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Pony Ball: The Saga of Kitsune - Matthew Stone

A young fox named Kitsune discovers that he is the only one who can save his planet from an alien armada.

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The Adventure Begins

There are now two different parallel universes that explore the fantastical worlds of hero ponies and fox creatures alike. The world of Equestria, and the futuristic city of Corvine. Now, there is a world undiscovered and awakened that only both pony and fox citizens and collide in, Destania. The world called that is full of life, purity, and balance for both fox and pony races to collaborate for, to try and keep everything in order so the world can survive. War used to be between them, but that was before a mistake was made. In the middle of battle, they nearly destroyed their home world with a carelessly made bomb that’s now snug within the core of their planet. The main element that supports the planet’s balance is a jewel, rather known to be called the Orthodox Emerald.

The whole war was over ever since they discovered that discovery, knowing what the consequences are if the bomb is carelessly deactivated. Treaties were signed, cities were made together, and governments have been aligned. All that effort would soon be disrupted however. But a whole new battle doesn’t come without six new heroes. One main character is also prophesized to protect the world of Destania from any upcoming war. He is known at Kitsune, the two-tailed fox.

It was a morning hike for Pico, a purple dragon who resembles Spike in the world of Equestria. He’s different however, because he’s a teen dragon, and he wears a green cape and purple spandex pants for wherever he goes. He always does the hike routine before he goes for his training at the military base for Destina’s newest recruits. Their biggest barrier against the dark side of the world is being under attack by cannibalistic slaves of spirits, the kind that vows to consume the rest and ALL of innocent lives in each city. He’s been a proud selection of the army because of his fighting skills and thinking mindfully whenever in stressful situations.

“I hope I get a gem breakfast when I come back.” he wishes.

Pico ducks under several low branches when he makes his next step. It was then that he heard something bawling in the distance of the woods. It sounded like… a child.

“Somepony lost?” Pico wondered.

The dragon’s ears perked up when he senses the direction the crying is coming from. Behind him. He turns around, going through a leaf covered way that isn’t connected to the gravel made path. The dragon also uses slight fire to burn away some sticks, so he can get to the bottom of this faster.

He then arrives in a cropped section of the forest, which reveals rays of bright sunlight and mist in the area. In front of him, is a young kid that seems as if he’s lost. A three-year old fox cub to say the least, and he’s holding a smaller fox in his arms. But the strangest thing is, the fox had two tails.

Pico decided to approach slowly to the fox from behind, and taps him lightly on the shoulder. The fox looks up at him, still crying with tears. Pico doesn’t know what to say in reassurance, but he still lets out a question.

"Hey, kid, where are your parents?" Spike asked.

"I-I don't know, mister...they've been gone for a really long time, so I've had to raise my little brother, Justin, on my own." the fox sobbed, clinging to Pico's leg.

Pico couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for the young fox, for he also knew what it was like growing up without a family. He’d been there, losing his mom in a genocide against dragons during the war between ponies and foxes. Since then, he was adopted by an alicorn, who taught him everything about the world and what it means to fight for something he believed in. At that moment, the tradition of kindness and educating effort needs to be passed on.

The dragon leaned down, so that he was eye-level with the young kitsune.

"Look, kid...how about you stay with me for a while?" he asked.

The fox's eyes lit up. "Really? I guess that would be nice."

"Anyway, what's your name?" asked Spike.

"I don't have one...it was 'Miles', but I really hated that name." the kitsune said.

"Look, how about I call you....um....Kitsune?" Spike asked.

"That sounds nice. I like it." the little fox grinned.

"Now, c'mon, let's go." Pico said, as he led the young kitsune to his home.

Eighteen years have passed since Pico’s day of kindness. Pico is now 31, as Kitsune is 21, while Justin is 18. All these years, Pico has tutored Kitsune of how to survive, training him to fight, and gave him all the knowledge he deserved when it comes to justice, science, and equality. Kitsune had also been Pico’s prodigy in the martial arts. It was also around the foxes’ teens when both Kitsune and Justin trained their fighting skills together with Pico.

Pico was proud to be an influence for them, and let them know that they’re free to choose their own path now that they’re old enough to venture the real world. But the foxes chose their destiny, to fight by Pico’s side in the military. With Pico’s delight, the three of them are an inseparable team.

One day, after a quick fishing trip, Kitsune and Justin were heading home with their daily catch.

"You know, I really like training and getting tougher, but I kind of wish that there was some adventure in our lives, besides military duty and all" Justin said.

Kitsune, couldn't help but agree.

"Yeah. I mean, living here with Pico is awesome, but I have to get out there someday." he replied.

“Maybe we should let Pico know that we changed our minds about this whole… military thing?” Justin considers.

“We’ll think about it.” Kitsune says.

Suddenly, a pony riding a scooter sped up the hill and knocked the two brother over. A panicked voice came from the vehicle, while the foxes moan in discomfort. Kitsune even groans as he looks at the mushed fish from the wheels.

"Oh, NO!! I really hope that guy and his brother aren't hurt too bad..." the purple pony on the scooter says, parking the vehicle to a halt.

Kitsune got up, rubbing his skull. He gets bandages out of his knapsack, and wraps it around his forehead. Justin acts doozy from the hit-and-run situation.

"Gggrgh...nobody gets the jump on ME!!" he grumbled, snarling.

But he could only gasp when the driver gets off, revealing herself to be a purple-skinned girl pony, with blue hair that had a single pink streak. Her tail is also purple with sparkling hues, and believe it or not, she looks like Twilight Sparkle from the world of Equestria.

"I'm really sorry about that. My name's New Moon...are you hurt or anything?" the girl pony asked.

Although Tails isn’t sure or… even knew she was talking to him. He was too lovesick and dazed to notice. Just then, Justin slaps him behind his head to snap him out of it.

“Oh… um… yes. We’re fine.” Kitsune says.

“Forgive me.” New Moon says, “I’m just in a hurry, and I’m my way to see an old friend of mine. We’re… just getting ready to set up for tonight’s peace festival.”

“Oh? And… who’s your friend?” Kitsune flirts.

“A nice dragon named Pico.” New Moon answers, “He’s my partner who… helped me solve race issues in the past between foxes and ponies in different cities. Friendship IS important, more better than violence.”

“Wait… Pico?” Kitsune asks in surprise, “We’re just going back to his house, we’re his best friends too!”

“He took care of us ever since we were cubs.” Justin adds.

“He’s been like a parent to us.” Kitsune smiles.

“Wow. That’s wonderful.” New Moon beams, “I’m sure he turned you into diligent, hard working foxes.”

“Aww. You’re just saying that.” Kitsune blushes.

“Do you want me to give you a lift back to his house?” New Moon asks, “This scooter fits three ponies or foxes altogether.”

“That will be great!” Kitsune said.

“Um… we’re actually fine with walking…” Justin starts to say.

“Dude. C’mon, live a little.” Kitsune peer pressures to Justin.

Justin sighs, and nods okay. The two of them then get on with New Moon, as she ignites her scooter. They then head down the hill, back to Pico’s house.

The ride was beautiful, as New Moon speeds by the cliff of the mountain road to the dragon’s home. Kitsune can even see the vast view of the waterfall that connects a river to a crystal blue lake. The lake than expands to the forest behind it, the very forest that Pico found him and brother, adopting them this very day.

“How much farther?” New Moon asks Kitsune.

“Not too far.” he tells her, “It’s just a couple more…”

Then, the foxes see something coming from behind the hills, the home where Pico’s house is located. HUGE SMOKE IS RISING. This makes Kitsune nervous instantly.

“Drive faster!” Kitsune shouts, “The smoke in the sky… I… I think there might be a fire!”

New Moon gasps, and then nods. The speed increases, as she gets off the mountain road, and dodges the rocks in the gravel road of the fields. At long last they’re there, and Kitsune is shocked to find what they see.

The log cabin is close to a pony town, and other pony citizens gather around in shock to see the disaster lit upon Pico’s home. Kitsune then sees Pico crawling on the grass ground, dragging and liming because of the scorches on his scaly skin. The two-tailed fox then gets off the scooter, and rushes over to Pico, catching him before he falls down again.

“Thanks…” Pico mutters.

“Pico, what happened?” Kitsune asks, “Is this some sort of accident?”

“It’s no accident…” Pico sighs, “It’s done intentionally. I was attacked!”

“Why?” Kitsune gasps.

“I don’t know…” Pico groans, “But the enemy told me… this war will begin…. again…”

Kitsune helps Pico up to his feet, as Justin and New Moon help the other ponies extinguish the fire from the house. Pico looks up to see another member of the crowd party coming in. It’s a white dog with brown ears, wearing a yukata robe for his wardrobe appearance. He races up the hill, accidentally pushing over other ponies while saying “Beg pardon.” He then comes up to Pico, panting in relief to see that he’s safe.

“I heard the news from town.” the dog said to Pico, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, thank you…” Pico sighs.

“How’s he?” New Moon asks Kitsune.

The dog then looks at New Moon.

"Almost forgot, my name's Nate. How are you?"

"Well, we could be better, due to the situation we're in." New Moon replied.

“Nate… do you… still have the element?” Pico asks, “Is it safe?”

“Yes. It’s in my hut.” Nate answers.

“Shall I come with him to fetch it?” Kitsune asks Pico.

“That’s a good idea…” Pico nods, “Be back…”

Kitsune then follows Nate, as the dog guides the fox down the hill. The other ponies murmur at the commotion around Pico’s house, still in shock. New Moon then looks at Pico.

“What’s all this about the element?” she asks him.

“A couple guardians that are part of the government trusted me to take good care of different elements, that are seven colored opals carrying… I don’t want to say.” Pico tells her, “But those opals… these are what the intruder is after…”

When Kitsune and Nate arrive on the homely street, they stop in front of a wooden hut. Kitsune already knows it must be Nate’s home. The dog sniffs around the house, to make sure to intruders are around the area.

“Hang on a second.” Nate tells Kitsune.

Nate then looks up the hut window before going inside.


Out of the hut comes a worm in a yellow judo suit, resembling Krillin's from a “DragonBall Z” universe. He looks like the regular William from Equestria. His face is all groggy, like he’s waking up from a nap.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming." he grunted, squirming towards them, “What’s going on?”

“Pico’s house was vandalized.” Nate tells him, “It might be because of the seven opals.”

“What… you mean the elements?” William gasps.


Nate looks at Kitsune.

“What’s that?” he asks.

“Oh, that’s my pager.” Kitsune responds, pulling it out from his knapsack, “I usually get text messages with it, mainly from Pico. He keeps me updated on anything in case he needs my assistance.”

“He must really be a best friend with you.” William smirks.

“What did he text?” Nate asks.

Kitsune looks at his pager, and his eyes then widen in terror.

“What?” William asks.

Kitsune is silent for almost a minute.

“Oh, and in case if you’re wondering, the opal is right here!” William grins, pulling out behind his back, “The rest are sealed in other pony police stations!”

“That’s why Pico texted me… the other opals…” Kitsune shudders, “They’ve all been stolen!”

“WHAT?” Nate and William shout.

They are all now in complete worry. What are these opals capable of now that they’re in the clutches of… some bastard. Kitsune is afraid, just like Nate and William. But there’s something that has to be done now to fix this… a new adventure. A journey!

“Well…” Kitsune sighs, “It looks like we have to go search for the six other elements.

William just rocks back and forth, clutching to the opal with his invisible hands.

“I heard rumor that anyone mentally unstable can make a deadly wish with all opals.” Nate informs his friends, “It’s important we protect the one we have now, and find the others quickly!”

This made William’s eyes beam for a second, then having him grin mischievously. He then looks at his opal, with his lips smacking. Nate sighs as observing his irresponsible behavior.

"Heh, heh, heh...if I could get the other elements, I could get anything I want." William snickers.

“Don’t get any ideas…” Nate scolds.

“I won’t, I won’t…” William tires to assure, sneaking off a little ways, “Let me just… observe this opal a bit longer…”


A new pony suddenly blocks his path, before William went on the sidewalk to Nate’s hut. He turns around to see a blond-haired, orange-skinned, female pony. She’s wearing a blue denim jacket, and has three apples on the side of her leg, representing her cutie mark. She looks very similar to Applejack in the parallel world of Equestria.

“I’m going to have to ask you to stay with the group.” she says.

William gets nervous, and scuttles back to Nate.

“That’s better.” she said.

“Kendra.” Nate smiles, “It’s great to see you.”

“You know her?” Kitsune asks.

“Old friend of mine.” Nate says, “We used to do rescue missions together.”

“Nice to meet you.” Kitsune says, shaking Kendra’s hoof.

William ignores the introductions, and resumes smacking while looking at the opal.

“Hey Kendra!” some voices call out, “Why didn’t you wait for us?”

Kitsune looks to see her friends coming behind her. They’re new ponies he’d never seen before. Kendra looks back at her buddies, and then back to Kitsune, smiling.

“Let me introduce to my buddies here.” Kendra says, “I’m part of a new law academy, and they’re the best partners anypony can ask for.”

Kitsune looks at Kendra’s friends. One looks like Scootaloo, then Fireblaze, and the next looks like Rainbow Dash, all similar from the characters from the Equestria dimension. They all wear black battle suits for their wardrobe appearance. The orange female pony with the purple hair and tail is the first to come up. She shakes Kitsune’s hand.

“It’s good to meet you. I’m Olive.” she smiles.

“And I’m Hollow Colors!” the cyan pegasi smiles.

“Me, I’m Edmund.” the red pony with dragon wings grins.

Olive then looks at the opal William is holding.

“So… is this gem the reason these robberies occurred?” she asks.

“Yep.” Nate nods.


The loudest sound has risen from the distance, just before Nate can explain what’s going on. Rumbling than shakes the ground, and the new friends altogether can hear the screaming coming from the air. Kitsune looks back to see smoke rising from the same location Pico’s home is.

“PICO! JUSTIN!” Kitsune cries.

“We better go back!” Nate yelps.

Kitsune nods in agreement, and the gang of seven then charges up the street, ready for a fight.

Justin was sent flying back from the sudden punch from the unknown enemy. He can also see these figures pinning Pico and New Moon to the ground, holding them hostage. The monsters are grey creatures, with slime drooling out of their mouths.

“Okay space creeps.” Justin sneers, “Let’s hope I get myself I good fight from this point!”

Justin gets up slowly to his knees, then rising on his feet. The field brushes with a gust of wind as he stares his enemies down towards their little eyes. Justin then takes another step to ready his attack.

"So...what say we get started?" Justin asked.

"Good idea...but don't hold back just because we’re female…. overtakers…" the villains replied.

"Really, you guys are female?” Justin asks in shock, “ Then believe me, I had no such intentions of holding back."

The first of the alien pack charges, as Justin runs at her too. The punches are non-stop, as each one dodges the hits back and forth. Justin then rams his fist into the skull of the alien, sending her flying towards a rock. The pressure cracks the alien’s spine, paralyzing her instantly. This angers the second alien, as she charges at Justin.

The fox then pulls out an aura move that Pico taught him a while back. Justin slowly raises his palm, and breathes slowly as he has his energy carry out a green mist of magic, transferred by his dragon mentor a while back. Justin then has the mist ram into the female challenger, trapping and preventing her to move.

But the second villain smirks, as she too as a trick up her sleeve. She has her hand slowly shift down as it’s clanged tight to her left side of the body. The hand reaches a belt used for invasion missions, and presses a red button.


In an instant, the mist explodes and blinds Justin with it’s massive spray-back. The second alien then bursts free, and runs over to bicycle kick him on his jaw. The fight move sends Justin to the dirt, grunting in pain as some of his teeth pop out. Justin shakes as he gets up again, as the rest of the aliens approach him.

“What are you going to do?” Justin asks them, “Finish me off?”

The aliens stare at him, confused.

“No…” they sneer, “We have plans for you…”

Justin was silent for a minute, then gasps as their hands turn into machine clamps that grab him by his limbs. He screams as the robot arms lift him up into the air, just as he wraths and struggles. He then looks up to see the humming light shining upon him and the aliens capturing him. He then looks down to see Kitsune and his new friends running up the hill. Kitsune then gasps as he sees his dear fox like-brother being kidnapped.

“JUSTIN!” Kitsune screams, running over to try and stop the captors.

The two tailed fox gets closer to the shining light the aliens are activating to teleport to their shuttle. He can hear Justin screaming for help, until the final light shines high and bright. In a minute, the invaders are gone. Fire is made once again on the remains of Pico’s cabin, as Pico struggles to get up in pain. Kitsune then knew Justin is nowhere to be seen. New Moon then runs up to Kitsune after helping the other anthro ponies up to their feet, looking into his worried eyes.

“Kitsune…” New Moon tried to say in stutters, “We’ve tried to help Justin with the fight, but they were… the aliens are unlike… they were…”

“To strong…” Kitsune nods, crying, “I believe you. It’s not your fault. It’s those…. THINGS! They kidnapped Justin!”

Unbeknownst to Justin, two beings are observing the fox as he’s brought onto the lobby of the air ship. Both leaders are blurry to his vision as he looks up at the enemies. One leader has a set of three eyes on his head, while wearing a green cape. The other looked human, but his eyes are green as a changeling’s. Justin can them hear them chuckle in sadist delight.

“Kids like you, almost perfect to help us defeat the solar legends, Flare and Sail.” the first leader whispers.

“Flare and Sail?” Justin wonders, “Who are they?”

“You will find out soon enough,” the second leader says.

“Indeed.” the first leader said.

“What’s say we… get that little punk to help us?” the second leader suggests to the first.

“Good idea.” the first leader agrees.

Justin whimpers as they approach closer to him.

“Don’t take this personally, we have a mission to accomplish.” the first leader cackles

Then, the first big alien pulls out a tentacle, rubbing it onto Justin’s forehead. The green glow on the squishy hand then throbs into the fox’s mind, having him scream loud and clear. All seems to be lost, as if hypnotism is taking its toll onto him.

“You’ll work for us now…” the leaders chant, “Even if it means going against your dearest buddy, Kitsune…”

“No…” Justin protests weakly.

“YES!” the leaders shout.

A mighty jolt then sparks into Justin’s head, as the brainwashing procedure is complete. The aliens then unclamp Justin from his bindings, having him fall to the floor. He then gets up, having his eyes glow bright green.

“I will obey… my masters…” Justin moans.

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