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Random AU where the Marvel Universe and Equestria Girls universe coexist.

After being bitten by an altered spider and learning with great power came great responsibility, Peter Parker became the crimefighter of Canterlot City, Spider-Man. However, various themed crooks begin to appear out of the blue, putting Spider-Man to the test.

Luckily, his friends, Trixie Lulamoon and Ned Leeds are giving him the support and help he needs, knowing his identity. And his new protege, the Solar Eclipse, is out there helping him as well.

Can Spider-Man defeat these new threats? And can he handle his busy lifestyle?

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I wonder if Spiderman will have to face equestrian villains (when there's a mirror, there's a way)

Really great beginning. You almost nailed Peter's personality. Hope to see more in the future.

This looks like it'll be fun. Can't wait for more!

I'm just waiting on The Rhino

Nice! Spider-man's personality is down pat! I love it!

8282965 In due time.

8283242 Glad to hear that. Thanks!

8283047 Thanks!

8283119 He'll be here soon. I plan on having all of Spidey's known foes in this at some point.

nicely done so far; also:

"Hey, Peter!" came another female voice. And to Peter, it sounded like a beautiful song from an angel. Standing across from them was a girl with purple skin, glasses over her eyes, unlike most kids, she wore a formal uniform and her hair was in a bun.

going on a limb here, but I'm going to assume that this takes place BEFORE the recent wardrobe change

"I'm sorry, I just heard about what happened to you and I-I came to check to see... if-If you were okay." she stammered awkwardly, a sheepish smile on her face.

on one hand, I can only assume that the Mane/Main 7 are only going to buy Peter's excuses for so long, knowing more then most what "battle damage" looks like; on the other, daww

Peter smiled awkwardly as well, "Y-Yeah, I'm fine, T-Twilight..." his eyes turned to focus on the other table, seeing Twilight's friends smirking over something and Sunset Shimmer looked to be giving a proud smile. He wasn't sure why though.

you know, Peter: for a genius, you can be pretty dense at times...

"S-So... Have you taken that Spanish quiz?"
Twilight adjusted her glasses, "N-No, not until next period. I heard it was a little difficult though."
Peter smiled as he dug his spoon into his mashed potatoes, "For someone as smart as you. Nah." he waved off a simple compliment. "But good luck though."
"T-Thanks..." was all the girl said.


Twilight giggled and then walked back to her table in silence. Ned and Trixie chuckled at Peter's expense. "...What?" he asked, his demeanor back to normal.
"You're so into her." Trixie teased.
Peter shook his head, "What? No...?" he stumbled his words.
Ned patted Peter's shoulders, "It's alright, Peter."
"Guys..." said Peter, "I don't have a crush on Twilight. Yeah, she's smart, a bookworm, adorable when she figures something out, have a cute smile, and is really pretty. But I do not have a crush on her. Got it?" he dismissed in a atern tone, not noticing Ned and Trixie's evergrowing smirks on their faces like how his face turned red with each word slowly spoken. "Oh come on."

I can't tell if this is supposed to be "Spider-man: Homecoming" or not, but if it is, nice touch giving Sci-Twi/Human Twilight the part of Liz Allan; also, don't feel too bad, Peter: I can only assume that Sci-Twi is going through something similar back with her own group of friends

not bad:

The teen took out his phone and texted his friends of his endeavors. 'About to go Spider-Manning. Meet me here in three hours.' he texted Trixie and Ned before pressing send, double checking to make sure he wasn't texting May.
He got a response. From Trixie and he laughed, 'Again. It's not a word.'

better get used to it, Trixie: something tells me it's not going away anytime soon

"Spider-Man Screws Up: Mistakes Carjacking, Owner of Car Peeved Now." repeated the superhero in an annoyed tone. "A million views? Dear God, I'm already a viral meme video!?"

how much you want to bet that the not-so-jolly J. Jonah Jameson is connected to this somehow?
...no: wait, you're right: that's a sucker bet

"If May gets back, tell her I went grocery shopping for a few snacks. Can you guys do that for me?" he insisted, swinging off into action once again.
Ned saluted, "Aye aye, Spidey!"
"Did you just do that?" Trixie grunted in disbelief.
The boy shrugged, "What? It was cool!"

well, he's not entirely wrong...

8284106 Quick question, is he gonna be like the Spectacular Rhino or the Ultimate Rhino, or Amazing Rhino... 2. Personally I prefer the Spectacular Rhino. Just simple titanium armor, no tech or weapons, no mutations, just bullet proof, powerhouse armor... but hey that's me. I respect your decision on which Rhino it is... he's my favorite villain.

.... I only ask that Venom got treated right. I've seen several stories where he's been misused and treated as just a generic villain who just has Spidey's powers.

Sorry but the premise is a little requiring of bleach. But that's more the fault of all the cancer out there with Spidey in it already, than the nature of the premise here lol. In any case, what villain would reap the most destruction involving a magical world?

Well, this is a good start. You certainly are improving. Peter's character and personality was really more spot on.

And you've made Trixie as one of Peter's friends along side Ned, guess you took inspiration from "Equestria Avengers: Shattered Dimensions" EGQ Dimension story. That I approve. :ajsmug:

Sometime later, Spider-Man saw someone reaching to break into a car in an obviously suspcious manner. In an instant, he webbed up their hands and slammed their head on the windshield. He said, "Don't carjack. I shouldn't have to explain it to you." The car alarm went off as loud as it could as the man groaned.

"It's my car, asshole!"

Peter's lenses widened as he muttered, "O-Oh... Oh! Oh, crap! I'm so... so sorry!" he apologized hastily. He dusted the man's body off and wiped their hair, making up for what he did. "Jeez. Sorry, dude. I thought..." he stumbled on his words.

Oh that part was really one of the funniest things I saw in Spider-Man: Homecoming.
Insert Stan Lee Cameo - "Hey, you noisy kids! Don't make me come down there!"

Hope this isnt a spiderman fic that just have trixie in it.

Was this mostly done for Spider-Man: Homecoming? It's no problem, I really like the movie, much better than what the trailers showed and the supposed rumors spread around it.

8284154 It's based off of Homecoming and Spectacular mostly but not an adaptation since I'm gonna take advantage of both worlds and do things differently. And yeah, we'll be seeing Twilight and the Mane 7 for a bit next chapter.

Also, good guess. It was Jameson.

8284166 Spectacular Rhino. O'Hirn and Flint Marko will be making an appearance soon enough.

8284182 Trust me, I hope to do Venom right. When the time comes, he will be built up.

8284274 Spidey-wise: Mysterio. Marvel-wise: Dormammu imo.

8284498 Thanks. S&M Spidey is a different character than this Spidey, considering his experience and maturity and I'm having fun writing this version too. Especially considering the mayhem in Worlds Unite, which believe it or not was planned from the start.

And honestly it was a tossup between having Trixie and Flash Sentry as Peter's other friend. I chose Trixie as a small homage to Equestrian Avengers considering their dynamic.

I love that scene too as it fits Spidey perfectly. But Stan Lee will have a cameo somewhere else.

8284623 I'll be digging into more Equestria Girls lore soon enough. For now, I'll admit for the Vulture arc I'm playing it safe.

8285063 It was. And it's honestly my favorite Spider-Man movie now.

8285129 Thanks!

And I don't just mean make him a villain.... sorry just..... I trust you okay?

Promising start. Can't wait to see where this goes.

It's good, but why Spider-man?

part 1:
on one hand, the interactions are rather cute and the explanation for how Peter doesn't know about "Midnight Sparkle" was pretty nice, though I somehow doubt that he would hold it against her given how then-Principal Cinch was responsible for the transformation in the first place; on the other:

Sunset smiled, "That's good though. It is a little weird that he wasn't around for that mayhem at all. He mentioned that was when he had the Stark Internship or whatever it was down in Germany after the beginning rounds."

I'm a bit conflicted that none of them realize who Spider-man is: if this plays out the way I THINK it does, Spidy made an appearance in Germany around the same time as Peter Parker's "internship" with Tony Stark/Iron Man...then again, if the original "Equestria Girls" movie and/or "Friendship Games" is anything to go by, these seven aren't always the most observant of individuals...
part 2:
THIS: I like this
part 3:
one way or another, Jameson's going to have a field day with this: I just know it...

Too be fair it depends on whether or not the fight at the air port and who all was involved is known to the public.

My guess. It has to be Vulture.. That has to be the only person it could be.

I was thinking Mysterio but I haven't heard of Mysterio since I was like 7 so I was not sure lol. I think he was the guy in the cartoon with a dome covering his head and happened after he did the wrestling stuff right? And he seems Mysterious so most likely to be related to magic I figured but, not really knowing much about him lol.

Yeah that's him as for magic it tends to vary, sometimes Mysterio uses actual magic while other incarnations have him simply using robots and illusions to make it appear like he's using real magic.

I love this story but i'd be curious to see why Trixie is friends with Peter...Nice choice but i'm curious to see how it happened.

Wow, another fan fic that ships Spiderman and twilight sparkle, this is gonna be good (Sarcasm)

(Spoilers for Homecoming)

Well, considering Liz never found out all of the the obvious as hell hints that Peter was Spider-Man, it just took the Vulture to actually stop and think, while connecting the dots. I don't think the HuMane 6 is going to find out anytime soon.

fair enough, though considering that, among other factors, Sci-Twi knew something was up with Canterlot High without any prior first-hand experience with magic...well, I for one think they might end up surprising us...

8285495 Wait, I think I know what you mean. Venom's not going to be pure evil and is going to be the Lethal Protector we know him as, but he will hate Spider-Man. Does that clear things up?

8285498 (\ MCU Spidey for life!

8285597 Thanks. Hope I won't disappoint.

8286135 Because Spider-Man in a world of evergrowing magic with the source at his school sounded interesting to me. We'll see those effects when the time comes.

8286205 Another foe for Spidey.

8286243 The Airport Battle and the end of the Friendship Games happened at the same time in this universe. I like to think the former was public after Spidey recorded a bit. And the girls really don't know Peter enough personally to connect the dots to his disappearances yet.

Maybe I should do some side-chapters to fill in these gaps better.

8286297 Plot Twist: It's Goblin. Okay, it is Vulture.

8286307 Yep! With the right tools and possibly magic, old Fishbowl Head may prove a viable threat.

8286506 I'm debating making some sidechapters to explain details like how those two became friends.

8287071 I know this is outdated, but insert Roundabout here.

8287967 Again, time will tell if they ever connect the dots. They barely know Peter enough to notice the pattern.


I'd definitely like to see some side chapters. Trixie is a interesting choice for sure.

Comment posted by Mr-Astounding deleted Jul 11th, 2017

Peter chuckled, "Sorry. I has to stop a car chase with my old pals, Marko and O'Hirn. They were breaking the speed limit with bags of money in a truck and I had to stop them before they actually hurt someone in their rampage."


So we going to see Equestrian Magic vs Spidey Villains?

*redo of a previous comment*
part 1:
Spidey doesn't quit very easily, does he?
part 2:
:rainbowkiss: that is both hilarious and adorable at the same time
part 3:
okay, seriously: how long before these seven figures out that Sci-Twi's crush and the Wall Crawler are the same person? also:

he wouldn't go with an anti-social nerd like me

Twilight: you DO know that Peter fits that description pretty well himself, right? I'm pretty sure that you've got a decent chance :ajsmug:
part 4:
okay: ignoring the events of "Spider-man: Homecoming" (which would just make this even MORE ridiculous), these guys are going to try and steal from the AVENGERS and are not expecting any problems at all!?

Could you possibly add a certain Merc with a Mouth to this fic please?

8288763 Maybe I'll do one or two once I'm done the first arc.

8288939 Thanks! There's gonna be a lot more influence from Spectacular in this story with some doses of MCU. The major differences are the Equestria Girls and the presence of the X-Men and Fantastic Four.

And Peter's duality will begin to affect him greatly after Issue #13. I'm keeping things basic for now.

8290776 Thanks!

8291273 I'll fix it up. Thanks for pointing it out.

8291469 After around Issue #13 and maybe a side-chapter. The next arc I have planned will involve magic to some extent.

8291488 Well, you gotta remember, the Avengers are still fractured from the Civil War and there are few Avengers left and they're abroad right now handling another issue, leaving it unguarded minus some Stsrk security.

I'm seriously considering an Airport Battle chapter just to shed some light on the greater superhero world and how it is right now compared to the EQG side of things.

8291750 It's only a matter of time till he pops in! No way I'd bring in the X-Men without Deadpool!

No problem pal. Happy to help.

Awesome! Btw have you ever played the Deadpool video game?

Ooooo! Nice. Norman has always been a fave in my eyes.

Camping trip? Could that be a prelude to "The Legend of Everfree"?

Which X-man was at the airport?

8292186 Yes, I have have. It's alright for what it is and the writing is phenomenal.

8293199 Norman is a great character, especially in Spectacular. We'll be seeing more of him as time goes on.

8293222 Yes. I'm adapting it for a future arc with some changes obviously.

8294344 In this universe, there were two mutants present for the Civil War Airport Battle: Cyclops on Team Iron Man and Wolverine on Team Cap. Both had their own reasons being there.

I might do a flashback chapter dedicated to this fight to better flesh out these differences, cause Peter and Logan have interacted.

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