Pony Ball: The Saga of Kitsune

by Matthew Stone

First published

A young fox named Kitsune discovers that he is the only one who can save his planet from an alien armada.

Leading a simple life, a young fox named Kitsune lives with his brother Justin and their mentor, a Namek dragon named Pico (Spike). Though their lives are nice, Kitsune wishes that their lives were more exciting.

One day, a teenage alicorn named New Moon (Twilight. Get the joke here?) arrives and whisks Kitsune and his family on a wild adventure involving evil aliens, fearsome demons, tough enemies, and a journey through the land of the dead!!

The Adventure Begins

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There are now two different parallel universes that explore the fantastical worlds of hero ponies and fox creatures alike. The world of Equestria, and the futuristic city of Corvine. Now, there is a world undiscovered and awakened that only both pony and fox citizens and collide in, Destania. The world called that is full of life, purity, and balance for both fox and pony races to collaborate for, to try and keep everything in order so the world can survive. War used to be between them, but that was before a mistake was made. In the middle of battle, they nearly destroyed their home world with a carelessly made bomb that’s now snug within the core of their planet. The main element that supports the planet’s balance is a jewel, rather known to be called the Orthodox Emerald.

The whole war was over ever since they discovered that discovery, knowing what the consequences are if the bomb is carelessly deactivated. Treaties were signed, cities were made together, and governments have been aligned. All that effort would soon be disrupted however. But a whole new battle doesn’t come without six new heroes. One main character is also prophesized to protect the world of Destania from any upcoming war. He is known at Kitsune, the two-tailed fox.

It was a morning hike for Pico, a purple dragon who resembles Spike in the world of Equestria. He’s different however, because he’s a teen dragon, and he wears a green cape and purple spandex pants for wherever he goes. He always does the hike routine before he goes for his training at the military base for Destina’s newest recruits. Their biggest barrier against the dark side of the world is being under attack by cannibalistic slaves of spirits, the kind that vows to consume the rest and ALL of innocent lives in each city. He’s been a proud selection of the army because of his fighting skills and thinking mindfully whenever in stressful situations.

“I hope I get a gem breakfast when I come back.” he wishes.

Pico ducks under several low branches when he makes his next step. It was then that he heard something bawling in the distance of the woods. It sounded like… a child.

“Somepony lost?” Pico wondered.

The dragon’s ears perked up when he senses the direction the crying is coming from. Behind him. He turns around, going through a leaf covered way that isn’t connected to the gravel made path. The dragon also uses slight fire to burn away some sticks, so he can get to the bottom of this faster.

He then arrives in a cropped section of the forest, which reveals rays of bright sunlight and mist in the area. In front of him, is a young kid that seems as if he’s lost. A three-year old fox cub to say the least, and he’s holding a smaller fox in his arms. But the strangest thing is, the fox had two tails.

Pico decided to approach slowly to the fox from behind, and taps him lightly on the shoulder. The fox looks up at him, still crying with tears. Pico doesn’t know what to say in reassurance, but he still lets out a question.

"Hey, kid, where are your parents?" Spike asked.

"I-I don't know, mister...they've been gone for a really long time, so I've had to raise my little brother, Justin, on my own." the fox sobbed, clinging to Pico's leg.

Pico couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for the young fox, for he also knew what it was like growing up without a family. He’d been there, losing his mom in a genocide against dragons during the war between ponies and foxes. Since then, he was adopted by an alicorn, who taught him everything about the world and what it means to fight for something he believed in. At that moment, the tradition of kindness and educating effort needs to be passed on.

The dragon leaned down, so that he was eye-level with the young kitsune.

"Look, kid...how about you stay with me for a while?" he asked.

The fox's eyes lit up. "Really? I guess that would be nice."

"Anyway, what's your name?" asked Spike.

"I don't have one...it was 'Miles', but I really hated that name." the kitsune said.

"Look, how about I call you....um....Kitsune?" Spike asked.

"That sounds nice. I like it." the little fox grinned.

"Now, c'mon, let's go." Pico said, as he led the young kitsune to his home.

Eighteen years have passed since Pico’s day of kindness. Pico is now 31, as Kitsune is 21, while Justin is 18. All these years, Pico has tutored Kitsune of how to survive, training him to fight, and gave him all the knowledge he deserved when it comes to justice, science, and equality. Kitsune had also been Pico’s prodigy in the martial arts. It was also around the foxes’ teens when both Kitsune and Justin trained their fighting skills together with Pico.

Pico was proud to be an influence for them, and let them know that they’re free to choose their own path now that they’re old enough to venture the real world. But the foxes chose their destiny, to fight by Pico’s side in the military. With Pico’s delight, the three of them are an inseparable team.

One day, after a quick fishing trip, Kitsune and Justin were heading home with their daily catch.

"You know, I really like training and getting tougher, but I kind of wish that there was some adventure in our lives, besides military duty and all" Justin said.

Kitsune, couldn't help but agree.

"Yeah. I mean, living here with Pico is awesome, but I have to get out there someday." he replied.

“Maybe we should let Pico know that we changed our minds about this whole… military thing?” Justin considers.

“We’ll think about it.” Kitsune says.

Suddenly, a pony riding a scooter sped up the hill and knocked the two brother over. A panicked voice came from the vehicle, while the foxes moan in discomfort. Kitsune even groans as he looks at the mushed fish from the wheels.

"Oh, NO!! I really hope that guy and his brother aren't hurt too bad..." the purple pony on the scooter says, parking the vehicle to a halt.

Kitsune got up, rubbing his skull. He gets bandages out of his knapsack, and wraps it around his forehead. Justin acts doozy from the hit-and-run situation.

"Gggrgh...nobody gets the jump on ME!!" he grumbled, snarling.

But he could only gasp when the driver gets off, revealing herself to be a purple-skinned girl pony, with blue hair that had a single pink streak. Her tail is also purple with sparkling hues, and believe it or not, she looks like Twilight Sparkle from the world of Equestria.

"I'm really sorry about that. My name's New Moon...are you hurt or anything?" the girl pony asked.

Although Tails isn’t sure or… even knew she was talking to him. He was too lovesick and dazed to notice. Just then, Justin slaps him behind his head to snap him out of it.

“Oh… um… yes. We’re fine.” Kitsune says.

“Forgive me.” New Moon says, “I’m just in a hurry, and I’m my way to see an old friend of mine. We’re… just getting ready to set up for tonight’s peace festival.”

“Oh? And… who’s your friend?” Kitsune flirts.

“A nice dragon named Pico.” New Moon answers, “He’s my partner who… helped me solve race issues in the past between foxes and ponies in different cities. Friendship IS important, more better than violence.”

“Wait… Pico?” Kitsune asks in surprise, “We’re just going back to his house, we’re his best friends too!”

“He took care of us ever since we were cubs.” Justin adds.

“He’s been like a parent to us.” Kitsune smiles.

“Wow. That’s wonderful.” New Moon beams, “I’m sure he turned you into diligent, hard working foxes.”

“Aww. You’re just saying that.” Kitsune blushes.

“Do you want me to give you a lift back to his house?” New Moon asks, “This scooter fits three ponies or foxes altogether.”

“That will be great!” Kitsune said.

“Um… we’re actually fine with walking…” Justin starts to say.

“Dude. C’mon, live a little.” Kitsune peer pressures to Justin.

Justin sighs, and nods okay. The two of them then get on with New Moon, as she ignites her scooter. They then head down the hill, back to Pico’s house.

The ride was beautiful, as New Moon speeds by the cliff of the mountain road to the dragon’s home. Kitsune can even see the vast view of the waterfall that connects a river to a crystal blue lake. The lake than expands to the forest behind it, the very forest that Pico found him and brother, adopting them this very day.

“How much farther?” New Moon asks Kitsune.

“Not too far.” he tells her, “It’s just a couple more…”

Then, the foxes see something coming from behind the hills, the home where Pico’s house is located. HUGE SMOKE IS RISING. This makes Kitsune nervous instantly.

“Drive faster!” Kitsune shouts, “The smoke in the sky… I… I think there might be a fire!”

New Moon gasps, and then nods. The speed increases, as she gets off the mountain road, and dodges the rocks in the gravel road of the fields. At long last they’re there, and Kitsune is shocked to find what they see.

The log cabin is close to a pony town, and other pony citizens gather around in shock to see the disaster lit upon Pico’s home. Kitsune then sees Pico crawling on the grass ground, dragging and liming because of the scorches on his scaly skin. The two-tailed fox then gets off the scooter, and rushes over to Pico, catching him before he falls down again.

“Thanks…” Pico mutters.

“Pico, what happened?” Kitsune asks, “Is this some sort of accident?”

“It’s no accident…” Pico sighs, “It’s done intentionally. I was attacked!”

“Why?” Kitsune gasps.

“I don’t know…” Pico groans, “But the enemy told me… this war will begin…. again…”

Kitsune helps Pico up to his feet, as Justin and New Moon help the other ponies extinguish the fire from the house. Pico looks up to see another member of the crowd party coming in. It’s a white dog with brown ears, wearing a yukata robe for his wardrobe appearance. He races up the hill, accidentally pushing over other ponies while saying “Beg pardon.” He then comes up to Pico, panting in relief to see that he’s safe.

“I heard the news from town.” the dog said to Pico, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, thank you…” Pico sighs.

“How’s he?” New Moon asks Kitsune.

The dog then looks at New Moon.

"Almost forgot, my name's Nate. How are you?"

"Well, we could be better, due to the situation we're in." New Moon replied.

“Nate… do you… still have the element?” Pico asks, “Is it safe?”

“Yes. It’s in my hut.” Nate answers.

“Shall I come with him to fetch it?” Kitsune asks Pico.

“That’s a good idea…” Pico nods, “Be back…”

Kitsune then follows Nate, as the dog guides the fox down the hill. The other ponies murmur at the commotion around Pico’s house, still in shock. New Moon then looks at Pico.

“What’s all this about the element?” she asks him.

“A couple guardians that are part of the government trusted me to take good care of different elements, that are seven colored opals carrying… I don’t want to say.” Pico tells her, “But those opals… these are what the intruder is after…”

When Kitsune and Nate arrive on the homely street, they stop in front of a wooden hut. Kitsune already knows it must be Nate’s home. The dog sniffs around the house, to make sure to intruders are around the area.

“Hang on a second.” Nate tells Kitsune.

Nate then looks up the hut window before going inside.


Out of the hut comes a worm in a yellow judo suit, resembling Krillin's from a “DragonBall Z” universe. He looks like the regular William from Equestria. His face is all groggy, like he’s waking up from a nap.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming." he grunted, squirming towards them, “What’s going on?”

“Pico’s house was vandalized.” Nate tells him, “It might be because of the seven opals.”

“What… you mean the elements?” William gasps.


Nate looks at Kitsune.

“What’s that?” he asks.

“Oh, that’s my pager.” Kitsune responds, pulling it out from his knapsack, “I usually get text messages with it, mainly from Pico. He keeps me updated on anything in case he needs my assistance.”

“He must really be a best friend with you.” William smirks.

“What did he text?” Nate asks.

Kitsune looks at his pager, and his eyes then widen in terror.

“What?” William asks.

Kitsune is silent for almost a minute.

“Oh, and in case if you’re wondering, the opal is right here!” William grins, pulling out behind his back, “The rest are sealed in other pony police stations!”

“That’s why Pico texted me… the other opals…” Kitsune shudders, “They’ve all been stolen!”

“WHAT?” Nate and William shout.

They are all now in complete worry. What are these opals capable of now that they’re in the clutches of… some bastard. Kitsune is afraid, just like Nate and William. But there’s something that has to be done now to fix this… a new adventure. A journey!

“Well…” Kitsune sighs, “It looks like we have to go search for the six other elements.

William just rocks back and forth, clutching to the opal with his invisible hands.

“I heard rumor that anyone mentally unstable can make a deadly wish with all opals.” Nate informs his friends, “It’s important we protect the one we have now, and find the others quickly!”

This made William’s eyes beam for a second, then having him grin mischievously. He then looks at his opal, with his lips smacking. Nate sighs as observing his irresponsible behavior.

"Heh, heh, heh...if I could get the other elements, I could get anything I want." William snickers.

“Don’t get any ideas…” Nate scolds.

“I won’t, I won’t…” William tires to assure, sneaking off a little ways, “Let me just… observe this opal a bit longer…”


A new pony suddenly blocks his path, before William went on the sidewalk to Nate’s hut. He turns around to see a blond-haired, orange-skinned, female pony. She’s wearing a blue denim jacket, and has three apples on the side of her leg, representing her cutie mark. She looks very similar to Applejack in the parallel world of Equestria.

“I’m going to have to ask you to stay with the group.” she says.

William gets nervous, and scuttles back to Nate.

“That’s better.” she said.

“Kendra.” Nate smiles, “It’s great to see you.”

“You know her?” Kitsune asks.

“Old friend of mine.” Nate says, “We used to do rescue missions together.”

“Nice to meet you.” Kitsune says, shaking Kendra’s hoof.

William ignores the introductions, and resumes smacking while looking at the opal.

“Hey Kendra!” some voices call out, “Why didn’t you wait for us?”

Kitsune looks to see her friends coming behind her. They’re new ponies he’d never seen before. Kendra looks back at her buddies, and then back to Kitsune, smiling.

“Let me introduce to my buddies here.” Kendra says, “I’m part of a new law academy, and they’re the best partners anypony can ask for.”

Kitsune looks at Kendra’s friends. One looks like Scootaloo, then Fireblaze, and the next looks like Rainbow Dash, all similar from the characters from the Equestria dimension. They all wear black battle suits for their wardrobe appearance. The orange female pony with the purple hair and tail is the first to come up. She shakes Kitsune’s hand.

“It’s good to meet you. I’m Olive.” she smiles.

“And I’m Hollow Colors!” the cyan pegasi smiles.

“Me, I’m Edmund.” the red pony with dragon wings grins.

Olive then looks at the opal William is holding.

“So… is this gem the reason these robberies occurred?” she asks.

“Yep.” Nate nods.


The loudest sound has risen from the distance, just before Nate can explain what’s going on. Rumbling than shakes the ground, and the new friends altogether can hear the screaming coming from the air. Kitsune looks back to see smoke rising from the same location Pico’s home is.

“PICO! JUSTIN!” Kitsune cries.

“We better go back!” Nate yelps.

Kitsune nods in agreement, and the gang of seven then charges up the street, ready for a fight.

Justin was sent flying back from the sudden punch from the unknown enemy. He can also see these figures pinning Pico and New Moon to the ground, holding them hostage. The monsters are grey creatures, with slime drooling out of their mouths.

“Okay space creeps.” Justin sneers, “Let’s hope I get myself I good fight from this point!”

Justin gets up slowly to his knees, then rising on his feet. The field brushes with a gust of wind as he stares his enemies down towards their little eyes. Justin then takes another step to ready his attack.

"So...what say we get started?" Justin asked.

"Good idea...but don't hold back just because we’re female…. overtakers…" the villains replied.

"Really, you guys are female?” Justin asks in shock, “ Then believe me, I had no such intentions of holding back."

The first of the alien pack charges, as Justin runs at her too. The punches are non-stop, as each one dodges the hits back and forth. Justin then rams his fist into the skull of the alien, sending her flying towards a rock. The pressure cracks the alien’s spine, paralyzing her instantly. This angers the second alien, as she charges at Justin.

The fox then pulls out an aura move that Pico taught him a while back. Justin slowly raises his palm, and breathes slowly as he has his energy carry out a green mist of magic, transferred by his dragon mentor a while back. Justin then has the mist ram into the female challenger, trapping and preventing her to move.

But the second villain smirks, as she too as a trick up her sleeve. She has her hand slowly shift down as it’s clanged tight to her left side of the body. The hand reaches a belt used for invasion missions, and presses a red button.


In an instant, the mist explodes and blinds Justin with it’s massive spray-back. The second alien then bursts free, and runs over to bicycle kick him on his jaw. The fight move sends Justin to the dirt, grunting in pain as some of his teeth pop out. Justin shakes as he gets up again, as the rest of the aliens approach him.

“What are you going to do?” Justin asks them, “Finish me off?”

The aliens stare at him, confused.

“No…” they sneer, “We have plans for you…”

Justin was silent for a minute, then gasps as their hands turn into machine clamps that grab him by his limbs. He screams as the robot arms lift him up into the air, just as he wraths and struggles. He then looks up to see the humming light shining upon him and the aliens capturing him. He then looks down to see Kitsune and his new friends running up the hill. Kitsune then gasps as he sees his dear fox like-brother being kidnapped.

“JUSTIN!” Kitsune screams, running over to try and stop the captors.

The two tailed fox gets closer to the shining light the aliens are activating to teleport to their shuttle. He can hear Justin screaming for help, until the final light shines high and bright. In a minute, the invaders are gone. Fire is made once again on the remains of Pico’s cabin, as Pico struggles to get up in pain. Kitsune then knew Justin is nowhere to be seen. New Moon then runs up to Kitsune after helping the other anthro ponies up to their feet, looking into his worried eyes.

“Kitsune…” New Moon tried to say in stutters, “We’ve tried to help Justin with the fight, but they were… the aliens are unlike… they were…”

“To strong…” Kitsune nods, crying, “I believe you. It’s not your fault. It’s those…. THINGS! They kidnapped Justin!”

Unbeknownst to Justin, two beings are observing the fox as he’s brought onto the lobby of the air ship. Both leaders are blurry to his vision as he looks up at the enemies. One leader has a set of three eyes on his head, while wearing a green cape. The other looked human, but his eyes are green as a changeling’s. Justin can them hear them chuckle in sadist delight.

“Kids like you, almost perfect to help us defeat the solar legends, Flare and Sail.” the first leader whispers.

“Flare and Sail?” Justin wonders, “Who are they?”

“You will find out soon enough,” the second leader says.

“Indeed.” the first leader said.

“What’s say we… get that little punk to help us?” the second leader suggests to the first.

“Good idea.” the first leader agrees.

Justin whimpers as they approach closer to him.

“Don’t take this personally, we have a mission to accomplish.” the first leader cackles

Then, the first big alien pulls out a tentacle, rubbing it onto Justin’s forehead. The green glow on the squishy hand then throbs into the fox’s mind, having him scream loud and clear. All seems to be lost, as if hypnotism is taking its toll onto him.

“You’ll work for us now…” the leaders chant, “Even if it means going against your dearest buddy, Kitsune…”

“No…” Justin protests weakly.

“YES!” the leaders shout.

A mighty jolt then sparks into Justin’s head, as the brainwashing procedure is complete. The aliens then unclamp Justin from his bindings, having him fall to the floor. He then gets up, having his eyes glow bright green.

“I will obey… my masters…” Justin moans.

The Trouble with Trixie

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It had been three months since Justin disappeared, and Kitsune had gotten extremely nervous. Although he and his new friends discovered newfound towns to get closer to the element pieces, they also befriended the elegant Rarity, the tough yet friendly Skull Sheehan and his girlfriend, Fluttershy, and a dragon-pony named Errant. Once, Kitsune met a party pony named Kate, who looks just like Pinkie Pie in the Equestria world.

What’s more to making friends, Kitsune recently helped an elderly hermit named Bruce fight more invaders from attacking his village. As a reward, Kitsune was presented with a magic flying cloud known as the nimbus, one of the most rare that’s near extinction. Kitsune currently uses it as a mode of transportation, because he isn't aware of his ability to fly with his twin tails. Even with these new allies at his side, Kitsune is still worried for the fate of his brother. But he'll have to put it behind him, for someday they'll find Justin.

It’s a new summer after spring has passed, and right now, Kitsune and his selection of friends approach the outskirts of a strange town. Nate and Pico are alongside him, with New Moon as Kitsune’s new girlfriend. She drives her vehicle with her buddies for passengers, seeing the dust scurry on the ghostly road as her speed lowers. Her car screeches to a stop, and all four quickly pile out.


New Moon yelps at the sudden accident, when an exhausted traveler was ran over by the car, only slightly at the rim. Kitsune paced over to help him up. No injuries, that’s the good thing. But before the traveler could get one word out of his mouth, he collapsed.

"OH!! Let's get him some water!!" Kitsune exclaims.

Nate nodded and fished around in his bag, pulling out a canteen. Kitsune took the canteen to the pony, who took a few big gulps of water before waking up. He then wakes up slowly, as his blue eyes look up at the fox.

"Thank you...my name is Keith." he panted.

"So, why were you running so quickly?" Pico asked.

"For the past several months, a trio of strange characters has been terrorizing my village, demanding some element, threatening to destroy our homes!!" Keith explained.

"Thanks for the tip, Mister!!" Kitsune said.

Kitsune then bends up, and takes his cloud out of his knapsack. He then gets on, having it rise up in the air. He looks down at his friends.

“I’m going in the town to see what’s going on.” he tells them, “I’ll meet you guys there.”

“Right.” New Moon nods.

Nate and Pico then get back in the car, as New Moon ignites the engine. Kitsune then has the cloud speed faster at this command, as he nears the village. As he sped on his flying cloud, he can only see that the town was on fire.

Kitsune lands slowly, jumping off his cloud and spun his tails as hard as possible. All the ponies flee in terror, but catch eye to see that the fox’s gust of wind is helping the fire die down, thanks to his two strong tails of action. Soon, the fire was out, and the villagers were okay.

Kitsune couldn't help but feel proud of himself, as the villagers come over to welcome him. But suddenly, a punch to the face sent him crashing into a brick wall. POW! The hit has him flying back, as the ponies gasp at that unexpected violent intention. A space is then made for the assailant to pass through towards the fox.

Dazed, Kitsune pulls himself from the rubble of a wall he crashed against. He gets a look at his enemy, only to find that there were three of them. There were two unicorn boys; one was blue with brown hair, the other was goldenrod with green hair. Standing between then was a female unicorn who looked like Trixie from the world of Equestria. Ironically, that’s who she IS named, and she’s worse than ever.

"Who the buck are you three bozos, and what's the deal punching' me into that brick wall?" Kitsune asked.

The female chuckled to herself.

"I am the Great & Powerful--not to mention, amazingly beautiful---Trixie, and these are my subordinates, Chopper & Slugg. We came to find an 'Element', but these fools won't wisely give it up, so we had to resort to different tactics."

"And by 'different tactics', she meant trashing their village!" Slugg chuckled.

"Oh, yeah? Well, hear this: I'm not going to let you torment these villagers anymore!!" Kitsune grins.

His fur suddenly glows yellow as his aura glows. The challenge is set, and Kitsune looks like a super being Saiyan somehow. He didn't know how he did it--something must have gone off in his body. Kitsune doesn’t even know WHAT that power is. He shrugs, all will be figured out later.

Chopper and Slugg stepped up.

"We can handle this chump, oh, great and powerful Trixie. This guy's all bark and no bite!" said Slugg.

“This will be a breeze!” Kitsune smirks.

His tails glow red as he speeds towards the two henchmen-like ponies.

“Here I come!” the fox shouts.

Chopper and Slugg got themselves into fighting poses, but Kitsune blew past them as a blur of wind. He then materialized behind them, driving his elbows into their backs. They started to fall, but both caught themselves and turned back.

"Tell me one thing, gentlemen...which one of you muscle-brained lunkheads will scream for mercy first?" Kitsune smirked in a way that didn't seem very much like him.

Chopper and Slugg didn't seem too eager to fight, but they were still undaunted. They charged back into the fray yet again, but Kitsune was still having a little bit of fun. He rose up into the air, seemingly on his own power. Chopper and Slugg raced at him from both directions, but Kitsune just shot a blast from both of his hands, sending the two goons flying.

Then, he threw them back to Trixie.

"And now, for the big send-off." Kitsune grinned.

“What exactly are you going to do to threaten us away?” Trixie scoffs.

The fox cups his hands and draws them to the side.

“I’m going to do a special thing Pico taught me a while back.” Kitsune said.

“BAH! Chopper! Slugg! ATTACK!” Trixie instructs to her assistants.

The two of them get up, charging at the fox to make their next attack. Slugg’s eyes widen as Kitsune’s bright light shines with his moving hands. That’s when the fox makes the final fight move!

"Kame...Hame...HA!!!" he yells, thrusting his hands forward.

He makes a streaming, powerful beam of energy that shots forth, colliding with the minions and sending them flying back. Kitsune then turns to the magician pony, and paces towards her. She snarls as he meets her face to face.

“Now, tell me who sent you…” Kitsune snarls.

“AS IF!” Trixie screams.

She then throws her hoof down, having smoke explode into the air. Her camouflaging clouds help her escape, as Kitsune looks around to see where she’s gone. He brushes past the smoke, to see her riding off on a motorcycle with her clumsy minions.

"You may have won this round, but we'll be back--I swear it!!!" Trixie yelled, as she and her goons were riding into the distance.

The villagers began to cheer with joy, as Pico, Nate, and New Moon then enter into the crowd. One pony sees New Moon, and hands her a purple gem. The Element of Generosity.

Kitsune feels pride of his success. However, his body hadn't been properly trained to handle Super Transformations yet. That has him return to normal, as he collapses onto the ground from exhaustion.

New Moon gasps, as she hands the element over to Pico, rushing over to then catch the fox.

“Are you okay?” she asks.

“I… guess.” Kitsune said.

Pico then comes over, sighing in worry. He then gives an unexpected elbow hit to Kitsune’s head in discomfort. The fox grunts, looking up at Pico.

“What was THAT for?” Kitsune snarls.

“You could have easily killed yourself with to much of that energy.” Pico scolds, “You aren’t ready to use that power in that kind of…”

“How was I SUPPOSED TO KNOW I had this!?” Kitsune protests.

Pico sighs again, seeing the fox’s point.

“I suppose I could have explained about that energy you and your cousin carried. I observed it inside both of you after doing research these past couple of years.” Pico explains, “Have you ever heard of an ancestor aura?”

Kitsune shakes his head.

“I looked into you and your cousin’s DNA when you glowed a couple times.” Pico explains, “It seems you have a gene… or… some stem that has an inner desire to uphold an aura. It has the ability to release a might power when the time is right.”

“Well… does that have something to do with the elements maybe?” Kitsune asks.

“That would have something to do with it, let alone part of the quest?” Pico nods, “But I think we have to look more into it, and sooner too.”

“We should start out by repairing the town after it’s damage.” New Moon suggests, “Maybe we can find something in the wreckage.”

“Good idea.” Pico agrees.

The gang of four starts to help the citizens pick up the bricks and stones, as New Moon looks around with Kitsune. Pico uses his dragon breath to mold the bricks and stones together to recreate the buildings. As he does that, Nate looks around with other citizens to help them find their loved ones, hoping some survived the attack.

Kitsune and New Moon the come towards a bank now burnt into rubble and ash. The female pony brushes off the debris cinder that brushes onto her clothes. Kitsune looks around through the wreckage, and then sees something shine. It’s coming under a pile of bricks, and the color of the reflection is diamond blue. He slowly steps forward, lifting up each hard square to make the view.

“The hell…” Kitsune mumbles in curiosity.

It seems to be some sort of antique. No… a crown. Its crests are golden, and the jewels around the border are red as bloody veins.

“Hey New Moon!” he calls out, “Does this look like an element to you?”

New Moon follows Kitsune’s voice and looks over his shoulder to see the item he’s holding.

“I think so.” she guesses, “But I recall the elements only being some sort of jewel, and not a crown. You don’t possibly think those… guys we fought… do you think Trixie would have looked for that?”

“Maybe…” Kitsune hums, “But…”


Screams are heard again, as explosions come again in the streets.

“AGAIN?” Kitsune moans.

“Who could possibly be attacking this time?” New Moon huffs.

“We better go look!” the fox says, as he gets up.

The two of them run out of the debris area, as they witness more pony citizens running away from a started arson, acting like nature’s wildfire. The flames are lined up, building each wrecked building as the heat feeds the fire. Kitsune looks back again, seeing Nate and Pico crawling on the ground. They’re bleeding severely, as they cling onto young fillies to protect them from the burning building materials. Kitsune panics, and runs over to get them out.


A sudden orange blur jumps in front of the fox warrior, smacking him in the jaw to throw him back. New Moon screams in horror, as a falling wooden wall falls down to separate her from the fox. Kitsune struggles to get up, leaning his arms on the ground. His head slowly lifts up, and stiffens so his eyes could look at his assailant. He breathes in terror to see his new rival.

“Justin….” Kitsune gasps.

The brainwashed brother smirks at his former companion.

“Hello, wimp…” Justin sneers.

Kitsune can then see the greenness in his eyes. He’s under the invaders’ control. The heroic fox staggers to both his feet, sobbing in fear.

“Justin… please. This isn’t you…” Kitsune begs.

“It is now.” Justin laughs evilly, as he punches Kitsune in the face!


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New Moon tries to intervene while rushing to defend Kitsune from any more of Justin’s alien-transferred powers. However, the brainwashed cousin slaps her back with a mighty strike, having Kitsune gasp in fear as she slams back to the ground in unconsciousness. He then looks up at his cousin, once like his brother… now his enemy.

“Until… I know how to bring you back…” Kitsune sobs, “I WON’T LET YOU HARM ANYONE ELSE!”

He rises up on his ankles, and then paces the movements of his knees, before he jumps up to make the next punch to Justin.

Pico and Nate were going over debris of rubble and bricks, like a wall securing the fight they’re hearing Kitsune involved in. Ironically, they grow high of aghast as they see Justin abusing Kitsune with violent punches as the spell takes its toll. The cousin fox then looks up at the dog and dragon standing at the top of the debris, noticing it’s a high enough wall to destroy. Justin smirks, having the aura of his hand flash and slam into the base of the piled bricks. Pico and Nate yelp, knowing they’ll be crushed with the stone pieces if they don’t get off soon.

“RUN FOR IT!” Nate yells to Pico.

The two of them stay together, as they jog to their left. They can see the safest place to jump is a damaged shed spilling out a great amount of sand, made for landing on as if it’s a soft pillow. They then look behind them as they run, seeing the debris sections fall part by part as they run. They rapidly speed up the pace of their paws, feeling the areas of falling rubble as they luckily miss the gravitational pit. They can also see the falling rubble is helping build up the deadly flame behind them, having the damaging fire grow higher and higher!

“FASTER!” Nate tells Pico, “We have half a mile left to…”

“HALF A MILE?” Pico yelps, “We won’t survive that long!”

“How high is THIS wall anyway?” Nate asks as they keep running.

“If you haven’t noticed, it’s somehow made into ONE HUNDRED FEET!” Pico shouts, “I don’t know, maybe Trixie predicted this will happen in the town’s attack!”

“Maybe she knew we’d almost perish in it…” Nate mutters, “This must have been all a TRAP!”

“WHAT?” Pico gasps.

Before Nate could finish explaining, they notice a gleaming sparkle of evil magic underneath their feet. The gleam has the cracks on the wall break faster, as Pico and Nate’s feet can no longer feel the surface under them. The sparkle then builds up the fire below them, welcoming them to a trapping death. The dragon and dog scream, not knowing what to do as the flames begin to surround them. It looks like Kitsune might lose them; it looks like Pico and Nate might lose Kitsune, at least…


A sudden tan blur swipes up the dragon and dog in an instant. When Pico slowly pries his eyes open, he can see he and Nate are floating upward, then downward away towards the destruction. When they’re both set down by the horse handed hoof, they can see more of the pony citizens gathering loved ones and rushing away from the chaos and fight. Nate then looks behind him to see their savior. Another antrho pony with tan skin and a blue mane and tail is panting with his wings flapping slowly.

“Who…” Nate starts to ask.

“Flash Sentry.” the tan pony says.

Pico crawls upward to see the appearance of the character. He’s dressed as a bandit with the white long-sleeved shirt and purple cape, along with a purple hood covering his head. The sand waves blow across him to blow the hood off, as Nate grins but also frowns slightly when seeing him.

“It’s been a while.” Nate said.

“Years…” Flash said, “We were young. Those fights I started shouldn’t have happened. I hope I can set things right by helping you.”

“You mean after falsely accusing us for killing your parents?” Pico asked, grunting.

“I was young then. I didn’t know.” Flash sighs, “But… I did discover who was responsible…”

Flash remembers it well from his youth. During his friendship with Pico and Nate, a sudden fire in a hotel somehow has devoured his parents, with him escaping the arson. His father was special target for assassination because he was general of the guards for the palace that holds all laws of Destania. Flash knew enemies that came after his parents after classmates bullied him at his private school. He even knew the history of his arguments with Pico, because the dragon disagreed with his father’s methods of battle plans that disrupted villages.

Since the flames killed his parents, Flash accused Pico responsible, yet the dragon wasn’t. He even thought Nate was his accomplice in all this, and stayed away from them since. He did vow to fight them to get them to confess if ever he saw them in the past years they got older. Then, he knew the truth. They didn’t do it, and now he has to tell them who.

“I’ve just seen Trixie on the way to… this village.” Flash tells them, “She was escaping the attack she just started.”

“You don’t say.” Pico hums.

“I then saw her and her minions stop to see someone. I hid behind a rock to keep distance and not get caught.” Flash continues, “I saw them talking to their bosses, one with three eyes, and one that looked human… with green eyes.”

“What does that have to do…” Nate starts to ask again.

“They’re the leaders of an alien race I looked up.” Flash explains, “They’re called Synders. They’re beings that vow to take life on planets and have them killed in their STUPID sacrificial rituals.”

“Mean…” Nate growls.

“But... there was a third ruler.” Flash says.

“Who?” Pico asks.

“Do you know anyone by the name Cosmos?” Flash asks.

Pico’s eyes widen in shock. He seen her before, as she seen KITSUNE. It was one day long ago, when Kitsune was fifteen. He had Kitsune go fishing to catch something to eat for dinner. Pico was meditating on a stone, as he had the fox do the work. Then, Kitsune made a frightened scream of protest.

The dragon had gone down to see what was going on, seeing that alien pony with green skin, hair, and tail take hold of the fox. She then looked up at the dragon and lunged at him to her sharp teeth. She tried to bit into his neck, but the dragon managed to push her off.

He eventually won the fight, and threatened her to leave Kitsune alone. She’d claimed that Kitsune would be hers, and vowed that she’d return. As she vanished, Pico turned to Kitsune to ask what’s that’s all about.

Kitsune had told him that the past five years before he was fifteen, he noticed that strange pony stalking him and attempting to drink his blood… like a vampire. All to weird for Pico, but what really drew his attention about Cosmos is about a legend he researched about her. Cosmos comes after a legend he found about a deadly succubus that targets a being that it thinks it loves. If it finds it’s strong power, it can consume its power and use it for killing and doing deadly evil.

Pico sighs, knowing it’s time to protect Kitsune from her if she really has returned.

“I heard of Cosmos…” Pico tells Flash, “She’s here to try and take Kitsune’s power, isn’t she?”

Flash nods.

“She’s… she’s the one that killed my parents.” Flash adds.

Nate looks up in shock.

“How... how do you know?” the dog asks.

“First off… I should admit I… snuck into your house to find the book that talks about Cosmos… Pico.” Flash confesses to the dragon.

Pico frowns.

“She isn’t the type of succubus breed pony we think she is.” Flash tells them, “These beings usually take power by instinct to survive for their own will without worrying about populated areas. Cosmos… she has her OWN controlled instinct. Her mind of choice is to erase law and order in Destania. I then recalled something unordinary I saw in the hotel flames as a child. It was a green tentacle, and it was taking my father’s body. The tentacle looked a lot like the one attached to Cosmos in the illustration in the book.”

“Wait… she has tentacles?” Nate shudders.

“She is a succubus…” Flash said, “And she chooses to expose that power when she feels the most powerful…”

“But why did he take your father’s body?” Pico asks.

As Flash starts to answer, they can hear New Moon and Kitsune’s scream combining. New Moon is awake again, calling for help, and Flash, Nate, and Pico turn as the wall of flame blocking their path. The two of them are behind this deadly wall, and Justin is still battling his cousin.

“We have to get in!” Flash shouts.

The tan pony pulls out a metal shield, and runs toward the flame. The wall of fire then is forced by the shield to make an entryway to pass through when running across. Pico and Nate then stay by Flash’s side, pressing against his arm as they run with him real close.

“Stay with me! Try not to stay apart!” Flash instructs.

“What kind of shield is this?” Nate asks.

“A magic kind that deflects fire. It’s my fathers.” Flash said.

Pico sighs with that, as the three of them push through the flames.

The duel with Justin is still occurring, as Justin’s powers have New Moon bound by metal and attached strongly to a wooden pole of an abandoned building. The purple anthro alicorn screams for Kitsune to be safe, as the fox avoids another flaming punch by his cousin. The graze of red fire gives a burn to his furry cheek, making him cry out in both anger and betrayal.

“There’s another element in this town, isn’t there?” Justin asks, “I can FEEL IT!”

Justin then punches Kitsune in the gut, making him cry in pain.

“I know you know where it is…” Justin sneers, “So where is it?”

“Is this an interrogation?” Kitsune growls, “Because even if I do know, I won’t tell some brainwashed…”

Justin then grabs Kitsune’s pinky on his hand, and snaps it really HARD to the left, breaking it! The fox screams, ad he knells down on both is legs. He then looks up at Justin in disbelief.

“A new element is here, a deadly one!” Justin sums up for him, “The CROWN!”

“What… what’s that even for?” Kitsune asks.

“None of YOUR concern… just tell me where it is.” Justin threatens, “Otherwise… New Moon will be crushed like ice…”

New Moon’s eyes widen when hearing this.

“Please…” Kitsune begs, “Are you listening to yourself. You’d never hurt or kill anyone…”

Justin has his magic flash over to the captive alicorn, gripping her neck and squeezing tightly with dangerous force.

“NO! WAIT!” Kitsune shouts.

“It’s... fine…” New Moon weeps, “Don’t tell…”

“I know your weak spot already.” Justin taunts, “She has such a long waiting for her. And now…”

“STOP!” Kitsune finally says, “This building behind you, I dropped it before I can even take it with me, it’s in there!”

Justin grins, and drops New Moon hard to the ground, also freeing her from her metal bonds. The cousin fox starts to grow unnaturally, as he tears aside the fallen bricks and wood to find the golden crown, bloodied and glowing on the rotten floor. As Kitsune helps New Moon up, he can see that Pico, Nate, and Flash are pushing through the rest of the flames, finally meeting them.

“Are you guys okay?” Pico asks, “Has Justin hurt you?”

“He… he found some crown…” New Moon shakes, “It’s some antique he wants… we don’t know why.”

As Justin picks up the crown behind them, Flash turns to see and winches in fear.

“That…” Flash gasps, jumping toward Justin, “STOP!”


The fox sends the tan pony back, having him caught into Pico’s arms for safe landing. Nate peeps like a scared bird, as he witnesses Justin turning into a new and TERRIBLE being with the given magic of the element founded. Bat wings grow and tear out of his back, exposing blood and bone from the cuts. His mouth turns into a longer muzzle, shaped like a vulture beak with very sharp fangs. The crown is also worn as a necklace around the collar of his neck.


Before Kitsune could jump over to try and stop him, Justin/Kamoril acts like static electricity on television, vanishing back to Cosmos’ base. In Kitsune’s disbelief, his cousin is brainwashed, and won this fight on finding the dangerous item. The first part of awakening doomsday is now beginning.

Beginning of the End, Part 1

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Kitsune and his friends are at the edge of the desert, with the rim intersecting the town. The fire has died down with one of Flash Sentry’s magical items, and Pico managed to contact William on his phone to see if the other element is safe in his hands. Luckily, yes, from what the worm responded. However there’s no telling when Cosmos will plan the next attack. Pico then looks at Kitsune, who’s weeping while noticing the blowing sand of the dry plains.

“It’s war Cosmos wants…” Kitsune hums, “Does she really expect me to fight my own cousin?”

“We have no choice.” Pico says, “Unless there’s an element to bring Justin back to his senses, we will find it. However, we must focus on finding six more opal shaped elements. They might help us take Cosmos down.”

“Might…” Kitsune gnarls, “That’s the word that doesn’t guarantee anything. I want to bring her to justice now…”

Back home, the worm is dusting the bookshelves in the living room; doing is chores while Nate is away.

“Boring, boring, boring…” William complains silently.

He then squirms to check up on the element, hidden in a vault that’s under a hole of the library floor. The library is located by the living room, and is designed like a dome covered in silver paint. Diamond covers decorate each knowledgeable book. William then heads over to a rug, and pulls it aside to lift up a door in the floor. He squints his eyes, seeing the opal with the slightest purple hue.

“You trying to steal it?” a voice snarls behind him, “Because I AM…”

His throat has a dagger placed upon him, as William gulps. A hoof then grabs hold of his body, as the female muzzle whispers into his ear. It’s Trixie, and she has a hood cover her head.

“Take out the opal element slowly, and hand it to my men…” she instructs.

The worm can see her assistants behind her, and they’re carrying machetes for weapons.

“I also heard rumor that you know where the next six elements are.” Trixie says.

“Yeah… maybe…” William shakes, “But they’re guarded real well in each…”

“We have the crown element, so don’t act like you can get out of this!” Trixie snaps, “Since it’s true you know their history and possible locations, you’re coming with us!”

William yelps, and makes a sudden bit onto her other hoof. She squeals, as she drops the dagger without thinking. The worm takes hold of the opal, dodging the other villainous horses trying to attack him with their blades. William then makes pace to leave the library, heading out of the home to go get help… and protection.

“Get him!” Trixie orders to her henchmen, “But don’t kill him! Just injure him if you have to stop him. We need him alive!”

William is squirming as fast as he can. It’s ironic that the house he lives in is no longer safe, but right now, he HAS to find somepony to help him. As he wheezes over the next hill, he trips over and bumps into a familiar friend he seen before.

“What are you up to now?” the anthro cowboy pony asks the worm.

“KENDRA!” William exclaims, “Some pony girl named Trixie is coming after with the opal! She insists I know about…”

“The other elements?” Kendra guesses, “I believe that’s true too. But there’s no way anypony can take interest in thinking that you know where…”

“One is at the lost mountain!” William insists, letting her know he’s honest.

“THERE HE IS!” two voices exclaim behind them.

Kendra looks up, seeing William isn’t joking about bad guys following him.

“Lost mountain?” Kendra sighs, “We need to get an aircraft if we need to get there. First, we need to find out where Kitsune is.”

As the henchmen throw ninja blades at them, Kendra grabs each one before they strike, and swirl them back the opposite direction to cut them, slowing their stamina. The villains keep running, while Kendra picks up the worm and runs through the hills like a racer. In a couple minutes, William discovered that he was close to Kendra’s home by coincidence. It’s shaped like a barn, and is hidden in the green hills like a fortress. Snaps then sound, as Kendra looks back to see that the henchmen are shooting bullets at them, OUT OF AK-47S!

“We got to hurry!” Kendra squeaks.

The cowboy pony then looks ahead to see a little filly pop out of the home entrance. It’s Megan Pie, her little sister. And the innocent pony child whimpers as she sees the bad guys following her with weapons.

“MEGAN! Get to the shed and open it!” Kendra calls to her, “It’s aircraft time!”

Megan nods, and rushes out of the house to trot quickly to a shed that’s in front of her. However, before she gets closer, a huge cloud of blue smoke explodes in her way. A sudden hoof grabs the filly by the throat, as Trixie takes hold of Megan, making her a hostage.

“NO!” Kendra screams as she halts, “LET HER GO!”

“Hand over the worm, and she may live…” Trixie scowls, as she points a gun to the filly’s head.

Kendra can then see the henchman approaching closer to her with the riffles in their hooves. William sweats, clinging tightly to his friend. Then, he weeps and starts to hang loose.

“Just give me to them…” the worm admits, “I don’t want your sister getting hurt.”

“But…” Kendra tries to protest for him.

“Follow his advice…” Trixie snarls.

Kendra hangs hold of the worm, and looks at her sister in despair. Eventually, the worm slips out and sadly heads towards the sinister Trixie. As Trixie points the gun at him, a sudden cyan blur passes by her to punch her in the face!

“YOW!” Trixie wails.

Kendra beams as she sees Hollow Colors arrive in the nick of time. The cyan pegasi then pushes back from the henchmen trying to slice at her with their blades. She kicks up, having her hooved foot graze the first henchmen under the jaw. She then has her next leg kick backward to push the other back before he could attack from behind. Trixie then holds up her gun, and begins to shoot as Hollow dashes at her.

“You just don’t quit, do you?” Trixie asks angrily as Hollow twirls around to miss the bullet’s ricochets.

“I always take risks.” Hollow Colors retorts, “But you just made a bad one!”

It was then that Hollow kicked the gun out of the enemy’s hand. But Trixie pulls something else out of her sleeve, literally. In Hollow’s surprise, she shoots her other gun underneath to try and hit the pegasi’s artery. The villain also ducks under a forward punch from Kendra, as she rushes to help out Hollow. Trixie calls out to her henchmen to help… only to see that both are lassoed up by Megan’s rope work. Trixie roars in anger, as she has her magic come into play.

“MAGIC GUN! EXTEND YOUR ATTACK!” she commands to her weapon.

The weapon’s magic has the length of the gun grow longer, as Trixie begins to shoot menacingly like a vampire. Hollow goes under to miss each attack, though some bullets graze her by the arm. She winches, trying to find a breaking point within Trixie.

Kendra does the same thing, as she notices Trixie’s frustration is now getting the best of her. What Kendra needs to do now is find a way to distract her, that way her attack motives can be damaged and beaten. Maybe if she found something to peeve her, it will get Hollow to attack by surprise. It’s worth a shot. Kendra turns to her little sister, seeing that she’s ready anytime, given she’s holding her other lasso like a real cowgirl.

As Kendra nods at the filly, Megan nods back. The signal triggers the ideal plan, as the filly trots on her hind feet to make the first swing of her rope. She has the loop grab hold of Trixie’s hooved foot, having her trip down.

“OW!” Trixie screams, “The hell?”

Megan then has the loop release, but after the snug drags Trixie back to get a punch in the back from Kendra. Trixie then swings back up and focuses more on fighting Kendra, just as she expected. The cowboy pony then ricochets backwards against the villain’s next gun move, just as Trixie pulls it out to shoot again and again. Trixie’s eyes are concentrated on the two sisters; she didn’t even notice Megan signaling to Hollow that she can charge over to submit her from behind. The cyan pegasi then breaks over with he wings spread out, and has them twirl around to knock Trixie down, just as she makes the landing spin.

As Hollow lands on top of her, Trixie struggles to get up. Buy Hollow manages to pin both her arms behind her back, and holds her steady. Trixie snarls, angry of her defeat.

“I should have won…” she sneers, “I’m the most powerful of all!”

“Bit of a narcissist, are you?” William scoffs, squirming over to her, “Why ELSE do you want me? There’s something else besides the opals, isn’t there?”

“Believe me, we are mainly looking for the elements.” Trixie tells the gang, “TO DESTROY THEM…”

“What? Why do that?” Hollow demands.

“Why not?” Trixie grins, “That fox Justin has become ours now, and that crown element is just what he needed to get such terrific dark power!”

“Kitsune’s Cousin?” Kendra gasps.

“You bitch!” Hollow snarls.

“Kitsune is making his next move. I have the power to know his future like anypony else’s!” Trixie laughs, “My magic can change it too. The curse is already set…”

“Curse…. what…” Hollow tries to understand.

“That’s all I can say.” Trixie said, “You want to figure out more when he finds the second opal, you should take it up with his dead body!”

Kendra yelps in fear, and looks up at Megan, Hollow, and William.

“We need to get in my aircraft, and find Kitsune so we can help him on his mission!” Kendra declares.

As the worm, filly, and pegasi nod in agreement, Kendra’s big brother comes out the entrance of her home. He’s a red, buffed up pony wearing a cowboy suit, and he’s shocked to see the bound up henchmen in the yard. He then looks at the commotion involving Trixie.

“What in…” he starts to ask.

“No time to explain Michel!” Kendra says to her brother, “Call the authorities to come get these hooligans, and watch them until we come back!”

“Right!” the big brother nods.

As he gets the henchmen while Megan opens the aircraft garage, Kendra brings Trixie close to her face. She even snags her gun away, and breaks it in half. This makes the villain scream at that.

“Until we know what else is going on…” Kendra snarls, “You’re coming with us to explain everything else! And you WILL find a way to reverse this spell either like it or not!”

“Is that really a good idea?” William asks.

“She will be a good reference to us…” Hollow sighs.

As Megan ignites the aircraft, she drives it out slowly backwards to have it out in the open. It’s shaped like a small jet, yet it has big balloons on each flipper, to fuel the machine to go up and down in height. The filly then gets out, allowing Kendra to take the pilot’s seat. The filly follows back in, along with William, Hollow, and Trixie. The villain is still held by Hollow’s grip, with unpleasant feeling added to it.

“Be thankful that you aren’t arrested too soon.” Hollow says to her, “Be glad that we didn’t kill you too.”

As Trixie struggles, Kendra closes the aircraft doors, and the gang takes of into the sky to find Kitsune and the rest of his friends.

Somewhere in this universe space, a planet is apart from the world of Destania. Watching the world from a giant telescope is an alien being that looks like a wasp having a horse’s muzzle. The being’s throne room is colored with green, as like the skin she has. The queen overlord herself is watching every move. The aircraft Kendra is flying, the attacks, Kitsune…

“The fox…” The queen sighs, “I can’t let him go further. After that deal I made with Cosmos…”

“You called?” A voice says in the room.

The wasp alien turned to see Cosmos suddenly appeared beside her.

“A second reminder of the bargain.” Cosmos giggles, “If you succeed of taking out Kitsune and bringing him to me peacefully, you will be given full immortality and secondhand ruling of this world of Destania.”

“My race is dire for a new atmosphere.” the wasp queen admits, “Your new orders?”

“Find whoever Kitsune’s friends are, and KILL THEM!” Cosmos snaps.

Beginning of the End, Part 2: The Toad Warriors

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Kitsune, Flash Sentry, Pico, Nate, and New Moon are sharing the jeep vehicle, as the alicorn drives the motor to head through the sandy plains. Kitsune tenses up his body, ready for whatever comes next for the task at hand. The seventh element is safe, and now the gang has to find six more if they’re going to use it to stop Cosmos and break Justin out of his spell.

“My tracker is sensing that the next element is near a fancy village… called Wimbledon.” Nate says, looking at his GPS, “It will take twenty more minutes.”

“I hope we go fast.” Kitsune grunts.

New Moon brushes her mane, as a gust of wind strikes the ground and blows against the jeep. The wind pushes against the vehicle, slowing down its speed as the alicorn wonders what’s starting to slow them down. Then, an explosion of sand starts to block their way. The huge wave of tiny rocks zooms over their faces, having them cough and cover their eyes real tight. The pebbles of the sand then suck into the engine of the car, and New Moon starts to loose control of her driving.

“JUMP OUT! QUICK!” she screams.

The gang does so, following her unfastening her seat belt as she rolls out into the mud of the plains. The fog of sand grows bigger, as the jeep crashes into a big boulder a couple feet away, exploding! BAM! Kitsune and his friends are safe, but their chance of transportation is destroyed. The fox’s eyes squint, trying to see the cause of the obstacle blocking their way.


A punch suddenly strikes his face as he flies back. Kitsune then drags himself up, as he sees five big toad assassins in front of him. The wasp queen’s henchmen are finally here in front of the fox, and they hold onto their magic staffs in death grips.

“Not so much of a fighter, are you?” the first assassin grins.

“So… you were sent by Cosmos?” Kitsune asks, as he gets up.

“By Cosmos’ acquaintance, our dear wasp queen…” the second toad says, “And your power will be taken to her… so it will be given to Cosmos.”

“Fat chance…” Kitsune growls.

As the toads raise their staffs, the fox jumps up to dodge the fires bursting in the ground. Deadly sparks shaped like stars then aim at him, trying to stun his body. However, Flash Sentry manages to step in and block the attack, then turning to make a buck kick to the first toad, having the enemy fall back.

“You dare…” the second toad growls.

As he raises his staff to try and crack Flash onto the head, New Moon comes from underneath to punch him into the gut, having the toad’s stomach growl in irritation and pain. She then gets out a taser gun, and has the volts electrocute him until he goes out into unconsciousness. Four more toads are still up though, and the third comes up to New Moon from behind, punching her in the back.

As she starts her new fight, Nate and Pico fight the fourth and fifth toads with all their might. The amphibian bastards pull out new weapons of their own this time, resembling machete shaped switchblades. The frogs then sling the blades towards Nate and Pico’s chests, attempting to stab them. The two friends fall back, having Pico blow fire out to heat the blade and have the fourth toad scream, throwing the blade off his hand. Pico then swings his tail around like a ram, and has it crack a bone in the toad’s leg, knocking him out.

The heat rises in the atmosphere, as Nate sweats while fighting the fifth toad. The dog makes his move to dodge the enemy’s staff attack, but gets struck down by a hard bump of the toad’s gyroscope shaped stomach. Nate gets up weakly, seeing the first two toads they defeated are now sizzling and turning into bloody organs.

“What…” Nate gasps in shock.

“That’s what happens when we fail our queens orders…” the toad sneers at the dog, “So now that there’s three of us left, we will NOT be defeated!”

The sunlight shines on the toads’ horrifying change of power, as bat-like wings rip out the slimy skin of their backs. They then grow in size, as their staffs start to glow and engulf with flames around them. The three evil amphibians chuckle, as they look down at their five opponents.

“We’ll split up into three parts.” Pico plans out loud, “Kitsune, you okay being alone while I go with New Moon, and Nate goes with Flash?”

“Fine by me.” the fox nods, “I’ll find an open space to make the next attack.”

Kitsune then dashes under the first giant toad’s legs, as Flash Sentry pulls out his blade to charge at the second. Nate is by his side, hopping over his back to try and punch the toad into the throat. The enemy refuses the attack however, and swings Nate hard to the ground, along with jumping over Flash’s sword swings towards the ankles.

New Moon and Pico manage to try and find the giant’s weak point as they dodge the pounding effects coming from the landing fists. The queen’s assassins must be stopped, and New Moon is starting to figure out how. She sees a red light, glowing in the middle of the toad’s circular belly.

“We have to aim for the stomach, where the light is glowing.” New Moon tells Pico.

Pico nods, but then gets a sharp punch into his ankle by the third toad. The hit cracks the anklebones, making Pico shed out extreme tears to the painful attack. New Moon screams and rushes to catch Pico, just before he lands on the ground in such hurtfulness. She then looks at the laughing toad, angered of the unexpected attack he cruelly made. She screams as she flies over to punch him, but she came in too late.

“You missed.” the toad mocks.

The mean bastard then has his flaming staff try and strike the alicorn to her wings, but she flaps around and has her foot kick the staff to slam into the toad’s face. The fire scorches his forehead, as his eyes begin to burn up and feel the blinding pain of such heroic defiance. The toad’s teeth then gnaw hardly, and bleed as red as the sun.

“YOU BITCH!” he screams.

Despite his eyes damaged, he senses New Moon’s next plan and collides with her jumping to attack him.

As Kitsune drifts under the first toad’s magic powers, and agonizing ray strikes his arm painfully with a burn as deadly as a scorpion’s bite. He then has his tails wing upward to have him get back to fighting, having him then bite his teeth into the toad’s leg. The giant amphibian screams, as Kitsune then lets go and goes towards the other leg, having his back lean against it to push it away from him. With such strength, he has the toad trip downward; having it land on it’s back to break the spine. To the fox’s surprise, Pico appears and crawls onto the toad to stab it in the stomach with a blade.

“YEEEEEE!” the giant frog screams.

In a mater of seconds, the assassin then explodes into bodily organs and flesh, having blood spurt into the fox and dragon. Kitsune turns to see how New Moon is doing across from them. Apparently her anger got the best of her, and she won the fight. All it took was using a karate chop to the toad’s testicles, and borrowing Flash’s weapon to stab the toad into the stomach. The remains of the second toad are the same as the firsts. New Moon wheezes as Flash comes to her aid, but a strike suddenly zooms and pushes him back.

“FLASH!” Pico shouts in alarm.

It was then that the gang forgot about the third toad, as he grabs New Moon by the throat. Kitsune gasps, and rushes over to try and save her. It was then that the toad becomes bigger and bigger with the glowing aura around his body. The giant amphibian then lets go of New Moon, throwing her towards Nate to slam them both towards the ground. The toad’s staff then becomes distorted and bloody, as it has an orb spell catch Kitsune, stunning and pinning him to the ground.

“Fool.” the toad snarls, “I knew that you would try and save the alicorn girl in any occasion, so it was the perfect trap.”

“No… Kitsune…” Pico wheezes.

The dragon tries to come over to stop the toad, but he lands flat to the ground due to the severe injury on his ankle. Flash Sentry is too, weak. Both are weak from the strikes of the toads, and can’t think of what to do to stop this. The queen has trained her assassins well, and much likely knew that if any more failed by the minute, she’d reserve the last one to be the strongest and take out any fighter in no time. Now, the toad has his magic staff cast another spell to have Kitsune’s friends pinned to the ground in such excruciating pain.

“You… bastard…” Kitsune moans at the toad.

The spell aura glows red, as the fox’s friends feel the magic squeeze their bones mercilessly.

“It’s all over...” the toad says, picking Kitsune up by his neck, “You’re coming with me to see Cosmos…”



A sudden giant axe magically appears to Kitsune’s surprise, as it cracks through the toad’s skull. Brains and blood flow out madly, as the assassin lets go of the fox, tumbling down to the ground with a loud thud. It huffs and puffs in confusion, as his eyes start to black out. Within minutes, the toad is dead. The mysterious axe then floats up again, away from the toad’s skull to then stab it into the stomach, killing it for sure.

“Looks like I came in time.” a strange voice sounds.

The fox, dog, dragon, and ponies then look up to see a creature floating in the clearing sand fog. It lands on the ground with its two different hind legs, resembling a goat’s leg, and a lizard’s. To surprise, the savior is very much similar to Discord from the world of Equestria.

“You can call by Dissonance.” the draconequus says, “I live here you know.”

His thumb points at his domed shaped house, but he then looks at the gang, worried about their injuries.

“Here, let me help.” he says.

He snaps his fingers, having them already wrapped in bandages that cover and protect their wounds. He then approaches to Kitsune and his friends one by one, to help them to their feet. Kitsune blinks in confusion, still feeling the numbness in his body from the fight.

“Close to my property, and innocent creatures like you are being tortured by a monster like…” Dissonance says, confused, “What did he want with you?”

“Me…” Kitsune answers, “He wanted to take me to…”

“Dissonance is it?” Flash Sentry suddenly asks, staggering to his feet, “I heard that name before. You’re that removed troublemaker who helps the weary travelers, right?”

“Right!” Dissonance beams, but then sighs, “However, the plains is starting to become a dangerous place. You’ll never know what will hit you out there. Lately I’ve been beginning to see more pods landing from the sky, attacking more cities.”

“Pods?” Pico gasps.

“And if I help the ponies, they still won’t trust me…” Dissonance sighs.

Pico wonders what he means by that. But for now, he did save them, and it seemed Dissonance can use new friends. The ankle then throbs in pain again, as Pico fails to raise up while falling back to the ground. Kitsune then runs over to help him up, looking up at the draconequus. Flash Sentry then approaches to him with a kind face.

“Will you help US?” Flash asks, “We’re being chased because we’re looking for the opal shaped elements, and…”

“Elements?” Dissonance peeps, “I heard about them, it’s no wonder you’re on the run from…”

“Cosmos.” Kitsune finishes, “That bitch is gonna pay!”

“In time.” Dissonance promises, “Come in right now though, tell me more in my house. We also need to tend to your ankle, dragon boy. God knows if that’s the worse that already happened.”

With that, the gang follows their new friend into his home to discuss the situation.

Beginning of the End, Part 3: The Kid From the Future

View Online

The day grows old as a wandering warrior pony travels on the mountain platform, looking for Dissonance, the long time reformed hero who vowed to help anypony in any task. He too, seeks revenge on Cosmos, since she is his mentor's killer. This pony looks like Mokuba from the Equestrian universe, only without the black marks scattered across his body. He wields a magic sword that he got from the mountain of the Holy Grail, named Valkyrie. The goddess Athena also enchants this sword, and her spirit lives inside of the sword.

His mentor was like his closest best friend from all he remembered. The mentor also looked a lot similar to Princess Luna, though her beauty resembles one of an angel. The female mentor took him in after his parents were killed; teaching him everything there is to know about magic and survival in the realities of any world. It was up to one day that a couple aliens slit her throat because she refused to give them a spell to manipulate others and turn them into monstrous slaves. She did all she could to lock away all confidential spells that are a resource on both good and evil, knowing she’ll leave all the trust knowledge of it in her student’s hands. Ever since then, the pony travels to visit his long time friends who also research the different spells, and believe it or not, one of them is Pico.

He and him were good friends on days they worked together with Flash and Ian. To top it off, they called themselves “The Fearless Four” when they got together for rescue missions every time they met. The whole clan assignments died down after a while, and they have gone their separate ways.

This wandering warrior's name is Ekko, and he is on the move to help others across Destania. He looks down at his wristband machine as he walks, seeing it turn on to locate his mileage. He’s nearing the fancy village that Kitsune and the gang tried to reach before.

"Athena, where is the location of the nearby Black Dragon clan camp? I have unfinished business with them, and their leader." Ekko asked his robot wristband.

"That may have to wait, we need to find Dissonance. He should be over the mountain." Athena replied calmly, with a soothing crisp machine voice.


That’s a sound the pony warrior hears in the sky. Above him, he can see a flying aircraft above him, being controlled by a cowboy pony accompanied by a worm, cyan pegasi, and a little filly. There’s even a light blue pony with them, wearing a magician’s suit.

“Trixie?” Ekko says in shock, “I wonder why she’s with them…”

He then sees the aircraft huffing out the last of its gas, as it slows down to land on the dusty floor of desert ground. He keeps going on the trail, yet nearing close to the aircraft to make sure the crew is safe. He can see Trixie is still restrained and in the pegasi’s clutches when they get out.

“You act so snobby for someone friendly…” Trixie sneers at Hollow.

“Says you…” Hollow spat.

It was unknown to the pegasi, but when she heard Kendra calling something to her, Trixie started chanted something under her breath. It’s a monster casting spell, and she grins when she whispers out the creature. Ekko can hear with his sharp ears as he approaches closer, and his eyes widen at Trixie’s words.

“WATCH OUT!” Ekko tries to warn at Hollow.

The cyan pony turns to see the warrior, only to be knocked down by a sudden claw appearing before her eyes. Trixie then has her magic break her restraints, and jumps back as a cloudy, lion demon has her land on it’s back. The creature’s mane is as grey as chimney smoke, while there’s a red crested emblem engraved on its forehead. Its sharp teeth are white as snow.

“Should have gagged me if you had the chance!” Trixie yells at the two ponies and filly, “Now my ARYL LION will stop you from going any further! ATTACK!”

The beast charges at Hollow Colors before heading towards Megan and Kendra. The cyan pony flies backward to give a first kick towards the beast’s jaw. However, the lion fogs up with such cloudy ways, and goes through Hollow to then come behind her, having its claws slash by her back! Hollow falls down in pain, yelling as she lands hard on the ground with her hooves. As the lion nears closer to its prey, Ekko finally joins the fight, and pulls out his sword to block the clawed attack.

“What are you doing?” Athena asks Ekko, “We don’t have time of this.”

“I can’t just let that beast kill innocent followers of justice!” Ekko tells his device, “I’m in this now, no matter what!”

Kendra is amazed at the warrior’s sword swings toward the lion demon, pushing back the fierce claw attacks, and grazing cuts across its cheek. Megan nears Hollow to help her up and get her to safety, as Trixie spots both of them while staying on the lion’s back. She then chants a power to activate the crest on the beast’s forehead.


The lion roars as it spurts out a mix of brown and red with the acid burning blast! The explosion nearly touches Megan’s stick, having it cast a third degree burn on her back leg. The filly jumps back, still holding Hollow in her arms. Kendra screams, coming forward to defend her friend and sister while pulling out her lasso. Trixie laughs; as she has the lion start fighting against her now.

The feline ghost bites its teeth towards the pony’s chest, as Kendra hops over and throws the loop of rope around its muzzle. She tightens it, and clings onto the struggling beast as it thrusts back and forth. It acts as a bull, as Kendra steers it to ram into a canyon rock against its will, having Trixie fall off the beast’s back.

“OOF! Rotten bitch!” she yells!

The magician pony takes off her hat, putting her hoof into it to try and pull something out. She eyes on Kendra fighting the lion, fearing the cowboy pony may win. To Trixie’s luck, she manages to pull out a glowing dagger. Then, a silver sword presses against her neck, with Ekko holding it from behind. Trixie sneers, having her dagger magically grow to point into his eyes.

“You have guts to join the party!” she scoffs.

“You want to fight then?” Ekko asks.

Trixie swings the dagger across the pelvis of Ekko, having him bend forward to have him push the sword by force. Trixie then goes under and tries to make the stab into the thigh, only to have the warrior kick her back by striking her chin. A tooth falls out, as Ekko then swings the sword again, ripping part of her cape.

“MY CAPE!” Trixie shouts, “YOU… YOU…”

She then has her dagger gleam, as it shoots out another razor sharp aura with sparks glowing on the sides. Ekko jumps, missing the attack, yet feeling the slightest snap of blood pouring out from whip of electricity on his leg. He has it pull back, knocking Trixie by the side of her chest to twirl and roll in the dust.

Ekko then turns, seeing Kendra is still trying to stop the lion. There HAS to be a way to stop that monster, otherwise it will kill her. Would it though? Possibly, if it would still use the crest on… IT’S FOREHEAD. That has to be the weak spot.

Bringing up his courage, Ekko trots fast while holding his big blade with his right hoof.

“Athena, I need you to go into new formation!” the warrior tells his wristband gadget, “Keep either Trixie or the lion occupied, however you can!”

“Very well.” the gadget replies.

Disconnecting from Ekko’s hoof, the robotic being twirls around and changes from hollow cylinder to rounded body with growing limbs and feet. The screen changes to its face, as the body also grows by length, just as it’s four feet right in front of Trixie. The magician pony gets up, looking at the new fighter with her raving eyes.

“Initiating fighting mode.” the gadget creature says.

The hands of the robot spark out blue blades, swirling them around to attack. The machine is expecting Trixie to fight back, and sure enough, she does with the next swing of her dagger. She roars at Ekko’s friend, as the warrior pony charges at the lion with Kendra noticing him.

Athena floats up, with avoiding Trixie’s magical sword bends, having the blade twirl and angle at each limb it tries to chop off. Athena then has a laser from her weapon spark with Trixie’s blade in such a collision, already having the sparks crack the metal slowly. Trixie pulls the dagger back, seeing it’s weakening. She then casts a spell to try and strengthen its health, but before she can finish the chant, Athena shoots another laser from her electric sword. The spark has the dagger crackle into pieces immediately.

“Your timing is insufficient.” Athena says.

“ARRRRGH!” Trixie screams.

As Trixie fights the machine with her bare hooves, Ekko runs backward in front of the lion and blocks every swing its claws extend with such force. Each powerful throw gives Ekko patience, and the waiting chance for the lion to lose energy. Kendra herself, still clings to the mane of the beast, seeing the warrior jumping back again as he soon slice a claw of the lion’s paw. The creature screams, rising up as Kendra leans back while hanging on. She can then see Ekko pointing somewhere to her.

“The forehead…” he whispers, “I’ll distract him a bit longer. You do the rest.”

Kendra nodded, finally understanding his plan. He’ll have the lion slow down, as she’ll have the chance to strike at the crest on the front temple. She grabs each hair of the mane, dragging upward bit by bit as she also pulls something out of her belt. It’s a Samuel S. Colt gun, and its bullet in each round is set. One coated in silver is reserved especially for that ghostly lion bastard.

Ekko pushes his legs with skipping trots, having his sword move like a ballet as the fierce claws try to dig past the blade barrier. He can see Kendra climbing over, despite the thrashing roller coaster jumps of the demon. She past the ears now, nears the tip end of the mane. Ekko manages to also slash his sword to cut one of the lion’s paws off, having ooze blast out from its hole. As the lion screams… Kendra hangs down from his forehead pointing the gun.

“See this… mother fucker!” she grins.

BLAM! The bullet tears through the crest, pouring through the monster’s forehead in such a merciless kill. As Athena sees this, she floats back to quickly form back into herself around Ekko’s wrist. Trixie looks up again, roaring as she hears the last groan of her demon turning into dust, and evaporating into mist. Kendra rushes over to the magician pony, ready to apprehend her again.

“You already caught me once!” Trixie screams, “But guess what, WE’LL MEET AGAIN!”


She throws a smoke bomb down, as the effects of the chemical act like tear gas, blocking the sight of Ekko and Kendra’s vision. As the cloudy move disappears, Kendra growls to see that Trixie has escaped again. She stomps her hoof on the ground in frustration, but then turns around to see how Hollow Colors is doing.

“Hollow.” Megan sobs.

Kendra can see excessive blood being dripped from her back. Megan does her best to bandage the wound on the pegasi, but the injury is still throbbing as strong as a generator. Ekko then steps forward, and pulls something out of his bag. He slowly takes out a bottle with purple liquid, and rubs his hoof gently on Hollow’s forehead to calm her down. He slowly pours the likely potion on her wound, having the pegasi huff slowly and peacefully in seconds.

“A simple trick.” Ekko tells Kendra, “A mix of aloe with the special sacred leaves that block any more blood from leaving a creature that breathes. She’ll live, but she needs rest for a couple of days. Any more movement can worsen the wound.”

Kendra smiles in relief.

“Thank you… for helping out.” Kendra beams, “What’s your name?”

“Ekko.” he answers, “What are you guys doing out here anyway?”

“Looking for a guy named Kitsune.” Kendra answers, “Our friend is near here, from what our GPS on our aircraft told us. But Trixie somehow managed to whisper something that can shut the machine down completely, just so she can try and finish us… and get away.”

“Which she successfully did.” Megan groans.

“I’m detecting any related citizen by the name of Kitsune.” Athena replies on Ekko’s wrist.

“Who’s that?” Megan asks.

“Athena, my robot friend.” Ekko answers, “So, where is he?”

“In the village we’re heading towards, where Dissonance is living.” Athena answers.

“What a coincidence, I’m heading there too.” Ekko smiles.

He then looks up at the ponies and filly.

“I’m heading over to find Dissonance myself.” he says, “Since I know where he is, maybe I can guide you there, and we’ll find both him and Kitsune.”

Kendra smiles.

“That would be great.” she accepts.

“I think I’ll convince to go back here so he can pick up your machine and fix it too.” he adds.

“Then what are we waiting for?” Megan says, “Let’s go.”

Ekko has Athena then turn into a stretcher, and has it strap Hollow peacefully on so they can carry her while they walk. The four of them are now calm, and head down the gravely trail to the next village. Dissonance’s home is not far off now.

B.O.T.E. Part 4: Reunion

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The fire was set slow and steady in the fireplace, as Dissonance warms up tea from it’s stove surface. Kitsune, Flash Sentry, Pico, Nate, and New Moon make themselves comfortable on cotton shaped cushions when they look around the room. Nate then pulls out one of the opal elements they have so far, observing it gleaming when rotating it in his hand.

“So, that’s the first one that you’re keeping safe?” Dissonance asks, as he turns around to see it.

“So far.” New Moon tells him, “We have a friend named Kendra who’s trying to find the second element, just before we find the third.”

“You also look… dusty…” Dissonance noticed.

“We just got out of another fight before the one you rescued us from.” Kitsune explains, “A village has been attacked, and we fought some crazy magician named Trixie.”

“I’ve heard of her…” Dissonance admits, “Caused some trouble to… con ponies in the past.”

“Well, they don’t call her great and powerful for nothing.” Nate adds.

“And the worst doesn’t stop there.” Pico moans, “Kitsune’s cousin has the crested crown, the final element probably impossible to get back this easily.”

Dissonance flinches.

“It wasn’t golden, was it?” he wonders.

“With red veined jewels on it’s sides too.” Nate describes further.

“Well, if you do find six more of the elements, you can use them to manipulate the crown they’ve stolen.” the draconequus hums, “Only then can…”

Dissonance then knells, rocking back and forth.

“This is all lame… but yet… DANGEROUS.” he shudders, “How can anything like this happen so soon?”

“Like what?” Kitsune asks, “And how do you know about what will stop the power held within the element in an evil clutch?”

“I’ve been doing research and reading about the elements for several years.” Dissonance admits, “I’ve been wanting to find out more about them, because I’m obsessed… obsessed that anypony can be killed…. and… and I didn’t want that to happen. I’ve tried to find ways to prepare some emergency plans in case anything like this would happen.”

He looks back at the gang.

“Have you seen the papers?” he says, “Changes in the stars of the skies, further invasions, earthquakes in the villages? They had something to do with those beings up in the ships… so dark in space. If they had your cousin involved Kitsune, they could have him observe any more activity to plan ahead on finding the next element to…”

“Destroy it maybe?” Nate guesses.

“Maybe…” Pico thinks aloud, “And if they don’t destroy it, they may keep it for their own purposes, such as…”

“Enslaving all life form?” Nate guesses, “Just a prediction.”

“Whatever the plan is, we have to leave tonight if we want to get to the next element before Justin does.” Kitsune plans, “We need to map out it’s location first though, and draw out a fighting strategy in case we come across those toad-beings again.”

“Remember your Psycho Dog technique?” Pico asks Kitsune, “I recommend you use that move when we fight the enemies with weaker stamina. We better save the Mega Voltage when we’re up against something bigger.”

“Good call.” the fox nods.

“What’s the Mega Voltage attack?” New Moon asks Pico.

“It’s when a mighty blast is used from a charged source from something electric.” Pico explains, “Martial Art moves can be combined with the attack to pull out a lethal blast.”

“The nearest town Dissonance lives close to is where we’ll look for the element first.” Kitsune states.


A soft bang on Dissonance’s door is heard, and Nate perks his ears up as he turns to walk towards the entrance. He opens the door, seeing Ekko, Athena, Megan, Kendra, and Hollow in front of him. Kitsune then comes up beside the dog warrior, surprised to see his other friends have arrived.

“Guys? What are you doing here?” he asks.

“Came here to see me, I suppose?” Dissonance grins, as he poofs behind the fox.

“We… ran into a bit of trouble as we tried to protect the next element.” Kendra explains, “We also ran into Trixie.”

“Wha… WHAT?” Kitsune stutters in shock.

“Had to hold her hostage for a while so we can have her guide us to another element, but she got away.” Hollow sneers, “William somehow volunteered to hop out of the plane to explore the village near here, before we were attacked.”

“Anything else besides the element stones?” Kitsune wants to know, “Invaders? More battle toads?”

Just then, Athena starts to buzz on Ekko’s wrist.

“Ekko, I’m picking up an intrusion nearing here.” she yelps.

“What… no…” Ekko panics softly, “Can you detect what it looks like?”

“It’s heading towards the village…” Athena tracks, “It has some swarm following him, and they’re splitting up into two separate teams.”

“One of those halves may be heading toward the village.” Ekko breathes vastly.

“If there’s any chance they crush…” Kitsune growls, “No time to plan. We need to go and stop those… things. NOW!”

The fox rushes out the door, as Pico follows him.

“Kitsune! WAIT! We need to think through this!” the dragon warns.

The fox can see the horror flying in the sky as he stops in place. Once again, he can see his giant cousin leading the diving swarm of reptile beings that resemble changelings. Kamoril. That’s the name of the evil that will echo in his head. Each winged reptile also shaped like turtles and frogs with yellow fangs.

One of the reptile beings then flash in front of Kitsune’s eyes, as it pushes him down onto the ground. The fox looks up to see the muscular enemy leering over him in its battle armor. It even wears a scanner over both his eyes.

“Kitsune.” the slimy frog sneered, “I have heard of you. You’re a disgrace to your own kind.”

“I don’t take any offense from disgusting monsters like you.” the fox huffs.

“Please sir, let us tackle him now.” another reptile soldier begs the one leering over Kitsune, “We’ll take that twerp down along with his other friends.

Kitsune can see the way the next two reptiles are respecting the one staring at him. That muscular reptile must be the general of the pack. Kitsune then winches as he hears a couple of toad ruffians starting to pick a fight with Nate behind him.

“I have to admit, he really knows when to battle for his friends.” the general snickers when eyeing Kitsune, “I can sense the fighting spirit in him.”

“Yeah, this will be a real work out.” an ugly turtle cackles as Kitsune slowly gets up.

The fox can hear them laughing louder as he then hears Kendra and Hollow being surrounded by more of those turtle soldiers.

“Actually, those two ponies over there might be the toughest to fight.” the turtle soldier taunts in front of Kitsune.

“They’ll be no match for us at all.” another frog soldier adds, coming behind Kitsune.

Some of Kitsune’s friends try to come over to intervene, but ten more aliens block their path.

“You guys should have never messed with Justin.” Kitsune snarls.

“What do you say we cut to the chase?” the general asks.

Kitsune then skids his ankle backwards, thrusting around as he lifts his palms up. He then scotches backward again as he dodges the general’s punch. Another frog soldier then flashes at the side of Kitsune, raising his fist for the next attack.

The fox jumps to miss both their throws, and throws his feet up to kick them both in their jaws. As they fall backward, two more turtle soldiers float up towards Kitsune for their turn. The fox hops back again, punching both the turtles as two more frog enemies hop behind his back.

The fox keeps jumping, punching the frogs behind him with his backward fists, and then hits the general trying to attack him with his knee. He dodges another attack from a turtle, and goes underneath a toad soldier to hit it in the stomach. The fight pursues, as the fox keeps running backward while dodging the aliens’ attacks.

All the moves are in front of Kitsune like a ballet. As the fox keeps dodging, another mysterious figure floats down from the air, observing Kitsune’s tactics. The fox takes no notice, and hops again to try and escape the enemies surrounding him in a circle form. He tries to kick a frog soldier, but it hops up over his leg to miss the attack. Kitsune then twirls around to kick the frog general behind him into the stomach, as the bastard coughs out blood.

Kitsune then throws a punch to his cheek, slamming him to the ground yet again. The figure nods in awe to the fox, yet it’s smile is not visible. Pico then notices the shadow, and hops up to confront it.

“This isn’t a sport!” Pico screams.

The dragon then raises his fist to try and hit the dark enemy. As the dragon grabs the being’s arm, the figure blocks the attack, having its muscles grow big with its veins pumping faster. The figure then tosses his arm aside, having Pico let go as he falls backward. As Pico lands on the ground, he hops back up to throw a punch, only to have the shadow challenger block the attack. The dragon snarls as he brings his fist back, wondering what he’s up against.

Suddenly, the shadow figure falls forward to then punch Pico into the stomach while pushing him back. It then punches Pico by his cheek, having him twirl backwards towards the dirt. The dragon then controls his aura from his forehead, and has a gravitational beam spurt out from his finger to aim at the figure. Pico shoots the beam, as the mysterious challenger goes into its defense pose. A GIANT flash is made, as purple smoke starts to appear when the flash starts to die down.

As the smoke fades, Pico growls to see that the move had no avail to have the figure back down.

“You singed my fingernails.” the figure smiles.

Pico gives a look of disbelief. As he starts to stutter, the figure raises him palm upward and has a giant purple aura grow from his hand. Pico screams, as the shadowy villain blasts the beam to strike the dragon in the most agonizing pain possible. It sends Pico flying upward towards the sky, with gravel floating in his path. Nate looks up from below during his fight, whimpering at the bad sight.

Meanwhile, Kitsune keeps dodging the punches and throws from the reptile soldiers. He then goes under another throw while kneeling down, grinding his teeth. As soon as he dodges five more moves from the soldiers, he stands up tall to end this while confronting them.

“DRAGON FIRE!” Kitsune shouts, having a huge beam of aura flash around him.

Kitsune raises and thrusts his arms forward, and a fiery dragon-like flame shoots forth to breathe out a giant blast through the soldiers’ stomachs. They scream in shock, as their insides start to burn like marshmallows. For an untested move, Kitsune was convinced that it was used for the right time.

Huge explosions from the blood are made, as the reptiles’ body parts boil in extremely hot temperature. They scream out as if they’re in an oven. Kitsune then gives his final punches to their faces, showing nor remorse. He even gives a karate kick to more soldiers who dodged his blasts, knocking them out instantly. The final knee hit was given to the general, as the muscular frog coughs out parts of his brain before dying.

Kitsune then looks up to see that his friend Pico is falling to the ground, as his enemies are doing so as well. The soldiers’ armor starts to sizzle, loosing all their powers from the suits instantly. As Kitsune wonders what powers are used to control those suits, he hears a screaming plea of help from one of his friends.

He looks up, seeing the shadowy figure holding New Moon by her neck!

“KITSUNE!” she screams!

“NEW MOON!” Kitsune cries.

“The wasp queen has given me my share!” the being shouts, “I help her out if she doesn’t harm me!”

Kitsune then knew that his enemies blackmailed the figure, and that he’ll do anything to protect himself and his planet.

“This… isn’t the answer…” Kitsune tries to assure, “We can help you…”

“Until you come face to face with the wasp queen and her friends…” the being threatens, “You’ll won’t see your precious pony girlfriend again!”

“LET HER GO!” Dissonance yells, as he flies to come to New Moon’s rescue.

But before the draconequus can get closer to the figure while holding his aura in his palm, another flash is made at the same time. The being is gone, WITH NEW MOON! Dissonance droops down with a halt immediately, floating slowly to the ground.

“I was so close…” he mumbles, “It’s not fair…”

“New Moon…” Kitsune weeps.

It’s all too sudden, first Justin, and then his girlfriend. The fox then looks up in the sky. She’s up there now… with KAMORIL, the thing that used to be his cousin! He can also see missiles shooting out of the sky, as they near more villages on this planet. Kendra also looks at the missiles in fear, knowing William is in one of those villages.

“Those creeps…” Kitsune growls, talking about the aliens, “They won’t get away with this… not without me fighting them. As soon as we find the elements as quickly as possible, we’ll ram their ships!”

B.O.T.E Part 5: Vengeance

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It wasn't long before Dissonance suggests to the gang that he'll scout over the dessert to find where the enemy fleet's armada ha landed. That way, they'll stop the next attack from happening at the next village. It was over twenty minutes, but as he came back, he described what the ship looked like to his friends.

"This seems like a turn of events." Ian thinks out loud, "Maybe we can swipe that ship and go to the base where New Moon and Ka.. I mean Justin are being held."

"But it's guarded real well." William says, as he appears squirming back from the village.

Kendra also looks at him curiously.

"I've seen their design, they'll have guards surrounding their armada inside and out!" the worm says.

"I think I have a plan..." Kitsune hums.

Pico, in disguise as one of the kappa warriors, leads the gang, clasped in chains, to the Toad’s commanding officer. The aliens re just standing right outside the base, as the toad eyes them up and down. He then grins at Pico.

“So, you captured these worthless piles of scum? Good work, Lieutenant; when you get back to headquarters, I’m sure you’ll be promoted from Lieutenant to Sergeant!!” the commanding officer grinned.

“Thanks for the support, chief; I’ll keep that in mind.” Pico said, in a disguised voice as he led Kitsune, Hollow, Ekko, Athena and Nate on board the ship.

As Dissonance, Kendra, Megan, and William break out of their chains and start attacking the Toad Warriors invading the village, the Toad’s ship, the Wart-Speed Cruiser, lifts into the air and flies off into space. The toad warriors are confused why half of Kitsune's friends haven't boarded the ship. As they start the battle, the lieutenant sees who's driving the ship.

Onboard, Kitsune is at the wheel, shooting at oncoming Toad Ships like mad.

“GRRRRRAAAAAAAAGGGGGGH!!!!” he screamed, enraged.

Ekko and Hollow were stunned.

“Well…at least we know that he’s focused.” Ekko said.

“Yeah, but on WHAT, exactly?” Hollow replied.

“Save your backseat flying,” Pico snaps at them. “We’re here already.”

“The Hive World is in sight, Pico,” Kitsune says calmly. “This is it…!”

Like the Star Wars universe, Kitsune activates the light speed mode on the ship, tracks where the Hove World is, and zooms off in the distance. He looks at his other friends on the ground once more tot wave goodbye, as Dissonance and the others are now winning the fight. He looks forward, and with one white flash... they're here. This planet won't make and easy landing to come on though, so the fox constantly steers the ship to avoid turbulence. Nate even covers his mouth to avoid throwing up.

Then, e landed the ship at the Landing Deck/Parking Garage, and hopped out. They're at the Hive World. And there is oxygen they can breathe, so they're very lucky.

“Well…what are we waiting for?” the young fox warrior asked, tying a blood-red bandanna around his head. “Destania isn’t going to save itself!!”

Nate grabbed a nearby laser blaster and cocked it. “Say, Kitsune, where’d you find that bandanna?”

“I found it in that village when…Kamoril attacked after the whole ‘Trixie’ incident.” Kitsune replied.

A few Toad Soldiers were casually playing cards when Kitsune and the others crashed in through the door.

“IT’S THE BRAT AN’ HIS FRIENDS!! GET ‘EM!!” yelled one Kappa, as he & his comrades all charged.

“C’mon…SHOW ME WHAT’CHU GOT!!” Kitsune shouted, before a punch to the face sent him sprawling across the room. Then, he began to tremble. The Toad Warrior couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed.

“One punch and you start crying? I’ve gotta tell you, kid, that is pretty sad…even for you.” He replied, coming closer to the shaking fox.

But his embarrassment turned to fear as Kitsune looked up at him, snarling with sharp fangs, long claws, and blood-red eyes.

“GYAAAH!!” the toad yelped, as he began to back away. Kitsune crouched down, growled, and began to run at him, his mouth full of sharp incisors and foam.

Finally, Kitsune leaped—right over the toad’s head—only to kick him in the back of the head, sending the amphibious soldier flying straight into the wall. Of course, the impact caused the toad’s skull to break, killing him.

“Looks like that frog just croaked.” Kitsune chuckled.

Nate was firing rapidly at the toad soldiers, and loving every minute of it. Suddenly, he saw someone turn and run for the hangar.

“KIT!! Kamoril is making a break for it!!” he yelled to his friend.

“Not on my watch.” Kitsune growled, racing after the fleeing demon.

Kamoril turned back, and fired an energy beam. Kitsune dodged it, and proceeded to slam Kamoril in the face.

“F-foolish child….” the demonic creature spat, wiping some blood from his mouth. “You…have no idea…of what…you’re t-truly…dealing with…!” he cackled.

“Oh, really? Well, happy boy, laugh at THIS!!” Kitsune scowled as he pressed his hands together and began to charge the dormant electrical energy within his body. “NNNNNNGGGGGHH…!”

Finally, as his body began to spark with electricity, he thrust his hands forward, sending out a wave of energy. “MEGA VOLTAGE ATTACK!!” Kitsune yelled as the electric wave zapped Kamoril. The demon began to cringe with agony as the lightning purified his soul.

Finally, it was over, and Nate ran over to check on New Moon and the creature formerly known as Kamoril.

As he did, the other fox lifted up his head slowly. Kitsune began to grin. The voltage had worked!!

“JUSTIN, I THOUGHT I’D NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN!!” Kitsune wailed as he consumed his brother in a joyful hug.

“I…I’m really sorry about what I did, Kit,” Justin said, sheepishly. “Y’think you could find it in your heart to forgive me?”

Kitsune smiled. “No need; it wasn’t your fault…I’m just sorry I couldn’t save you before.”

Nate then arrives into the room, carrying New Moon in his arms.

Kitsune gasps, coming up to her as he takes her out of the dog's arms. She's bloodied and bruised, but Kitsune still manages to help her up to her feet. She looks at him, smiling.

"They interrogated me quite a bit... but... I put up a fight." she sighs.

"You're very brave." the fox comments.

"So are you." New Moon winks.

Then, Kitsune realized something.

“You guys have to get out of here…NOW,” he said to Justin and New Moon.

“What are you talking about?” Justin asked.

“I just got you back, and I’m not gonna lose you again; think of it as making amends for me not being able to save you guys before.” Kitsune said with a grim smile.

The stranger who’d taken New Moon earlier couldn’t help but be impressed at the fox’s brave sacrifice. Her x-ray vision can see what's going on inside the base as she floats outside in the dark landscape. She grins.

"Hmm…maybe this dude IS pretty righteous", she thought.

“You heard me; I’m going to fly this whole ship straight into the sun.” Kitsune replied to his shocked brother.

“All I can say is…if you DO die, I’ll use the Elements to wish you back.” New Moon smiled.

“Great. Tell Pico…he has been a great teacher to me and an impressive parent as well. But hopefully in the Next World, I somehow find a way to get even stronger than I am now.” The fox smirked, hugging his girlfriend.

“Goodbye…and good luck, big brother.” Justin smiled, hugging Kitsune.

Then, he and New Moon took off to round up the others and get to an escape pod, while Kitsune took the wheel of the ship.
Eventually, Kitsune saw the escape pod with his friends flying back to Destania. Now, he could go forth with his suicide strategy without any holding back.

He cut off any and all power to the ship, ensuring that it would no longer remain afloat. As the gigantic hive ship slowly dropped towards the sun’s surface, Kitsune said to himself: “I promise, you guys—I’ll be back, and tougher than ever!!”
And so, he sat back in the captain’s chair and awaited the inevitable.

A while later, Kitsune was racing along the Dragon Path…but with one small difference: he had died.

The Boss of the Afterlife, King Zeta, after reviewing Kitsune’s deeds, allowed him to travel Dragon Road in order to meet and train with the 7 Martial Arts Masters of the Afterlife: Convoy the Wolf, Blurr the Cheetah, Orion the Panda, Rumble & Frenzy: the Gorilla Brothers, Arcee the Lynx, and Pax the Rabbit.

Meanwhile, back in the realm of the Living, Pico, and Ekko, had been informed of Kitsune’s sacrifice.

“What a kid…I never thought he’d be desperate enough to crash the entire damn thing into the sun. I really have taught him pretty well.” The dragon replied.

“So, what do we do now?” asked Nate. “I mean, Justin’s back to normal, all the villains are dead, and that weird stranger was actually a friendly hippie named Tree Hugger—” Nate started.

“Hey dudes, Kudos to your little fox buddy for killing that evil creepy wasp-thing!!” Tree Hugger yelled.

“No problem, you can thank him personally when he comes back to life!!” Justin shouted back.

“—so where does that leave us?” the Ronin dog concluded.

“I believe the most logical thing to do would be to gather the remaining elements so we can wish Kitsune back to this mortal realm.” Athena replied.

“That’s a great idea, Athena,” Ekko grinned. “So, how long will it take to find them?”

“According to my calculations, it will take at least two months to gather the remaining elements.”

As this goes on, New Moon turns to Pico. “Umm…Pico? During the next two months, I’d like it if you could…train me.”


“I want you to teach me how to fight.”

Pico thought about it. “Okay, then; but it’s only fair that I warn you—the training is plenty rigorous.” He responded.

Nate had found an empty convertible and started it up. “Okay, guys; next stop, Element number 4!!” he yelled.

Everyone climbed into the vehicle and it drove away, into the unknown…

Meanwhile, in the afterlife, a gray rabbit was polishing his katana when he heard a sound.

“Hmm? Who is there?”


“Come out; I know that you are here, child.”

As he opened his eyes, Kitsune was there, standing in front of him.

“Oh? And whom might you be?” asked the rabbit.

“My name is Kitsune. I have traveled from the Realm of the Living and along the Dragon Road in order to seek your training.”

“Greetings, young Kitsune. I am called ‘Pax’, and I, along with my six fellow martial artists, would be happy to train you for these next two months. But for the first two weeks, you shall train with me. Then, Rumble and Frenzy for the next week. Afterwards, Arcee will train you. Then, Blurr will be your shidoshi. Next, Orion will take the position of ‘sensei’. And finally, Convoy will teach you.”

“So the question is…are you ready?” he concluded.

Kitsune nodded. “I am indeed, Master Pax. Let us begin…right after you introduce me to the rest of these martial artists!!”

Pax sweatdropped, and sighed. “Very well; I suppose I should introduce you.”

He led Kitsune to the other side of the planet, as the real training would soon begin.

In due time, two months had passed in the blink of an eye. Kitsune was now wearing a blue bandanna around his eyes and covering the top of his head.

“Well, Kitsune, your friends should have gathered the Elements by now, and are about to summon the Guardian,” Convoy explained.

“I hope so; I mean, I enjoyed training here, but I’m itching to get back to Destania.”

“In the meantime, what say we have one last lunch with you?” asked Arcee.

“BOSSANOVA!! I’m in!!” Kitsune smirked.

The Return of Kitsune

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New Moon was on her own that one night when searching the dark mountains for another element. While Dissonance was on another assignment with Pico, Nate, Kendra, and Ekko, she has been pretty determined to see what she can find in the perilous hills herself. She had to fight off a couple of bloodthirsty bears, but it’s all worth it to pump up her adrenaline.

Eventually, she comes across a cave entrance that’s carved and shaped like a diamond. He grabs out her flashlight, and holds her sword to be ready for another fight. Smoke comes out of the cave, it could come from a feral dragon.

“The night is still young.” she hums while entering.

Her feet pace slowly like hooves from a spy horse. As she’s inside, the hall of the cave flutters with rabid bats dripping out the nasty phlegm from their mouths. This makes her hold back her vomiting, as her mouth puffs up from disgust. She then notices another entrance coming towards another section of the cave. She goes through the carved doorway made explicitly from dragon claws.

In the room, gold bits and crumbled pieces of diamonds scatter on the floor. She can see a gleam at the corner of the room, guessing that the next element may be hidden there. She has recalled that her friends gathered all the elements from all other cities, finding the seventh. The one she’s looking for may be the last, but it’s all not the same with Kitsune gone. She weeps again, thinking about the loss of her best friend.

As she goes to the corner, she steps on something squishy. She looks down, as her eyes widen at the inferno image of burning fire on flesh! A DEAD DRAGON! And its intestines are ripped out from the stomach of the beast. Its eyes are also peeled mercilessly, with white ooze goring out.

“He didn’t put up much of a fight…” a voice giggled in the cave room, “But now I’m more excited for a REAL one.”

New Moon grasps her sword in panic, and thrusts around to se what’s behind her. COSMOS! The twisted pony with her mangled hair paces towards the hero pony, as her creepy grin widens, exposing her bloody teeth.

“Lovely pose…” Cosmos remarks at New Moon, “I’ll be looking forward to ripping off your knees.”

“Why are YOU here?” the alicorn demands, “I assume killing that creature is not all you were looking for…”

“Quite right.” the crazy villain in front of her cackles, “And that… element… whatsoever… is coming home with me…”

“Just try… you monster…” New Moon scowls.

The confrontation begins, as Cosmos releases her first attack. It may be similar to what Kitsune has learned, but she quickly opens up with a Psycho Dog technique. Her eyes glow red, and her teeth become fangs! As she rushes forward to New Moon, the alicorn leaps backward to swing her sword. But Cosmos jumps to miss the swing, and comes behind the purple pony. Before New Moon could react, Cosmos kicks her in the back of the head.

This stuns New Moon, but she manages to swing the sword again to strike Cosmos by the face. The crazy pony screams as the side of her cheek marks the scar. New Moon swings again, ripping out Cosmo’s left eye with the blade. The villain wails, as her glowing right eye starts to beam out a ray, pushing New Moon back to have her crash against the cave wall. New Moon reflexes again, before a couple of crumbling rocks from above fall to crush her.

Luckily, she misses their landings, and jumps up again to avoid the next kick by Cosmos. The beast’s fangs try to bit at the alicorn’s feet, but the pony slides to miss and kick Cosmos in the chest. The enemy falls back, feeling the crushed diamonds scratch her clothes.

“YOU DARE RIP OUT MY EYE?!” Cosmos shrieks.

“It’s not like a had a choice!” New Moon retorts.

“You don’t even know what I’m capable of!” Cosmos warns.

“You’re nearly wounded…” New Moon tries to reason, “Just give in. You can’t win this fight.”

Cosmos grins, making the alicorn suspicious.

“You’re right… I can’t win… but…”

Cosmos suddenly tosses a ray out of her hoof, having its aura go around the dead body of the feral dragon she killed once before. The corpse’s eyes then open slowly, as it’s pupils grow very thin with blood changing it’s color to devil red. It’s hand the stretches its fingers like rubber.

The dead being rattles as the fingers bend like they have superpowers. They wrap around New Moon’s neck and limbs, throwing her to the grown to pin her down. She screams in horror, as Cosmos’ dragon pet starts to open it’s mouth, preparing to devour her.

“Little guy is pretty hungry.” Cosmos grins, “Looks like he can eat a snack.”

New Moon weeps, worrying this may be her end.


A sudden karate chop pounds out one of the teeth to the corpse, having the monster fall it’s head back as blood squirts from the gum. Cosmos gasps in disbelief, as the figure then rushes to rescue New Moon from the zombie dragon’s grasp. New Moon looks up, wondering who came to her aid.

“Kitsune…” she whispers.

The resurrected fox smiles down at her.

“KITSUNE!” Cosmos stutters, “Impossible! I heard you were dead!”

“Just got a little visit from Acree, a brief mentor.” Kitsune smirks, “She gave her approval for me to have one last chance.”

“Well…” Cosmos sneers, “I better make sure you’d waste it, then…”

Cosmos screams the command to her zombie dragon, as it flies over to now target Kitsune. The fox flies backward to miss its swipe, ready to try his new moon. He breathes slowly, remembering what he learned from his training.

“Better use my super transformation abilities…” Kitsune hums.

Thunder starts to boom around him, as light surrounds his body like an angelic bird. He flies up again, missing the next swipe from the dragon’s claws. He then sparks out electric volts to spark against the claws, shattering one of them into dust.

“NO!” Cosmos cries, “My poor pet!”

His next move dodges another swipe from the zombie creature, as Kitsune activates his electric sparks to move upwards in his hands.

“MEGA VOLTAGE!” Kitsune roars.

The lightening then blasts out from both his palms at they strike the forehead of the beast. He then makes a mighty hit with his fists, combining the incredible strength with electric watts surging into the cells of its brain. Of course, the zombie dragon makes a move that briefly traps Kitsune for a moment too.

Making a huge breath, it breathes out a boney ooze ball to knock the fox towards the ground. It then paces over to corner him, only to give Kitsune a chance to charge his power, feeling the surge pump blood into his heart once more. The final move Kitsune makes is SUPER lethal, that Kitsune wouldn’t dare use it in a martial arts tournament.

As the Dragon tries to bite the fox’s head off in the corner, Kitsune dodges under, and thrusts his hand up into THE DRAGON’S CHEST!

“URK!” the zombie dragon coughs.

It was to New Moon’s shock that she just seen Kitsune punch his fist straight into the heart of the zombie, having LOTS of blood bleed out the hole of the monster. This causes the zombie dragon to shrink, having bones pop out of the body until they disintegrate. Finally, even when covering Kitsune, ooze spills onto the floor, riding the slave that belonged to Cosmos.

The villainous pony drops backwards, as she looks angrily into his god like eyes.


“How do I put this delicately?” Kitsune hums, “YOU’RE A SOCIOPATHIC PSYCHO-BITCH! You’re overly obsessed with me and you can’t take a hint that I’m not into you. I already am in love with someone else. And your evil schemes are nowhere near charming! Even as you were a kid… you where still under my enemy’s control…”

“Even if I was villainous…” Cosmos scowls, “You still should belong to me.”

“But I never will." Kitsune sneers.

“Well…” she giggles, “Typical. I guess I have to kill you then.”

“Stand back.” Kitsune cautions to New Moon.

As New Moon does, Cosmos floats upward and flies really fast to punch the fox into the jaw. Kitsune then fights back by firing an electric spark to her chest, shaking Cosmos’ breasts in the process. Cosmos prepares to make her aura blasts, until she sees Kitsune powering up his energy really fast!

His certain Kaiō-Ken powers up twenty four times, as he sets higher up onto the ceiling of the cave. Cosmos cackles in ignorance, and floats upward to follow him. She swings forward her blast to try and rip his face off. Kitsune’s aura suddenly blocks the attack with a blue smoke pushing back the blast. The attack reflects back to Cosmos, melting off part of her skin. She then looks at her enemy in pure horror now.

“KAIO!” Kitsune screams.

His yellow blast from his palm hits Cosmos, going towards her chest again. The blast has her plummeting to the ground, making a crater as the blast pins her down to sink deeper and deeper. As the pain grows, her hellish anger starts to rise.

As Kitsune’s move is finishes, she lunges upward again. She flies at Kitsune, punching again and again as he dodges her attacks with relative ease. She then glances at New Moon at the bottom of the room.

“We’ll see who has the real broken heart here…” she laughs.

She then makes her aim, as she dives down to try and kill New Moon. She makes a glowing aura to pin the alicorn to the ground, as Kitsune’s girlfriend struggles to get free. Cosmos laughs, showing no mercy as she thrusts her hoof upward to make New Moon’s heart the bull’s eye.

"TIME TO DIE---“ Cosmos starts to say.

In a split second though, Kitsune flashes in front of the villain to protect the alicorn. It’s time. He finishes the battle by bringing up his Spinning Chi Ball. He opens his right palm and faces it upward, and places his left hand around his right arm for support. Then, he gathers the surrounding energy into his right palm and shapes it into an energy ball. Then, as the ball levitates into the air, Kitsune uses his index and middle fingers to direct the ball into heading straight at Cosmos, pummeling her multiple times!

The strikes are like fireworks, as they finally strike her in a colorful way! With that, one last explosion is made! Blood spurts, as Cosmos explodes into thousands of pieces, just as the fire dies down! The last strike is done. Cosmos has just been killed. The villain… is no more…

Kitsune then floats down slowly, pacing his feet onto the ground. The aura dies off, as he turns around to see New Moon. He helps her up to her feet, as she hugs him.

“You didn’t need to kill her…” she whispers.

“She was going to kill you…” Kitsune said, “And her criminal record…”

Suddenly, the ground rumbles. The two look around the room, as they realize the battle has damaged enough of the cave. Rocks begin to crumble, as huge slabs of natural rock fall along with it!

“HANG ON!” Kitsune yells, as he picks New Moon up into his arms!

He runs as fast as he can, as his two tails support the stamina of his speed. The alicorn looks up at her knight in shinning armor, running through the hall of the cave as more debris of rocks begin to fall. They’re almost at the exit of the cave.

Just a little faster…




Dead? No. THEY’RE OUT!

Kitsune looks behind him, as he sees that he and New Moon are probably a couple miles away from the mountain that shifted into anew shape after that fight. He sets his lover down, as she lands on her hands in knees in shock. She looks up at him, still in awe.

“You okay?” he asks.

“You… were dead…” she repeats, “I still can’t believe it.”

“Just to make sure, did you retrieve the final element?” Kitsune asks.

New Moon pulls it out of her pocket. It’s glowing bright gold. The fox grins, seeing the diamond shape of the treasure.

“Great… almost done.” he sighs.

“Kitsune…” New Moon smiles, getting up.

“Yeah?” the fox answers.

New Moon then leans over to kiss him on the cheek.

“Welcome back.”