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Filthy Rich and Mayor Mare are running for Mayor. This is their first, and only, town hall debate.

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Princess Celestia needs to moderate all debates. Just sayin.

Also, a Pegasus-proof golden arch. :pinkiehappy:

Not like this... :rainbowlaugh:

We're gonna make those damned Pegasi pay for that arch, too!

That arch is gonna be delicious. Too bad I'm moving to Canada.

And this is why I don't feel the comic arc was meant as a direct analogue to the 2016 election. No instance of Filthy Rich is this bad.

Seems a little biased against Filthy, but whatever. Definitely entertained me for 5-10 minutes.

Welp, I chuckled.

7706686 but don't you know that trump filthy is a racist?
my mom told me so so it must be true

Well this was a pointless bit of comedy that I absolutely needed to brighten my day. Thank you for this.

Not enough instances of the word: Wrong!

Quick, dirty, and funny.
Just the way I like it.

7706684 Yeah, I'm not entirely convinced myself. I think people thought it was because of the timing, since the first part coming out a month before the election, and each issue of the comic is usually scripted several months in advance.

filthy rich isn't that bad. at least he's planning to get stuff done while mayor mare has just sat on her lazy duff doing nothin her whole adult life... oh, this is an analogue for the 2016 election? i vote for flutterpriest. at least (s?)he knows that the whole thing is stupid

If priest is a girl, then I have lots and lots of questions.

7706852 Yes, but you can't deny how many similarities Filthy Rich had to Trump in that issue. And at some point (late Feburary/early March) it had to cross the writers minds that they might have the issue during a Trump/Hillary election and they should've scrapped it because no one cares about politics in comics.

Two golden arcs. . .
I'm loving it.

Princess Celestia have some STRONG hearing :rainbowlaugh:

What is wrong with pink?

Pink is the color of love.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Filthy should have made getting a character tag of his very own central to his campaign. Because you know if he had a tag, it would a good tag. Better than good. The best tag. And that's why Knighty rigs the system to keep him tag-free.

I feel like using a donkey like cranky doodle might have been more appropriate then dash but that might have been a bit on the nose. A funny little story none the less. I think celestia pretty much summed up a lot of peoples feelings about this election.

Mooning her?

God dammit. I was crying.

Oh geez I wonder who this person is voting for? It was so subtle and well written I just couldn't tell. ... Also how do they have elections in a monarchy?

HAHHAHA plz nerf Princess Celestia

Sunbutt takes precipitous action...and I approve.

Wtb portal statue to Equestria please

I'm staying in America for the next 4 years!

That good enough?

7710613 Buck ! You are not leaving? I knowed I should have not said anything..:raritywink:

I am hurting inside.

7710644 Did I go to deep? Sorry I forget how long I.... :raritystarry:

Well, it's been nice. I'm gonna go pass out now.

7710679 You're fun I like you!

Thank you. You're also a really fun person to talk to.

No, it had to be a pegasus, because building a wall between the sky and the ground is preposterous. That serves to highlight the detachment from reality evident in all of DFilthy Rich's proposals.

Great, now Mayor Mare can get on with her Grogarian ritual sacrifices and pedophilia.

Okay then.

I wish I haven't bombed my Political Science class.

Hahahaha :rainbowlaugh: This was funny... quite funny.
Nicely done.

I say we will make TWO great golden arches in order to keep the pegusai out of our town.



Thank you for making that joke

I was given a rather small inheritance of a million bits


This is hilarious. A basic fu to the entire events of the Elections back in 2016.

Now... where did we hear of building a wall :ajsmug:?..

Also you misspelt "pegasi" as "pegusai" :pinkiegasp:. Preposterous!

Not much to say about the story itself :ajsleepy:... And why did Mayor Mare not get a chance to improve the citizens' lives :applejackconfused:? It's her life's calling, after all!

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