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Rather than a foal Velvet could also go the way of the British clergy of the 1800s. A class of not overly devout, well educated, 2nd and 3rd sons who were instrumental to a bizarre amount of scientific discovery and artistic merit. This random fact brought to you by a pendantic jackass.

The black unicorn mare was taller than most, with a dark green mane and glasses sitting on her muzzle. Hidden Figures

No no no. That's not suspicious at all. I wonder if she has a twin sister named Crystal List.

First son for ruling, second for marrying the rest for the military. I think that's the medieval tradition.

Alright, good start. Though I got to say, this romance drama looks like its really going to get out of control in the future thanks to Cheerilee and Fluer.

It updated to include the clergy in the Victorian era. Usually 3rd sons, sometimes 2nd if the family business was the military.

Third part out now? WHEEEEEEEEE!!!

or 4'th depending on if you view the Twilight fic as part of the story or not.

Never even saw it. Lol. I'll read it tomorrow.

Making more racket in yet sleep


sense of content dread as Cadance the room

Cadance left the.

May and will you gladly tell me about that Crystal List person, good sir?

“Lord Armor, your Princess needs you to come into her castle. There’s a raging fire only you can save her from!”

So cheezy, You could make quesadillas with it... Oh, now I see why Twilight's so scared of them.

“Well, after my son decided to play with that other mare we brought along, I thought it best that a pony of yourwife’s beauty be kept elsewhere,” Strong Withers told him before smirking at the irony. A member of a proud and connected unicorn family, now nothing more than a plaything for an earth pony’s amusement.

Jesus, I think Upper Crust was better off just going to jail. I am genuinely curious how her story is going to play out now.

Poor Fleur and Velvet... I hope things work out for them... There is a powerful dread about them both thanks to the peek at the future. Also, wow! Cheerily is crushing hard... Or is this another plot by Nightmare Moon? Even with the look at a POSSIBLE future, it is worrisome. I love what you've managed to do with it already! So glad to see this! And hee, Chyssi getting her breakfast early.

Interesting that the Sparkle's might have another foal in this alternate dimension, wonder why there isn't a law about choosing the gender of a foal. I wonder what 'reeducation' from the theastras unicorns and I shutter. from the Twilight story it sounds like it isn't a certainty that Shining Armor is with Candence or Sunset, wonder if Cadence jealousy had gotten the better of her at one point.

I so, so hope Hidden Figures is a red herring and that Chrissy has an actually decent disguise. It's just so absurdly obvious that'd be insane for her to do so.

Of course, it might be Taking Refuge in Audacity, but still :derpytongue2:

How's all that entitlement working out for you Upper Crust? Are Earth Ponies really bigger then Unicorns?
SO Velvet want to add to the family because they now have so much time and bits on their hooves they don't know what else to do with it, seem like a worthy venture, my only thing is this, assuming "Twilights Timetravling Adventure" is canon for this story time linethere was never a mention of another sparkle sibling and Velvet doesn't seem to be around at that point in time. However, if it's not fully canon, then my previous statement is void.
I kinda wanna see Flure get with somepony else, anyone else feels bad for her? Like her future is, look good, have foals, kiss plot. Is that really what anypony wants?
Hi not Chrysalis, how are you today, thank you for waiting to enter until round one was done, I'm sure you were just waiting doing nothing what so ever.
LordBrony, this story is my new crack, just saying. Don't leave us hangin man!


assuming "Twilights Timetravling Adventure" is canon for this story time line

Probably not I think TTA was there to set up an instance of Starlight, Twilight and Spike outside of the universe/time stream. They'll likely be a driving force to change things away from TTA, like the 2 different timelines in Back To The Future Pt I.
Although this part is probably the same across both timelines and well TTA said that Pregnant mares died from Tirek's attack.

sounds a lot like a certain bug doesn't it?

I've just finished reading sunset reset. Quit going so fast!!! :raritydespair:

I think Sunset should be the High Princess.....

Good story. Nice to see it continuing.
I do wish I could slap Cadence and Celestia silly over their reactions to Princess Twilight though. After all the problems they had because of acting from incomplete information, they've completely jumped on the idea that Princess Twilight is an Evil Monster(TM) without considering that they don't know everything, or for that matter, considering that maybe Twi didn't have all the information they did.
I can understand Cadence and Celestia's anger to a point, but after finally starting to fix their own relationships with long overdue communication, they've just found a new scapegoat to blame for many of Sunset's troubles, and if Princess Twilight makes an appearance, I see them jumping straight into the same mistakes of assuming the worst with her that they originally made with Sunset, without having learned anything.

I love this series! It's so hard to read, cause I can hardly wait to finish each chapter because I just want to see what happens next! I mean that in the BEST of ways mind you. ( ; One of my hopes for this story is that Celestia finally drops the "stupid stick" she's had stuck up her plot since Sunset Reset and gets on board with things. :P You've done a MAGNIFICENT job of portraying an ageless Alicorn who's had millennia to get stuck in her thinking, but it's also frustrating as heck waiting for Cadence to finally get through to the old nag, you know? Speaking of which, looking forward to seeing Cadence continue to be just the best. XD

did you read
Twilight's Time Traveling Troubles
it explains allot about what that twilight is like

Miseed that somehow. Thanks.
Doesn't put Twilight's state of mind in a good light, but it also makes me want to skip just slapping sense into Celestia at this point in the story and go right to the trying a giant sledgehammer to drive some sense into her head approach.

well considering what was also told in that story, she earns it more than just her actions in the previous stories.

I am loving this story so far. What are the odds that it continues to release at the current rate?

You know the ironic is that they or mostly Celly from Twilight's original timeline influence her the most. I wonder if this Celestia would kill her canon self for making a quick error somewhere along the line...

Then again I might be lingering towards mix feelings, since Twilight's have some crazy moments, while normally she is smart. It's just Canon Celestia you could have trained her to stop being so... gah! Nevermind, it's a habit she will keep......though she can be adorkable.

Now for Cadence and Celly of this series, part of me wants to slap them silly disregarding the side story, but I have to take partly from a emotional pair who have grown to love and care for Sunset like deep family....So I will cut them some slack from opinion....still would say if Princess Twi(who canon Celly allow her existence to come forth by giving her that unfinished scroll) didn't keep her there, then chances are Sunset wouldn't have learned this humility and recovery. This might be a stupid comment, but I felt like saying this.

From the description I'm just gonna say this preemptively.....DAMNIT STARLIGHT!!!!!

Sigh, I am seriously tired of this whole blaming Twilight attitude. Its just really irritating that they keep using her as a scapegoat for Sunsets actions and sadly we are stuck with it as shown in that other story, they never let go even though you would think they would at some point mature and say "Hey, we don't know the whole story, there might be another side to all this."

Not that it matters since that story really screwed the pooch with Twilight, making her uncharacteristically insane and violent. So yeah.

Now I just wonder though how this whole time traveling thing will be resolved and when?

Well, she was in combat for long, then was given half-an-hour of break and then Discord came and spoiled everything. Celestia became enraged, then exhausted and tired mind of Twilight short-circued and she went insane.

But still, she did things in front of a foal and should be punished. If her temporal unwind will succeed, of course.

Ok, the Pinky and the Brain reference was gold. I both laughed and facepalmed at the same time. However, I'm really starting to think that this NARF thing is what caused Spike to be a thing in canon.

Trixie, Sunburst and Starlight were cute, even if Starlight is, seemingly, turning I to canon Twi just replacing Celestia with Sunset. We see how that could end up down river as it were, but I've got a feeling that Pri-Twi is going to show and change things.

So a five star fiction. my grade for it so far is 9/10 only because it's not finished yet :rainbowkiss:

turn it into an oversized portate


Knowing that she'll eventually get redeemed in the future, I'm really curious to see what sort of hijinks Chrysalis will get up to while she's Hidden Figures. And the circumstance that'll start her down the road to reformation.
That said, the introduction of Neighsay mid-chapter and the continued vendetta against Twilight does sour the mood briefly.

I wonder if Cadence is going to get Jealous of Shining armor and try to use her love spell on him and Fleur, there is nothing to indicate that from Twilight story that he is with Sunset or Cadence, heck we don't even know if present Celestia was referring to him specifiably. For Sassy liking Fleur my understanding was that they had tried and didn't work out between them, and Fleur seems to be pining for Shining at the moment their friendship will probably stay platonic between them, and shows that Cadence's clairvoyance isn't perfect either and that she isn't spot on on everything. I wonder if Velvet's next foal is going to be called Dusk Shine? I find it off the Nerd Herd rejected Shining out of nowhere I am guessing there doesn't seem to be a lot they could do in the story, still a little period of awkwardness in the sudden social divide between them before distancing them from him for a while, wonder what go though their heads like that, still it looks like the mares are more then willing to take their place that they foolishly left over a piety spite.

So is this series going to end with Sunset forming a harem out of all of her friends and their associates?

I'm 'meh' about it, because in typical needless drama fashion, Cadance failed to let Sassy explain what she actually wanted to talk to her about.

I’m just amused that Cady went with the blind panic method of dealing with saying something awkward. Also the story would be over too quickly if Fleur’s problem came to light when it can be easily dealt with by either anyone with real political clout.

She knew it was silly, even stupid, but but she couldn’t help but feel nervous.


“Making more racket in yet sleep, little missy,” the cranky voice of Cheerilee’s father’s older sister called out from beyond the door. “Now get out here and eat yer grits.”


Shining Armor felt an odd sense of content dread as Cadance the room and Sunset rolled on top of the young stallion.

missing a word or two.

Yoish! This is what I'm talking about! This fic is carrying on the tradition of being all the win as the first two fics.

Now all we need is to see Luna get saved, Twilight's and Starlight's to meet, and see filly Twilight grow up. And Sunset get her happily ever after. Maybe stop by Earth when their timelines get back in sync (rather than 1 mo / EQG min.)

You need to read Sunset's Crowning Achievement ^_^. That's the fic before this, and really takes that momentum of the first fic and keeps the awesomesauce that is this series going.

I have faith is Cadance. Cadance in this series is just full of win!

The scent and taste of human was just so intoxicating , and Sunset’s fingers could reach everywhere, servicing Cadance’s ever need.


Cadance blinked at her own words. Just a month ago, she probably would have even considered something so...aggressive to sum up the ideals she wanted her descendants to carry.


Eight-Bit looked back and forth. Eh? What’s going on? Uh, Shiny? Are you taller?”

missing beginning " mark.

“You want me to beat them up?” Sunset asked. “Cause I can give them a real reason to play the victim card, if you want me to. Not just the crappy ‘you’re popular now so go away before you pick on us us’ one they’re pushing.”


“After we had a more successful picnic for Applebloom, Ah got to thinking. If things had gone a bit different, mah foals wouldn’t have ever known their grandpa.

“So, I’ll be taking you and two of your foals, you can leave Granny Smith here to watch Applebloom and...oh!

Apple Bloom is a two word name. The only Apple in Sweet Apple Acres with a one word name is Applejack, named after the process of making hard cider.

“Well, as much as I could go for some home cooking, I’ve afraid everything needs to be prepared Canterlot style,” she said before putting on a more disgruntled look. “You know, tasteless and bland.”


The Twilight fic wasn't canon. It was the author messing around. But yeah, even in the series it's slated for Chrysalis to be redeemed (since redemption, and "Love / Friendship Conquers All" is practically the motto for MLP:FIM.).

But it'd be interesting to see how things go from how they've been building up, to a satisfying redemption (and hopefully this fic takes up the fanon "Changeling's able to give friendship" rather than the pastel color-bomb eye sores the show came up with.

“DOOOOOOOMED!” Sunset said as she galloped away in a panic rather than let Cadance talk her out of freaking out.


Immediately what I thought of:

Well, they have a biased view. Plus, it's MUCH easier to blame somebody else than yourself, especially if they aren't there.
Twilights story even shows that she has no idea why they'd even be angry at her - which fits with both this story and canon, as why WOULD Twilight know how important Sunset was to Celestia?

Also, Modern Major General reference! =D

While Sunset tried to convince her that Princess Twilight wasn’t a bad pony, she was just too biased and forgiving to see the other alicorn for what she really was. As for Cadance, she was glad that whatever time travel magic that sent Sunset back to Equestria before she technically even left had disrupted such a pony from ever coming into existence.

You know it's things like this that make me worry you absolutely hate Twilight Sparkle and this is all some elaborate revenge fic to ruin her life and make Sunset god.

Most of the hate is based off your personal cannon that being hornless and magicless is torture to a unicorn (something Twilight can't be judged on by us as readers or you as a writer cause it's not canon) and a character misunderstanding that Twilight even knew Sunset was Celestia's daughter and that Celestia would immediately want her back.

I'm just sitting here hoping you're deliberately making it a misunderstanding for drama that will later be resolved but fearing you're just making the characters hate Twilight cause you feel some personal vendetta against her. :unsuresweetie:

“There’s my Sunset. You wanna have a roll in the grass with your sweaty, sweaty princess?”

Coincidence or reference?

But now, Starlight knew what she really wanted to do. She wanted to be like Princess Sunset, strong and powerful, but kind and helpful. She wanted to help Princess Sunset, she wanted to show her that she was worth the time the amber alicorn was investing in her. Starlight didn’t quite know how she could help an alicorn, but she would study hard and be the best in the school since the Princess Herself attended so when the chance did come around, she would be ready for it.

You know, I can see this becoming an issue with another purple unicorn in about, oh, 10 years was it?

I am not comfortable with the idea of parents using magic and or science to pick the gender of their child.


That story never happened. And if it did happen it was just a hate sink to a poor mare who lost her whole universe and just did what canon Celestia told her.

[As for Cadance, she was glad that whatever time travel magic that sent Sunset back to Equestria before she technically even left had disrupted such a pony from ever coming into existence.]

You do know that being happy that a whole universe was erased from existence is quite dark, right? Are we going to get Nightmare Cadence in the future?

Also we get enough of this from Celestia and is getting really really repetitive. Could you cut it out from now on or just resume it?

Readers hate being told the exact same thing a lot of times by the same characters in the same story. Even Dresden from the Dresden Files rant about how wonderful magic is despite the fact it can be quite horrible usually doesn't happen more than once or twice by book.


And of course that story that never happened completely ignores canon Twilight is just canon Celestia trained dog. Not to mention it has Twilight being attracted to Celestia something that's not canon. And yet she is supposed to be canon Twilight. And also has Spike ignoring that Luna is apparently dead in that timeline and also has him almost ignoring how many more ponies died on that timeline.

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