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Georg’s Thoughtletts - Like Snigletts, or Drabbles, only more thoughtful. Ideas inspired by stories but too small for stories of their own and too large to throw away. (see Drabbles) Normally left on unsuspecting author’s blog posts or stories like droppings. Do you remember Kentucky Fried Movie? Kind of like that.

And now we return to our featured presentation, Cannibal Alicorns on the Moon.

Posted today in honor of April Fool’s Day, for all of you who make me act like such a fool. Thank you.
Cover art Twilight Sparkle by Marenlicious at DeviantArt

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First! Oh, wait. This is my story. Wonder if I should post an update every year on this day.


Yes, and delete it every year on the second. Gotta leave them in suspense, right?

If you have to ask, the answer is always "yes."

Fun! Thanks for assembling these fragments!

In Empress's New Clothes, I'm guessing some filly tried to get her cutie mark in sewing, but she did such a bad job that Celestia said her project turned invisible?

And in Four Horses of the Apocalypse, I'm guessing Conquest would be Babs or maybe Gabby (either way, not appearing in this fic because she's out conquering)?

And yes... "My name is Hurricane, Ruler of the Clouds" really fits. Perfectly. Except that something else did stand... thanks to her friendship.

At to the last thoughtlett makes me wonder if Sweetie Belle is related to Princess Platinum. This also scares me as to what might happen if Blueblood ever tried to cook

I'm still deeply in love with the thoughlett about Spike and standardized testing. :rainbowlaugh:

Would that last line indicate that Sweetie Belle is actually the lost misplaced heir to the Unicorn Kingdom?


And now I'm imagining a story where a cabal of unicorn royalists (or, more benignly, a collection of unicorn nobles) stumbles upon Sweetie Belle's "cooking" and immediately tries to coronate her.

A delightful collection of your shed ideas. I wish I'd thought of this. I don't exude as many story snippets as you do, but I know there are some buried in forgotten comment sections about the site.

In any case, thank you for sharing these. :twilightsmile:

As is often the case with this sort of thing, I must ask: blame or thank?

Is the Element of Courage vodka or bourbon?

Depends on the proof and if its carbonated (carbonation facilitates the absorption of alcohol). Anything with alcohol is the Element of Courage.

"All right," bellowed Platt, pointing at the gigantic creature crawling down the inner wall of the apartment complex. "Somebody didn't pay attention to the 'No Pets' clause in the lease. Who owns that tarantula?"


"Right. Now that it's all over, I just have one question. Are you color-blind?"


So Celestia put all those points into CHA, and the Map has gone from "Cutie" to "Booty".

And would the Treebrary be an ent, or an entwife?

You know, I read that as The Particle Physics Gardening Blog

Only with ponies does that make any sort of sense. :rainbowlaugh:

"Every available minute, Your Horribleness." Hench bowed and scrambled back to his chair, thankful that the Dark Lord had not only assigned The Rules of an Evil Overlord as required reading, but had read it himself.

Rule #34: I will not turn into a snake. It never helps.

or even a story about the possible supernatural properties of alicorn stool.

Which begs the question of where or what has been done with Celestia's royal stool for the last thousand years?

My Fellow Princess Celestia,

Spike brought up an issue that I failed to consider and now the Library is sentient. To prevent further accidents, what is the proper disposal procedure for alicorn and dragon stool?

Princess Twilight Sparkle

Golden Oaks wants to know that your overdue fine now greater than annual income for Ponyville!? How long ago did you check out Rodrigo Hardflanks, Stallion of the Sun? Don't make me come and collect that book and fine!

I really should see to writing that study on alicorn coprology.

It is amazing how many of these random snippets are hilarious. I guess that's why they are posted here.

Something else to keep up to date every year.

My contribution following the head butting by Flurry:
"I would recommend capping her horn before trying to feed her again," Nurse Redheart said after applying a dressing to Twilight's abused belly. The doctor left the room just a few minutes ago after taking care of the no longer bleeding wound, shaking his head about the joys of horned foals.
She glanced at the giggling foal. "Especially with a horn that large," she said just loud enough for Twilight to hear. "How is your head feeling?"
Twilight gingerly touched the magicked bandage around her head. The throbbing sensation from her abrupt introduction to the ceiling lessened noticeably with each passing second. "Much better, thanks. Any idea how hard it would to have this stocked at the castle?" She paused and added, "Actually, any chance I could just hire somepony to stock the castle with a fully stocked clinic and a part-time nurse?"

I like the leveling one, and the one with the Mars Rover. Both explain so many things.

But why do you have to add borderline disturbing ones that make your stories a fair candidate for the AACK folder?
No one wants to think of feeding babies, and the Marines one -- just no.


On a discussion that broke out in the Writer’s Group about pet peeves, with one of the commenters who did not like stories that refer to ‘Luna’s Moon’

And sometimes, it's a euphemism for her butt. :trollestia:

The batpony smiled, and then proceeded to lick her eyebrows .


The mars one is my new headcanon for Horizon Zero Dawn

8838709 Twilight paused again. "Wait a minute. You're female. Have you ever thought of a short career in nursing literally?"

8838740 If that's borderline disturbing for you, I've got some bad news. It's called the rest of the site. :pinkiehappy:

Huh. Surprised to see more of I am not a Firefly after all these years. At least I think that fic was from years ago.

All-in-all, an amusing pile of horse words. Thanks again!

No radio signals at all from the nearby Chinese rover, which verified that it had shut down for the Martian winter in order to save batteries and the RTG pellets in its generators for the critical task of keeping warm.

Point of fact: RTGs continuously generate heat and electricity at a slowly declining rate dictated by the radioactive half-life of the isotope used, and can’t be “shut down” in the conventional sense. Disconnected from an electrical load, yes, but the isotope continues to decay and generate heat, creating a potential across the terminals of the thermocouples. The output can’t be saved for later use except by charging a battery, or using a phase change material to store the heat.

I try to pretend it doesn't exist.

I'm not sure if I should feel bad for snapping up Thoughtletts before you can get them here, or ashamed at how few I was able to find. :raritywink:

Pony Blood Bowl somehow managing to stay just on the Y side of ratings would be hilarious. So much implied violence, so many comedic misfires.

Why am I just finding this?! I am ashamed. :facehoof:

These are good thoughts. Mine would be all like "C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me."

Ok, I *planned* on posting this on Friday the 13th. Just pretend I did. I'm slow.

Celestia produced a club from behind the throne and blew some dust from it. "That's why I invented this. I call it the Romance Club."

I think she's going to need that club for Bean pretty soon. :twilightsmile:

What's the difference between Snigletts and Drabbles?

War, War, More War, and Even More War

Yep, seems about right.

I like these.

I'm going to have to ass you to leav--"

ask? Though it's still amusing either way.


drabbles dribble out on their own, sniglets get caught on the way out


that's the joke- a Freudian Slip is when you accidentally misspeak in a way that represents your actual thought process. Twilight was thinking something about asses. Or possibly Freud was a hack and these things just happen. One of the two.

I... don't think that's the reason. Maybe Estee is writing another story.

It's interesting to wonder how the narrative climate shifts as some author or another steps up to the proverbial plate. In my case, ponies probably find bits of collectible cardboard in nooks and crannies where it has no business being. :derpytongue2:

Also, I loved human Pinkie bursting in a puff of logic confetti. Definitely not that first one.

Take another look at the would-be villain's name.

Seems I need to pay more attention. In my defence, I was just about to leave the house when I read it. That counts, right? :derpytongue2:

Ha. Luna's timing with that remark was great. The spit-take is a classic for a reason.

I don't even want to know about the "phoenix" eggs...

Ah, I remember that comment on Wedding March. Good times.

I wonder what it looks like to them when I start writing...

"Uh, Rarity? Have you ever... um... tried to remember something, but you feel like it's not quite the way you remember it?"

"Whatever do you mean, Spike? The past is set in stone like it always has been, and Starlight hasn't tried to reeducate us in at least a month."

Rarity rose on leathery wings. "Ah, that's where I left those eggshells. The ensemble I was picturing for the Hunters' Ball was rather centered around them. I have no idea what I would have done if they weren't there."

Spike shrugged his wings along with his shoulders. "Eh. It's just this feeling I get sometimes. It's probably nothing."

8839457 In this case, it's the computer version of 'shut down' as the RTG generated power is used solely for a heater element instead of driving any computing equipment or motors.
8839869 Generally, I try to keep them short so I'm not trampling over the original author, but sometimes I get carried away and that's fine for Never The Final Word. Win/Win.

Well, now I have several other stories to read.

Given that first one, I can't help but imagine Green Grass watching the bee with a blend of scorn and jealousy.

:pinkiehappy: "So you want her to... buzz off?"
"Not now, Pi— Wait, her?"
:pinkiehappy: "Of course, silly! Filly bees do all the work. Colt bees are just there for the queen. I wonder how that works for changelings..."

"Ah, a Chased Lounge," said the mare. "A true classic. I see my niece has things well in hoof, Mister Night Light. I shall bid you good day. Oh, and if you could give me directions to Rock City. I have another employment possibility there."

I'm not sure what I like more here, the mental image of Poppins vs. Pies or the ambiguity as to whether her niece is Cadence... or Celestia.

Wonderful stuff. Clearly I can't hope to capture most of your drabbles.

And now I want more of BeanBreaker. Darn.

"So when does the mare lay her eggs?"

I think we need to get Rarity's mother involved for that one.

She was too busy looking with wide eyes at where the crown had landed. And which one of her other friends it had landed on.

:pinkiehappy: "I shall rule with honor and insanity!"
:twilightoops: "Don't you mean integrity?"
:pinkiecrazy: "Nope!"

Should I recognize the character of Lavine? I mean, I don't recognize any of the characters from the summoning vignette, (Yay! Spelled it right first time!) but the way that it's structured, I fell that it's intended that I recognize Lavine. Is she some sort of cat-woman?

9546590 I hope you don't recognize the name. I just sorta pulled it from thin air, but it may have been something I was exposed to several years ago and I brought it up without realizing it. And I was thinking more wolf-like, but cat will work too.
9546537 I'm still determined to write a treatment on The Crystal and the Mirage when I get time. I think I can pencil in 2027.

That was an amusing summoning, even if it is a gross abuse of magical power. I hope he gets a second date.

9546537 9546594
I'm just glad to have contributed to the canon of egginess. Still waiting to see the results of Twilight creating life ex nihilo for (possibly) the second time, by the way. Not so much the Princess of Friendship as the Alicorn of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

"I don't understand! I promised to give Derpy a blueberry muffin when the new Hairy Trotter book came in if she gave it to me first."
"I gave her two," said Green Grass. "And a head start."

Next time? Just buy two copies. ;)

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