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Fun fact: Contrary to popular belief, while Ponyville does seem to have more mares than stallions from what we've seen, pretty much everywhere else we've seen seems to have approximately equal numbers of mares and stallions.

Another chapter already :pinkiegasp: You're too kind.

I think my favorite part might have been your little epilogue to "Bats!" Because unlike the people who seem to treat Fluttershy like a goddess, I am entirely convinced that that whole thing will have to ultimately end in either the vampire bats or the Apple family being removed from the orchard. So I always kind of enjoy seeing a bit of that.

damn, good chapter.
i hope i get to see more of this story soon

I... Demand... MOOOAAAR!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage: Umm... If that's okay with you...

Wait a minute. I didn't notice when I first read this (probably because I was in "Yay new story!" mode), but this whole snob thing is kind of awful. I can only assume that you just wanted to get across the idea that ponies are not prejudiced against homosexuals, but instead you've gone and made it so that the Canterlot ponies are prejudiced against homosexuals, and everypony else is prejudiced against those who aren't bisexual (or possibly homosexual, that's not entirely clear). So basically they're all bigots now. That's some Unfortunate Implications for you.

You don't think the fact that ponies are all bigots is unfortunate?
I can understand why the Canterlot unicorns might be intolerant, but I can't see why everyone else apparently attacks anyone (or at least the mares) who aren't bisexual.

And I haven't quite decided whether or not I should be offended that this seems to be saying that being straight is bad and that everyone should be bisexual. So far, I'm leaning towards "not," but only because I'm pretty sure that this was unintentional. Right?

Ok, first of all, pineapples don't grow on your traditional trees. They look like this:


It takes forever to grow a fruit like that, you get maybe two in a year from a single plant, so if this is a moderately popular beach all the ripe ones will probably have already been picked.

Secondly, they're only mildly salt tolerant, which means you can't have them growing directly adjacent to the beach where they're constantly buffered with salt spray. They will die. They can be near the beach, but not directly on the beach.

Finally, I swore you almost got close to the joke about the pineapple and the yo-yo.


The beginning of the adventure is from the MLP comics where pineapples do grow on trees instead of coconuts. (and get ponies drunk, but I'm caving to the fandom of cider for that one).

Good sequel so far, but I really want a story with a little more direction. You've got the right pieces with DADA coming up, although slice of life is also very good.
Keep up the good work, and don't feel the need to change any of your plans. This is just my opinion.

Awesome story. Just as great as the first one. Will Fae go through more MLP episodes? I'm curious what you would do with the season 4 finale.

Hell, I didn’t remember the mane six fighting anything at all beyond the changeling invasion of Canterlot.

Really? :ajbemused:
Off the top of my head, they've also fought Nightmare Moon, Discord, Sombra, a manticore, a dragon, an ursa minor, a cockatrice, diamond dogs, parasprites, a hydra, and a timberwolf. Sure, some of those "fights" were of the "run away as fast as possible" or "blast it with the elements" varieties, but some were legitimate fights too.

And I was going to put my money on Fae's sickness coming from a recent lack of orgasms.

Ahh, okay. I guess that just leaves Sombra (which I admit wasn't much of a fight) and the timberwolves.

Something else just occurred to me. Haven't you established that changelings can only turn into a pony they can see or something like that? So how does that brothel work? Does the changeling go sneak around and find the pony the customer wants, change, and then sneak back or something? That seems more than a little inconvenient. Or do the changelings not take requests?


The brothel will be revealed in a future chapter

Good chapter. I'm looking forward to seeing how the meeting with Twilight's parent's go's.

So many wrong or misplaced words.
And. I. Don't. Care.
This is hillarious.


Well yeah, this has 0 editing done to it.

Uh, so when will she lay eggs! Come on! The suspense is killing me!

Awww! Still no eggs? Some queen she is.

To be completely honest, I didn't think this chapter was that great. It started out by taking four chapters of "I don't want to have sex as a mare" buildup and just tossing it out by having Fae just decide to give in. So that entire little subplot has apparently amounted to absolutely nothing. And then nothing really happened in the rest of the chapter. Just Fae rambling on and a few small things that will hopefully turn into something interesting in future chapters.

Like I said, there were a few small things, like getting the wedding dresses and visiting Twilight's parents. But I'm pretty sure that those things are just there to set things up for future chapters. There wasn't really anything to make this chapter special or interesting on it's own. The climax of this chapter (pun completely intended) was probably supposed to be Fae finally having sex as a mare, but like I said before, it was entirely anticlimactic. In fact, it was so anticlimactic that I suspect that little arc might not actually be over yet.

It's back!!! but now a have to wait some more. :fluttercry:

What did you expect? the whole out-right graphic experience?

No, I just expected something a bit more monumental than Fae basically saying "Okay, I'm fine with this now. Let's do it." This is like if in Lord of the Rings, after all of Frodo's growing attachment to/obsession with the ring, he had just tossed it into Mount Doom without a second thought. Or if halfway though the prequel to this story, Fae (or whatever we were calling him back then) had just told Twilight he was a changeling and everypony was fine with it. Those aren't perfect examples, but they're the best I can think of right now.

Yea, I see what you mean, it would have been better if it wasn't for the...

So it was my man card VS Twilight Sparkle’s look of concern.

Yeah, that fight took all of two seconds.

Feels like it could have been better like if "Twilight Sparkle’s look of concern." was replaced by "Twilight Sparkle shoving her head into my crotch.", makes it feel more like a 'caught off guard' type of thing and still feels like something she'd say/think. Still kind of abrupt tho.

on another note: I hope you make him her a badass teacher that takes shit from no one. Walk into that class room like you own it! 'cause you do.

I loved the chapter.
But for the scorpion and the frog.....

As i recall the scorpion didn't cackle or laugh.
I'm pretty sure they did not even reach the other side of the river.
The scorpion stings the frog halfway through and kills them both "because it is my nature"

But maybe you heard a different version of the story....



No that is how it really ends, I and I did point out the fact the main char changed the story to make the scorpion seem all the more devious. Like Discord.


I kinda suspected a little but I wasn't sure....
how devious of old Fae....

I expected this whole chatper to be just the dinner with Twi's parents, good to see it was more then that.

Now can we have super badass teacher Fairy?

How very interesting. I look forward to seeing how you handle Fae's mental collapse.

I think I would have preferred it if you didn't go all psycho on us. However I will continue, and I hope you do too. :trixieshiftright:

“Are you real?”

BWAHAHAHAHA! What a way to end it! :rainbowlaugh:

"Nope, I'm fake." :trollestia:
Then she dissapears.

Are you real?

Is this real life?

Just wanna say that I love your work, this story especially! Keep up the greatness!

Can't wait for the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

Nice chapter. You've resolved the biggest mental problems of Fae, and wrapped it up in as little time as possible. Although I wonder what He'll do about the class now...

Huh. You'd think they would've used the idea that being in a lucid dream confers essentially reality warping on par with Discord within it, being that it's all in your head anyhow. Easy to test, just try to do something you couldn't do given your 'character' in the dream. Works for any character shy of a reality warper.

I want to take you home!

Understandable. She failed as mentor.

Ho, Celestia is a bit freaked out by humans? In any case, I certainly didn't see this coming to pass. Why is Sunset still in the human world, anyway?

I had cared the shit


Twilight’s told bed


As soon as I saw "Fine, Equestria’s real. I admit it, you're right, I’m wrong. Let’s go home…now.” I expected the sign to read "Welcome to Silent Hill".

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