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Takes place AU in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, pre Captain America: Civil War. With inspiration from the Spiders and Magic series.

During the six months of having Spider powers Peter encountered a strange power which takes him to a cartoonish place where everyone has weird names but a lot like his without the superheroes. At Canterlot he befriends Twilight and helps her in her quest to investigate the strange going ons at Canterlot High.

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excuse me sir can I have some more. :twilightsmile:


Huh, That fanart wasn't up long before someone used it in a story. :pinkiecrazy:

Love the Youtube Intro, the story intro is coming along nicely. Please continue.:twilightsmile:

I am so glad you cameod Stan frikin Lee in this. Colour me intrigued on this story. Have this like and fav,along with my hopes for more soon.

7927219 your the first person to notice


That's great.

Just like all marvel related Stan Lee is there. I hope neither Twilight and Peter trasfer to CHS as i never liked that in the movies.

"You're not scientifically possible." Did I just have a flashback to Spiders and Magic? If so, I can't really blame you, because Spiders and Magic was my inspiration for my own Spider-Man/MLP fic. So far, yours is off to a pretty good start, and a unique one, too, using Sci-Twi instead of Equestria Twilight. Gonna be looking forward to more of this story, and the deepening of Peter's relationship with Sci-Twi . . . assuming he can get in Shining Armor's good graces enough that Shining Armor won't mind him and Sci-Twi together.

7928581 actually it was supposed to be a reference to that episode with. I me travel and future twilight dressed up as solid snake

Good chapter! If it were my personal preference, it could be paced a little better, but that's just my preference. This is one of your stories and you should keep writing the way you can the best! I still have been looking for a decent MCU/Mlp story and thank you for providing me with one! So keep up the good work!

7929484 thanks hope to hear mroe form you as I write more

Awesome Chapter. And from my guess, the MCU movie you said, Is it Captain America: Civil War?

7929592 Will do! I looked at your list of stories and i noticed something. A bunch of them are unfinished. Are they all non-oneshots?

7930494 not I am just really bad at finishing stories but I will plan to continue and finish this one
Hope to see what you think of this new chapter

7930502 Is it...........The Avengers: Age of Ultron? Can you give me a hint?

7930537 it's already happened and no
Wait till next chapter

7930547 ok, and is that tomorrow or something?

7930576 P.S. From what it looks like from that chapter, does Peter's costume look like this?


7930607 P.S. I was wondering something. Do you think that my OC can be a part of your story? You know, as a cameo. Just like how Spider-Man did in Captain America: Civil War?

7930619 sorry I don't know if I can unless I have any description of him

7930624 oh, he has stories of him on Facebook. He's in a group called the Justice Ponies Fan Group. Does that help?

7930627 Actually, I have a story of him on my FIMfiction account. You can find it from there.

7930627 sorry I am nto taking requests to use ocs at the moment

7930631 that's ok. It was just a question. It's cool. Keep up the good work.

7930499 Still, I speak from personal experience, it's kind of hard to try and keep up multiple stories. However, from what i've seen, you do pretty good. And I can't wait for the next chapter!

7932099 I am focusing on this one and I should have a new chapter up soon

7932133 awesome chapter my friend and I can't wait for the next upload for this story I'll be waiting my friend and keep me posted on the story thanks

Awesome chapter my friend and I can't wait for the next upload for this story I'll be waiting my friend and keep me posted on the story thanks

OK that Interesting Dr.Strange is on the Case.:raritystarry: yay~:raritystarry:

oh boy, the Flash Sentry is gonna be a problem.... lol

Also, do you plan on bringing in Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy in the story?

Just wanna say I've enjoyed what I've read so far, good work. Although you probably should have used a more Neutral picture to represent your story since I imagine that's where most of the dislikes are coming from.

7935527 sorry it's the picture that inspired me to write this

I'm not gonna lie, I think you should really do more of these Spider-Man and Equestria Girls crossovers. It's more fun then Spider-Man in Equestria.

that's Alright you cannot rush art of writing. :twilightsmile: please take your time.:raritywink:

7935584 awesome chapter my friend and I can't wait for the next upload for this story I'll be waiting my friend and keep me posted on the story thanks

.....Yeaaaah... the inspiration from Spiders and Magic, I can get. But I'm sorry, the speech patterns, dialogue, punctuation, and kind of the rushed progression of all of this is just a little... I don't want to say "amateurish," but yeah.

Best of luck to you, though.

I have some music for ya while you're working on the next chapter. Here you go. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbs56Hu-bd0)

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