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Just a gal writing about gals bein pals

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Dat Appledash. D'applejash? :rainbowwild:

I FREAKING LOVED THIS!! You did an awesome job! Also, I read this at work and coworkers have been asking why Ive been blushing like mad for like 30 minutes :rainbowlaugh:

Heya, don't forget to add a link either to my DeviantArt or to my fimfiction so people know where they can get more cover art like yours!

Killed the parents right before Christmas eh? Bummer.

Nothing quite like the passage of years to bring out the feels. Makes the ending feel all the more worthwhile. The beginning was adorable too.

This is pretty dope.

God damn it, Bacon Bitch :flutterrage:

Oh god, that text conversation... did you have to make that quite so horrible? All that mangling of punctuation, spelling, grammar and the language in general... is this really how people text? If so, there must be something wrong with them. It hurt to read.

It was definitely how people, especially children, texted back in 2004. Phones didn't have auto correct and mostly used 9 number keypads.

It's a period piece.

Wait, so you went to the trouble of establishing how evil!Sunset fucked up their relationship á la canon, something which most of us (including Sunset herself) would rather forget about, and then in the next chapter you just skip over the entire drama plus resolution? What even was the point of it, then? Sunset could easily have fucked with them later down the line, without it ever impinging on this story. It seems weird to set up Sunset stealing RD's phone like it was going to be a plot point, then not do anything at all with it.

Okay, let me rephrase my earlier statement as it was not an adequate description. Ahem.

this is fucking dope.

Thanks for making this, man. I was getting Life is Strange vibes the whole time. You put a lot of thought into...everything. The Ketchup plot didn't go anywhere, but yknow what? Who gives a shit. Still a solid drama romance.

Plus, uh. Well, the most overarching tone I was drawing from the chapters was what exactly makes these two love each other? know what. Fucking awesome. That's exactly how these relationships role.

Call me rambles and shoot me. Love your shit as always.


(sigh) It's shit like that ending that reminds me that Sunset in canon really isn't a good well written character. No, I'm not apologizing for that.

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