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Marble Pie has lived on the rock farm her whole life. Every morning, when she goes to fetch water from the well, she looks out at the horizon to watch the sun rise. One day, she begins to wonder what lies beyond that horizon...

Cover Art by ANTI1MOZG (used with permission!).
Edited by Knight Templar, GenerousGhibli, and E3gner.

Entered as part of the Everfree Northwest Scribblefest Contest (2016).

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So what happens next? Does she fall in love with Big Mac? Does she enjoy her trip? More, we needs more.
But Marble is now traveling, I know one pony whom would be most happy.
'That I am, Mr. Foxhelm':pinkiehappy:
'AH! Did I win the screaming contest? I bet I won.':pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

This was very nice.:twilightsmile:

This was lovely. :) If Marble had more character development, I bet she'd be just like this.

Why does this have a complete tag? If you're going to put Marble's adventures in another story that's fine, unless you use that for the title and don't mention me, but I think everyone who reads this can agree that the story of Marble's adventures needs to be told.

If you wish it, this could easily be the first chapter in an epic tale of adventure.
It would be wonderful to watch Marble learn, not only her strengths and weaknesses, but that she has the power to push the limits of both, and not just find herself--she can create herself.

We all do that, growing up.

Aw, I liked this! You should totally make more chapters (if you want). Write about her adventures! I love it :scootangel:

This was good.
Let it die a hero to the genre, lest it live to be made a villain.

A nice oneshot, as expected. :)

7006465 Okay, Harvey.

~ Neon Lights

Just yes.

My part has been said.

Wow, I can identify with this so much it hurts.
Very inspiring, thank you.

sequels, please!!!!!!

Hey there, WOW! What a great story!! :heart: I'm with everyone else - I couldn't help but feel like this was the first chapter of a longer series, but I think it stands well alone, too! I really liked the emotional buildup to the few sentences that Marble speaks, and the expanse of her inner world is very detailed! Great job, and best of luck in the contest!

Well this deserves way more recognition, & deserves a plethora of sequels.:pinkiehappy:

I'll try to put my thoughts and emotions into words.

This story is well-written, and gives an interesting look into both the introspective nature of Marble Pie, as well as how she views her family. The various emotions, from highs to lows, are believable, especially if you're familiar with introverted personalities. Marble's difficulty in expressing herself, and her struggle to step outside her comfort zone, are both well-conveyed, showing how hard it can be to find courage just to speak.

This story is well-written, well-planned, and done well. I'll admit, it is not something I usually read, and while not my favorite type of story, I liked it nonetheless. This story is based on a simple concept most of us can empathize with, and it is done properly. Hats off to The Hat Man! Good luck to you in the contest, and may this story stand proudly as a feather in your cap.


I reviewed this story as part of Read It Later Reviews #44.

My review can be found here.

That was a really lovely short! I think that you did a great job of characterising the Pies and bringing Marble's inner monologue to life. I particularly appreciate how you make her so loyal and considerate of her family but still with a burning passion of her own that she simply has never felt able to live.

I see you agree with me that Limestone's 'problem' (such as it is) is that the Rock Farm is her passion, much as Sweet Apple Acres is Applejack's passion. I think we know that inheriting the farm is her destiny whilst Maud's lies along more adventurous lines. After all, how many rock farmers can claim to have matched wits with the God of Chaos and stood beside the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony on many occasions?

Yes, this was well-written indeed! Well done!

I'm sorry this one missed the Fluttershy award, but it did take a close second-place out of a crowded category! I thought it was an excellent entry, myself. Thanks so much for writing!

7128441 Aw, thanks! Yeah, I'm a little disappointed it didn't win as well, but I'm still very proud of it and flattered that it was in the running. :twilightsmile:

please make a sequel,
after i finished reading this, i just can't help but imagine what would happen if Marble met a certain Doctor, since both of them do want to see the world, and marble would make such a sweet companion:twilightsmile:

Im surprised i actually found a story about Marble Pie.

8188423 That's not the surprising part. The surprising part is that it isn't a shipfic. :ajsmug:

seriously! you should make a sequel! we all want to know the things Marble would do and the friends she will meet

I haven't ruled out doing a continuation. I just have other projects to do first. :raritywink:


Do let us know when. Adventure awaits! The World is your Marble!

THE FEEEEEEEEEEELS!!! Wonderfully written. My eyes are about as dry as Pa Pie's.

Yeah, this story is a personal favorite of mine. I've thought about continuing the story, possibly as an original, non-MLP work.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiesmile:

Author Interviewer

I feel like the story of Marble's journey is the story I actually want to read. You've certainly whetted my appetite for it!


And I like this far too much. XD

That is very solid work. Smooth, though also without any climatic points, or anything alike, but able to hook you up and touch your feelings. It's also quite beautiful and has a morale, the idea behind it, which also makes it useful for everyone. It's also finished with the idea, which is good.

Yeah, this story, despite not being among my most popular, is still a personal favorite. I think it turned out pretty well, so it's always nice when someone else appreciates it. Thank you so much for the kind comments!

This was an awesome story! I love this insight into Marble. Keep up the awesome work!

Hello! Have a review. I'm quite impressed by how you've characterised a pony who barely says more than "Mm-hm" in canon. This isn't a flash-bang action fic, but it doesn't need to be. Quite touching, and with a truly glorious pun by Pinkie in her letter! Definitely upvote-worthy. :pinkiesmile:

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