• Published 26th Jul 2015
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MLP FiM: The Guardian Beasts Rise - Matthew Stone

Ghosts & ninjas & magical stones, oh my!! All of these crazy things await Tails & Co. when they go to Japone on a mission.

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"Train Track Trouble"

A little while later, the gang was on a train headed to the Kanto region of Japan. Rainbow Dash liked how fast the train was going, but Tails, on the other hand, had grown restless.

“Dear God, I am bored out of my skull!! There’s gotta be something to do on this train…” Tails wondered, looking around, but so far he didn’t see anything to entertain himself.

Maybe I’ll just head up-top and scope things out from that point!!

The fox climbed to the roof of the train, only to see Trixie, Snips and Snails coming towards him.

“C-CRAP!! NOT YOU GUYS AGAIN!!” Tails groaned, as he whistled for his male cohorts, who instantly hopped onto the roof, ready, willing, and able to brawl.


“REACOOM!!” Christian shouted.

“BUTTA!!” TJ yelled.

“JHEESE!!” Fireblaze announced.

“GHURD!!” Spike snapped.

“CAPTAIN GINYU!!” Tails growled.

“TOGETHER, WE ARE: THE GINYU FORCE!!” The five boys yelled, as an explosion appeared behind them, as if they were something out of Power Rangers. Trixie and her subordinates stared, baffled, before regaining their composure.


“Y-yes, Great & Powerful Trixie, ma’am.” The two goons gulped, as they whipped out two machine-gun lasers and opened fire on our heroes. “EAT PIPING-HOT LASER, YOU STINKIN’ GEEKS!!”

“AY, CARUMBA!!” Christian yelled, trying to dodge the laser-charged bullets.

Tails turned to TJ, face frozen with a grimace of determination. “BUTTA!! DISTRACT THOSE NUMBSKULLS FOR A LITTLE WHILE!! I HAVE AN IDEA!!”

TJ nodded. “OKAY, CAPTAIN GINYU!!” He then jumped to the other end of the train and made a silly face at Snips and Snails. “HEY, IDIOTS!! BET’CHA CAN’T CATCH ME, NYAH-NYAH, NYAH-NYAH NYAH!!” he dashed off, chanting NYAH-NYAH, NYAH-NYAH-NYAH over and over again as the two goons turned around, & in no time at all, the laser bullets were in hot pursuit.

Tails fished around in his backpack for something to aid the team in their battle. Then, his eyes lit up like the fireworks on the 4th of July. “IMA DA! I’ve got it!!” he grinned, whipping out a laser pistol of his own, and firing it at them, causing them to vanish.

“Boy, you really got ‘em this time, Tails. Poor guys.” Spike said, bowing his head in silence.

“Seriously? You really think I’d kill them?” Tails grinned, spinning the pistol around on his finger, and then blowing off the steam. “Then you don’t know me as well as you would like to think.”

Christian’s eyes lit up in realization. “Are you saying that was a teleportation gun?” he asked.

“Tails, you crazy bastard!! You really had us there for a minute.” Fireblaze laughed.
“Ah…you must be the ones from Canterlot. I am Red Fuji, & it is an honor to meet you.” The ninja bowed in respect.

Tails quickly excused himself to change into another disguise. When he came out, he now wore a white turtleneck underneath a v neck sweater with brown khaki shorts and red sneakers with white tips at the edge of them.

“Pretty slick, huh?” Tails asked.

“More like kind of…Funnie.”

“You really ‘Doug’ to the bottom of the barrel for this disguise, dude.”

“You can’t beat the classics, dude.” TJ grinned.

“Thanks for the support, Teej.” Tails smirked at his brother.

Later, at the orchard, Fuji explained the situation.

“For the past 3 months, there’s been a ghost making trouble and causing chaotic disasters at our orchard. We realized that the only ones who could help had been out of business for years, and Harold Ramis was dead by then, so we decided to go with the next best thing: you seven.”

Fuji opened a closet that showed five mannequins wearing strange clothing. “These are our suits of ninja armor. Feel free to try them on, if you want to.”

Of course, the boys were only too happy to do so, and they did.

“HEY!! Where’s our ninja armor?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Um…we do have female kunoichi armor, but it’s really skimpy and revealing, so I’m not sure you’d want it.” Fuji explained, blushing red at the very thought, and he hardly noticed he was starting to drool.



“You got a little…somethin’-somethin’ running down your chin.”

“OH!!” Fuji gasped, wiping his chin. "W-we should probably get some sleep now."

At this point, nobody disagreed about that point, and they went to bed.

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