The Power Ponies: The Power Inside

by Matthew Stone

Friends: ATTACK!!

Mote and Hummer help each other try to rip off the ropes holding their hands behind their backs, as they watch Zapp, Bellcord, and Sava be the next to go against Mordum. Firestorm uses his fire breath to push the monster farther back, as Pouter hides behind Gladiator and JT using their swords to defend themselves from Mordum’s punches. It was an odd thing that Mote and Hummer are in cages, but it’s possible that Bakura reserved them to be the final ones killed in case the others were defeated.

            “There’s got to be a way we can get free to help!” Hummer grunts.

            “If I can just get…” Mote starts to say.

            Then, Mote remembers something.

            “My necklace…” Mote whispers.

            “Your what?” Hummer asks.

            Mote manages to shake his head back and forth while sweating in his leotard suit, as he also squirms his bound hands. He manages to get out something from the collar of his shirt with his valiant shaking. With the sexy struggle, a mysterious blur crystal pops out from under his neck.

            “Spirit beyond, come help me and my friend…” Mote hums.

            “Wha…” Hummer utters.

            Mote then has his magic aura obey his command. With the magic lifting up, the mystical ray then goes by their bound hands and ankles. The aura then squeezes against their ropes.


            The ropes break, having Hummer and Mote free their hands and ankles in such sexy twists. The aura then places special weapons in their hands, which  surprises Hummer to say in the least. Hummer holds a bladed staff, that’s as sharp as a shaving blade. Mote holds a staff that has a blue aura glowing around it. The weapon itself has a resemblance to a giant wand.

            “That staffed blade you’re holding once belonged to a god in Olympus.” Mote explains to Hummer.

            “Right then…” Hummer nods.

            Bellcord and Firestorm turn to look at their friends in delight, pleased that Mote and Hummer are free from the cage. The two of them then go by Zapp, Sava, JT, Pouter, and Gladiator, ready to fight with the rest of the gang. As Bakura looks at this through the monitor, he is most displeased. Mane-Iac giggles, impressed of their capability, especially by Sava’s strength and determination. She then prances over to Bakura to ask him something.

            “If I may, I like to join Mordum in the fight. I have wishes of going after the foxes.” she tells him.        

            Bakura sighs.

            “As you wish.” he grins, “I’m hoping to send in my Partners in Crime to stop those urchins anyway.”

            He then snaps his fingers, and within moments, Mane-Iac is teleported into the arena. She stands by Mordum as she grins at Sava. The hero fox frowns, angry at her presence.

            “Shall we continue the fight?” she asks.

            “Yes, let’s.” Sava agrees.


            He then rushes toward her with his katana swords, having her swing back from the blade swings. She then jumps forward with her powerful hair supporting her. Having the power, she has her hair slap Tails into the limbs and chest, knocking him backward to go upward again.

            As Firestorm misses Mordum’s next ground punch, he looks over to Zapp and smiles at her.

            “I’m glad to have you back Zapp.” Firestorm said to her, “You know, I have a feeling Bakura trapped us her intentionally, as if he’s sending something over to attack corvine. The only thing we can do to get out in time is defeat Mordum… unfortunately…”

            “Well, if I know your power is linked to your rage, it might get out of control. I better keep an eye out on your control in case something happens.” Zapp adds.

            “Well, good for you.” Bellcord comments.

            Bakura sighs, loosing his patience.

            “I better come out to finish this fight with my brother. All the babbling is making me bored. Time to be part of the action!” the villain said.

            As Bakura teleports to the inside of the arena, Firestorm turns to his friends to tell his plan.

            “I’ll deal with him and Bakura. You take on Mane-Iac one by one.” Firestrom tells them.

            “But what about the Power Ponies? Surely we found the entrance they came in before. Maybe we can enter though there to rescue them.” Pouter suggests.

            “The doors may be really secure though.” Gladiator points out.

            “No problem.” Bellcord muses.

            The chaotic mischief-maker then grows his strength, memorizing where the entrance is and puts his paw through the ground. He then tears and RIPS up the underground door. Firestorm then sees behind them at Bakura arrived in the Arena, enraged.

            “HOW DARE YOU!” Bakura screams, “YOU WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO FIND IT!”

            “GUYS, GO!” Firestorm instructs.

            “We’ll find the rest of Power Ponies!” Gladiator promises as the rest of the team enters the tunnel, leaving Firestorm to his fight.

            Zapp looks back at Firestorm before leaving any further.

            “Be careful.” she said.

            “You too.” Firestorm sighs.

            “MANE-IAC! Don't just stand there! FOLLOW THE PRISONERS!” Bakura roars at her.

            “Yes sir!” she obeys, rushing into the tunnel entrance before it finally closes.

            Zapp has finally gone inside with her friends, and already, Firestorm can hear the fight starting between her and Mane-Iac.

    “Well, the gang WILL take care of Mane-Iac.” Firestorm chuckles to himself.

            As Firestorm starts punching Mordum, Bakura snarls and starts to send a new telepathic message to his brainwashed slaves, including the other members of the League of Evil.

            “Stop the intruders…”

             That’s all Bakura’s orders are.


            Zapp continues to hold Mane-Iac back, by dodging her hair and sparking them with fury to force pain around the villainess. The speeding cyan pegasi also trots by Bellcord and Pouter, keeping her aim at Mane-Iac as she also does defense. Bellcord finally notices the next entrance in front of them, leading to the main base of the villain headquarters. Gladiator lifts up his robotic arm, shooting the door open. The rest of the heroes then enter, with Mane-Iac grinning and blocking their other escape route as they finally become… TRAPPED!

            The brainwashed Power Ponies, and Evil League members are already surrounding them inch by inch.

            “IT’S A F****G TRAP!” Hummer wails.

             “Damn it! We should have expected this!” Gladiator snarls.

            “Well, looks like there’s eight of you and ten of us!” Mane-Iac snickers, starting to grab Zapp by her throat, “LET’S START!”

            Mane-Iac resumes her fight with Zapp, as the sane Power Pony flashes back to send lightning bolt attacks toward her. Zapp then jumps and slips aside from the acid liquid Mane-Iac’s hair tries to shoot towards her. Zapp winces at some of the liquid touching her skin, yet she persuades herself to go forward at the hairy villain yet again.

            Pouter remains himself on Bellcord’s back, as the chaos hero pains himself to fight the muscular Saddle Ranger once again. The brainwashed pony smashes her fists towards Bellcord’s chin, having him fly upward to avoid. He then has a chaos ray strike her, pulling her up but then pushing her back. Saddle Ranger roars and picks up a giant concrete slab to throw at him. Bellcord panics, turning to the side quickly to miss the attack. The move makes Pouter faint in shock, as he clings to Bellcord’s back.

            Sava also has some regrets when going against Matter-Horn. He uses his katana to deflect the mask rays, having them reflect back at her. The move then blinds her, having Sava come up to karate chop her in then neck, almost knocking her unconscious. She pulls back out of the attack though, ramming her head into Sava’s own neck. He nearly chokes, but the fix keeps good strong hold to his sword.

            JT then fights against Long Face, as the mime pony slams ink grenades to try and infect him. The fox rushes against the wet explosions, zooming up to kick Long Face into his base of the skull. A crack is heard, as JT sends him smashing to the ground.

            Gladiator challenges Radiance, as the jeweled Power Pony throws gem grenades to try and break his weapon reception. However, Gladiator misses the explosions, and teleports right behind Radiance, then electrifying her with a taser gadget. She screams, then kicking him with her back leg straight to his chest. Gladiator then opens up an automatic shield from his wristband gadget, mirroring away the next ray Radiance tries to fire at him. Gladiator moans, wondering how much longer he can take this.

            Hummer kinks his legs, as he fights Mistress Marvelous. The brainwashed Power Pony does cowboy like moves as she tries to buck kick the dragon backwards. The teenaged dragon then breathes out fire to have Marvelous hop back, weakening her moves to try and end the fight slowly and less violent. Good luck. Mistress Marvelous then has a dark rope come out with Bakura’s magic, and it’s connected to one of her wrists. She whips it toward Hummer, as the dragon gulps.

            Mote then faces Fili-Second, regretting that he even HAS to fight her. He uses his wand weapon to try and slow down Fili-Second’s speed, though she rushes by the rays to push the spell at HIM. Mote can hardly move once struck, and that gave the brainwashed hero a chance to kick him constantly until he’s slammed onto the ground, weak and hurt.

            As Zapp pushes Mane-Iac aside with a jolting power blast, she looks at her friends. The rest of the Power Ponies need to be brought back to their senses soon. It will pain her to do this, but…

            “Sorry, guys…” Zapp finally said.

            The mighty shock she aims throughout the floors go directly at the targeted Power Ponies. The shock then jolts them harshly, having them only injured slightly. They scream, as they finally go unconscious and into a restraining sleep.

            “All right.” Zapp sighs.

            As Mane-Iac gets back up to fight her again, she punches the back of her fist to her face. This sends Mane-Iac into a deep sleep, weakening her. As JT fights Long Face still, Zapp then rushes over to knock him out from behind, helping JT out.

            Zapp then looks at Pharaoh, Female Fatale, and ShadowMare, nervous as they stand in place. Without knowing what else to do, they panic and attempt to flee. Zapp gets in front of them quickly however, then making a huge fist swing that has them flying up and land hard on the ground.

            As Zapp restrains the Evil League members, Gladiator goes right to the sleeping Mistress Marvelous, ad Hummer goes right by Radiance. Sava then goes over to the sleeping Matter-Horn, as JT starts to stand by Fili-Second. Mote then stands right over Saddle Ranger, and looks up at Bellcord. Bellcord hangs his head down, understanding Mote’s same exact worry and pain.

            “I really am wondering how Firestorm is doing now that we calmed the other Power Ponies down.” Bellcord said, “I hope that…”

            “Me too.” Mote says.

            “And I’ll go check on Corvine, maybe escape this place for a while.” Zapp tells her friends, “I know a guy named Isaac. He’s a bit of a… wolf… but he’s also a mage. He might be preparing for the possible invasion.”

            “Then you better go.” Gladiator agrees, “We’ll break the other Power Ponies’ spells while you’re at it.”

            Zapp nods, and zooms out of the lair. Bellcord then stands over the lying bodies of Matter-Horn, Mistress Marvelous, Radiance, Saddle Ranger, and Fili-Second. He then closes his eyes to go into a spirit form, as he starts to go into the minds of the other ponies.


            Firestrom continues to engage his fight against both Bakura and Mordum, as they keep punching one another by the sides. Firestorm breathes dragon smoke through his nostrils, not ready to give up just yet. The dragon pony keeps going with his firepower, as he has the flaming balls from his mouth target closely to Mordum. The satanic beast misses the fireballs, and then creates a black colored blast to try and hit Firestorm. The dragon pony then twirls around backward, and shoots his own blasting ray towards Mordum. Mordum misses, having Bakura come over to try and swing his fist over to crush his skull. Firestorm blocks the attack with his arm, feeling a slight crush of muscle.

            “Very impressive.” Bakura admits, “But I’m sure you know that this is all a distraction by now.”