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This is fiction. But it is based...

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What's with all these time jumps and implied details?! :trollestia:

This fic looks really interesting, i shall follow it with the greatest of interest!

Just because it's Flammen... flick it. Instant fav!

Oh, Flammy?

“Thank you both, Igneous Rock and Cloudy Quarts, for your hospitality,” Eric said, bowing his head slightly in return.

The last think I need is somepony new mucking it all up.

Goddamnit you possibly-German bastard. Another one for my read-later naughty folder.

One young man, surrounded by three very alluring young women (in their own unique fashion)? What could possibly go wrong? Looking forward to seeing more.

This is going to be fun to read.

...did I interpret that right? Did Maud really suggest he come to her if he got horny?

Always hard to tell with Maud. She is either sarcastic, deadpan snarky or flirty in most fic's yet the tone stays the same. The mystery makes it all the more intriguing.

I'm loving it already, it's only starting but it's great right away.
Absolutely can't wait for more :twilightsmile:

Great story so far! I look forward to the next chapter/s!
I'm really liking your portrayal of Maud. You should write her into a story like this. Maybe an alternate version of this story? That'd be sweet!

I absolutely loved this chapter! Already I am hooked and can't wait to see more!

6993040 Shucks, you flatter me, good sir

6993138 I am possibly a German bastard :raritywink:

Glad you enjoyed!

6993139 More or less than what was expected, given the nature of the title and the picture. We'll see though :raritywink:

6993142 Okay I'm glad people are catching on to these little things :rainbowlaugh:

Dear God, THANK YOU.

Of course this is your work Flammenwerfer, you know the things that draw me in. :twilightsheepish:

"Oh look, a Marble story. Art looks cut-- Wait, Flammenwerfer?" *reads*

I think that about sums it up. :twilightsmile:

Oh that crazy Maud. I can only guess at what crazy shenanigans she'll pull.


Obligatory nit-picking:

Surely thou are the one


May providence favor thee well

Capitalize "Providence".

t’was nothing thou had done

*’twas *hadst

thou may get settled


What study thou, Eric?


intend to use thy education

*thine (Think of how you use a/an.)

she had slim body with a prominent chest

*a slim body

6994251 Oooooohhhh you some kind of a smart guy huh? :trixieshiftleft:

*quietly fixes some of this stuff*

6993546 haven't read it yet. Work is taking all my time.

Well Marble is cute as fuck and this means only one thing:

Stick it in her pooper. Establish dominance. Poke Maud's forehead then boop her .

Apart from that I loved the Raven line. Glad you used it.

Both of their parents seemed indifferent to the display and only occasionally offered each other a few words by whisper.

Their considering on whether or not Eric should be the third. You know, to kink up their marriage. :raritywink:


Poke her forehead with what, exactly? :ajsmug:

This is literally the Bakersfield of Equestria.

Officially a shithole.


Bakersfield! Pffft, you don't know the middle of no where until you've been to Modesto

Whitmaverick does indeed make good clop images. :raritywink:


You know what. And don't act like Maud won't enjoy it. She's crazier than Pinkie.


The physical manifestation boredom

Need next chapter. NOW.

First chapter and I'm already hooked. Looking forward to how Marble deals with Eric. Not to mention Maud, her signs were glaringly obvious. Eric must need glasses. :rainbowlaugh:

This. This is why I follow you.

So far this has the makings for a good story. I'm interested to see how it unfolds.


What about standing in the middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma? Or I the Empty Quarter, Saudi Arabia?

I was originally going to add this to my "read later" list... then I saw who wrote it and decided to read it immediately.

Congratulations, sir, on another great story so far. Looking forward to chapter 2.

I know that this is more of a shipping story with Marble, but ooof dat Maud Pie. Givin' me da vapors.



Stick it in her pooper.

Damn it, Damien. :facehoof:

Ok I know this is going to be a Marble story but after this chapter you have got to give us some more sassy Maud.:pinkiehappy: Great start to what I know will be another great fic.

6992954 Oh Pusspuss, you so silly. :eeyup:

And that’s when his pupils shrank in realization as to how screwed he was. Eric would be living with a family—where clearly the heads of household were much more conservative—with three daughters roughly his age that all happened to be attractive despite having their quirks. To him, this whole setup had to be something out of a sitcom on Comedy Central, one that would have a crappy laugh-track associated with it. Great.

OK that was pretty funny.

Ten outta ten.



6997527 Stay away from my girl! :)

6994305 Well the getting along with Maud by Eric was...'Shining' wasn't it?

I have been to both of these places. I used to live in Modesto.

“…And I mean ‘anything,’” she added stoically, punctuating with a light flick of her tail and using it to grasp the doorknob and close the door behind her.

Dude, aim for the harem ending. You have a chance. :twistnerd:

It was a shame that pink-coated mare couldn’t be here today to introduce them formally and facilitate this in her own style, but from what he remembered, there were four others: her mother, her father, and three sisters, of which one of the latter he just met.

Wait, what? :rainbowhuh:

“No wonder you get along well with Maud,” Limestone piped up, pointing a thumb to her sister in question. “You’re an egghead like her.”

“Don’t mind her,” Maud added in. “She’s just jealous that she can’t study rocks and look this hot,” she said with complete seriousness, and with her monotone voice, Eric nearly burst out laughing.


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