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Rarity thought that taking a temporary job as Canterlot Castle's royal seamstress would be easy. She was prepared for the glitz, the glam, the all-nighters, the intricate art of dealing with nobles, and even the string of suitors vying for her heart.

Admittedly, she hadn't counted on Princess Celestia being one of them.

Collection of drabbles and ficlets set in a RariLestia AU created by Misago and me.

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Is this fic the start of the Rarilestia AU that you mentioned?

if she marries a princess does she become a princess by marriage?

And I hope we get to see Twilight's reaction to Rarity getting with her semi-mother-figure

yep yep, i've been working away at during my down time while at work bc obviously working fifteen hour days and being sleep deprived for weeks is the best time to crackship

Rarity's title would Princess Consort.

It's great to see you fleshing out this AU and publishing these stories, and I'm quite fond of how well you captured the interactions between Rarity and Luna. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the stories and Rarity with Celestia.

Somehow, someway, you manage to make every match of Rarity and a Princess work wonderfully Mono. I wonder, when this is done and EL is on another break, if a third Rarity will not somehow woo Princess Luna to her side as well.
Food for thought. Anyway, this is an intriguing start that I shall be paying close attention to.
*Gathers his tears bucket for the inevitable flood of feels to come*

Zounds and gadzooks! Now I have this to read as well?

You're going to spoil us, Chrome.

Hope we see you in October!

Rarity and Celestia.

I can get behind that!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Omg yes finally1

I like it, I like it. I've never seen a story like this before, and I have to say, it works. You earned yourself a new follower. :ajsmug:

Now this is a ship we only see on the very rare occasion and to have it written by the Queen of Raritwi?
This should be very, very interesting.

Whoa, it happened at last!

At the beggining, I was dissaponted, MONOCHROMATIC DOING A SHIP THAT IS NOT RARITWI!?

But then I started to read, and... oh boy, you can make any ship work.

i hunger for more already mono :)

Heyy, yes!! i'm very excited to share this au with any rarilestia folks out there. And thank you, I really do love writing Luna so that's great to hear :))

Silly James, you say that as though Enchanted Library is going to ever come out of hiatus in the first place! Hahahaha!

what do you mean i'm writing anything but Enchanted library, YOU'RE WRITING ANYTHING BUT ENCHANTED LIBRARY

Anyway, I'm glad you liked it! I also love RariLuna so hey, that might be a thing one day!!

Yee BD


And what do you mean, this as well? This will replace the other thing you were reading o: multiple ship reading is very difficult, silly Phyco

The end of the RariTwi Empire comes with the dawn of the Rarilestia Empire huehuehue

Thank you!!! I'm glad you liked it, and I hope you'll enjoy any future story!!

Yeah hahaha the Queen of RariTwi is slowly but surely ridding herself of that pesky title and moving towards her true destiny: queen of rarity crackships >:D

It did!! o: be excited, itll be pretty okay


heeee more will come soon!! promise x3

Their elegance and poise combined would be blinding to behold!

That's great to hear!

...And wasn't Rarity/Luna a thing from you as well?

Oh so very intriguing! :trixieshiftright: I love how Luna just slips those little hints through to Rarity. She's so sly and I love it, like "I know you like my sis and I know my sis likes you, just, you know, letting you know you guys are so NOT subtle like me...get gud or get 2gether yo. Peace." <- Luna, probably.

I haven't ventured into Rarilestia yet, but if anyone could convince me it's a good pairing to consider it would be you. I'll be reading on! :twilightsmile:

That last piece of dialogue. I really gotta say...


There is literally nothing forced about what I'm reading so far. Brilliant, well-paced storytelling as I can see, and a nice little theme I don't often see in these fics: Rarity employed at Canterlot. *Boom* Dreams come true. Waiting with bated breath for everything to crumble to pieces. :pinkiecrazy:


I am such a sucker for rarilestia stuff yay

ok i ship rarity with pretty much everyone but still

I come back to fimfiction after a year hiatus to find this fresh in the newsfeed? So awesome:rainbowkiss::heart:

I love it so far, Mono.

You've gotten across quite a bit in the little that you wrote, and honestly it breaks my heart to hear one of Celesita's past loves died of a lingering illness, tis never an easy thing to bear...

Well, actually, that was somewhat of a lie. She always knew greatness and fabulosity attracted the very same thing, and frankly she was saving Equestria just by offering them dazzling designs to wear—now, if only ponies actually wore clothes more frequently.

You always capture Rarity so well. Going to be looking forward to more of this.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh boy! I want this so much.

Lovely work, I can't wait to read more. :)

AAAAh it is finally here <3 I've been waiting for this~

I already said all I wanted to say, but let me just reiterate that your character writing is nothing short of amazing. Everything, fromt the pacing to description and dialogue is absolutely perfect!

I can barely wait until the next chapters~

Very difficult, you say?

My body is ready, says I.

This is cute. Tragicute.

Also I now ship mono and the feature box.

RariLestia from Mono? Well, that's new.

And straight to the favorites we go. Looking forward to more.

Well then in that case: All hail the new Queen of Rarity Crackships. :raritywink:

Can't wait to see more! Favourited before I even started reading it!

Mono writing a non-RariTwi ship. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

My curiosity/interest has been piqued. Please continue

Huh... I'm okay with this!

Would that I could lock you in a tower so you might ship the rest of your days. Eagerly awaiting the next piece.

Awesome writing as usual. Though now we need to add on to your title of Queen of RariTwi.
I suggest "Rariship Empress".

Hmm.... Wasn't there different cover art yesterday?


This should be very interesting.

I won't say that I hope you die, I know you will, one day... I only ask that if you become a ghost you possess me at least once and write something inspired. I haven't read anything this lovely in years on this sight, I can't recall the last time I read something and wanted to feel more, though I imagine this must sound queer.

Romanticism aside, this is wonderful, and challenging, I sorely hope you see it to the end.~

Hmm. A non-RariTwi stort from Monochromatic? Well, I guess the torches of heresy can be stayed since best pony is still in it.

Can't wait to read this when I get home today.

this site needs more pure romance it really does god pls

Mono, you tease us too much :rainbowwild:

More shipping when? :pinkiecrazy:

Rarilestia by Mono? Unexpected, but this I shall read.

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