Six Manipulations, Six Heroes

by Matthew Stone

The Warriors from Another World!! The Arrival of Tails & T.J.

Spike ran down the dirt street when heading toward Pinkie Pie’s new apartment, that’s just across from where she worked at Sugarcube Corner. While heading towards the building, Rainbow Dash swept down from behind, surprising Spike.

“Woah, what’s the idea?” shouted Spike.

“Come on, I’m just saying hello.” Rainbow Dash snorted.

“Yeah, well I’m on my way to visit Pinkie Pie.” Spike answered back.

“Why, what’s going on?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Rarity wants her to critique her new dress.” Spike replied.

“Oh, for Maud Pie?” Rainbow guesses.

Spike nods. They arrive in front of Pinkie’s apartment after a couple of minutes. The building looked very pink, due to the color of Pinkie herself. But something wasn’t right. Spike and Rainbow are also beginning to realize that themselves.

The door was pried open, and chunks of wood from Pinkie’s door have been damaged quite good, even the door coverings are torn off.

“Should we still go in?” Spike asked nervously.

“It has to be another ‘scare’ prank of hers” Rainbow Dash assured.

They go into the apartment building, to see the room all-dark. Furniture is broken, and scattered all over the place like broken puzzle pieces. The picture frames of Pinkie’s friends, also broken and shattered. There is also a small essence of smell, according to Spike, it’s Sulfur. The rotten smell can come from eggs, volcanic geysers, or…

Twilight has spoken to Spike about it before. If there was any unnatural being close to anypony, there can always be a scent of a noticeable chemical, along with a mixture of eavesdropping memories and fears from other ponies, that can reveal it’s presence.

“Something came after Pinkie…” Spike assumed.

“It could be just burglars.” Rainbow Dashed guessed, not wanting to think the worst.

“Burglars wouldn’t carry any dark magic like SOMETHING just did THERE.” Spike pointed out.

“Than what, or who did this?” Rainbow Dashed demanded in a curious tone.

Just then, there’s a sudden flash outside of the wrecked apartment. It’s bright color appears to be blue behind Rainbow and Spike. They turn to see the light grow bright, and then short again. Spike rushes out to see what it is.

It looked like a cyan portal, for what Spike assumes. Rainbow Dash also watched with him. Their curiosity rises when they see who’s coming out.

They were two orange furred foxes, with two tails on the middle of their butts and backs. One is only wearing shoes and goggles while carrying a wrench--he has brown eyes. The other is wearing a red captain's suit, and has brown hair. Try to imagine it.

“Where’s that damn clone!” one fox asked eagerly.

“More importantly, where’s Queen Volucris?” the other said.

“Who’s Queen Volucris?” Spike asked.

The two foxes turn to look at Spike.

“Pardon us, we’re Tails and TJ. We’ve came from…” Tails introduced.

Rainbow Dash cut him off before he can finish.

“Woah, did you guys just come out of a portal? THAT’S AWESOME!” she cried.

PLEASE!” TJ shouted, “Do you know if you saw a changeling?”

“Not around here.” Spike said, “Why?”

“Let’s keep looking.” TJ declared to Tails, moving forward.

“We found out and have reason to believe that Queen Volucris, the queen changeling from our universe is meeting up with some other queen named ‘Chrysalis’, and another, an evil version of an alicorn.” explained Tails.

“But Queen Chrysalis isn’t really up to anything” Rainbow Dash scoffed, “We should know, she hasn’t invaded us.”

“But there was dark magic coming from around here!” Tails insisted, “Magic that has the shape of black weeds!”

“Wait, that’s exactly what we saw in Pinkie’s apartment.” Spike stammered.

Tails looked at Spike in horror.

“You haven’t seen your so called friend ‘Pinkie Pie’ today, have you? Oh, jeez...” Tails asked nervously.

“We were just on our way to see her.” Rainbow Dash said, “But she wasn’t there.”

“T.J.!” Tails called out to his cousin, “IT GOT ANOTHER!”

“What? What do you mean?” Rainbow Dash asked in a worried tone.

“Your friend is in big trouble.” Tails explained, “I don’t know what that weed wants, but we have to find it or else…”

Before Tails can finish, a dark cloud appears in the sky, growing bigger extremely fast. Its shadows covered the foxes, Rainbow Dash, and Spike in absolute surprise.

In a split minute, at least ten giant weeds appear from the cloud, and come charging towards Rainbow Dash.

“Your name is Rainbow Dash, right?” TJ called out to her, “RUN! GET AWAY!”

Rainbow Dash nods at the fox, realizing he’s right. She dodges the wretched vine, and swoops up into the air to make patterns that can avoid the black magic to grip her.

Meanwhile, Tails grabs out his giant laser gun that he’s carrying on his back, and begins shooting his red blasts at the vicious cloud. The hits the cloud feels makes it sound dreadful, and squeals from the inside of that cloud itself, is unbearable to hear. Spike than comes by Tails, with green flames coming out of his nose.

“Need any help?” Spike asked.

“You sure?” Tails wondered.

“Rainbow Dash is my friend, I’ll do whatever it takes to protect her.” Spike insisted.

“Okay. I think T.J. just found another black cloud that appeared near a tree library building.” Tails said, “You can use your flames to help him fight that beast.”

“TREE LIBRARY?” Spike shouted in shock, “THAT’S WHERE TWILIGHT IS!!”

“TWILIGHT?” Tails joined in, “Crap it all, and I was looking for her too. Because of what’s happening!”

Before they feel more fear, the black weeds suddenly come out through the buildings, striking towards Tails. Tails occupies himself back in the game, by blasting the snake like plants with his gun. Spike than rushes as fast as he could, until he catches up to TJ, who’s now in front of Twilight’s library, surrounded by even bigger, and slimy black weeds.

Rainbow Dash was now high in the sky, flying towards the Rainbow Factory. It was becoming bigger by distance as she increases her speed.

“Those things will never find me there.” Rainbow Dash scoffed.

Her speed got here there to blend in quickly with the other pegasi ponies. She lands like a plane, and scuttles forward and fast while accidentally bumping against the other ponies.

“Hey, watch it!” one shocked pony said, when unintentionally being pushed.

“Sorry, my bad.” Rainbow Dash said.

Now sure that she is safe, she lowers her speed into a walking position. She pants in relief, yet she’s worried for the foxes that tried to save her life. And Spike, he’s till back there. What if something were to happen to him?

“AAAAAHHHHH! HELP!” a squeal called out.

The other ponies look around, curious where the voice is coming from through the pegasi community. Rainbow Dash heard it too, and it sounds real familiar to her.

“DASHIE! HELLLLLPPPP MEEEEEEE!” the shriek continued.

Rainbow Dash recognized that hyperactive call. PINKIE PIE!

First she’s missing, now something got hold of her. Rainbow cannot allow anything bad to come to her friend. She looks around, having her eyes search wildly to find where the sound may be coming from.

“HOLY CELESTIA! What’s THAT?” a pegasi pony shouted, while pointing at something.

Rainbow Dash looks with the rest of them, to see a bigger black cloud, even huger than before, consuming and covering the Rainbow Factory. A chunk of Rainbow’s home is also carried in the cloud.

Rainbow Dash is now filled with uncontrolled anger. Without thinking, she rushes toward the black cloud, flying over the other pegasi ponies flying away or panicking at the situation.

“I’m coming Pinkie…” Rainbow promised.

“DASHIE! DOWN HERE!” a voice called out.

Rainbow looks down to see Pinkie Pie, sobbing, and crawling on the ground with the grey smoke trapping her in the middle of a royal pegasi rainbow garden. Rainbow Dash refuses to hesitate, and swings down to come in front of Pinkie, and just in time too. She trots over slowly to comfort her.

“RAINBOW!” Pinkie cried out.

“There, there…” Rainbow said soothingly, “It’s okay I’m here for you.”

Rainbow Dash then hugs Pinkie, and prepares to fly her out of this terrifying disarray, but then…

Pinkie’s hooves changed, and they clutch to Rainbow’s wings, forcing her to crash to ground and be pinned there.

“Pinkie, what?....” Rainbow Dash asked in confusion.

“It’s okay” Pinkie said, with her voice changing into a demonic tone, “I’m here for YOU!”

Rainbow Dash screams. It wasn’t Pinkie Pie at all. The face instantly changed into one that looks like Celestia’s, though her hair is shagged and full of holes. The body grows bigger, having spikes and thorns on her legs.

“What did you do to Pinkie?” Rainbow Dash demanded in a frightened tone.

“The same thing I’m going to do to YOU!” the very likely CHANGELING said.

Leo the gnome and Ian the diamond dog are coming out of the Everfree forest from a type of hike. Ian was helping Leo collect certain mushrooms, so he can create a certain exlir for Zecora.

“Man I feel itchy.” Ian moaned while scratching his ears, “I hat when mosquitoes are in these woods.”

“Well at least the trip wasn’t long.” the gnome reassured while holding up the bag, “And this experiment I’ll test out later will guarantee better eyesight. No more glasses troubles for anypony.”

“You know, you act exactly how Twilight used to act.” Ian points out, “Because her experiments always backfired on her.”

“Well, don’t forget, I know failure makes better.” Leo corrected.

Just then, a bright flash appears in front of the gnome, and hind legged diamond dog. In front of them, is a horrified Discord, and pumped up William.

“Discord?” Leo asked in surprise, “What brings you here?”

“Something kidnapped Fluttershy.” Discord said in a concerned voice.

“WHAT?” Ian asked in fright.

William jumps in front of Leo to grab him by his shirt collar.

“It’s gonna go into PONYVILLE!” William shouts, “THOSE WEEDS ARE GONNA TAKE MORE IT CAN GET!”

“What are you talking about?” Leo asked, while being annoyed by the anxious worm.

Just then, a striking boom is made in the sky. The gang looks up to the pegasi ponies flying down from the skies, and running to look for shelter in Ponyville. More panic ensues when the black clouds charge down toward the other ponies in the village.

“Twilight may be down there.” Discord whimpered, “We got to help her.”

“She’ll know what to do too!” Leo agreed.

As soon as the worm, dog, and gnome grab Discord by his tail, they zap themselves in front of Twilight’s Library.

“Guys!” Spike calls out to them in relief.

The purple dragon rushes to hug Discord and William, taking a break from his collaborating fight with TJ, against the weeds.

“UGH! Tale it easy, Barney the Dinosaur!” William choked.

“Hey, don’t call me that!” Spike shouted, insulted.

“SPIKE!” TJ called back, “I need more help!”

Spike nods, and goes back to breathe his green fire against the evil plants. He even protects Discord, William, Ian, and Leo from being struck by the weeds.

Discord also uses his awesome chaos to turn the weeds into insect bugs.

“How do you like THAT ladies?” Discord insulted.

But something abnormal happens, the bugs turn back to weeds refusing to cooperate with Discord’s spell.

“AHN! THIS IS POINTLESS!” Discord cries in fear.

William then focuses less on fighting, and snaps Discord’s fingers to make an axe magically appear. He than grabs it, and chops away at the vined seal, blocking the entranceway to the library. Ian joins in, using his hiking machete to cut the vines.

“TWILIGHT! Are you in there?” Ian called out.

“YES! THANK YOU FOR COMING” Twilight’s voice cries out in joy, right through the door.

Leo also fights along with Discord, TJ, and Spike, to protect William and Ian from the weeds trying to charge at them. Discord creates Mario like fireballs, as Spike continues breathing fire to burn the weeds. TJ uses his giant wrench to break the weeds in half, having yucky goo squirt out. Leo uses his staff, to use kung fu like moves, when dodging the weeds strikes, and stabbing them through their hearts with the staff.

After a couple minutes, the vines are all gotten rid of from blocking the library door. William then opens it, having the frightened Alicorn rush out. Spike than notices, and comes up to hug Twilight.

“What’s happening?” Twilight asked in a fast paced voice, “What are these things? What’s going on?”


A squeal is then made, having the weeds halt their attacks and stand still. They then move aside to create a pathway for dark figures coming towards them, straight through the fog. TJ looks in horror as he sees the dark figures grasp onto Tails by the neck with a vine like shadow hand, floating in the air.

“Ah, so you’re here Twilight…” the bigger figure spoke, “Good, I was hoping to meet you.”

“Did you kidnap Fluttershy?” Discord snarled.

“AND WHAT ABOUT APPLEJACK?” Willaim shrieked

“AND PINKIE PIE, WHERE ARE THEY?” Spike joined in.

“Ah, you’ll find this interesting…” the figure said.

The figure than steps out, to reveal herself. She’s like what Rainbow Dash has seen before, before she manipulated her. Because trotting with her, is Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rartiy, only they’re not themselves. The elements around their necks are completely rusty and black. They are wearing silver armored shoes on their hooves. Their eyes are glowing green. Twilight Sparkle even looks at horror at what the villainess has done to her friends.

“My name is QUEEN VOLUCRIS!” the big female changeling said, “And these are YOUR PREVIOUS friends, THE PLUNDERING SIX!”