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Inspired by Spiders and Magic, what are they various adventures of the MCU Peter Parker and Twilight Sparkle of the Equestria Girls universe could get into as a couple?

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I like it. But aren't you going to finish that other Spider-Man/Equestria Girls crossover? I was really enjoying that one?

It's good. But you need to fix this chapter. You may have accidentally repeated a paragraph in this story. May cause confusion.

7938229 I still have
LANs to continue that

7938576 fixed it and thanks for telling me

When's the next chapter gonna come out. I'm really eager to see more.

7948788 when I am able to do so, sorry I want to wait until I am ready


WOO! It's back!

Thank you for continuing the story.
Hopefully Twilight and Peter meet Dr. Strange at one point.

I was ready to think that Twilight was an Inhuman like the news talked about

Well technically, Aunt May isn't wrong :rainbowlaugh:

"So Peter Parker has a girlfriend, not that I care of course." Michelle Jones or MJ spoke out loud, a fellow classmate of Peter as well as the captain of the academic decathlon team.

I call b.s. on that, she's all jelly :rainbowlaugh:

"They are talking about the Flash, it's a TV show in their world about a superhero with super speed. It's rather good." Twilight explained to her friends who just shrugged.

"Since you know superheroes are not supposed to kill, you don't see Superman killing his opponents." Peter finished.

"My database shows that Superman killed the Joker in the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game." Karen replied causing Peter to just sigh.

DC references in a Marvel story? What has this world come to? Anyways, this is a pretty cute little story. I'm glad you're using the MCU Spider-Man & not the animated one. Hope to see chapter 4 soon. :pinkiehappy:

Yes, finally a brand new chapter & a Doctor Strange cameo!

When I have enough ideas
I have other projects I want to do

“Aaawww, are you jealous Twilight? We could start looking for another world’s Peter for your boyfriend. Or we can clone him and have a situation where no one knows who the clone really is and have an adventure stretched long past where it needed to!” Pinkie stated and that she sounded sincere and serious about her idea made it even weirded.

reference to Ben Reilly and/or Kaine: nice

“Pinkie, please never have any idea related to clones ever again!” Princess Twilight told Pinkie slowly and Peter was thinking that he once had a nightmare close to what Pinkie suggested.

looks like Twilight doesn't want a repeat of "Too Many Pinkie Pies"...not that I blame her
It was up there with other nightmares he had:

Like the one where he sold his future marriage to a demon.
Or the one where his mind was taken over by a mad scientist.
Or the one where he imagined his Uncle Ben, Aunt May and his parents as teenagers at a resort.
Or the one where he felt like his life was more like a Broadway play.
He had a lot of strange nightmares...

let's see if I can take a shot at what he's referencing here:

  1. One More Day
  2. Superior Spider-man
  3. not sure about this one, though I could see this being one of Stan Lee's "What If?" stories (yes, this is a thing)
  4. either one of the live action movies or the actual Broadway play: could go either way...

3 trouble by mark millar, look it up
4 turn off the dark

Peter then gave a look at Princess Twilight and muttered “you look almost as pretty as my Twilight......” Peter then took Twilight’s glasses and then placed them on Princess Twilight. “You look better now!” Peter said with a smile as Twilight took her glasses back with a strong glare to a smirking Peter while the others bursted into laughs.

Ha, Twilight was so jealous, when Peter was (kinda) flirting with Princess Twilight! :rainbowlaugh:

Not sure if I can, sorry
Might try another new story

I might at one point but I got other projects I want to work on

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