Nucor's Counterattack

by Matthew Stone

In Which Flash Sentry Becomes an Evil Zombie

    Mokuba is sharing his same emotion of distress as the dark magical chains hold him down, along with his friends. He also looks at Twilight Sparkle, whimpering in fear as she looks at the horrific look of anger in Terrence’s face. Fluttershy weeps, as the evil brother digs his hands deeper to clutch hard onto Discord’s throat. Discord also looks back at Twilight and Fluttershy, then looking at Rainbow Dash, Spike, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, the Mokuba, as they writhe in pain. He then looks back up to his brother, feeling like he should just bark something at him. Instead, he weeps out to beg for mercy, also wishing that his friends would live.

      “Let them go…” Discord pleas.

      “Why should I?” Terrence mocks, “I’m already intending to have your main six friends and pesky dragon part of the zombie clan, as ordered by Nucor. As for the foxes, what should I care? And Mokuba… your mother and father are in for a surprise. When both the alicorns and unicorn come closer to me, I will strike them and consumer their magic. Imagine them then… controlled to kill their friends and families by my power! They can also manipulate earth and pegasi ponies by my command!”

      “YOU LEAVE MOM AND DAD OUT OF THIS!” Mokuba roars.

      “Oh, be quiet!” Terrence snaps, gripping deeper to almost kill Discord, “My business is just beginning…”


      The sudden blast hits Terrence hard as a meteor, as the chains suddenly disappear from Twilight and her friends. The evil brother’s magic weakens a tad bit before rising up again, as Discord gets up coughing back air. Terrence then looks up to see who’s responsible for striking the attack at him.

      “YOU DARE INTERFERE!” Terrence screams.

      Discord comes over to hug Twilight and Fluttershy, three of them then looking up to smile at their saviors joining their fight. Fireblaze, Skull, Blade, and Coco are trotting up to protect their friends just in time. Fluttershy was also relieved to see that Skull has his health restored.

      “Leave our friends alone…” Skull sneers at the villain.

      Terrence eyes Skull, then looks at Fireblaze.

      “I didn’t know one of Thanor’s sons would arrive here to screw up my desires.” Terrence scoffs.

      “There’s no way you an possibly drain magic from a DRAGON PONY!” Rainbow Dash smirks.

      “I have to admit, I already think Discord is a better creature than you are.” Fluttershy taunts.

      Skull approaches closer to Terrence to protect his friends, claiming he’s ready to fight anytime. He even holds up his scythe, breathing heavily. Terrence just laughs, curious to see if there’s anything else they have to say.

      “Well, a sicko like you wants to do this like a challenged brawl. Right?” Twilight asks.

      “That’s the idea.” Terrence smiles.

      “I don’t trust whatever death game this is!” Blade said, holding his swords, “You’re working with Nucor, and he released you!”

      “And what of my brother?” Twilight then demands, “You haven’t harmed him, have you?”

      “Not yet. But I’m looking forward to it.” Terrence cackles.

      “Discord’s brother…” Skull hums to himself, amazed of this calm meeting.

      The reaper pony then looks at his father approaching behind the twisted brother, Nucor. The zombie slaves follow him, circling around the heroes to trap them in a death arena with flesh eaters for the barrier. Twilight breathes slowly, knowing their battle fate. There’s no escape, and they have to fight to survive with no plan at all.

      “Looks like the gang is all here.” Nucor chuckles.


      “You always had it in yourself, didn’t you?” Nucor snickers.

      “Perhaps you can tell me since Terrence didn’t…” Twilight snarls, “I haven’t seen Shining Armor or Flash. Where are they?”
      “Oh, Flash?” Nucor grins.

      Flash and Shining Armor then rise up in the sky, with big vines binding them with Cosmos’ commands. The Volucris’ bodied villain looks down as she flies, smiling at the alicorns as mocking her brother’s demise. Twilight gasps in terror, as the vine starts to crush her loved ones.

      “FLASH!” Twilight screams.

      “COSMOS! YOU MONSTER!” Tails yells at the bodied Volucris villainess.

      “I love that anger of yours…” Cosmos laughs, “Hold it when we fight.”

      “LET MY BROTHER AND FRIEND GO!” Twilight shouts.

      “YEAH! THEY’RE MY FRIENDS TOO!” Tails screams along with her.

      “Really? Well, would you still fight them if they were… UNDEAD?” Nucor sneers, “Cosmos, would you?”

      “WITH PLEASURE!” Cosmos cackles.

      Cosmos then has the vine stab Flash into his veins, leaving him in squeals of screaming and pain. Twilight yells out a shriek of aghast, also having Tails feel high sympathy for her shock. TJ also drops down to his knees in disbelief.

      “FLASH! NO!” Twilight cries.

      Tails can’t believe it; it can’t be like the same thing all over again. Changing somepony into another creature is just something a bastard would do to manipulate them. This is also exactly what happened to Cheese Sandwich, which also distraught Pinkie Pie. The party pony can even see him in the zombie crowd now, whimpering.

      Shining Armor struggle against the vine, as he sees the vine lower Flash onto the ground. The changed pony than stands by his master, looking blankly at Twilight. Twilight didn’t want to admit it, but this pony she loves… is no longer Flash.

      “I’m ready to serve you my master…” Flash moans to Nucor.

      “See, tragic… isn’t it?” Nucor laughs at Twilight.

      “YOU WON’T WIN!” Discord screams.


      Nucor then makes a huge smoke cloud around him and Terrence, having both of them disappear immediately. Twilight and her friends looks around, wondering where they gone. She then sees that the zombies are rushing towards them, while Shining Armor is still bound to the vine.

      “LET YOUR FIGHT BEGIN!” Nucor’s voice erupts in the sky.


      Somewhere in the sky above the battle, the smoky ball that’s camouflaging Nucor and Terrence floats above Twilight fighting with Rainbow Dash and Applejack against the undead ponies. Nucor licks his teeth, as Terrence magically has a cigar appear in his mouth to smoke it. Nucor then leans close to his ear to whisper something at him.

      “This is our chance to plan.” Nucor smiles, “Once my son changes, you’ll blast him.”

      “I don’t plan, I already know the drill.” Terrence assures, “But at least I know what your son is capable of. I’ll get him for sure. Permission to attack my brother now.”

      Nucor lowers the smoke shield.

      “Go ahead.” Nucor chuckles.


       Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight Sparkle work as a team when they fight the nine zombies rushing towards them. When the first three of them come at Applejack, she hops back to miss their claw flinging hits. She then kicks her back legs upward from behind, targeting them to hit one in the chest. The move sends the zombie flying to knock over the other two underneath it.

      Rainbow Dash was surprised to see that three of the other zombies are capable of flying with their pegasi wings. They pierce by the cyan pegasi, trying to swat her towards the ground. Rainbow Dash huffs, and swoops around do use her sonic rainboom, that stabs through the zombies to burn them into crisp smoldering corpses.

      Twilight does her share of the fight as she goes against three more zombies. They expand their muscles with their sudden black magic, to try and hit Twilight with their coming attacks like wolves. Ian and Leo suddenly appear over Twilight, jumping over her back to kick the enemies in the face. Twilight guessed they followed Fireblaze and the others when they fell behind, and they now came at the perfect time. As Ian and Leo punch the two zombies, they grin at her. Twilight then smiles back, and then rushes up to the next zombie she sees. As the zombie rushes at her, Twilight has her horn spark out a giant ray that melts the monster. As it’s no more, she blew off the smoke from her horn, having her mouth air point upwards.

      Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Discord, Spike, and Fluttershy are up against Nucor and Terrence, as they suddenly slam onto the ground after their brief discussion. The villains roar and rush at Fluttershy for starters, only having Discord block their attack with a punch. Terrence then slaps Discord in the face with a might punch, having Rarity come upwards to kick the evil brother in the cheek, then breaking his jaw. Terrence then slaps back, knocking out a tooth from her mouth. Fluttershy then flies upward, having Spike on her back. The dragon breathes fire out of his mouth to hit Nucor, as she keeps throwing punches to slow down his stamina. As Nucor scowls at this, he strikes back to knock her and the dragon back to the ground. Pinkie Pie then uses karate moves to kick Nucor behind the back constantly. She then flings upwards with a backward jump to kick Terrence in the legs, having him trip to his feet. Discord then hits his brother on top of his head.

      Tails, TJ, and Mokuba then have their move to fight against Flash and Cosmos. Tails felt good fighting the crazy bitch, but Flash… he was Twilight’s groom. Well, this moment of the fight will have the fox express his deep emotions, and Flash IS NO LONGER mortal.

      With that, the foxes come against Flash whom his rushing at them like a super villain. The zombie pony raises up his fist to knock TJ in the chest, breaking one of his ribs. TJ wobbles at the pain, as Tails uses a Kamehameha wave to hit the zombie in the back. TJ also has enough strength to jump away from the attacks and vicious stomps as soon as the zombie gets back up to it’s feet.

      Mokuba fights against Tail’s archrival Cosmos. The Volucris bodied witch has her vines magically appear as they fly at the filly prince. Mokuba then has his sword pulled out, cutting and tearing apart the weeds that try to grab him. Bloody ooze also tears through the holes of the plants, as Mokuba jumps through the mix of wet red and green. He then is front of Cosmos, using his forehead to strike onto her own. She falls back, then throwing herself up to kick him into the chest. Mokuba falls back, having his sword held up again to continue fighting.

       Fireblaze, Coco, Blade, and Skull stand still as they look at their only opponent in front of them. Cheese Sandwich. Sure, he’s aided by his zombie slaves, but is there ANYTHING he can do. Still, Fireblaze knew Nucor planted something in him. Deciding to find out for himself, he charges at Cheese to declare the starting fight.

      The light pushes Fireblaze back, as he sees the sudden change going on inside the zombie. Coco hugs Blade in fear, as Skull squints to see Cheese’s body formation shifting. It’s all too suspicious.

      “Nucor planned ahead to help me do this….” the zombie Cheese laughs.

      Cheese then comes out of the light, bigger and badder. Skull growls at how hard this is going to be. Cheese Sandwich is now a huge fuath, a bloody creature with a dinosaur skull, black claws, and a huge purple tyrannosaurus body and tail.