…” Mokuba sobbed, “Where did Luna head off to? Is she just…”

“Guarding? Yes.” Celestia answers, “She’ll be observing each activity in this kingdom for an hour. Then she’ll check up on Twilight and the others, who are supposedly in Manehattan.”

Ian rubs Discord’s antlers, chanting a quote he heard from one of is diamond dog friends years ago.

“Don’t let guilt get the best of you. Allow the mistakes to happen in order to feel good.” he mumbles.

Twilight and her friends rush through the tunnel. They have now accomplished their two mile run through this cave. Then, something catches Twilight’s eye. A new entrance.

They then run faster then before, prepared to confront V in direct contact. They go inside the base.

V is not here. But in the room, all the brainwashed ponies are there to greet them with angry faces and sharpened weapons.

More then stomps from behind, having Twilight and her friends completely surrounded.

Applejack then whimpers as she sees Babs Seeds approach through the pony crowd. The then raises her voice.


Applejack then looks at Babs Seed’s mother.

“Ladies, you need to snap out of this!” Applejack tries to talk sense into them.

“YEAH!” William adds, “What my love says.”

“GO TO HELL!” the mother yells back.

A soldier dressed pony then steps through the crowd. His eyes glow brighter, as he raises his sword into the air.

“GET THEM!” he calls.

The room was giant, and about a mile wide. Twilight’s friends gasp like they’re heading into a nervous breakdown, as the brainwashed citizens come closer…

“WE CAN’T HURT THEM!” Fluttershy said.

“Okay? Then what DO we do?” Rainbow Dash asked eagerly.

“We just have to defend ourselves non-violently.” Twilight said, “We need a lot of rope to tie them up too. Applejack?”

Applejack nods at Twilight, understanding. She does work at the farm after all.

“Pinkie, Rarity, and I will deal with Babs Seed, the fillies, and colts.” Applejack tells the alicorn, “You deal with the teenagers and adults.”

“Applejack just gave me a simple idea.” Fireblaze grins, “But right now, we first have to go through the brainwashed victims.”

“Right.” Rarity nods.

“Then spread out, and DON’T hurt or kill, no matter what!” Twilight said.

“RIGHT!” he friends say at once.

The five main ponies then hold their hooves together, shielding themselves from the strikes and whacks coming from the metal bats. Spike also joins with Twilight, as she deals with defending her friends from the adult ponies, and Goth looking pegasis.

TJ and William then defend their friends with Skull and Blade. They have William perform as a rubber catapult, having all the weight from the enemies pull forward, but then get pushed far back from the snapping force of William’s body. William shakes a little from that experience once let go, and throws up after the strategy is done.

Fireblaze also recognized the symbol on the left wall the moment he saw it. It was a code lock, with the shape of a pegasi pony in the circle. He figures, if he can crack the code, it may open the doors to safety in front of him. And why not? The code buttons are literally by the stone door.


The sudden strike that touches Fireblaze sends him back towards the far wall real hard. He then looks up slowly, to see a muscular bald pony coming at him with TWO bats. Fireblaze flies up instantly. He must try and crack the lock code without being stopped!

Rarity looks around the room as she keeps defending with Applejack and Pinkie Pie. Then, she feels a swift swing by her back. SOMEPONY nearly stabbed her, with a pair of scissors.

Rarity looks back to see her attacker. COCO!

“COCO?” Rarity gasps, “You need to snap out of it! Remember, I helped give you a job, and you gave me the Rainbow Thread?”

“Mr. Tirek…” Coco said quietly, “He insists you be destroyed.”

Rarity then panics as she sees Coco raise the scissors looking weapon at her. Rarity quickly picks up a big rock on the ground, and blocks the attack with it. She tries to give such strength pushing the attack back, but seeing Coco evil, her heart becomes weak when she sees this.

At the lock code section, Fireblaze observes the buttons while jumping away from the brainwashed ponies’ attacks. However, four pegasi ponies come fro behind, and punch him behind the back. They then began to beat up Fireblaze on every section of his body. Head, arms, chest, nose, legs, IT’S PAINFUL!

Luckily, before things got worse, Rainbow Dash, Skull, Fluttershy, and Twilight pushed back the ruthless Pegasi ponies to save Fireblaze. The red dragon pony feels the bruises on his body.

The four pegasi ponies then step faster toward Fireblaze.

“HEY! LEAVE MY FRIEND ALONE!” Rainbow Dash yells.

Fluttershy even slaps the next two brainwashed bastards as they come closer.


She then lowers her voice.

“But we’re not going to hurt you.” she said.

Fluttershy then begins to kick the brainwashed ponies on the back, sending them in a brief paralyzation move that prevents them from stopping the heroes.

Fireblaze then looks around his upcoming enemies that charge towards him. He then has no choice but to let out his firing power to knock the fighters back.

Red energy in his body glows as his wings began to light up red aura. As his body glows brighter than ever, he lets all his fire energy come. The brainwashed ponies look in shock, including Fireblaze’s friends.

“HYPER FIREBLAZE!” the dragon pony yells out.

He then raises up toward the ceiling of the high room, and speeds up real fast. He then sees Rainbow Dash fighting a police pegasi pony in the air. She throws kicks at him to try and knock him back, just as the brainwashed pony dodges the attacks. The police pegasi then gives Rainbow Dash mighty slap, and grabs her harshly by her mane.

“OW!” Rainbow cried in pain.

Fireblaze then notices the brainwashed pony hurting Rainbow Dash, and rushes over to put a stop to this. He then grabs the police pony, and pins him to the wall while floating.

“Calm down.” Fireblaze chants.

The spell works, as the energy successfully drains into the enemy pony. It began to calm him down, and put him into a peaceful, resting sleep. The dragon pony then lays him down gently to the floor.

“WOW! That was so simple and peaceful.” Rainbow Dash complimented.

She even punches a pony’s face from behind her, when he tries to hit her with a metal rake. The attacker fell to the floor, knocked out.

“Thanks too.” Rainbow grinned.

“Well, you did save my life before. What else can I say?” Fireblaze smiles.

They then give each other a hoof bump.

Twilight also saw the strategy that Fireblaze used. As she tries to approach him, she fights off the elegant looking ponies that try to stab her with twisted pitchforks. She jumps up over the weapons to land on them, and break them with her weight. Then, she jumps on each of the ponies’ heads to knock them over. She then lands on all four of her legs, facing Fireblaze.

“I’d hug you now for having this power.” Twilight smiles, “Do you think you can give us some of that aura?”

“To calm the Manehattans down?” Fireblaze asks, “Why not?”

He then closes his eyes, and has his lending energy flow into Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Spike, Rarity, and Fluttershy.

The seven characters chosen then went fast to grab every Manehattan pony. The pegasi, earth, and unicorns became stunned, once touched all together by the heroic gang’s simple hits. Soon, the brainwashed ponies began to stumble over to calm down, and rest peacefully into a relaxing sleep. Skull, William, Blade, TJ, and Storm also help distract the brainwashed ponies up front so Twilight can knock more down.

Then, in a matter of minutes, all the brainwashed ponies give up in this room. Fireblaze then comes down from their air, and seals back hi aura into his body.

“Well, that is done.” Twilight sighs, “But we need to figure out a way to free them. And we need to find a way out of this underground lair.”

“There’s a code circle I notice by the exit door.” Fieblaze said to Twilight, “I’ll try and decode it.”

As Fireblaze approaches the code lock, Fluttershy comes up to Twilight.

“We also should take these poor darlings back to Canterlot, since stronger guards from the Crystal Empire are guarding the palace.” Fluttershy said.

“Princess Celestia did say that the highest royalty building should use a lot of protection.” Twilight admits.

“These ponies should have rooms created for them too.” Fluttershy said, “The guards might have to be y them unfortunately, just to make sure they don’t wake up to attack us.”

“They still might be possessed by Tirek’s spell.” Twilight agrees.

Applejack is also part of the conversation too, and nods in agreement.

“Spike, send Celestia a message to have more guards from the Crystal Empire arrive in Canterlot. I know there’s already some, but we need security tight as possible.” the alicorn tells the dragon, “They have to protect the Manehattan ponies from being manipulated by Tirek.”

Spike writes the note down on an abandoned piece of paper in the room. He then spit the fire on it, to have the message transferred to Celestia. It was then in a split two minutes that Spike breathes out the reply note from the Princess. He then opens up the note to read it out loud.

“I heard you Twilight, and I am sending guards right now to assist you. Also Shining Armor and his son Mokuba are coming to Manehattan to help out too.”

“Oh good.” Rarity smiles, “Twilight, that’s grand. Your brother is coming to help too.”

“We do need all the help we need.” Twilight nods.

A crack is then made as the exit door opens behind the gang. Rainbow Dash and Twilight turn around to see Fireblaze finally cracked the lock code.

“Shall we go?” Fireblaze grins.

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