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This story is a sequel to Spiders and Magic: Edge of Time

inspired by the Spiders and Magic series started by Maximus_Reborn

A few months have passed since the Spiders foiled Walker Sloan's plan to rule Earth and Equestria, and all was calm. Miguel, Kaine, Ben and Eddie have decided to live in Equestria until they find a way back to Earth.

But once again, the peace is ruined by the arrival of a new group of villains, not from Peter's world, but from another: The Legion of Doom, led by Lex Luthor.

With villains on the rise and Equestria victimized, Spider-Mane must reunite with some old friends: Wolverine and Batman, who managed to escape, and save the heroes under mind control. But there is one question on everyone's minds.

Where is Superman?

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Uh oh... First chapter already and the bad guys have shown up! And it looks like Sunset is starting to get the hots for a certain futuristic wall crawler...

first half:

Electrcity seemed to flare out of his body, the armored Avenger looked at his glowing red eyes with a scowl.
Iron Man sighed, "That's just great..."
Lightning struck Iron Man's suit, but it seemed to only boost his armor's power instead of shutting it down completely.

first off, nice reference to the first "Avengers" film; secondly:

In the hangar, Black Widow and Hawkeye saw that their allies were being beaten while escorting the agents to safety in the jets. "Just great. Some threats from another world show up and we get benched." grunted Hawkeye.
"No, Clint. It means that once these enemies are unaware, we can stop them." Natasha responded.

a man wearing a purple suit and clown makeup stepped into the room

okay, the rest of the guys I get, but why, oh WHY did Luthor think this was going to end well? okay, yeah: Joker rarely lets these things happen without him, but seriously:
...does THAT look like someone you can trust!?

The man on the left wore a yellow and blue suit with a pointed mask. "Alright, bub. I know ya don't like workin' with others. I get that, but those creeps are headin' to another world so we gotta be quick about this." he grunted, his voice deep and scratchy. After saying that, he flicked his hand, three claws emerging from his knuckles and through his gloves.

"I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn't very nice..."

The man on the right scowled underneath his black cowl. He grabbed something out of his utility belt after flicking away his cape,

"I am Vengeance. I am the Night. I AM BATMAN!"
second half:
Miguel = seems to be adapting well, all things considered...
Sunset = seems to handle the "new normal" with her usual charms...
Miguel and Sunset = oh, would you two just kiss already!?
Peter = you know, for a genius, you're kind of an idiot...
Kaine = wow: are we SURE he's Peter's clone?
Eddie = would you like some cheese with your whine?
Ben Rielly = ...this guy's best friends with Pinkie Pie: I think we're in trouble...

"Ooh! Hey guys! Are you having a get-together?" asked the pink pony,
"Uh... Yeah..." muttered Miguel.
"How did you know?" asked Kaine.
"Just a hunch!"

on one hand, nice reference to the first "Equestria Girls" movie; on the other, we've been over this, you two: it's Pinkie Pie; don't question it

:ajsmug: Well, sequel time already, huh? Let's give this a look! :rainbowdetermined2:

And Miguel and Sunset showing some form of attraction towards each other? I wonder how this relationship will unfold?

7540854 Equestria's not ready for the Legion of Doom! And the shipping has begun...

7541295 I like to imagine Joker being on the legion going one of two ways. Either Lex recruited Joker in hopes of ensuring he won't become a nuisance later on, or Joker forced himself on the team and they decided to go with it. And Hawkeye and Black Widow will do something later on.

7542727 I had the first three chapters written for a while now actually. Also, it's more like Sunset has an attraction to O'Hara, while Miguel is oblivious to it hence him asking Peter about it.

And I remember those Marvel/DC videos. Now I feel the urge to watch them.

The description asking the question "where is superman?" does sound interesting. But he better not turn evil or something. I hate that. It's been overdone.

agreed, but knowing Discord and company, he's probably trapped somewhere so he can't interfere or something; side note, I can see this happening even if he WAS turned evil...

I like to imagine Joker being on the legion going one of two ways. Either Lex recruited Joker in hopes of ensuring he won't become a nuisance later on, or Joker forced himself on the team and they decided to go with it.

...yeah: I can see that happening...

Ouch! That's gonna hurt for Pete! He's lucky Wolverine and Batman got there before things got worse...

Slade grunted, but as he reached for his pistols, he realized he had no conventional method to pull them out, leaving him open.

well then...at least we know why Lyra is so interested in humans...

Captain Cold held out his ice gun, "You're not very smart, Slade." he insulted the assassin. He faced Heatwave who chuckled while also bringing his gun out.
"Let us show you how to use a gun." grunted Heatwave.
Spider-Mane bent down slightly, ready for anything. Captain Cold was the first to shoot, a beam of ice nearly hitting Peter. The hero hopped out of the way in time, seeing a tree behind him turn to solid ice. "Holy--! That gun is no joke!"
Heatwave aimed his gun at Peter, a large flame appearing out of it. Spider-Mane grunted, hopping off a tree before Mick could reach him and burn him. Captain Cold sighed, shooting at the hero once more, this time switching the blast to a more concussive force than a frozen beam. He landed a shot on Spidey before he could react, his body growing slightly numb upon contact. "And that, Slade, is how you use a gun." Cold smirked.

if Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, a master assassin whose brain processes information nine times faster then the ordinary man, wasn't able to use ordinary guns, how the :yay: are Leonard Snart/Captain Cold and Mick Rory/Heat Wave able to use specialized weapons!? (yeah, I used a Flutterswear: deal with it)

Joker laughed, "Thanks for the assist, Cold!" the clown said pulling out a knife, "Now I get to have some fun!" he tried to stab Spider-Mane, the cold stallion unable to move in time, meaning the knife went through his shoulder.

I'm calling it: Pinkie Pie is NOT going to like this guy...

On top of a few trees were two strange costumed figures eho had just arrived, "Hm. Seems they got here before us." said the darkclad pony.
Another pony growled, "And they got to the kid... I'll make 'em pay for threatenin' this world."
"Agreed. But I say we give ourselves the element of surprise." the dark pony said with a smirk.
"Ya read my mind."

no, Batman isn't a telepath: my guess is that you two are just of similar mindsets...which in itself is scary on so many levels...

While the Legion was busy discussing the matter of the next step in their plan, they failed to ignore a small round pellet falling on the ground, covering the area in smoke. While they wandered about, searching for a source, a distinct 'SNIKT' sound was heard, getting their attention immediately.
"Who dares--?" asked Lex.
Before he could finish his question, though, something hit him in the back, making him stumble. His eyes widened at the figure. Lex recognized the black cowl, gray suit, cape and bat emblem. "You! I finally found you again, Batman!"

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that Bruce is a Pegasus here...

Batman scowled, flipping away from Lex's repulsor blasts.

um, Luthor's armor has lasers, sure, but Iron Man is the one with the repulsor technology...then again, I suppose they COULD have traded notes if Tony Stark was under mind control...

He threw a batarang at Joker, "So, this is where you ended up. I never took you for a team player, Joker."

Oh, come on: that's what I said last chapter!!!

Scorpion grunted recognizing the pony wearing yellow and blue. "So, it seems you made it too, Wolverine."

:ajbemused: Logan is an Earth Pony: it's not likely he'd be anything else...

Wolverine grunted, pointing his claws at Gargan. "I'm not here fer talkin', bub. You'll pay for what ya did to my allies." he sliced Scorpion but the armor didn't scratch from the impact. Mac groaned, stabbing Wolverine with his tail.
"That oughta keep you down for a while." he hissed. But when he removed the tail, he saw the hole Wolverine's heal instantly. A smirk was on the X-Man's face. "What the--?"
"Healin' factor. Remember, bub?" he scratched Scorpion's armor.

:rainbowderp: so all the heroes AND villains have the same abilities they had on their respective worlds... :rainbowkiss: so...awesome...

"Assassin versus the Wolverine..." began Slade, "Let me show you pain."
Wolverine grunted, "I know a soldier better than you'll ever be."

I agree: Deathstroke is no Captain America...

Wolverine attempted to run after them, but Batman stopped him. "No... Let them think they're losing. In the meantime we should do something about Peter." he gestured to Spider-Mane's unconscious body, his costume torn, and ice shown on it.

besides, Mr. Wayne probably got a tracker on them at some point; I mean it wouldn't be the first time it happened:

"Indeed. And what of our little prisoner back on his Earth."

I think you may have forgotten the question mark there...

Discord looked back at the screen, "Thanks to the supplies Luthor gave me, he won't be going anywhere anytime soon. It's strange how he is immune to my mind control anyhow."
The two looked on the projector, seeing a man wearing blue with a red cape and an 'S' symbol on his chest, struggle in a padded room with a red light. "The Man of Steel will not be a problem anytime soon. Let's hope the heroes don't find him at Lexcorp." Loki chuckled.


7543289 Alright that makes sense. But I swear if he uses other strong characters such as Flash, Green Lantern or Martian Manhunter then he has no excuse not to include superman into it as well.

7544218 okay, 1) I can see Green Lantern (whether he's Hal Jordon, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, or even Guy Gardner) having too strong of a will to be properly controlled thus making it so that HE would need to be locked up; 2) yeah, something tells me that Discord KNOWS what an evil Superman is capable of (being the god of Chaos and all):

mind control or no, would YOU want to take any chances?

7544312 Still lets not pretend that Marvel doesn't have any heavy hitters of their own that are just as powerful if not MORE so. I mean come on. Thor? Hulk? Silver Surfer? Sentry? (he's basically marvels superman for petes sake and he's the crazy one) Doctor Strange? Need I go on? I'm just saying that if a SINGLE one of these characters end up showing up then that takes away any right to not allow other characters who just so happen to be on the same level.


Alright, I think I should explain Superman's temporary absence. The in-universe explanation is that Lex tried to put him under mind control, it didn't work, and caught him off guard and trapped him out of spite. (There will be a better explanation in-story). I say temporary because he won't be trapped until the final battle, that much is certain.

Involving the other heavy-hitters from both worlds though... I will say Shazam and Flash will appear in Equestria, as well as Thor and Hulk. But Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter are still on their Earth searching for Superman. Silver Surfer and the Sentry won't appear in this story, and Doctor Strange will be the one to summon any necessary heroes to Equestria, meaning that he'll have to stay on his Earth.

I hope this clears some things up.

7544554 Thanks for clearing that up. So Your calling him Shazam in this story instead of Captain Marvel?

Just when the Legion of Doom have Spidey finished, Batman and Wolverine come in at the last minute to save the web-head and force the Legion to retreat. Now they are off back to Ponyville to bring the others up to speed on what's going on.

Hah! Batman actually cracked a joke!

Spike took note of the earth pony's strange mask and costume as he ran in to put Peter down. "Something about you looks familiar." he told the figure.
"Yeah... Do we know you by any chance." Twilight added, with Sunset nodding as well. The earth pony gently placed Peter down on the bed, leaving the others to attend to his wounds.
"Funny. I can say the same to ya." he looked down at the dragon, "Aren't ya supposed be bigger?"

okay, first off, in everyone's defense, this is the first time they've encountered each other's Equestrian forms; secondly:

also, "by any chance?"

The Dark Knight wasn't paying attention to the conversation and instead was focused on Peter, who was still unconscious.
"A few bone fractures... His body is ice cold... And a stab wound on his shoulder... No doubt from the Joker." Batman said to himself, observing the damage done on Spider-Mane's body. 'It's a little strange observing pony anatomy, but at least I can figure out what's been done to him from the outside.' he thought.

okay, 1) that sounds creepy on so many levels; 2) was that the Dark Knight's natural skill or does he have Detective Vision?

"Who are you anyway?" asked Fluttershy.
"I'm Batman." he revealed.

:rainbowderp: ...is it bad that I squealed a little here?

Mayday immediately took notice of Logan and Batman after hearing Sunset's answer, who gave each other a confused glance. "Who are you? Do you know daddy?" she asked the two.
"This your kid?" Logan questioned Twilight, who nodded.

oh, that's right: if I'm following the chronology of this story's prequel correctly, Logan hasn't met the kid yet...
...nicely done...

Kaine ignored the conversation between his brother, clone's successor and Spike and decided to speak to Batman. "So, it's just you two here? No one else who can help?" he wondered.
"Not yet. Doctor Strange is trying to perform a spell back on your Earth to allow access to this dimension. So once he does, we can bring in any necessary allies to this world to help, but we have more pressing matters besides that." Batman revealed.

ah, good old Sorcerer Supreme

Sunset cleared her throat. "So..."
"So what?" Miguel blurted out.
"What do you know about those two?" asked the yellow unicorn.
Shrugging, O'Hara answered, "There are history records of the time the heroes of both of our worlds banded together to defeat a powerful threat, though like the details of the final battle against Green Goblin, those are pretty vague as well. Wait... Weren't you there for the battle against the Goblin?"
Sunset then frowned, looking down and finding the cushions more interesting, "Oh... Then you know about what happened to me..." she said with a sigh. "And what I did."
"Slightly." Miguel revealed. "I'm only aware of you being under mind control. And Parker and his friends bringing you back to normal... But the records, and those two didn't say anything else." he saw her down expression and put a hoof on her shoulder, "You don't need to explain anything to me if you don't want. It seems it shocking messed you up." he added with a sincere smile.
For some reason, Sunset didn't O'Hara to let go, but she ignored that weird feeling and gave him a grin. "Thanks, Miguel. I don't think I'm ready to talk about that yet."
"Anytime, Red." said Miguel, repeating the nickname Logan gave her.

Just kiss already!!!

Do you doubt Trixie?" she questioned.
The magic student rolled her eyes and laughed, "That depends."


"See? I knew you would like seeing Ponyville! Now where's that smile?" Pinkie cheered, suddenly popping behind the Dark Knight, catching him off guard.
Batman rolled his eyes under his cowl. "How did you do that?"
"Don't question it." Kaine muttered, rubbing his head.

FINALLY someone gets it...

This is Ponyville." Rainbow Dash introduced.
"Subtle name." Batman joked in a stoic tone.
"Like the name Batman is any better?" Rainbow and Kaine responded.


The Dark Knight scowled at the two, but chose not to say anything at the moment, the pegasus gulped upon seeing his cold stare.

normally, I'd be pointing out that NOBODY can resist the Batglare, but I don't think this sentence is accurate: something like "the pegasus GULPING upon seeing" might flow a bit better...

"Strange should have the portal open soon." Batman reminded the X-Man. "I told Dr. Fate to send me a psychic message when the time comes before I left. His mental powers can breach through the worlds right now." he said.

:rainbowderp: Dr. Fate is working with Dr. Strange...pinch me: I must be dreaming...

"Okay, can ya run that by us again?" Applejack asked. "Cause I don't think any of us caught what ya said..."
"I'll explain later." said Batman.
"Are you always so mysterious?" Rarity muttered the question.
Logan grunted, "You have no idea..."
"Tell me about it." Eddie sighed, "I've only ever met you once or twice, Bats. But that seems to be your whole schtick."
"It's what I do." replied the vigilante. "It keeps you in suspense."
"D-Did you just tell a joke?" Fluttershy studdered the question.
"Maybe." said Batman with a thin smirk.
Kaine groaned, "Jesus... What the hell did I get myself into?"

to be fair, I understand where Kaine's coming from...

The draconequss appeared behind Luthor, 'Oh and by the way, the dingus knight tried to track you. You may want to remove it.' he revealed to the mastermind.

on one hand, I'm glad that I was right about Batman tracking them; on the other, (pardon my French) :twilightangry2: damn you, Discord!!

Peter saw all the familiar faces, the Spiders, the Elements of Harmony, Trixie, Sunset, Spike, and Mayday. But he also saw two strangely clothed stallions standing with them. It took about a moment for his brain to process who they were, and he was left speechless.
"Hey, kid. Been a while, huh?" Logan greeted.
"Hello, Peter." Batman said. "I see your wounds healed faster than I initially thought. You probably have some questions about what's going on."
"W-Wolverine? Batman? What are you doing here!?"
"Like that?" Ben wondered.

"I'm Batman."

I find it weird that Batman is going about during the day instead of the night, even going out in public. Though given the current situation and circumstances, I guess he would have to make an exception

"Alright. In the meantime, I say we should give him some space. Last thing he needs is to wake up in a crowded room full of ponies." Trixie interjected.

:duck: Gee, you don't say. As if we already have enough characters popping up and crowding in the story.

7544613 He's going to be referred to as Captain Marvel, I said Shazam out of habit and to distinguish him from the Marvel character (who won't be appearing).

7545269 Equestria's already affecting Batman's mind!

7545413 To be frank, I got a little hype writing 'I'm Batman'. It's such a cool phrase.

The tension between O'Hara and Sunset is getting thicker.

7545561 To be fair, Batman, Wolverine and the Spiders are staying in Equestria for sure. A few others may join them during the war, but at best they'll be cameos whether they meet the team or not (some may stick around though). I'm doing my best to keep the story from getting too crowded despite working with the Marvel and DC universes.

Uh oh... Punisher is getting involved...

first third:
whoa: this is getting intense; also:

The Dark Knight sighed, "And then... There's the Joker. He's the most unpredictable out of the entire Legion... He may not be much of a physical threat, but he will try to play mind games and keep you in suspense. I'll handle him myself."
The ponies gulped at Batman's description of the Joker, "But he's called the Joker!" Pinkie chimed in.
"Don't let the name fool you, Pinkie." Peter interjected, "I faced him before and he may look like a clown, but he's still on one of the biggest monsters I've ever faced, right up there with the Green Goblin himself."
"That's... awful." Rarity slowly said.

somehow, I just KNEW this would come up eventually...
second third:

"Oh, another show?" Sonata chimed in, "Can I watch?"
"Siren, I think we can." Goblin frowned. "I am surrounded by idiots..."
"I heard that, Norman." Electro groaned, raising a hoof as sparks shot out of the limb.
"Easy, boys. We'll save the infighting for later!" Discord eased.
Tirek sat down, "I made a mistake..."

:ajsmug: ...so how long until we see them (and/or the other villains) at each others throats? either way, it seems that the Legion is DOOMED...
don't give me that look: you know you were thinking it...
final third:
...interesting line-up; also:

The Punisher glared at the sorceror, "Listen, Strange. I got info that Bushwacker is in cohoots with this Legion from an outside source. I'm going there and seeing it for myself. I'll handle him myself. That and I have a score to settle with that clown. I'm going whether you like it or not."

"I have a score to settle with that clown"? ...I almost feel sorry for Joker...ALMOST...

The Punisher? Oh boy, things are going to get escalated pretty quickly. And it looks like you're basing Quicksilver off the movie version from the X-Men films.

The ponies gulped at Batman's description of the Joker, "But he's called the Joker!" Pinkie chimed in.

"Don't let the name fool you, Pinkie." Peter interjected, "I faced him before and he may look like a clown, but he's still on one of the biggest monsters I've ever faced, right up there with the Green Goblin himself."

Indeed, and very much worse than Goblin himself. The Joker is someone you should never take lightly. He is pretty much the definition of insanity and chaos. He has killed many innocent people, not them mention he is responsible for killing Jason Todd (the second Robin before his death and return as Red Hood), paralysing Barbra Gordon by shooting her in the spine (ending her career as Batgirl until the New 52 reboot) and being insane as well as smart and strategic, it makes him unpredictable even for superhumans.


To be fair, Batman, Wolverine and the Spiders are staying in Equestria for sure.

:applejackunsure: ...for the story or on a permanent basis? because if it's supposed to be the latter, I have to say that this seems a bit out of character for them; I mean, I highly doubt that Wolverine would leave Laura/X-23 to her lonesome or that Batman would allow himself to leave Gotham unprotected, as even without the Joker, there's still the matter of Riddler, Two-Face, and Penguin, and that's not even getting into the matter of the X-men and/or Bat Clan...

7546708 Nothing good comes when the Punisher decides to join in on the heroes' business. He's gonna clash with the other heroes and ponies when he arrives.

7547263 Personally, X-Men film Quicksilver is my favorite version of the character. If you've seen the last two movies, you know what happens when he steals the scene, and it's gonna happen here (with a twist of course). :rainbowdetermined2:

7547407 Batman and Wolverine will leave once everything's clear. They just consider the Legion of Doom a bigger priority right now. That, and they have too much to leave behind like you said.

Hoo boy, just one look and Punisher and Batman go head to head! I've read the Batman/Punisher Crossovers, the first one, the guy that took over for Batman had freaking claws on the suit when the two tangoed!

Before anyone could react, Punisher punched Batman in the face, the Dark Knight staggering in his spot. Batman tackled Frank in rage, the teo of them tumbling across the living room. "You got lucky..." Batman warned. He gave Frank a right hook, "I knew you were gonna be trouble when I found out you were coming!"

"You've done nothing but cause trouble!" Punisher hissed, kicking Batman off his chest. "Because of your damn incompetence, that clown you call your nemesis made a detour in my city! He slaughtered an entire restaurant and ruined my only lead in finding Kingpin and Bushwacker!"


part one:
wow: you could cut the tension with a knife...
part two:
okay, first off, interesting balance between humor and seriousness; secondly, something tells me that we'll be seeing a LOT of ponies/people butting heads; also, what is it with superheroes and dead relatives?
part three:
final part:

Batman and Twilight watched Quicksilver read through the library in a matter of minutes, the Dark Knight greeting the speedster. "You must be who Logan was talking about."
"Probably. He said something about another speedster under mind control. I can handle him." the mutant said, lying on the couch, his hooves behind his head.

this sounds familiar...wait:

:ajbemused: ...oh, this can only end so well...

"Hey, Pete." Scott started to say something, "Speaking as a father... Don't make the same mistakes I did."
"I hear you, Lang. You redeemed yourself anyway, so I'm not calling you out or anything. You're your daughter's hero." assured Peter. "And I promise I'll be the same to mine."
"Kid." Punisher broke his silence. The others immediately looked at the vigilante, "Don't take this for granted," he gave a soft smile, "You got something good here. Something I missed it seems. I know we'll be here a while, but I think you should hear it from me."
The Spiders were speechless, especially Peter. "Wow. Um, Frank. Thanks. I promise I won't. For your sake at least."

:fluttershyouch: ow: right in the feels...

7550624 I forgot AzBats met Punisher. I'm surprised the two even fought considering they're both lethal.

7550659 That video pretty much sums up every instance of a hero fighting another hero.

7550889 Thanks. I felt the last story was too goofy, so with the other heroes there could be tension among everyone. But it'll still be a pretty light-hearted story. And be prepared for Quicksilver's fight. Two speedsters equals pure chaos.


That video pretty much sums up every instance of a hero fighting another hero.

(after watching the video in question) ...true enough, especially in light of more recent films...

And be prepared for Quicksilver's fight. Two speedsters equals pure chaos.

knowing Discord, he's going to want a front row seat...

The first strike has begun... but will the heroes win? We'll have to see...

part 1:
the pranks, they are a-coming...
part 2:
I can't decide; which works better; this:

...or this:

(because Bullseye is Daredevil's foe)
part 3:
I couldn't decide which theme music to use, so I used both:

part 4:
nicely done handling the battle so far, but something seems to be missing; oh wait: I know:

Next time! The Flash vs Quicksilver! Battle of the speed demons!

7554033 With a random assortment of opponents like this, plus robots, it'll be draining that's for sure.

7554896 1) Should I ever go through with a slice-of-life styled follow up, there will definitely be an Ant-Man, Quicksilver, Rainbow, Pinkie prank chapter. It's too good to pass up.

2) Honestly, the Batman theme fits more. We can save Bring me to Life for when Daredevil shows up. Though they are good choices.

3) Both are good themes for the character I can say that much.

4) I knew I had to put Flash and Green Arrow together. I love both of their shows, and their themes do their characters justice.

7555229 Just wait until you see what happens after they fight! :pinkiehappy: Let's just say that sweet dreams are made of these and leave it at that...

Hmm... so knocking them out stops the mind control.... interesting....

So Quicksilver beat Flash, huh. Well to be fair, Rainbow Dash did help. Had this been just one on one, Flash would've been the likely winner.

part 1:
ah, you got to love the old rivalry between Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen...
part 2:
for some reason, I'm reminded of this:

part 3:
this seems familiar...wait:

...well, at least we know what's at stake...at WOODEN stake...
...I deserved that...
part 4:

The Flash held his head as he sat up. "Oh man... Feels like I took a beating from Reverse Flash..."

:twilightoops: oh boy: is this going where I THINK it's going?

And so, the three speedsters ran back to help their friends, but what they didn't notice was a familiar assassin. "'Bout time I made it. Glad I didn't miss the show." said Bullseye, making his way back to Ponyville.

ooh, this won't be pretty...
also, there's only ONE way that the presence of three speedsters could be made any more awesome...a scene like THIS:


We can save Bring me to Life for when Daredevil shows up.

...I feel like that should have had a spoiler warning...

Let's just say that sweet dreams are made of these and leave it at that...

...you ever get the feeling that you just saw a reference but can't remember where it comes from? yeah...feeling something like that right now...

7557271 Loki never had time to fix the flaws.

7557707 It was both Rainbow Dash helping, and the matter of the Flash not being at his best since he was under mind control.

7557990 Yeah... I put a spoiler on the name. Sorry.

But where do you think Flash's comment is leading to out of curiosity? And I'm still trying to figure out who keeps throwing those pies. The puns aren't that bad!:rainbowlaugh:

Oh and about that little speedster idea... See the next chapter... I may have planned this for a long while


But where do you think Flash's comment is leading to out of curiosity?

allow me to give you a hint:
"Oh, I'm not like the Flash at all: some would say I'm the Reverse..."

And I'm still trying to figure out who keeps throwing those pies. The puns aren't that bad!

Perhaps, but I'M the only Joker around here...
Ya'll just HAD to ask, didn't ya?

Hah, nice reference to the "Days of Future Past" movie!

part 1:
nice battle so far, but what is it with evil geniuses and robots?
part 2:
this is going to be one DARK KNIGHT...
...should've seen that coming...
part 3:
first off, nice job leaving some of the heroes as more-or-less one shot characters, since I doubt we'll need them for EVERY battle; secondly, I need to get a couple of jokes out of the way:
1) Flash, Quicksilver, and Rainbow Dash...this will be over fast... :ajbemused: shut up: you know you were thinking it...
2) so the god of Mischief is (secretly) teamed up with the god of Chaos...

7559699 Thanks. This scene was planned for a long while now and was fun to write!

7560193 1) I dunno. Maybe they sign some contract?

2) I thought Joker stopped doing that! :rainbowlaugh:

3) Thanks, while some are staying, a lot of them are leaving unless for an appearance later on. I have a few more characters planned to stay throughout the story, one of which will be appearing next time. He's a character that will cause pure mayhem, but is very misguided.


Maybe they sign some contract?

:facehoof: you know, I wouldn't mind the "lawyers are evil" jokes, intentional or otherwise, so much if it wasn't for the fact that I have one in my immediate family...

I have a few more characters planned to stay throughout the story, one of which will be appearing next time. He's a character that will cause pure mayhem, but is very misguided.

I agree with Spike here: the implications are terrifying...

Oh boy! Here comes the Merc with the Mouth! :rainbowdetermined2:

"Is that what your world's really like?" Scootaloo asked in amazement. After the battle, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Spike and Mayday returned to the Treebrary, hearing about the new heroes that arrived in Equestria sometime ago.
Barry nodded, "Yeah. Full of metahumans and the like. Green Arrow usually fights crime in his own city. In fact, most of us operate in separate cities." he explained, gesturing to Batman and Green Arrow, who nodded as well. "So, unless we're needed for Justice League business, we're on our own."
"It means it's gotta be less crowded. It feels like every superhero on our Earth lives in New York." Ant-Man chuckled, taking another sip of his recovery orange juice that Mayday gave him upon his request. The flly sitting next to him. "And we still don't just team-up for everything we do."
"Really?" Applebloom wondered. "How big is it?"
"We're talking really big. Like twenty-five times the size of Ponyville. And shrinking multiplies that number even more." Scott revealed, earning a few gasps of wonder from the fillies.
Frank leaned on the sofa, his wounds having already been tended to. He wore a bandage around his barrel and hoof. "Well, I tend to stay away from everything..." he grumbled.

:ajbemused: why am I not surprised?

"Their magic was overused. They must rest and not have it abused." she explained briefly.
Miguel raised a hoof, "That's a relief. And new. How often does that happen to unicorns? Or alicorns for that matter?" he asked the zebra, hoping for answers. "This type of thing doesn't sound like a common problem."
"It depends. For you see they did it to protect their friends." Zecora answered.
Ben nodded, "Yeah. They were shooting down robots, protecting us, and even containing explosions. I imagine it'd take a lot out of somepony with magic." he trailed off, the clone gazing on his hooves, which held his costume, "So, a few days huh? That's not too bad, I suppose. At least they're still conscious."
"That is true." Kaine replied, "If anything worse happened, the Legion of Doom would suffer. Wait... They must've had this planned. They wanted these three out of battle for a while, meaning that we're out of a few heroes and assets." he realized, his eyes widening, and he tried to clench his hoof. Peter sat in silence, wondering it what his brother had said was indeed true.
"That is a possibility. For you it seemed too easy." Zecora added.

I kind of have to agree with Zecora here: there seemed to be no end to those robots...

"Well, let's hope that we don't get into a battle until they recover." Peter pleaded, placing his hooves behind his head.
Eddie groaned, "There it is. Do you realize what you've done?"
"What?" Peter blurted out, forgetting his luck.

:facehoof: ...I'm not even going to touch this one...

'But what about Sunset?' thought Miguel, 'Wait, why the shock did I think of her specifically? I'm worried about Trixie too!'

I had trouble finding a gif/video clip that had the full phrase that WOULDN'T potentially scar someone for life, okay?

"Wow." was all Scootaloo said. "How fast are you two?"
Rainbow Dash decided to butt in, "Heh. The three of us are so fast. That time managed to slow down. We saved everypony. And I mean every single one of these guys here." she boasted.
"But you're the fastest right?" Scootaloo added.
The cyan pegasus nodded, confirming the orange filly's question, earning an eye roll from Quicksilver and the Flash.

something tells me we might be seeing a race later on...

"Speaking of which, what the heck happened while I was gone? And I missed it..." he huffed.
"A lot." Green Arrow replied. "It doesn't matter. From what Peter told me, you did your own part anyway in making sure the kids were safe." he complimented.
"Thanks." replied Spike, "Are you like Batman?" he asked.
Oliver smiled, "I've been getting that a lot lately. Kinda, I guess. He's more of a... friendly rival to me anyhow. I gotta be the one to show who's the better vigilante." he laughed, pretending to shoot an arrow with his bow, which he pulled out to show the dragon.

first off, I KNEW the rivalry was going to show up at some point; secondly, not all heroes wear masks, Spike...

Speaking of... Blade, Frank. Have any of you gotten in touch with Ghost Rider recently?"
"Why do you care?" Frank asked.
"I would think the Spirit of Vengeance would get himself involved in interdimensional affairs is all. It wouldn't be the first time." Peter said.
"He ain't wrong." Logan agreed. "We should see if he's willin' to lend a hand. I'm sure Luthor has plenty'a sins to pay for."
"You have no idea." Batman mumbled, rotating his arm to get feeling back into it.

okay, on one hand, I've got mixed feelings about the possibility of Johnny Blaze showing up: I mean, it'd probably be awesome and downright disturbing at the same time; on the other, Batman has a point: on top of extortion, theft, several counts of murder, and a few other things that escape me at the moment, when nobody was looking he took forty cakes; he took FORTY CAKES: that's as many as four tens, and that's terrible...
yeah: I know, but it actually DID happen:

I wished Miss Romanoff and Mister Barton could have joined, but they are awaiting the arrival of the Guardians.

Heh: what a bunch of...
NO!! Everypony and everyBODY's already made that joke!
You're right: too obvious...

Johnny chuckled, him wearing his Fantastic Four uniform as always, "Oh, that. Y'see, sometime before this whole Legion of Doom thing happened, they left to go on some diplomatic mission in another world and they told me to stay. Can't explain why that is." he didn't see Strange roll his eyes at that. "But I'm glad that another world gets to see me kick some bad guy butt!"
The man standing next to him nudged him with an elbow. He wore a yellow and blue suit, similar to Wolverine's own. "It's not because you miss Parker?" he teased.
"What? No way, Bobby!" Johnny scoffed. "I'm only going there to settle our rivalry once and for all! I'm number one after all."
Bobby snickered, "Right."

Iceman and the Human Torch...

I fear the Hulk has been detained as well.'

I don't know if this means that he's locked up somewhere (likely under some sort of sedative), or if he's supposed to be under mind control; either way, I'm scared...

"Yep. Didn't think the Amazing Friends will be reunited!" Peter cheered.
"You gave us a corny nickname? Come on, Pete! You're better than that." Johnny teased.
"Sorry, Storm. Or should I say Human Torch? Really subtle there with naming." Peter laughed.
"He got you there, Johnny." Bobby also laughed.
"Shut up, Iceman." Johnny snickered.

"Yes, it did, Loki. While they were busy, I managed to nab this." he held up a pistol.
"It looks like an ordinary gun." Cold commented.
"Yes, but instead of bullets, it's filled with a chemical known as fear gas, made by one Johnathan Crane, the Scarecrow. With Sinestro's Yellow Lantern abilities, I managed to enhance it greatly."
"Well, who are you gonna use it on?" Slade asked.
"Spider-Man. He's already a paranoid man, filled with guilt. But with one shot, I can make him turn against his friends, using his worst fears against him. It'll tear him apart, meaning that if done correctly, their numbers should fall faster."

hmm, that COULD work, so long as nobody would recognize...
:ajbemused: ...they just NEVER learn, do they?

The draconequss clapped his paws. "Oh wonderful! Emotional suspense! I know just the fellow to perform the task!" he snapped his fingers, opening a rift. For some reason, Scorpion and Hydro-Man's eyes went wide at the sight of who he summoned.
"You brought him?" Green Goblin asked, "He's too crazy! Even for your magic!"
"I have to agree with Norman. It's too risky." Tirek added.
The pony wearing red and black pointed a hoof at the centaur. "Shut up! You hooded ape looking thing!" he immediately took notice of his lack of fingers. "Awesome! I'm in Equestria! Finally, now Pinkie can become my real waifu-- oh, you didn't hear that!" the other villains raised a brow at his comment.
"This was a mistake." Loki sighed.
"Shut up, you fangirl dream!"
Discord hovered over the masked merc, "Easy now, Deadpool. I merely summoned you here for fun."

Deadpool smiled, "Really?"
"Hold on. Doesn't this break the canon of the series?"
"Who cares? It's a Marvel/DC crossover! Why wouldn't we show up!?"
"Good point. It sounds like the author's trying to tie so many plotlines to reach the canon finale untouched."

:facehoof: oh yeah: he has those inner voices...

"Soon, but in the meantime, I must pick our next candidates to Equestria. Deadpool will be necessary for as long as needed." Lex revealed, looking at the projection screen.

:ajbemused: we're doomed...

7563242 "The anti-hero for hire! The mask for your task! The guy who won't die! Deadpool!"

Peter: Is there a mute button for him?

7563676 That sin will lead Lex into some serious punishment from Ghost Rider. That is the definition of evil.

Oh, and Hulk is also under mind control like a few others. And involving the Fear Toxin, let's say that the effects will be noticed, but felt.

7563910 They really want the heroes to go insane.

part 1:
the fourth wall's going to need some renovation after this...
part 2:
:twilightoops: do...do you realize what this means? there are TWO PINIKE PIES!!!
...then again, maybe it won't be so bad: I mean, we've had something like this before...
:rainbowderp: ...on second thought:
part 3:
this can only end so well...
part 4:
hold on a sec: this seems to be missing something; oh wait, I know:

Batman put a hoof up, grabbing Peter's raised fist. "Stop. Now." he threatened. He didn't expect Spider-Mane to uppercut him, throwing him across the area.

:twilightangry2: "Why that little punk!"

"I know... I'm good."

:applejackunsure: That's a little bland. Shouldn't Peter be acting a little shocked, realising that something's wrong with him and say something like "I...I'm sorry. I don't know why I did that. The only time I ever done something like that was when I still wore the black suit. And that *remembers Nightmare Spider*...other time."

7564388 1) The fourth wall has been shattered. There's no repairing it from here.

2) Better than a group of Deadpools. Oh wait.. Deadpool Corps. Nevermind. I'd rather take the bunch of Pinkies.

3) Yeah, we'll see how Spidey reacts.

4) Equestria shall know of Star-Lord's Awesome Mix!

7564435 Yeah, I admit I could've written that scene better, but Peter will dwell on it. It's more like he's pretending there's nothing wrong despite the obvious signs of him being the opposite.

7564462 All we're missing is the giant Scarecrow and Spidey to run in a platformer.

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