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Babies put objects in their mouths so they can learn about the world with their sensitive lips.

Why mention babies in the description of a story about Ragamuffin, everyone's favorite new character from Hasbro.com?

Probably no reason.

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This is a thing.

All the women in her family had had the Sense, for as far back as she knew. Hers and Limestone's were tied inexorably to rock-related things. Pinkie's let her forecast disasters. Marble's... was best left unmentioned. There was a reason the girl was so quiet.

This is a thing with a really nice bit of headcanon in it.

This a thing that makes fun of Ragamuffin.

Have an upvote.

Yessssss. Let the Rarijack flow through you.

We've gone from dumb-creepy-stalkerish to Eldritch Abomination. Alert the Hunters.

Did... Ragamuffin just Navy Seal Copypasta us in Zalgo?

T̫͔͎ͅh͇̹̜̝̲͎̦o̰̼̗͍̯ͅų ͕͇͈͘ar̡̘̘t̘͕̬͉͍̞̖ ̰͖̙̻̯̜̺͡a̵̱l͎̦̼̮̖͉r̻e҉ad̞̪y̸̼̺ ͇͇̘͇̜p̯͈̺̭̝̻͔e͖͔͙̹͖̭̳r̞̫is͓h͏̱̞͕̼͎e̦͕̣͘d̢̞͍̩͚̬̪.̤͖̥̰̼͔͉


Author Interviewer

It took me like an hour to transcribe. :B

Rarity's taste in women far exceeds her taste in men, it would seem.

This was actually really sad for, like, a second. I was getting worried.

Damn it, they almost had him. Shit. He's slippery.

British people are so zany!

This was a mistake.

You know, I genuinely like Ragamuffin and I feel honor-bound to be triggered by all this.

But nah. :rainbowlaugh:

Okay, this got laugh-out-loud funny. Kind of in a terrible way, but still. :derpytongue2:

I hearby declare that I shall storm the gates and seeketh a character tag for our great and terrible Lord Ragamuffin.

So let it be written

So let it be done

Author Interviewer

Ragamuffin is a silly, silly pony. :B

Author Interviewer

Yeah, lemme know if that works out, for srs :B

MJP #19 · April 20th · · · Six ·

It’s all rainbow dash’s fault


Yup. Dat's real Limestone, dat is!

"Dat's Our Ragamuffin!" a.k.a. "Ragamuffin Turns Everyone Into a Lesbian."

Decent crackfic. You get a thumbs up.

I'm pretty sure show staff just don't believe British people exist.

Like, there's this whole island of people who talk funny and eat weird food and really like tea, and they just have to wonder when those folks are gonna knock that crazy crap off.

The weirdest part is, like half the people who make the show are Canadian. They're subjects of the Queen!

Sunset was about to bury Ragamuffin in a shallow grave next to human Sunset.

Its like, 2 in the morning and yet, I'm seeing this. I have but one question- wot?

Author Interviewer

But they're not Brits. :B

kits #27 · April 21st · · · Two ·

Never have I identified with Maud. Until now.

DHX/Hasbro need to join 2019 and just let these two kiss already

kits #29 · April 21st · · · Four ·

They know as much about brits as they do about southerners. Right, AJ?

Author Interviewer

These and many others!

kits #31 · April 21st · · 1 · Six ·

Ragamuffin is such an easy to hate character. Hopefully they won’t try to shoehorn him into more things like they did with glimmer.

kits #32 · April 21st · · · Six ·

Not PG

“Hold up a sec. You, Mrs Anti-frou-frou, kissed Pinkie Pie?”

Rainbow put a hand to her chin and her eyes screwed up in thought. “Does it count as a kiss if it’s not using the lips on your mouth?”


How do you expect me to leave after that?

Marble's... was best left unmentioned. There was a reason the girl was so quiet.

Marble is the gate and the one who guards the gate. Marble is the key and the one who knows the gate.

"Incidentally, totally up for being in lesbians with you."
"Sunset, this is not the time for Scott Pilgrim references."

Remember, don't break anything without permission!

I feel like there's a story here...

Also this chapter is not mobile-friendly.

In any case, wonderfully disturbing bit of... whatever this was. Thank you for it.

Author Interviewer

You're welcome! :D

MJP #38 · April 22nd · · · Six ·

Needs more capper

Ever wonder why so many awful American actors trying to do "British" accents end up sounding vaguely Australian?

The Australian accent itself actually comes from 18th- and 19th Century British emigrants (and convicts!) from the South of England; the London ("Cockney") accent takes on Australian vowel sounds if you try to pronounce words in Cockney while straining and stretching your face, as if wincing while working in the unfamiliar, unrelenting bright hot glare of the sun. (Try it!) In time, that simply became the way everyone there talked, even when cities with lots of shade (and lots of indoor jobs) started to spring up.

I think the same thing happens with non-British VAs who try to do British accents - I imagine they can't help but pull stupid Dick Van Dyke faces in the recording booth, and so the same inadvertent transformation of vowel sounds takes place, with the same results.

Anyway, I always wondered about the Pyramids, so it's good to have that cleared up.

Ri2 #40 · May 3rd · · · Two ·


Ri2 #41 · May 3rd · · · Four ·

Wait, Applejack ISN'T an authentic representation of southern rednecks?

Ri2 #42 · May 3rd · · · Five ·


Also, those two lesbians are so cute.

All I'm saying is that Yog-Sothoth does tend to produce twins.

Ri2 #44 · May 3rd · · · Six ·


kits #45 · May 3rd · · · Six ·


It’s always time for Scott Pilgrim references.

Ri2 #46 · May 3rd · · · Six ·

She shouldn't have much trouble with Ragamuffin, then.

"Dat's real coprolite, dat is!" he proclaimed.

Getting better...

"Dat's real foive gee cuv'rige, dat is!" he declared.

He could have just looked at the screen. 5G coverage. :facehoof:
Oh Ragamuffin, how this fic turns you funny. I'm trapped.

How, Ragamuffin, how? :rainbowderp:
What are we supposed to do with you? :derpyderp1:

Wheezing, the boy clutched at his chest. He collapsed to one knee, vomiting a chunk of apple, a circuit board, a piece of brown rock and something shapeless and invisible onto the floor. They could tell where it was by the stomach acid it displaced.

Judging by that, has he drunk a lot of chemicals before? And the moment interrupter! How could he? Simple.


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