The Revenge of Tirek

by Matthew Stone

Tails vs. Miles: Clash of the Counterparts

Tirek looks at sickening pleasure at his new recruit. He lowers his hands slowly, as he starts to save his insanity for later.

“Invasions of ours shall now begin….” the devilish monster seethes, “Prince Everest, are your troops ready?”

“Yes, they are waiting for your call.” Everest responds.

V then comes from behind to signal that he’s ready. His father nods.

“Wake up our newest beast, Wildfire.” he orders to V.

V smiles, and signals his griffon assistants to bring out the giant cage from the alleyway they have been hiding in. The soldiers pull the metal crate with the huge lock. Inside, was a shadowed, dark, muscular pony with blood painted all around it’s body. It’s bigger than any other, and is about the height of an elephant. The ferocious cannibal pony also has razor sharp teeth with the shape of squares, and cut up hair for the mane and tail.

V rings the bars of the cell, waking the beast Wildfire up. He then tears off the lock with his strength, and has the beast barge out. Then, V casts a calming spell on Wildfire, so he can hear them out and listen to their orders.

Wildfire than looks up to V and smiles.

“I’m not a freakin’ genie.” Wildfire snarls, “But I’m under your command…”

“You have a brother named…. Fireblaze…. do you?” V asks.

“Yes…. I still loathe him….”

“Any reason?”

Wildfire doesn’t answer that question.

“Then this is a request I’m sure you’ll like.” V grins, “Destroy Fireblaze, along with his main six friends, Twilight, Applejack, and so on.”

“So… my brother is still out there…. with THEM!” Wildfire snaps, “Hehehehe. Time to give my brother a deadly family reunion.”

“Then don’t sit, stand up and go.” V applauds.

“Yes…” Wildfire smirks.

The beast then rises into the sky, and heads toward the direction of the Ki signal. He smells that Fireblaze is in the Canterlot castle, and swoops up into the air. He then accelerates, as he speeds to meet his challenge.

Tirek then looks at the brainwashed Trixie, who has submitted and held by Sombra’s power.

“This plan must be in motion, no matter what.” the pointy-horned villain said.

“I for one, whish Sunset was here to see this.” Sombra scowls.

“Everest told me that Gilda will be taking care of her.” Tirek chuckles, “One of two is a good start anyway.”

He then leans closer to Trixie’s face.

“Now Trixie… will you help us?”

“Yes…. master Tirek….” Trixie moans.

With Tirek’s control, Trixie then sends a message to one of the brainwashed ponies with her mind. The notice goes all the way telepathically to the resting victims under Tirek’s power. Right inside CANTERLOT!

“My servants, wake up. You must let the griffons in the castle. Attack the guards, and if the main six are also there with their other friends, they might get in the way! SO HURT THEM, don’t kill. I may need them.” Tirek’s message states.

In that room, Babs Seeds awakens her acquainted brainwashed ponies, as she herself wakens in a dull state.

“Yes… master Tirek….” Babs moans.

The guards are outside the entrance to the Canterlot garden domes, which is located inside towards the entry. They stand in place, holding their crossbows for any intruders that intend to come and harm them.

Then, to their stunned expressions, banging is heard on the garden doors.

The force field holding the domes in place also shakes, as the doors to the gardens also begin to rumble. The guards look in shock, and knew something is going to happen.

When all the ponies in the domes wake up, the brainwashed unicorns disable the force field’s magic, and have it’s energy drained. The garden doors then smash open, breaking into pieces!

The guards are frightened, but aim their crossbows at them, trying to get them back. AS IF it’s going to stop them, which it doesn’t, the brainwashed ponies charge and knock down at the guards.

More guards enter the room, to see what’s going on. The first guard fighting back the brainwashed slaves looks at them.


The guards nod, but one stays with a terrified look on his face. He even tries hard to back up the brainwashed ponies as he looks at the first soldier.



More guards then enter the room, to dodge and shield the colliding attacks coming from the mighty pushes from Tirek’s ponies. The first guard then approaches the window with the messenger, to see at least a thousand griffon soldiers coming into action through the bridge.

“GREAT! I assume Tirek has something to do with this!” the first guard shouts.

Just then, two brainwash ponies give them a surprise kick on their backs, in an attempt to paralyze them. They then look up, to see them holding spears as they’re ready to stab them to death.

Two punches are thrown by the mysterious savior, right at Tirek’s controlled ponies. The soldiers turn to see their ally....

"Hey, there." a voice says snarkily. "You two look like you could use some help."

Tails is back.

“Twilight saw you get brainwashed…” the first guard said in suspicion, “Are you…”

“NO! I’m not. I just broke free.” Tails corrects, “Where’s Twilight?”

“She’s in the throne room with her friends!” the first mare guard said calmly, “I think see knows about the invasion right now, but tell her where they’re coming from! The direction, and about these ponies breaking out from the garden!”

“Right back at ya!” Tails says.

The fox then leaves the room, having the two brave guards shield and fight against the zombie minded ponies.

Twilight was in shock when she hears all the news from the guards that the griffon army is coming towards Canterlot. She shakes, thinking of what to do.

Then, Tails comes from behind. She turns around, shocked to see that he’s safe, right in the throne room.

“I’m free, broke the spell, yada-yada…” Tails hums.

Luna then crashes through the window, looking down at Twilight. Her friends then enter the throne room, with Fluttershy rushing toward the princess.

“Some of the griffon soldiers are carrying catapults.” Luna warned, “I know not of what they might launch or fire.”

TJ then follows by Applejack and William, and looks at Tails.

“COUSIN!” he yells, rushing to hug him.

Twilight can then hear clashes and banging coming from below the room.

“What’s happening?” Twilight asks in a anxious tone.

“Attack from the garden entrance.” Tails said.

“We mustn’t let this attack hold us back from starting the search for the ingredients!” Luna said in defiance, “We must use whatever is inside for starters, and fight off the griffons by splitting up.”

Spike looks at the potion page.

“The potion guide says we need Type A Blood, A skinned cutie mark, rosemary, and that final one…” Spike read, “Well, the final is the current the.. blue hedgehog is looking for.”

“Spike! You go with William and Luna to the alchemy chamber to start the potion!” she tells the dragon, “We’ll hold off the enemies!”

“Okay…” Spike nods.

Luna and William then follow Spike out of the throne room, with the main six ponies and foxes standing in place, ready to fight. Fireblaze, Storm, Blade, and Skull then swoop into the room, ready to fight alongside them.

“I wonder how my sister is doing.” Applejack whispers to Twilight.

“She and the other fillies are with Zecora in the alchemy room. They’ll be collaborating with Luna.” Twilight whispers back, “Don’t worry. She’ll be safe.”

Then from the back entrance, Babs Seeds and the other mind controlled ponies charge to surround Twilight and her friends in the room.


“Capture us?” Applejack scoffs, “Over our dead carcasses!”

“Babs, please.” Twilight begs, “This isn’t you…”

“Forget it Twi.” Rainbow points out, “We have no choice but to fight.”

And it starts. Twilight, Pinkie, and Rainbow use the party canon guns from the party pony’s bag. They shoot the pressuring confetti at the first ponies to throw them back.

Fluttershy, Rarity, and Applejack then use lasso rope to hold it tight in place. As they run with it through the room, they have the enemies trip over the teamwork trap, and fall on their backs hard to the floor. Fluttershy even carries out her rage to punch the brainwashed ponies really hard!

“Not too hard, dear!” Rarity cautions, “They’re still our friends!”

“No…” Fluttershy snarls, “They’re just puppets.”

Tails, TJ, and Storm then use their weapons to only injure their next challengers. They all dodge the charging punches thrown by the brainwashed slaves, and Tails uses his Kamehameha Wave to push them away. TJ then uses his Dodon-pa blast to stun the enemies, while Storm uses his wristband sword to shield the attacks, right against the weapons carried by the baddies.

Fireblaze, Skull, and Blade then challenge Babs Seed, her mother, and twenty more brainwashed ponies.

Fireblaze takes all the challengers in front of him, having his fire powers throw them to the ground. Some fly up to shove kicks towards his face. Even though he often gets hit, he still bounces back by hitting their backs hard with his shoulders.

Skull then looks at Babs. He dodges the attacks, jumping left to right from her country style kicks. When she tries to make a punch, he just knocks her unconscious with one punch on the forehead.

“Simple kid moves.” Skull sighs.

Blade then uses his arms to block the strong hits from Babs’ mother. He stays down, refusing to fight or harm her.

Then a mighty blast came form the wall, as the beast released by V enters the room, slamming his muscular hooves to the floor. Fireblaze turns around to look in displeasure. The monstrous brother looks at his own, and grins.

“Well bro… happy to see me?” Wildfire asks.

“WHAT?” Fireblaze gasps.

“WHAT?” the main six ponies shriek.

Then, two more challengers crash into the room, and stand by Wildfire. Tails snarls as he sees Cosmos standing and grinning, while he shudders at the evil clone of himself. The clone then looks at the foxes.

“I’m… Miles…” the clone grins.

“My least favorite name.” Tails sneers.

“So, brother…” Wildfire says to Fireblaze, “Dad never told you about me? I’m sure he enjoyed hiding such things…”

“WHAT do you mean?” Fireblaze asks.

The brainwashed ponies stand in place, taking a break from fighting. They’re curious to see where this is going.

“OH, Dad didn’t tell you. Twilight, it’s your mentor’s fault. THANOR AND CELESTIA HAD ME TURNED TO STONE.” Wildfire screams.

Twilight observes the fury in the beast’s eyes.

“You probably deserved it because of your crimes…” Twilight snaps back.

“Of course, that's what Discord deserves…” Wildfire giggles.

“WHY, YOU--!!” Fluttershy screams, trying to charge at him.

Rainbow Dash holds her back, fearing for her safety.

“I've been murdering other ponies for fun in secret, and I LOVED IT!” Wildfire explains, giving his reason for imprisonment, “Though the stone prison sucked real hard! More importantly, I got unsealed from a metal cage with the help of Tirek. Now I’ll serve him like he’s my brother! SO, YOU WANNA DIE? BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO!”

“I WON’T LET YOU LAY A HOOF ON MY FRIENDS!” Fireblaze screams at his evil brother.

“Or your girlfriend, Rainbow Dash?” Wildfire mocks, looking at her, “I can’t wait to roast her…”

Rainbow Dash sneers, and tries to throw a punch. Applejack holds her back this time.


“Oh?” Wildfire muses.

“You’re a big meany…” Pinkie Pie growls.

“SHUT UP!” Wildfire shouts.

He then blasts a giant red ray from his hand, smashing pinkie to the wall!

“PINKIE!” the main five ponies say.

Pinkie just lies on the floor, coughing out blood from her mouth. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy then come and tend to her. Pinkie looks up, slowly feeling dizzy from such a strong injury that’s forced upon her. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy cry for, as Wildfire laughs at her demise. The other brainwashed ponies in the room also giggle with him.

“This is all a nightmare…” Rarity whimpers.

Fireblaze than screams hard and high when eyeing his ruthless brother.


“If Shining Armor is not protecting the other ponies right now, he’ll be helping us…” Rarity cries softly.

“Don’t say that…” Twilight said, “My brother is doing everything he can to protect us…”

“Not right now he won’t…” Wildfire laughs, “NOW, SHALL WE CONTINUE?”

Then Fireblaze went into Hyper Fireblaze mode.

“OH I SEE you got that new mode. MY TURN! DARK HYPER WILDFIRE!” Wildfire cheers.

Then, dark energy glows around Wildfire, as he roaring. Then, once it was done, he glows with the darkest fire around him possible.

Then he tackles Hyper Fireblaze into the wall, and the two began to fight each other. Dark Hyper Wildfire breaths toxic fumes out of his mouth and controls them to try and strike Fireblaze. As Fireblaze dodges the fumes, the battle with the brainwashed ponies resumes below, having the toxic fumes accidentally take out the brainwashed ponies. Fireblaze then shoots fire from his hooves, to strike Dark Hyper Wildfire, and send him to the ground.

Just as the main three ponies fight against more villainous acting slaves, Tails faces off against his clone with Cosmos watching in pleasure. Tails throws his tail hits to try and strike his foe. Then, to Tails' horror, Miles comes from underneath, and grasps the fox by the neck.

Tails wheezes, and sees Rainbow and Fluttershy protecting the injured Pinkie from more brainwashed ponies, right at the other side of the room.

Tails gasped for air as Miles clutched his neck in his hand.

"Any last words before I crush your neck into a fine powder, you worthless sack of shit?" Miles asked.

"Just...two: get bent, you rip-off." Tails scowled.

"What?" Asked Miles.

"It means go to HELL!!!" Tails screamed, firing an Eraser Gun Attack from his mouth, hitting Miles head-on, destroying him entirely.

"Now....for Cosmos..." Tails smirked. No longer was he a nervous inventor, but he was a fighter, hell-bent on revenge!!

Featured Voices
Mike McFarland (Baby, the Tsufruian/Tuffle): Miles
Monica Rial: Cosmos
Paul Dobson (Zarbon): Wildfire