In a dark place named Tartarus, a subterranean hellscape between worlds, humans and ponies are paired together at random to survive a gauntlet of horrible monstrocities while the future of their realms hang in the balance.

Now, are you buying that? Good. Cuz I'm friggin' tired of having to explain it all on top of dragging this annoying-ass unicorn around the effing corridors of purgatory along with me. You'd think the damn, burning yahoos who run this place would give us rest stops to drown ourselves in beer or something. Friggin' A.

Oh, and some ponies and humans spill blood together and stuff. I dunno. Stop playing BattleDuty: Future Football and read this, or whatever. Like I give a crap...

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... Yeah I'm not going to bother reading this...
But well done in getting a 10 chapter story up in one day.

I'll take a gander at it after it's gotten a little bit of polish.

Fimfiction: the place where people come to read stories about MLP Fanfiction... just as long as those stories don't contain too many words ('cause words are scary, man), in which case you can expect whining. Lots of it. :raritydespair:

On the other hand:

The air around us crackled with invisible popcorn as a she erected a green shield in front of us.

Chromosome confirmed as Mario.

This story represents at least sixty-eight of the reasons why we're debatably platonic soulmates.

... and then BAM, 40,000 words out of bucking nowhere.

Also, that style of titling your chapters... I feel like I've seen something similar already...

Meh, you actually wrote, so I guess all entitlement goes to you.

And I'm not sure why, but I imagine Lyra panicking with the same inflection as Kevin Hart.

What IS this nonsense.


I'm going to have to read this stupidity aren't I. If I like it, I'm going to be so mad at you.


best story i have read to date, from where i'm at this just delivers and delivers, next to my little dashie this has become my favorite. this is awesome! one question, why does the main character need to be a jerk? I mean yeah, its keeping them alive, but he could be a little nicer to Lyra...
so far this story get five yay's out of five. just superb. and it knows how to tug on the heartstrings a little, may shy rest in peace.

Well I liked it.

Good character arc, interesting (and incredibly metal) choices of decor, but honestly this didn't really feel "My Little Pony"-ish. This felt like something that goes in the "Now go change all the names and publish it" category (which in my opinion is better)

I very much want to see the next arc or if this is all you had in mind to write that's okay too.

Have some mustaches for a job well done.

:rainbowderp: HOLY HELL, i wanna see this in a movie version. i would KICK ASS!!

oh... my... sweet... jeasus... that was the best story i have read to date! even better than My Little Dashie! your sure as hell better than me! i get the essance of the reader actually being the character every so often, you got it! i was gripping the story from start to end! perfection!

Great stuff, here. The ending was a crowning moment of awesome and heartwarming, all in one. :trollestia:

Nothing is ever what it appears to be in this story, and I like that! Hell is overwhelmed by the power of cute ponies and friendship.

This story is beautiful. So much raw violence, blood, and cursing. :rainbowkiss:

You and me both, dude.

Fluttershy is probably the WORST pony that could have been chosen for an endless deathmatch. :raritydespair:

Would you be any kinder if you were suddenly dragged from everything you ever knew and tossed unceremoniously into a cursed shithole with nothing but a pony and a weapon, and then watch your friend(s) get ripped to shreds in an endless wave of trolls and orcs? I think he actually has a pretty mild attitude about this whole ordeal. :rainbowlaugh:

This story is so incontrovertibly epic and reaches such high levels of pure awesome that I can't even comprehend just a tiny fraction of the sheer WIN this story is made of. It has gained a very permanent spot in my top favourites list of any story for always and eternity.

You, good sir, are a GOD. I bow down to you.

Point there dude, and you're right about the Shy and the deathmatch. she does come through in the end, thats a HUGE advantage for the main character, lyra, the other human (I forgot! :derpytongue2:), and AJ.:ajsmug: all things aside, this story is the most boss thing ever.
:yay: (a yay, just for good measure:twilightsheepish:)


I'll come back and edit this comment once my brain has stopped leaking out of my ears.

D'aww isn't it sweet how he slowly learns to appreciate the good things by slaughtering hundreds?:rainbowkiss:

Pretty nice :p
I was thinking about how :twilightsmile: would have exterminated orcs and trolls and anydemons with insane magic, but then I remembered that the ponies were taken close to Sugarcube Corner, and i asked to myself : "where is Pinkie ?" :pinkiegasp:

So I'm asking to you, author, "what about Pinkie ?" :pinkiecrazy:

966928 Why does everyone love My Little Dashie. It's a case of the early bird, it was the first decent story, so it got 4000 likes and absurd popularity. Other stories, such as The End of Ponies, are still sitting at 700 likes when by MLD comparison, they deserve 26K

And the other guy did the same thing with the worlds creepiest Lyra gif

964006 If you like short stories, go to SS&E's other story, the end of ponies. You will love its ability to be short and sweet:pinkiehappy:

“Was for Fluttershy, ya lousy, no good creeps!”

World suddenly loses colour around me, everything goes into slow mo. Sadness and Sorrow from Naruto starts playing.

WHOA! :pinkiegasp: :raritystarry: Short Skirts, you ROCK! Holy crap, this action is amazing! And Shawn is already horrendously lovable! Exclamation points get my excitement across!

Why didn't I start reading this right away? Why, why, why, why, WHY!!!?!?

*heavy groan* I suck as a marsupial.

You... you killed Fluttershy? You went and described Thunderlane's electrocution and subsequent mauling, suggested that Carrot Top didn't stand a chance from the get-go, and now you killed FLUTTERSHY?

Shoooooooort SkkkiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIRRRTSS!!! :flutterrage:

Any story that can make me laugh, gasp, fist-pump, and rage like this within 2 chapters has already secured its place in my All-Time Favorites. Even with all the swears. :twilightsheepish:

And, of course, you make AJ awesome. Why am I not surprised.

I love how you dove right into the story and are revealing little details through their passing dialogue--like how many there were to begin with, the idea of the paired shock collars, and their Sisyphus-aided skills with their given weapons. The action sequences are vivid and intense, the humor is spot-on and well-timed, and the characters are already diverse and complex.

And this, Short Skirts, is why I lurve you so much.

No wonder my pathetic little "hell" fic wasn't doing anything for you! With an action-packed Tartarus fic like this in your head, Gary Stu Satan is horseapples compared to your gory mess of awesome.

Will continue tomorrow.

Ha! "Does it have toes...." You would, Skirts. Of course you would.

The emotions and messages I'm getting from this are surprisingly deep. I guess you just can't pull away from teaching us a lesson, huh? Philosophers...

This is remarkably original. I wonder how you came up with it. Perfectly descriptive. I also wonder how much like Shawn you are IRL. :raritywink:

AHHHHH!! Holy crap, this is intense! You're a master of cinematic writing. I can see this stuff happening like its the midnight premiere!

Good to see you're finally living up to your name.

Gotta read more!

1046360 And also...DAMN! ss&e rights fast... apparently he places his ability to create such masterpieces at the drop of a hat to Dr. Pepper. A helluva lot of Dr. Pepper. Maybe I should start drinking some Doctor; apparently it makes the greats, well, great.

It's interesting to see Lyra as something other than the perfect, stoic, intelligent, and best pony stranger. From the same author. Eventually I'm gonna get those advanced ponimoticons so I can put Lyra smileys all over the short skirts and explosions.

Perhaps at this point I'm only spamming the comment section, as I'm sure the author reeeeally doesn't pay too much attention to him when he probably gets a million and nine notifications daily... but damn, for something he whipped up in a frenzy, it really is good. Granted, the main protagonist seems practically indestructible, like he's got some sort of blessing of Ares, and Kelly ... does she really have feelings for Shawn?

There's a lot of win... perhaps it isn't exactly my cup of tea, but it's pretty good, nonetheless.

Wait a minute... where do creatures who are already in the afterlife go when they die?


Yeah, go Lyra, show Shawn what it means to be a true friend!

Also, it just seems like such a shame that these interim chapters go by without a single comment. The zeroes must be eliminated!

In other news, moustache.


Andy Griffith


Could question, who is Andy Griffith? and if you mean that horrible childrens author I will continue to worship you for you are Short Skirts, but less.

some sort of diplomacy bureau... or a conversion cabinet.

Oh I see what you did there Skirts. Sneaky references

Subtlety? Wats dat den?
I didn't have to suspend my disbelief so much as chloroform it and lock it in the cupboard under the stairs but once that was done, this was a rather enjoyable read.
You should write an epilogue. Just a small one. Tag it at the bottom of a blog of something.

Have a plus. I know you like them.

Wow that was a good read. It nearly made me late for a doctors appointment but who cares this story was worth it.

We need more of this type of protagonist. Yeah I realise he's hardly anything new, but I'd rather the Cynical asshole hero then the cowardly/weak hero, one simply is more awesome (or maybe it's because my personality is EXACTLY like his)

1027090 Way ahead of you, been praying to the great short skirts since The End of Ponies, his first and best fic

Well, I can say that the time I spent reading this was anything but wasted. The sheer audacity of this story astounds me, and I mean that in a good way. I am reminded of Gurren Lagann, mostly because of the stupidly crazy-awesome badassery that the heroes display. Your fight scenes are incredibly, terribly visceral and detailed, and damn, I can see it unfolding in my mind as I read. Plus, all of the characters you introduce us to are so vivid, so easily intelligible as independent personalities that I actually teared up through the last half of the final chapter. What you did with Shawn's character is amazing; such a complete and yet utterly believable transformation, it's a thing of beauty.

I mean, shit, bro, I am impressed.

Well that was awesome. Wouldn't mind an epilogue though.

This just in, Shawn wasn't an absolute dick for once!
back to you Diane

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