The Revenge of Tirek

by Matthew Stone

Clash Against the Clones

Mokuba and Shinning Armor have came a long way to escape the ferocious battle at the castle. Before they left, Twilight specifically told them that they must catch up with Zecora and the others. The two of them are now running through the dark fields, also seeing Ponyville at the distance. Some dark aura-looking shield is mysteriously covering the town. Innocent ponies are then banging against the sealing, begging for mercy.

“Tirek’s magic…” Mokuba whispered.

“We haven’t much time then.” Shining Armor shook.

The two of them then increase their running speed, and look around for any suspicious traps that might lay on them.

“Father… what exactly would Tirek do if… he ever removed Discord’s powerful magic?” Mokuba wondered.

“I don’t wish to imagine.” Shining Armor wept, “All I know is that Discord is no traitor anymore.”

The ground then rumbles under their feet. It was to a shocking dismay that dark clouds tear out of the grass and dirt to surround the father and son.

“Hello stupid horsies…” the shadow demons whisper.

“They… must have been created by Tirek and V.” Mokuba whimpers to his dad.

“I can tell.” Shinning Armor snarls.

The demons than snicker in delight.

“You were really close you know that…. Discord is now going to die for real. And your pathetic wife… Shinning Armor…”

Shinning Armor has his hair rise when they mention her name.

“She’s a goner.” they laughed.

“ARRRGGH!” Shining Armor screams, pulling out his sword, “WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY WIFE? WHAT DID TIREK DO?”

The demon then slaps Shinning Armor hard on the face, having a bloody cut open up in the making. The prince falls down, as Mokuba cries when helping him up.

“He’s just borrowing her along with a couple other friends.” the demon sighs.

Mokuba then turns to the demons in such anger.

“GO TO HELL!” the filly prince wails.

The young filly then pulls out his own sword, and tries to chop away through the demons. However, the cloudiness of the monsters are not easy to destroy. Sadly, it was the monsters that have enough strength to strike Mokuba at the spine of his back when they come from behind.

Shining Armor than steps from behind and front of the demons, readying his blade to protect his son. He then has his love magic glow to cut and kill the first three shadow demons he sees. He even dodges their swipes before they tried to hurt him.

After the first three are destroyed, Shining Armor turns to see the final two coming around him and Mokuba.

“Go ahead.” the two demons giggle, “Strike.”

Shinning Armor screams in anger when he swipes his sword.


The monsters’ handgrips hold the sword all together when Shinning Armor grips it. They then squeeze the blade with no pain, and destroy it.

“Surprised?” they sneered, “V helped our powers to save the best for last.”

“That… that was…” Shinning Armor gasped.

“Ultra Curses.” the beings explained, “This is exactly what we’ll use from all the magic we’ll drain from that draconequus. With the help of V, we’ll be able to turn this crappy Equestria into our property!”

Mokuba grinds his teeth at their evil faces.

“The simple way to put it, the black magic will change the moral ways ponies will live in this world.” they continue, “Hate and fear will be the new law V will initiate.”

“How much… how much of Discord’s magic did you drain?” Mokuba cries.

“Enough to kill you… and then HIM.”

“Please…. he…. he’s an innocent creature. We…”

“Love him? Yeah, we get that a lot.”

The demons then grip the father and son by their necks, rising them in the air.

“Don’t worry, you’ll see him in the afterlife…”


A large green fire then engulfs the shadows, burning their magic cells and living organisms all over . They scream and squeal, as the green flames magically miss Mokuba and Shinning Armor as well. The father and son fall down, seeing the demons melt into black oily liquid.

They then turn around to see their saviors. Spike, Zecora, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, and William.

“T…thanks…” Mokuba sighs.

“You won’t believe everything we accomplished.” William groans, “First, Tails instructs me to prepare a portal spell when it’s time to help Sonic leave in order to protect him. He told me on the way out. THEN, we have to run, run, RUN… just until we found the spot to…”

“To what?” Shinning Armor asks.

Zecora hold up a gold and purple mixed liquid in a cylinder tube.

“This potion we finished, but did not yet taste. It may be the only chance to change everyponies’ fate.” Zecora said.

By coincidence, a brainwashed pony jumps from behind to try and capture Mokuba.

“YOU MUST GO TO V!” the bratty sounding pony said. No, it was a filly.

“Diamond Tiara?” Mokuba jumps, looking at her brainwashed eyes.

The three filly girls then pull her off, and pin her to the ground.

“How did she get here?” Apple Bloom wonders.

“Who cares? Let’s just see if our potion cure her!” William suggests.

“I hope it does…” Spike shudders.

Diamond Tiara struggled to be released from the crusaders’ grip, as Spike forces her mouth open to pour the drink in. He then make a calm force for her to swallow. The dragon then looks deep into her eyes, seeing the symptoms happening.

Her eyes… they’re slowly… going back… TO HER OWN COLOR.

“Wha… what happened?” Diamond Tiara asks, back to her own self.

“THANK CELESTIA!” Sweetie Belle sighs.

“Was I brainwashed?” the crowned filly asks.

“Yes.” William said, holding up the cylinder, “And THIS did the curing.”

“But will it cure Discord?” Spike asks.

“Luna told us that if it can cure the spell, it can cure Discord.” Scootaloo said.

“Then we already know the supplies we need. So we must make more, before others fall into grief.” Zecora said.

Storm kept fighting Gilda, as he tries to defend him self with his wristband blade. But Gilda was going to fast on him, and he was dodging the attacks since he can hear her surprise attacks good and well. His senses were quite unique when he predicts somepony trying to attack from behind, considering his right blind eye. Then he was waiting for a opening to make his defense attack. He finds it as Gilda goes for the left slash, but Storm dodges it. Then he hit Gilda in the chest really hard, knocking her out.

“I’m so sorry Gilda…” Storm moans, “Oh… why did Everest do this to you?”

He ignores the faint sounds of the ongoing battle, and the dragons entering the room. Garble arrives as well in the blurry distance, and gets an expected burping message from Spike. The scroll comes from his mouth, and Garble reads the instructions.

“Capture the brainwashed ponies, and don’t harm them!” Garble said to his soldiers, “Spike reports they the cure is made!”

Rainbow Dash and Fireblaze rush into the room to hear the news.

“AWESOME!” Rainbow Dash cheers, “We’ll help round them up safely.”

Fireblaze then notices that the dragons are holding up big pillow shields to calmly pacify and surround the enslaved ponies.

“Still into the stereotypes?” Rainbow Dash sighs.

“We know.” Garble sighs, “But we figured it’s the only sign we’ll give them to show trust.”

“A peaceful ‘pillow’ strategy.” Fireblaze nods, “Even I wouldn’t have thought of that.”

Rainbow Dash then turns to see Storm weeping over his cousin.

“Storm?” she called out to him.

An explosion than makes a blockage between Storm’s friends and him. Rainbow Dash yelps in shock, as the smoke rises behind the male griffon. Storm then turns around to see that Everest is in the half made room with him. The evil prince imprisoned him in this section, just to take pleasure of hurting him.

“I see you knocked out your cousin.” Everest said, clapping his hands, “And your blind eye really was a benefit to your sword skills.”

Everest then pulls out his own sword. The coating on the blade is completely golden.

“Sadly, it’s time for you to die.” Everest snickers.

Then Prince Everest went fast, as Storm falls back to try and make a mighty throw fist at his forehead. But the prince makes a back twirl behind Storm, and punches him hard, having Storm land flat on the ground.

“Where and how did I contribute this dark power you may ask?” Everest smirks, “V and Tirek gave it to me, and… I’m still learning to use it yet. Now, I am using it on you.”

Then he grabs Storm, then punches him five times, then throwing him into the wall as he went though it. Then the prince took out his sword and darts at the hapless hero griffon. As Storm powers up his power sword, he has it sling open as they then clash swords.

The scent of blood is speeding through the garden as Fluttershy, Skull, and Blade keep fighting their enemies. Derpy and Dinky mainly try to knock all three of them out at once, but Fluttershy grabs Blade and Skull up before the two enslave ponies landed upon them. They crash on the grass, throwing their heads up in anger. Doctor Whooves then pulls out a gun. A GUN! It was all so sudden to Fluttershy that Tirek would have them go do something so violent! He constantly shoots at them to try and have the bullets pierce, yet Fluttershy has her carried friends and herself land quickly to the ground, flat and harsh.

“Man, these guys won’t stay down.” Skull breathes.

“Don’t I know it.” Blade coughs.

“There’s no hope for the three of you!” Doctor Whooves yells, “You belong to master Tirek.”

“Oh, SHUT UP!” Blade snaps.

The two male ponies come towards the doctor and Derpy, while Dinky charges toward Fluttershy.

V was too powerful for Twilight and her friends! He kicks constantly at them with such a powerful speed. To their faces, to their chest, to their legs! Twilight, Tails, TJ, Rarity, Pinkie, Applejack, and Luna never felt so much pain. SO fast. SO unfair.

The two foxes eventually stumbled onto the floor.

“How boring…” V sighs.

Tails brings up his power waves to try and strike V, but the monstrous creature blocks the attack.

“You know, we should spice thing up…” V smirks.

He then looks into Pinkie Pie’s eyes, scanning her soul. The pink part pony is in so much fear when being observed. And… V knows she has both a light and dark side. The dark… just like a parallel universe, is deep within her soul.

“One question…” V sighs, “Have you… Pinkie Pie… heard of the story of the cannibal pony that makes cupcakes out of her dearest friends? I’ve visited different worlds to hear stories like that… Shall we see if that kind of monster is inside you?”

Everypony froze in the room, as V makes a dark ball. The aura shape formats in the rocky floor, and Twilight can see red eyes coming out through the magic making sphere.

“WHAT ARE THOSE?” Pinkie cried.

“Just dark versions of yourselves…” V giggles, “It’s all to even things up…”

Then, V makes a giant magical duct tape with his other bare hand. He then has the binding gear rush toward Tails, TJ, and Luna, trapping them to the wall in such sticky force. Tails struggles to get loose, but no avail comes.

“I’ll deal with you three later.” V snarls, “Right now, these four must confront their old buddies.”

Then, V’s darkness grew, as he slams the new being onto the ground. Then, Twilight notices the flashing beings charging to her and her friends. Rarity, Applejack and Pinky just stand in fear while Twilight uses a shield to protect them. The new creatures then slams their hooves against the shield, having their horrifying eyes look through the barrier. Twilight grunts in pain, as her magic is weakening.

“I… can’t hold the shield any longer…” Twilight groans.

Then, the shield breaks. Twilight and hear friends scream in pain as they are constantly beaten by the speeding monsters. They then fall to their knees, breathing and whimpering all at once. They then looked at their… EVIL CLONES. The beings stare down at them in pleasure.

“Not… again…” Rarity huffs.

“Satisfied?” V smirks, “I’ve even sent up an evil version of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash outside the castle. And I just sent my telepathic message to three brainwashed ponies to take care of Zecora and the others.”


“Oh, I’m SOOOOO scared.” V said sarcastically, “Let me assure though, harm will COME to them. And I’m sure Rainbow and Fluttershy won’t be so surprised when they see their new guests.”

“YEAH! You’re such a wimpy loser!” Twilight’s evil clone taunts, “You’re gonna die, and Discord’s gonna die. That’s how it’s gonna be!”

The clone tilts her head side to side, while Twilight cries in anger.

“Leave her alone…” Applejack defends.

“Oh, like we’ll leave your SISTER alone? Nope. Not gonna happen!” Appleplant said, being back from the dead.

Pinkie’s evil clone then sticks a blade close to her throat.

“Hmmm. Such a pink treat….” the clone whispers.

Pinkie turns her head away, disgusted at the mean spirited creature.

Rarity’s evil clone then tiptoes behind her. Rarity whimpers, wondering what’s going to happen next. The worst happens when she realizes, as the clone whips three times on her back. Rarity screams, as a barbed wire whip cuts her skin, having Rarity try to get up to fight. But she’s weak. She’s been bested off.

“RARITY!” Twilight cries, trying to get up.

Her clone then pins her to the ground, forcing her to stay put.

This angers Tails, more than ever, more than… anything. With such strength, he pulls, pulls, and has his muscles….

The tape spell is broken, releasing him, TJ, and Luna as they fall to the floor. V does a nonchalant clap when he observes Tails doing this.

“Congrats…” V sighs, “But… you three have to fight me now.”

“I can’t let them hurt Twilight!” Tails said, pointing to the clones.”

“That’s the fun of it…” V snarls, “You don’t interfere…”

He then holds his fingers up.

“I can always kill your friends instantly with one snap if you do…”

Twilight gasps when hearing that.

“You… can’t possible do that!” Tails growls.

“I have more dark magic than you can imagine.” V informs.

“Tails…” Twilight moans.

Tails then looks at her.

“Just fight him. We’ll deal with our clones… Win…” she weeps.

“Not a problem…” Tails snarls, “I was looking forward for this anyway…”


Then, the fox increases his power as he runs toward the beast.

The command for Dinky, Derpy, and Doctor Whooves had gotten to them. Fluttershy was even taken by surprise when she sees them call off the fight, heading somewhere to bring more doom.

“HEY! COME BACK!” Blade protests at them, “WE AREN’T FINISHED YET!”

Then, something comes behind Fluttershy and grabs her neck. The grip gets tight as she screams.


“Fluttershy!” Skull screams.

Fluttershy then looks into the eyes of her evil clone. FLUTTERBRUTE! This time, she has bat wings and blood dripping from her teeth.

“V TOLD ME TO KEEP YOU BUSY!” the clone hisses.

Fluttershy then has her arm punch the clone in her face, breaking her grip. She then dashes back, having her legs pose for a fight.

“You can’t win!” Fluttershy snaps.

“Another clone?” Blade sneers, “This is not going to end well…”

Flutterbrute then swings open a magical blade, as it tears out her hoof.

“Come on, loverboys…” Flutterbrute sneers.

Fluttershy then roars in anger as she is the first one the run at her clone.

Rainbow Dash flies over the dragon soldiers, who are trying to calm the brainwashed ponies down. Fireblaze floats beside her, seeing her face.

“This is all… wrong…” Rainbow breathes.

“Which part?” Fireblaze asks.

She didn’t know how to answer. Fireblaze then hugs her tightly.

“It will be okay. Everypony will be back to normal soon.” he promises.

Just then, a violent whoosh grabs Rainbow Dash by her mane. Fireblaze yelps in shock, and Rainbow screams in agony as her enemy pulls the tug on her hair harder. She then has her eyes zoom at her attacker. HER CLONE! And she’s dressed as a shadowbolt!


“LET HER GO!” Fireblaze roars, coming at the clone to punch her by her torso.

He then took out his sword, while the clone takes out a weapon of her own. It’s a giant circular blade ready for the kill!

Fireblaze wishes he still has his firepowers, but he doesn’t. He just has to fight while waiting for the next twenty-four hours.