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Hugh Neutron visits Fluttershy's cottage for no reason at all. The two proceed to talk about ducks over a can of Purple Flurp.

This story was inspired by and is a parody of Fluttershy Has Tea With Jesus.

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Well this promises to be good. I'll add it to mu shelves and read it tomorrow.

This is the finest quality ever. Of all time.

This was a pleasant story. Everyone could use some Neutron in their lives.

this was adorable i would read more honestly.

Absolutely glorious.

Duck Jesus, best Jesus.

The nostalgia strikes back for me. I read this story remembering vivid details of episodes I watched as a kid. (Robomom who did the chores while real mom was on vacation, and super-speed Jimmy Neutron, to name a couple.)
I don't think I care for the show as much anymore, but I can appreciate the nostalgia trip and a simple story for our simple yellow pegasus. :yay: Have a like, my friend.

10/10, would quack again.

> Be me
> Scroll through the recent stories in Fimfiction.net
> See's this fanfic
> Let's do this
> Reads the entire fic in less then 5 minutes
> Tears of joy falling down from my face
> Feelsgoodman.jpg


7524856 gotacreamyfilling.mov

Why is this not in the feature box

I'm surprised anyone in this generation has ever heard of the purple flurp. Kudos for that from an old guy!

7523469 I'm more of a Dexter boy, meself.

7525185 Because it's not a clopfic.

Shame, I know, but the admins lie to you kid. It's a conspiracy. Clopfics are the 'hip and cool' thing for the feature box. Fight back, spread the word; there's cloppers within the herd!

7527322 Actually it was in a feature box for a short period of time (with the mature settings off at least). You can even find it in the featured shelf under Community.

7530509 I don't mean to be disrespectful of people who write such things (except I actually do in a small way) but I think that clopfics are a cheap way of getting viewers to read your content. If you can write a non-clopfic story and get featured for it, it's not that special anymore because do you really want your work being put under or above a story about two ponies who are no way compatible with each other bumming one another's brains out?

I mean, kudos to you, author, if your story did get featured, I sincerely mean that, but I think your story is special when it's praised by people who are into the same genre of stories as you. I mean, that's effing obvious, but I hope you understand what I'm trying to say here.

Your story is funny enough to make me chuckle. Not the best comedy, but I've seen far worse, and yours doesn't fall into the worse category. It's alright and Hugh Neutron seems to be in character. I haven't watched the show since the movie so I remember little of the characters personalities, but I vaguely remember Hugh's being the dumbass but meaningful father figure. So yeah I'll throw this story a like for you.

7530733 Wait. Are you talking to me or the author?

All I said was that I remember seeing this story in a feature box yesterday for a short period of time.

7530931 I'm talking to the both of you.
...your system software needs updating, dude.

7531021 What are you talking about? If you don't mind me asking.

7531021 That moment when my system software actually does need an update but I've been lazy so I haven't done it and now a stranger on the internet is calling me out on it.

7531034 I'm talking about this story and how I like it.

And your software is asking you for an anti-virus checkup.

7531049 You'd be surprised how often I say random crap only for it to be true. I once said it was going to rain cats and dogs, and the next thing I know I step on a poodle.

It bit me. I bit it back.

That was a weird Sunday afternoon...

Best anime ending of all time

The crossover we need but don't deserve

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