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After being inexplicably portaled into Equestria, Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle try to figure out what the hell to do with you. Apparently, they knew this was bound to happen.


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Okay, you got me. When is a small SUV like a bad comic book?

EDIT: 9534698 answered the riddle for me. No need to keep sending me answers, thanks! :twilightsmile:

Darnit, you actually made me read an anon story. You bastard!

At least it made me laugh, so you are forgiven. For now.

Big promises, little content? Seems like something new and different but it's really just more of the same? 90% things you aren't interested in and only 10% things you actually want?

Illi #4 · Mar 29th, 2019 · · ·

Damn it, I thought this would be an anon story, and I got duped into a batman story. I should have caught on the moment he started speaking the Anon was actually the Riddler.

Here's your upvote, you earned it.

You clever son of a mule.

Solid gold. It just is too bad that his foe is just as persistent, even more so.

DAMMIT, Riddler!

When it's a crossover. Naturally.

This was wonderfully, gloriously stupid. :rainbowlaugh:

Motherfucker. You got me, you sonna bitch. This is my favorite type of anon stories. The ones that are gloriously stupid.


Came for the metafic, stayed for the BATMAN! Have a like.

Tempest: "I'm Batman."
Batman: "No, I'm Batman."
Tempest: "Wanna brood?"
Batman: "Sure."

Mwahaha. This was glorious!

*<>* Batman has trans-dimensional warp gates now ... ~Guess im not save after all ...

I was thinking a Boom Tube via New Gods tech.

"We call them Anon.” Celestia says, thankfully changing the subject. “I believe the term comes from the Old Equestrian term for 'soon.'"

That's genuinely brilliant.

:rainbowlaugh: As was the story as a whole. Fantastic bait and switch. Thank you for it.

*<>* me thinks its a portal gun .
~ its most likely a Wayne Corp portal gun with a Batman logo instead ...

When you want a homicidal disk operating system - Aperture Science. For everything else, there's WaynTech.

I did NOT expect this. Bravo! :rainbowlaugh:

I saw the ending coming. But holy crap did it make me laugh anyways.

A crossover indeed.

Whenever you want it to be.

Wow, this was funny and a surprisingly good read and not what I expected.

I would call shenanigans, but that implies it's a bad thing.

Well, that was unexpected and hilariously so.

Riddle me this...
...no, really, someone make a riddle of this story.

Wonderful, masterful misdirect. Loved it.

SUV’s are sometimes called crossovers.

Up in the vaulted ceiling, the faintest flutter of shadow. Lord knows how anyone could find shadows in a place so sunny and bright and saccharine as this, but if anyone could--

I was just about expecting Luna here.

What does Edward Nigma say when he's out with his girlfriend?

"Diddle me this!"


I had a suspicion that Riddler was involved the moment I saw the thumbnail and crossover tag.

Nice one.


I'd never heard that. Good not know.

I’m expecting the Riddler to be in this story. So cool.

“We call them Anon.” Celestia says, thankfully changing the subject. “I believe the term comes from the Old Equestrian term for 'soon.'



I did not see that coming. Well played.

I read this without looking at the tags first, which made the reveal even better. Brilliant job from start to finish.

Forgot the second person tag.


I DID NOT see that coming! Though in retrospect, it makes perfect sense!

Ok, wow. At first, after reading it, I had on a face of grumpy befuddlement, then the connections slowly started to form, and by the end I'm laughing too hard at this.
That was beautiful. Lovely trick there, at first I was thinking this was a randomly powerful Anon, but now it all makes sense! I really enjoyed that.

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