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Luna must find a gift, so she creates one.

My modified entry for Iron Author at EFNW 2018, dedicated to Monochromatic and Novel-Idea, both of whom insisted I enter.
A special, heartfelt thanks to Grand_Moff_Pony for handing my entry an honorable mention.
And many thanks to Carapace, Blue, Dreamlag, and many others for their selfless help and encouragement.

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Comments ( 41 )

I like that the identity of her lover is left up to the reader. It was a really nice touch!

Who knew perfected joy could be so beautiful:eeyup:

This is such a pretty story!

8970049 Is a mystery~

"the metal that was the sun and moon, the unadulterated ore of twilight."

Loved this bit here. I also loved how you gave such wonderful descriptions to each of the three pony tribes. Wonderful!

Yay! And also, finally your teasing ends, Jyki.

I think this is a beautiful story. Very nice indeed.

Very nice. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Short and endearingly sweet. Noice~

considering the color of moonstone, and the white silvery of the platinum? i have a very good idea who it is. you even said their name once.

Wonderful. I look forward to seeing more from you.

You even acknowledge that alicorns are the embodiement of all three pony tribes. Something that is forgotten much too often amongst our writers.

Three points for Ravenclaw!

The Divines smile at the depiction of the forging of this gemstone. Well done.

when I first read this I thought luna was gonna pass a kidney stone

Damn nice job Jyki. Really captivating use of language. Any sort of process writing can be unbearably dull and this is exactly how you avoid it. The prose was elegant but not overstated. I hope to see more in the future!

Lovely character piece. I liked how you explored Luna through her work, and how we got glimpses about how she sees the world.

Very promising first foray in the world of pony-words.

I can't help but wonder what our beloved, lost Loyal would think of this. It would seamlessly meld into his story of the same name very well. (Even if that wasn't your intent).

That was a delight to read. Nicely done!

Short, sweet, deid evocative, and bonny world-building besides. Not bad at all. :pinkiehappy:

Hey everyone! Sorry for the late replies, been a bit disoriented as of late, but let's go!

I mean, I guess I am pretty transparent about it ahaha.

Yeah, I really wanted to try to make it up to the reader, as I felt this piece was much more about Luna herself then about any specific pairing. Thanks!

The subtle joy of a token carefully crafted.

Thank you for pushing me to finish it, Blue!

*whispers* No one will ever know.

Thanks! I am very fond of platinum as a metal, so i did some research of the superstitions around it. I am very glad you enjoyed it.

I know right? Finally... I hope you are doing well, Belt.

Thank you for reading it, I'm very glad you find it beautiful!

I am hoping I can share more sometime; thank you for reading!

I was a bit worried that it was too short, but I'm relieved that you liked it!

I tried to be subtle! But yeah, I know, it is kinda obvious considering the markers, but that's just because I'm trash for that ship.

During the contest, I kinda latched onto the idea of giving tribute to each of the tribes and got really excited about building some lore for them. I am really happy you liked it! It was very fun to write that part of the story. + 3 🦅 ( no raven emoji D: )

I'm very glad the Divines are pleased with my work. I hope to offer something else they will enjoy in the future!

Oh my god, you have no idea how funny/terrible this is right now. Or maybe you do, if you came here through Monochromatic's blog.

Thanks, Nonchalant! I was a bit worried that I was writing too purple, but I pared it down when it was getting too distracting the best I could. I'm relieved that I managed it. Glad you liked it!

I am very fond of Luna as a character, so I'm very glad that you enjoyed this rendition of her! Also, your profile pic is really great, I can't stop laughing when I see it. Thanks!

I actually do know of Loyal, I read one of their stories a long time ago. I also saw when they passed, and I'm very sad that it happened. It wasn't my intent to mix the two stories, but I am very okay with others interpreting them to be together! I hope, if Loyal read this, they would have enjoyed it.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. Hope I can commit to more stories!

I can't believe I was complimented by the one, the only, the amazing Carabas! There is no equal in this world! A person beyond all reproach and with beauty and handsomeness to spare! Thank you for your kind words!

pff... it's subtle for ponies. if you remember, discord 'shouted' the hedge maze was a trap, and it's the first place twilight 'dragged' everyone else to.

besides, for a first story posted- it's a great success

8972255 A mystery indeed! Crafted by someone who is both a BRILLIANT ARTIST and BRILLIANT WRITER!

Flattery'll get you everywhere. :raritywink:


That was very good. You paint as well with words as with your brush.

It was a very thoughtful touch, and I liked being able to imagine the identity!

8972294 I just can't~ Your talent must be praised~

Thanks, Hap! I'm really flattered by that. I am hoping to work on writing something else, alongside practicing more of my visual art.

May the Gods guide you towards the light, and bless you with the literary genius they gave Shakespeare

Indeed it would! I was on writing staff at EFNW, and this story appeared on my judging slate for the Iron Author contest. The prose swept me away from the very beginning, but I was 100% convinced that Luna was creating a weapon, or some kind of artifact. So, I was floored when our kind author here inverted the trope and pulled the 'gift for a lover' card out of nowhere. :D

But here's the kicker. At that point, I had finished the story, and was already very impressed. But because of the way Chrome loaded the story page on my laptop's wide screen, it cut off the very top of the page. So I didn't see the title before I began reading.

When I scrolled up to enter my scores, and saw the title, I had to cover my mouth to keep from screaming in shock/excitement. To be honest, I was torn between the possibility of the title being sheer coincidence, or that someone out there had read the other Moonstone, and was channeling it in their contest entry.

I'd say the former was the answer to that, but either way, this was an absolutely beautiful story. I was glad to give it a shout out at the awards ceremony, and while the winning entries were indeed excellent, I'm bummed that this piece missed the podium.

Still, I agree with MagicMan's closing point. If he's up there seeing this story, I think our dear friend Loyal would be giving a big thumbs up. :)

Oh, and of course: Congrats on the feature box!!!! :pinkiehappy:

I'm very glad you enjoyed the story, thank you again for giving it accolades at EFNW! You're right, I have not read Moonstone by Loyal, but I may read it sometime.

Awww... It's nice to have some fluff every now and again.


Just wanted to say hi while I had the spoons :'D

I still lurk. Where ever there is TwiLuna to be found!

And this one was lovely! Hope J graces us with some related scenes.


touching the platinum with her hoof and feeling it to be true—the metal that was the sun and moon, the unadulterated ore of twilight

A little late to the party on this one, but wow. Immersive beyond belief.

Dramatic, beautiful.

Monochromatic promoted this on her blog so I shall now read it.

I have reviewed this here.

Author Interviewer

Daaaang! :O I love the focus on incorporating all three aspects of her being into the creation. :D

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