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This story is a sequel to Sunset Reset

Sunset Shimmer has returned to Equestria with all the magic of the Elements of Harmony inside of her, traveling by accident ten years back into the past. Nearly all-powerful, but far from confident, Sunset questions her choices... and most of all, the possible consequences of her action. In particular, will the changes she's made to the timeline prevent her best friend, Princess Twilight Sparkle, from achieving her own destiny as an Alicorn?

What's an all-powerful Alicorn with a talent for magic supposed to do about it?

An unofficial crossover between LordBrony2040's "Sunset Reset" and a "Canon" Equestria Girls / MLP timeline. (At least until Sunset changes things, again.)

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 8 )

Well now, this should be interesting.

Seeing as quite a few people didn't like his take on PriTwi in Twilight's Time Traveling Troubles this might make some of them happy.

So far I'm rather intrigued, and look forward to more.

This does look really good, and I am looking forward to mroe of this concept.
But I must ask - is Twilight's Time Traveling Troubles going to be canon or not canon in this? Because I found that story really confusing, and am wondering if this is going to be a sort of alternative thing to that or no.

This is set very close in time to Sunset Reset (weeks or months at most, I am not specific on purpose)... and Twilight's Time Traveling Troubles is, of course, set years in the future. so, technically, given multidimensional theory, both this story and that could be canon... *chuckles*

But to answer directly this story is not going to fit into the canon of Twilight's Time Traveling Troubles. This is going to be pretty obviously divergent from that story.

Well, all I want to know... is a non-Princess Twilight Sparkle going to get a ring on her Celestia’s version of the journal, while she researched the lost library of Equestria? Cameo chapter?

Might consider changing the order of describing their relationship to her and Shining who loved Sunset and her, right now it looks like Sunset could be in love with herself.

The interesting thing is that Celestia’s journal would be connected with itself, meaning it either would now connect three journals (one alternate) or sever the connection to the non alternate journal.

Any inspiration for this lately?

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