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I'll be damned... after all this time it got a sequel.

Yup it did :v Bout time too. Finally some good fic to read

Oh, great... your doing time stuff. Wibbly Wobbly timey wimey.

Hold up. You better not pull some of that Punch Line shit. Still, this looks like fun.

7090234 What punch-line stuff? You mean another shit-on Silver parade? Nah, none of that in the works.

7091064 Hopefully you didn't also peed. :raritywink:

7090865 Punch Line. It's fairly decent, though a pretty stupid premise.

7091134 ill ignore the bad grammer in favour of the joke

7091190 I can promise the world will not be ended by a meteor if Silver sees a girl's panties twice in a row.

Nah, gotta longer than that

1. Nah, gotta be longer than that.

I take one thing to say about this prologue:

7091227 I meant something more in line with the ending, but sure, that works.

Yep, she had to say it. Either way, let the day(s) begin.

7091322 Ironically, I'm actually leaving that typo in specifically because it's a written journal entry. The sort of typo you'd probably gloss over, y'know?

Was that a little bit of Dawn of Dead at the end there

7091482 Nah, more of a nod towards the "I hope I give ya the shits, you fucking wimp!" line from Dog Soldiers. Falls under the Regret Eating Me trope.


Those eyestock tentacle things reminds me too much of the Old Gods type things that happen in World of Warcraft. They can also shoot lasers.

7091364 True, true. Written personal entries like those tend to have some quirkiness.

No!! No!!!! No!!!!!! :flutterrage:

Its a wibbly wobbly timey wimey sequel!!!! Nooooooo!!!!

*takes brain and boots out window* say goodbye to my sanity and time..

Back to Silver Script :raritywink:
Hoorah!!! :D
*shit storm of time puns and one liners*

Also.... Am I the only one envisaging the monster as the big evil dude from Samuri Jack? I know they look different but my brain is doing a thing here. :trollestia:
(I can't remember his name but you know the dude I'm talking about lol)

I'm both relieved and saddened by this lol..

Look forward to update ;)

Yay~... i cant think of any thing else to say

Honestly? No, I didn't think Silver would make herself harder to find for Sunset because despite the crazy in that head of hers, she still has a very good amount of intuition and tact if what she did before in her younger years are any indication. Why, I'd be shocked if anyone thought of Silver doing otherwise at all. No doubt Silver will be wearing her shit eating grin for the next week or so.

I woulda went to a burger shop first

Ponies certainly thought I thought I was in my first year
possession of nine head or something

1. Extra repetition.
2. Heads.

Now there's an interesting possibility, the return of her since cold glare. I wonder if she's gotten used to her body enough to be able to do parkour? Would certainly be interesting to see them shocked at that.

7123497 one is correct, as in, ' I thought that I thought I saw something weird.' It's just that the phrasing is weird. Unless I'm misremembering my English.

7123497 7123604 Rune Heart has it on that one. It's stating her belief that others believed that she thought that way.

The stone eye is a good card to have in the pocket, but I wonder if it's an Ace or a deuce?

Huh... I've heard of the latter version but not the former. Is it another less used version?

7123680 Only if 'deuces are wild' is in effect. Not like it's gonna be permanently active though.

7123708 It's a case where the word that is excluded. It's actually pretty common in the English language as a whole.
I think [that] you are a swell.
People believe [that] I'm a bad person.
So basically, what is being said is ponies thought [that] I thought I blah blah.

Are these the three symbols shown in her meditation?

7123745 Ahh, I see. Though the rules of when it's applicable eludes me for now I'll try to see how much I can understand it. And I keep thinking your first example is missing a word at the end because my mind keeps thinking that; 'You're a swell' should end with something. What our minds absorb tend to be silly and mysterious at the same time. That or we just have a little bit of Silver in all of us by now.

Im awating the nextchapter with bated breath and amore

7124331 Will have to wait a bit. Literally caught up to where I am.

7123860 Not saying yes; not saying no.

7124897 Looks like there's another author I follow that's a fellow homestuck

7125425 Yeah, I've been following the story since it launched after Problem Sleuth ended, and was really glad to finally see it end. Hopefully Andrew Hussie will pop out an epilogue sooner rather than later, to tie up some loose ends, like the fate of Vriska, Aradia, and 100% Alive Sollux, as those threads were kinda left hanging, y'know?

7125606 I caught up amid the fast-and-loose pre-omegapause updates, so I'm fairly new to most of it (although that's almost a year ago now). I'm also really excited for the epilogue. The ending was the beautiful anime I always wanted but all the unresolved character arcs are kinda irritating. (It's like having the start parentheses but not the ending one.

I look forward to Silver convincing SciTwi that alchemy is real. The "magical science" of alchemy seems like something she would be highly skeptical about. So it will be very funny when Silver outright shows her it's real. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh, the snark. It makes character interaction oh so fun.:rainbowkiss:

I get all the other tags, but sex. :trollestia:

Is Silver Script still active in that regard. I mean you have said she is a little more weathered now...
So she's a milf? Lol

I tease, I tease. Enjoying the story M8. Keep up the good work :3

7164563 Well I'm betting Sunset and Co walking in on her in various states of undress will be a running gag for a bit. Probably be at least once while she is doing 'special' things while in such a state as well.

Clutching his groin, flash crumpled backwards
noting a slight limp in her gait

1. Forgot to capitalise.
2. Extra spacing.

Nutcracker on ice pun...? I'm not sure if that's a cultural thing now but... I'm one of those people that sadly, don't get it. Still, at least Silver has got some kick in her left despite her apparent age difference. Now that I think about it, the previous rendition asked to bring lots of potions... think the mana potions might be related to the sirens mostly since it looks like they don't survive off of physical food alone.

Is it wrong that I'm legitimately trying to figure out what the cucumber, shear and tin are for?

7165052 my guess is that they were some kind of cryptic warning about aqua that not even pinkie could decipher, but im probably wrong

As always, i have enjoyed this chapter and wait everso impatiently for the next. Now if youll excuse me, im going to start refreshing my feed page everyhour on the hour

7165176 As far as Pinkie's gift is concerned, there wasn't really much of ANY reason. Just Pinkie gonna Pinkie.
Edit: To elaborate, whatever meaning I meant at the time has been lost to me, so it is effectively a mix of the "Brick Joke" and "Something We Forgot" tropes.

The Nutcracker on Ice pun is a two-step joke. See, the Nutcracker is a two act ballet, and it has been adapted to be preformed on ice. The nutcracker is also a euphemism for any heavy impact to the testicular region. By freezing Flash's feet to the floor... well...

You sir/madam have a beautiful mind!
Huzzah! For the laughs have been doubled :trollestia:
Tfw no Luna emote :fluttercry:

Had this been me anywhere from twenty to thirty years ago, I would have been hard pressed not to reach up and give them both a squeeze. Thankfully, the fact that I have plenty of boob experience from being a mom, and my awareness that I am in a public place, gives me the willpower to ignore that compulsion. Instead, I simply cross my arms beneath my chest to feel their weight on my arms.

Self Control Level: Goddess Tier

Is it bad that this is kinda turning me on?


Knowing that I’ll just end up with my hand stuffed in my muff until the pizza guy shows up if I give into curiosity and my budding arousal, I drop my panties and step into the walk-in shower stall.

Self Control Level: So Fucking Impossible You Know It's A Goddamned Fanfic

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