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Upvoted + faved even though you're a tablet-using douchebag :heart:

5018473 10/10, would upvote comment again.

If the parasprite can do this, I sure as hell have to. Cum/10, would LOL again.

But no really, good job.

5018545 By all means, share with your friends who need a laugh, a clop, or a confused boner.:pinkiecrazy:

This needs more! So good, so well written!

Best story

This was enjoyably silly.

the chicken thing is most likely from the story "man with two names" i think

5018636 Nope. False lead. I'll give you a hint. Two of them are related to games. The same one in fact. :pinkiecrazy:


Welp, I went in expecting exactly what I got. And my boner is in complete agreement that I'm nucking futs for being slightly excited by this.

But it's all about the details, about the details. (No trouble) I may be turned off by "Anon" getting fucked by Discord but I have a special place in my heart for detailed descriptions of just how gooey it feels for a mare being filled.

On a completely unrelated note (unrelated to this story even), now that I think about it - thanks to this story BTW, for some reason - can you change the descriptor "fetid" in chapter 29 of TAH? One, there's no way to know it's 'fetid.' Two, I don't think the word even fits unless there's something else seriously wrong. Three, ewwww, 'fetid.' (If this is confusing, I'm sure you'll understand when you search the word.)

5018645 If it's in reference to what I'm thinking of, that one's intentional as a derogatory.


I just don't think it fits in any way. (Clearly, you can see how distracting it was if that word was what I noticed...) :rainbowwild:

Also, do you read Spacecowboy's stuff? I'd be surprised if you didn't. But if you don't, then you need to.

5018756 Yeah, I've read his FeMale in Equestria stories and am waiting on more chapters in the sequel. I was actually just talking to him earlier this evening.


You should directly link this story to him for motivation. (Once he's done dealing with a WeirdBoner)

5018790 Did shortly before it was approved. He couldn't view it on his mobile, though. Browser kept crashing.

That ending. Made the story.

Silver... I fucking love you. Marry me. Now

Ah, the return of the 'why?' boner. WITH A VENGENCE.

5018830 ( ͡°˛ʖ ͡ ° )

I want to laugh, but I also want to cry. Emotional turmoil is not fun.

5018865 I know that feel. It's not every day someone proposes to you for writing the silliest porn you've ever written... or that it hits the featured box despite how insane it is.

What the fuck did I fuck?

That is the question.

This was.... kinky.... *Quickly faves this and stuffs the story into his wing deposited Pocket Dimension for safe keeping* :heart:

...and now I kind of want this to go on. Not the clop part, the part where he deals with the weird ass black hole of weirdness his life has become.

You mean how he became and the new slave spike?

I have a lightbulb for you:
It's powered by a generator that can produce a lot of power. How much? This much:

so, wait. how does all of that punish twilight? or is he just really really stupid?

Okay, this is one of the weirdest things I've ever enjoyed reading :rainbowlaugh:
I swear, the "no homo" kills me every time. {we need more laughter emotes}

>uses tablet
>the Almighty Para declared having a tablet makes you a faggot

I shall dispose of the vile thing forthwith, my Lord.

This thing was every bit as silly and funny as I expected. Definitely want a 10 months later aftermath of Twilight having to care for a gravid 'pet' because comeuppance is magic :rainbowkiss:

This story was fuking awesome

I have lost my ability to sides.
(aside from the fact that a lot of this is incredibly hot) I lost it at discord XD :trollestia:

So would he temporarily be a citizen now, at least until Twilight gets around to unpersoning him?

Got featured, does that mean we get a bonus chapter? Maybe a sequel or ten? :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::trollestia:

Hah, nice fanfic about those 3 images! I lost sides, I got awkward boners and I got that TF fetish feel

The tablet revolation will begin
Your move

5019346 I'm surprised you even have to ask. Twilight's going to be every bit as traumatized as he is, for one. Also, the rule of WAT.

but my god would he ever take her on a wild ride

I want to get off Doctor Boner's wild ride.

Really good story, 'Fates. I'd love to see more of Anon's Aramus's adventures! Especially if horsecock is involved.
And let's face it, after this, horsecock will probably be involved.

The best stories are the ones that make no bucking sense. At all. :pinkiehappy:

Eagerly waiting for a sequel rife with the pitter-patter of human-pony-draconequus-monstrosity feet.

Yes. This pleases me. It's fucked beyond belief, of course, but that's what makes it so much fun!

5018872 Hey, I would find that kind of creativity and lack of shame very attractive in a woman. Crazy people are some of the best people around.

I fucking love this! I wish I could find out what happens to anon- Sorry Aramus and to see where this went. But that aint happening. :pinkiesad2:

At least I should have any problems getting anywhere.


In a flash.

I was trying so hard not to assume holy fuck it is it was little parasentry gettin' his dick wetcause that's possible So 'grats, I guess. Raged more about that than you know.:moustache: Silly little thing. Wouldn't mind seeing it continue. Could definitely use that second editor's pass though.

We can't fuck logic that's in pinkie's and Discord's job description :pinkiehappy:

And discord did his job very well

5020387 Wait. What's the problem with the 'in a flash'?

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