• Published 28th Aug 2017
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Next Time - Oroboro

A summer day spent at Sweet Apple Acres sees Rainbow Dash making a new friend. Her relationship with Applejack won't always be easy, and it keeps slipping away. But it's something she'll always come back to.

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Comments ( 6 )

Dat Appledash. D'applejash? :rainbowwild:

I FREAKING LOVED THIS!! You did an awesome job! Also, I read this at work and coworkers have been asking why Ive been blushing like mad for like 30 minutes :rainbowlaugh:

Heya, don't forget to add a link either to my DeviantArt or to my fimfiction so people know where they can get more cover art like yours!

Nothing quite like the passage of years to bring out the feels. Makes the ending feel all the more worthwhile. The beginning was adorable too.

This is pretty dope.

Okay, let me rephrase my earlier statement as it was not an adequate description. Ahem.

this is fucking dope.

Thanks for making this, man. I was getting Life is Strange vibes the whole time. You put a lot of thought into...everything. The Ketchup plot didn't go anywhere, but yknow what? Who gives a shit. Still a solid drama romance.

Plus, uh. Well, the most overarching tone I was drawing from the chapters was what exactly makes these two love each other? know what. Fucking awesome. That's exactly how these relationships role.

Call me rambles and shoot me. Love your shit as always.


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