The Revenge of Tirek

by Matthew Stone

Tails Breaks Free

It’s outside the bridge the Manehattan, that the main six ponies, Storm, Fireblaze, Blade, Skull, William, Spike, and TJ are heading close to it. They can also the shield becoming more red and visible, with the buildings still covered.

Celestia and Luna also relocated to the Crystal Empire with Discord, Leo, and Ian. The comfort level they give Discord has been doubled to make sure he’s safe from harming himself.

When Twilight was in relief of Celestia’s plan, she in also in anxiety of how to get into the city.

“Wait… Fireblaze, you have dragon blood.” Rainbow Dash said, “Think you can make an underground tunnel that goes into Manehattan.”

“Sure can.” Fireblaze nods.

Then he began to use his tail to make blade patterns. As he digs on the trail gravel into the dirt, the tunnel forms with the blade creating the way.

Then, the ground crumbles underneath the gang.


The hole than expands under them as they fall through a hole that appeared unknowingly to them.

“HANG ON!” Fireblaze yells.

“WE’RE HANGING!” Rainbow Dash lets him know.

They scream as they fall deeper through the sphere entry. However, the landing was quite soft. What they landed upon was a pile of soil like dirt, not rock hard either. They sigh in relief, as they see water dripping a couple miles away from them on the ceiling of the underground tunnel. They’re going to go under the magic bridge that splits between Manhattan.

It was also obvious to them not knowing, that a big creature is hiding behind one of the tunnel walls, watching them. He doesn’t head over to attack, but he goes back to V’s base to warn him instantly.

V rests on his futon throne, playing his PSP and carling less about everything else that’s happening right now. Tirek was also in the room, slightly annoyed about his son’s lazy actions.

V suddenly picks up a telepathic message from Cosmos.

“Master, I’m setting up the emergency gathering at the griffon kingdom.” she reports, “My brainwashed assistant lover fox, Tails, is also on the lookout.”

“Good.” V smiles as he listens.

“But there’s something we regret to tell.” Cosmos shudders in her mind, “We failed to take over Canterlot. That griffon named Storm had such strong power we failed to win the fight against. He just used a wristband sword that shot out some blue aura!”
When hearing that, V isn't happy about it.

“V…Very well.” V shook in his head telepathically, “Just arrange our group as planed….”

As the messaging was over, V places his palm of the hand over his forehead.

“Are you okay my son?” Tirek asks.

“No, father,” V raged, “My slime balls failed their invasion in Canterlot! They've not only been defeated by the main six, but also by that griffon named Storm as well!”

Tirek became shocked when hearing that name.

“So, that son of the father that I killed ages ago, still alive…” Tirek muses, “I suppose he carries the same blood of the powers his father once had. I must meet him. But right now, we must continue or little project.”

“AH, Project Wildfire. That plan is already intact.” V says, “I did remember fighting Fireblaze, and then getting some of his DNA by slashing his belly open. A shame he lived though. However, let’s say he has an identical twin and brother. He is the next weapon in my plan. All we need to do, is persuade his half brother to help us. First, right now, I just need to present the project to the griffon kingdom, just to make sure the main six doesn’t know about it just yet. The griffon race also has to be talked into agreeing with our little fib about the importance of their race being more dominant than the ponies’. Oh and…”

V turns to his father.

“Everest lied during his threat. He won’t be waiting for an answer.” V grins, “Since my floating orbs failed, the griffon soldiers will arrive at Canterlot toward the next two midnights. They’ll also help Discord stab himself…”

“That’s good son.” Tirek laughs.

Then, the ant scurries into the room, bowing to V.

“Master! The main six are heading this way!” the ant reports.

“WHAT? THAT SOON?!” V said in alarm.

He then turns to the brainwashed twenty ponies in the room.


His slaves then get ready and equip themselves.

V then places his fingers at the temple of his head, sending his next telepathic message to Cosmos.

“Yes, sexy…” Cosmos purred in his head.

“Cosmos, have Tails tell the villains that we’re ready to move now.” V instructs.

“Yes, my love.” Cosmos said.

She then gets out of the telepathic messaging, getting herself and Tails ready for the job.

V then creates a shadow sword in his hand, as Tirek marches up to the brainwashed slaves.

“Deal with the intruders while we make our escape!” Tirek orders.

“Yes, master.” both Babs Seed and her mother say.

Tirek then opens the palm of his hand, to teleport the twenty ponies to go anywhere in Manehattan, just so they can find the main six to attack. As they disappear, Tirek looks at the ant.

“Hold up your telecom camera!” he told the ant.

“Very well.” the ant said, raising the camera that’s now recording, “Though I’m not a fan of sending emergency messages.”

Tirek said nothing to the ant’s complaint. He just focuses on looking at the wired lenses of the camera. In the split minute, his face appears on all the televisions and monitors of the commercial buildings in Manehattan. All the brainwashed pony citizens look up at the screens, just as the orbs floating over them guard them.


“YES MASTER!” everypony in Manehattan chorused at once.

They then prepare and move to the subway entrance that goes underground.

Tirek then uses his magic to teleport himself to the griffon kingdom. As V is the only one remaining in the room, he envisions were the man six and their friends entered, and where they might exit. He then claps his hands together, having his magic make all formations on the entries and exits. As soon as all the brainwashed ponies arrive underground at his timing, HE SEALS ALL THE OPEN ENTRIES! No escape is now possible for Twilight and her friends. They now entered into his death trap.

“No way in, no way out.” he chuckles.

He then snaps his fingers, teleporting out of the room to go the griffon kingdom.

It was inside Everest’s castle, where the brainwashed Tails and corrupted Cosmos are staying by his permission. The bat pony paces around the room, looking out the window to see the arrival of their expected guests heading through the kingdom gate.

All of them are in order, King Sombra, Lavan (a lava monster king), Somnambula (a witch), and Catrina (a feline witch).

Cosmos purrs in enjoyment when witnessing their arrival. She even notices the griffon citizens being weirded out by their arrival, suspicious of them.

“They’ll get used to them over time.” Cosmos chuckled, “Meanwhile…”

The bat pony then comes over to Tails to have her shaggy mane brush against his body.

“I have romantic plans for us, just so we…. get to know one another.” she growls like a panther.

“I want it, baby!” the brainwashed fox cheers.

“That’s what I want to hear!” she laughs.

She then licks her slimy tongue onto his cheek. The brainwashed Tails then makes his move to give a wretched kiss to her. He grabs her by the shoulders.

Then… he stands still.

Cosmos is confused. Tails is now standing in silence, in this very room. Deep in his mind, a dormant power SUDDENLY surges through his brain, taking the absolute emergency form of brain signal.

Then, Tails began to clench his fists, as he shakes in power.

“AAAAAUUUUGGGGGGHHHHH!” he screams, as electricity began to surge through his body.

His fur turns gold, as he fights the dark demon inside him. The brainwashing spell is trying to cling onto the fox, but Tails continues to fight back as his eyes glow red. The upsurge of power was too much for Tails’ evil side to take. Cosmos then gaps in dismay, as she sees the foxes’ head being split into two separate ones. The heads and body become blurry, as Tails confronts his dark side with a snarl.

“What… the hell are you?” the evil Tails asks.


He then puts his middle index finger to his forehead, and concentrates with his mind to force his dark spell out of his body. A flash then becomes huge, as Tails breaks his brainwashing spell, having his dark side in his body vanish.

“I AM TAILS! I WON’T BE BRAINWASHED AGAIN!” he screams at Cosmos.

“IMPOSSIBLE!” Cosmos screams.

Tails then takes his rage out by starting the fight against the bat pony. He throws out a fist punch, with her dodging the move by flying into the air towards the ceiling. She then flies down to give Tails a harsh kick in the face. Blood comes out Tails’ nose as he’s being struck. He then jumps backward to give a twirl kick on Cosmos’ chest. Cosmos falls back, but then picks up a chair to throw it at the fox. Tails misses the chair as he jumps back, jumping to then go on top of the ridge of the window.

“Here’s something that may surprise you.” Tails grins at his enemy, “I can fly too.”

He then dives out the window, falling towards the ground at such a towering height. He two fox tails then propel and accelerate real fast, until he swoops through the air, evacuating the dangerous kingdom.

Cosmos shakes in rage and screams when seeing this.

“GUARDS!” she suddenly erupted.

The griffon soldiers then enter the room.

“Prince Everest told us that we’re permitted to take orders from you.” one of the guards said, “Is there anything you request us to do now?”

“Yes.” Cosmos smirks, “Hunt down the fox…”

That's the way, Tails!! It's great to have you back on the side of good! But with 2 griffons hot on his trail, can he take on them both, especially with his newfound powers? Find out NEXT TIME!!