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Seven Fates

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Booyah! A sequel to the sufferings of Silver Script; the pain never seems to end for him.

Nice a sequel. Anything that Shining Armor does to Silver would easily be overruled by the princesses. Anything he does can easily be connected to the fact that he is too close to the case. Also stalking should be a no no.

can't wait for the next chapter

Oi, I think you mean her.

Anyways, great introductory chapters, Fates. Lookin' forward to more of Silver's story.

WOOHOO!!! Sequel!!! Commence read.

2193142 It'll actually probably be coming sooner rather than later. Like, within the weekend sooner.
2193136 Indeed. But on the other hand, stalking is completely legal if it's done by a government official in the sake of 'national security'.:raritywink: Still. He's not going to be sending guards after Silver any time soon.

A couple of proof-reading errors, but dangit! Now I feel I have to reread some chapters as I feel a little lost. On two issues....maybe. :ajbemused:

2193302 I'd love it if you pointed these errors out. BearCider and I went over these chapters pretty well, but there's always going to be something to escape a two person edit run.

Intriguing indeed.:pinkiehappy:
It appears she is growing used to her new life.
Excellent work, dear Author.:raritystarry:

I don't know if this was intentional, but there it's almost like Soren is subtly insulting and berating Lyra for everything that transpired last book. Funny. :pinkiesmile:

Will this book be better then its, in my opinion, highly overrated predecessor? Let's find out.

I'm sorry, I still can not get over how quickly Soren got over losing her old life. I mean, I know it is to happen - we humans are an adaptable species - but the speed she went through, at least for me, is way to much.

But because I don't want to seen like a person who is only out to spew hate, here's what I did like about the chapter. I loved the myth about the compass, it was pretty enthralling and it had a nice little twist. I'll be sure to keep my eye on it in future chapters. :raritywink:

2193541 Spoiler for third chapter: She's not quite over her old life yet, and has technically been suppressing her feelings regarding abandoning her humanity.:raritywink:

Dang it Ponyville, you drive an alien pony absolutely insane and then ostracize him/her after the breakdown. Good job.

Twilight's fault... she's honestly still blaming Twilight for what happened last book? :ajsleepy:

Positive side now, I enjoyed the conversion with Shining Armour. It felt natural and like he was really trying to make an effort to like this pony.

2193557 You say this as if it is a good thing. And honestly, that makes no sense. I've read lots of these stories, and I have seen characters act the way she's been acting. But the situations those characters have had before coming to Equestria were far different. They usually lived in poor households or had unfavorable lives, so this made it realistic why they would try and push their old life aside. Here, however, Soren had a really good life. He had a family that cared for him and was willing to support him when he was Lyra, and you're honestly telling me that he suppressed and got over losing them this quickly?

Again, I'm sorry that it sounds as if I'm coming off as hateful, I'm not trying to. I do think there are good things in the story, but these moments just leap out at me as being so unrealistic that it makes the character unlikable for me.

I can make you that stallion shouting, “Just a moment!”

Might want to change "you" into "out" :twilightsmile:

When i checked my notifications today and saw that ya posted a new story, my first reaction was "Wait, is that the sequal to WaPC? YesyesyesomgomgomgOMGOMGOMG YEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:"
i would give ya a hundred :moustache:s if i could, and ya deserve it.
VIVA LA R#63!!!

I can only imagine that things are shaping up to be pretty interesting down in Ponyville these day.

It should be 'days'.

Looking good so far. A gory scene to come up soon? Bring it on! :rainbowdetermined2:

So everything goes to Tartarus in the next chapter, right? :twilightblush:

Well, you did have the vendor specifically state there is a curse on that compass and our little filly says she doesn't believe in curses... so there's a Whammy coming, sooner or later. :twilightoops:

*browsing fimfiction*

"Hmm... what's this?"

*Tags: Mature, Sex, and Gore*


she’ll probably glad to hear

you need a 'be' between probably and glad.

Fourth paragraph in, near the end of it.

Regardless of your grievances told you, you never half-flanked the job

I think there needs to be a what somewhere between regardless and grievances. Though I'm not sure, so don't hold me to that.

20th paragraph in, second to last sentence.

I watch her with amusement as she retrieves a bowl brom one of the cabinets.

Should be from.

11th paragraph from the bottom, first sentence.

Now that that's out of the way. All in all a very good sequel. The pacing was right-though with you that wasn't a problem in the first place- and you kept your mistakes to a minimum. I'll be eagerly awaiting newer chapters.

I have one request and one demand for this story.

If Silver is going to be having weird dreams about abandoning her humanity, could you have her dream of being ridden by a human? That'd be fun to read.

I don't want to see Princess Twilight in this story.
DO NOT make Twilight a goddess and princess.

Here is hoping she (gonna take some getting used to calling the character that) at least has some regrets about becoming not only a different species, but also a different gender.

2194797 Actually, the dream was already written long before I published the first two chapters and prologue. No riding, unfortunately. As far as Twilicorn, I considered incorporating it into this once I watched the finale and decided I approved, but I decided this would be a branch-reality caused by Silver's existence and the events of the first story, hence the alternate reality tag. I'm half tempted to infer that the show 'changed' to reflect the new reality.

Wait, I thought tomatoes were poisonous to ponies? Isn't that what Lyra said in When A Pony Calls?

2195590 If you pay attention to the show, ponies are seen cultivating and serving tomatoes, and in Applebuck Season, the 'baked bads' included potato chips. It could simply be Lyra just fucking with her [before shit went to hell], or Lyra simply coming up with an excuse for her to not eat tomatoes/potatoes because she didn't like them.
2195592 Does part of my sense of humor that you appreciate include the concubine musing as Shining lead her to the garden overlook?

Mature Sex and Gore? I wonder what is going to happen.

announcing Cadance somehow got Shining Armor pregnant

Wait, what?:rainbowderp::rainbowhuh::rainbowlaugh:

I think you handled Shining fairly evenly. Of course he would have concerns over this potentially insane pony who nearly murdered his sister and then continued to spend time with her because of the tutoring, but he also took a fairly light touch in the conversation on the overlook.

2194868 Not sure what I think about the branch reality idea. Kind of feels like it means Twilight lost her chance at getting wings because of how badly she screwed up the situation with Silver. That's a pretty life changing failure, or non life changing I suppose.

2195770 I'm not precluding the chance of Twilight's ascension in this alternate reality. Only that her destiny would be delayed, I guess. After all, I HAVE referenced many things from season 3 as canon. Just, if Twi does ascend, it isn't going to be plot relevant.

2195612 I know, I've seen them eating tomatoes, I was just going with your canon. Sorry...

Really good so far for a second there I thought that Silver failed!

Also Captain Jack Sparrow for the win!


Great story!

Ended up in front of the Griffon Embassy while trying to find a restroom! :rainbowlaugh: How does that happen? Then again the same thing happens to me sometimes when I am deep in thought, end up somewhere that's completely different from where I was planning on going!

Buy apparently cursed artifact?


This is going to be good. :pinkiehappy:


Just the author's use of Mental Transformation at the Speed of Plot.

Most HiE fics have to use this or they'd still be at a point in the story like First Pony View by Suomibrony. Which is a great story itself.

Seven Fates just has it condensed down to the fact most of it happened in her last story. The MC had to through a lot more than most HiE fics. A lot of authors use this technique. :ajsmug:

This 'know-it-all-attitude' will bite me in the rear someday.

For some reason the description looks like a ripoff of Fullmetal Alchemist :rainbowlaugh:

I don't know why, but, against what seems to be the popular opinion, I feel things are finally starting to look brighter for Soren/Silver Script :twilightsmile: I mean, she (should it be he or she?:rainbowderp:) finally passed the exam, things with Twi seem to be going... let's just say "fine", Shining DIDN'T kill her and she has Candy as a friend.:yay: Okay, things with other residents of Ponyville (excluding Lyra and Bon Bon) might not be that okay, but she lives in Canterlot, so who cares, right?:derpytongue2:
I loved "When a pony calls" and I'm so glad you didn't waste time making the sequel! Have a moustache:moustache:

2195829 Gotcha, that makes sense.

huzzah moar awesomeness

good way to recap :ajsmug:

2196439 No denying that statement, but as I stated before, when other stories do it it tends to be done in a semi realistic manner. I did not get that from the last story, nor am I getting it here.

Well, you got Soren a cursed compass, and judging by the last story in this series, unless you put it in there just to point out that he isn't superstitious (kind of dumb not believing in curses in a place where magic is common)... inb4 shitstorm.

Mr Compass, point me in the direction of the cure to petrification by cockatrice where the bird in question is dead.

Another Silver Script story? INSTANT UPVOTE.

Why does the cover photo remind me of Fullmetal Alchemist so much? That aside, if that compass is cursed, I wonder if it affects the results of alchemy. If so, one would only have to try and create a petrification potion, and end up with the cure instead! :pinkiehappy:

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