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Auf Wiedersehen, fuckboi

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Stella Sabre

That's a sharp gal.

You all think that that pink thing in her mouth is her tongue.
It's a condom.

What? You didn't like it?

6672335 Oh I loved it but that's definitely a groaner :rainbowlaugh:

Though for a story of this nature, I say it's definitely a groiner.

It's still okay for me to not like the pottymouth Batesus, no? :derpytongue2: :rainbowlaugh:


Those last few jokes were...

(puts on sunglasses)

...less than 'Stella'.

Bet you cunt come up with something better!

6672613 Your right...I couldn't cum up with something better...

My argument's so far semen to be right.

Your annoyance is redily visible.

Man, I really love Stella. Thanks for this story.

You're right. I really 'blew' it. :trollestia:

Yeah. What's your problem, you dick!?

Flammenwerfer werfs the flammen!

And when he does, it gets hot!

Now it's at the top of the list!

The story was nice, liked it quite a bit.

The comments though, the puns within are out of control.*

*in a good way

We need more Stella oneshots with her swearing so badly it makes an entire navy blush. Also, love the fact Luna needed to do some... Purging of the command structure in her guard.

Loved this! Though it makes me wonder if Stella decided to put a word in for Soarin or, if he ended up getting that PT from hell that he didn't deserve.

Ah man, Spitefire's gonna force him to play P.T. until he dies!

This is a #YOLO story


Not really tho

6673164 Be careful, some bronies don't get sarcasm.

Anyone that dates Stella would probably end up dying from all the angry sex.


Push. Until I get tired. - Spitfire and a million other Drill Sergeants

heh, walls were sweating by the time we were done.

When I saw this pop up on the front page I was curious. When I saw that the thestral was named Stella I had to go check. When I was correct in what I saw I knew I was going to have a great read ahead of me.

I thought Stella had a Scottish accent, or are the similarities between this and My Best Friend, Luna coincidental?

Flammenwanker, you magnificent bastard you. Crikey! I needed this. :pinkiehappy:

This little tale reaffirms Stella as my favourite OC. You have done a marvelous job broadening her character from that which we see in MBFL. giving more moral fiber to her being. It's bang up job of skirting that fine line of her just being a cunt for cunt's sake. Even though she is a cunt. She's proud of being a cunt, and there's solid reasoning behind her being a cunt to those she's a cunt to. Bravo son, bravo.

There may have been a smidgen of foul language, but I don't think it was in any way gratuitous. Unless of course you mean the legal definition? 'Cause she's pretty flamin' free with it. Otherwise it fits her character perfectly. I know she's of Scottish base, but she will always be an Aussie mole to me. I cant help it.

Congrats on the feature mate. This has only whet my appetite for more Stella in the future. I'm quietly confident I'm not alone in this sentiment.

You have mates,
PhucknuckL :scootangel:

Woohoo! Stella is best pony!

Why is 'Equestrian Alpine' Scottish English when Scotland and the Alps are two very different places?

Well, when it comes to conveying humor, I'm a rather cunning linguist.

I can keep this up all day. :twilightsmile:

What about Soarin at the end? He was just forgotten.

6673269 And Soarin's epitaph is. "Embraced death in the most pleasurable of ways. For it came with a behind worthy of Venus and a mouth as foul as a daemon."

That was an interesting story, though I had a feeling that Luna was unaware of the politicking going on :twilightsmile: I figured Stella's lack of tact in the beginning would have gotten Luna a little suspicious seeing a stellar guard like her get passed up on promotions 3 times and that was the only instance of blatant insubordination :rainbowlaugh: So I kind of expected that ending a bit but still was a great story :twilightblush: Thank you for sharing. :twilightsmile:

I remember reading this yesterday, when it had no likes, and only 2 other views. And I looked at it, read it, and was like -

"I will give one of my friends $100 if this doesn't make it into the top stories box."

Now I get to keep my $100.

Anyways, awesome story, good writing.

I'll read it the second I have time for it! But I bet it's going to be good :pinkiehappy:

6673666 She does. But with no human frame of reference I can't outright say "Scottish" as it doesn't exist in equestria. Ergo, I had to create a link with Northern Mountain Equestrian

6673785 In the human world they are. The 'Alps' don't have to necessarily correspond with the human ones. Upon her conception I decided upon that origin those months ago, but yes you are correct. In reality, those are very different places on Earth

6673175 You know It bitch.

My only issue is she seems to get away with mouthing off to an officer so severely. That lack of discipline can and does get people killed .

6674157 Oh certainly! I concede that I did have to take a few liberties here and there when I was typing away. Wouldn't be fun if our batpony lass got executed for her mouth, or imprisoned, and beat up by MPs... Or any numerous other things :twilightsheepish:

More like punishment duties, demotion, charges or other review. I'm not saying you did bad, and I did like it, but it stretches a bit.

Otherwise thank you for sharing.

6674178 Oh yeah. Initially I included the court martial dynamic, but it was adding bloat that was unnecessary imho, so I did away with it. So yeah, I fully own up to stretching things a bit. All things considered, I think it came out okay.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed nonetheless

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