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This is fiction. But it is based...

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Yes it's here thank the writing gods:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

For someone who says introductions are hard, you do a damn good job with them!

Okay, the beginning of this story was amazing. I really like how this story has a more liberal use of heavy language. The interaction between Stella and Moral Highground was pure gold and it's funny to see people get surprised by Stella's antics from the waitresses to Frederick. Furthermore, Frederick and Stella have a sweet interaction as he accepts Stella's personality and Stella stands up for him. The cover art is also very well drawn. Hope the next chapter comes soon.

Stella is awesome, as usual.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of this. :twilightsmile:

Good start so far.

That Pusspuss guy is a jerk. No one likes him! :flutterrage: You should get your money back!

You had me at Stella. I needed to know NOTHING else.


Standards. Going to hold them to you.

I am glad to see this coming out though, I remember talking about this with you, should be a fun ride with you, once again.



Dammmmn Daniel, back at it again!

Been waiting for an actual story w/ Stella for some time now...I look forward to this.

but sorry to say, it ain’t gonna happen. I’m flattered, but like twice your age, kid.”

Why should the boy settle for apple juice when he wants some of your fine wine, Highground? :rainbowwild:

“Mind yer fuckin’ post, Private Arseclown. And show some respect to our guests, ya fuckin’ savage, or I’ll shit inside your heart! Now!”

The guard calls Stella's bluff and she beats him to tar... which results in Celestia firing Stella because it's not a good idea to have a maniac willing to bludgeon coworkers over a small faux pas on her guard force. :twilightsmile:

But in seriousness I want to ask: In this universe is Highground still Octavia's mother?

Sounds interesting enough to make one of my lists, so I'm going to check it out, and see what I think about it.

This is the ship some of us that have been hoping...we are happy.

Ah yes, the moment we have all been waiting for.

The one where we get to witness the best OC from the fandom that is literally leagues above some shitty blind filly.

Fredrick Himmelreich

Fucking YUS!!! I think i just popped a blood vessel from "YEAH!"-ing so hard

Because everyone loves Stella. I look forward to future drinking and kilt-wearing.

Do women wear kilts?

The moment we've been waiting for is here. Oh yes, this is going to be good.

And so, a truley twisted friendship was born.

Well, this will be nothing short of amazing.

moar pleas

Good Story, i licked very much! " Thumps Up "
Yeah... Thestrals ( Batponies ) are the best!! Never mess with them !
Hope off more and off a soon update!?
( sorry for my bad English, but no translation programm on the X-Box )
Bye until next Time!

Cheers, love


I can't get over the fact that his last name is literally "Heaven-Rich"

"Cheers, love,” she said. The waitress smiled back, nodded, and mosied off deeper into the sea of ponies.

As soon as I read that, my mind instantly put "The Cavalry's Here!!" at the end. i play tracer too much.

now, to get back to reading the story.

It begins yessssssssss!

When I saw this was a story about Stella the only thing that came to my mind was yes YES YES!!!

7334718 God Dammit PussPuss! stop making ponies cute and sexy!!! it drives my to clopping :flutterrage: also we want the next chapter of your amazing Lightning Dust x Human fic.

And we all love your amazing work and talent!!! you got that mister!!! :twilightangry2:

*Scans the featured section and finds no mature sex stuff*
*Checks to see if the mature button is on*
*Re-scans and finds this*
So close yet so far... oh well. *Pulls out genitals and get's ready to masturbate*
*Unfortunately no porn* Well this is an unusual win lose.


MBF,L is one of my favorite fics on this site, so I just know this is going to be good.

Flammenwerfer posted a new story


My Best Friend, Stella

You made me laugh out loud right in the way of work, mate. Good job. You have my fav!

“Sounds like a plan!” Stella agreed, and the two of them moved to part ways, but not without the Lunar guard swatting Highground on the ass as they passed by each other to leave. That garnered a shrill yelp out of her.

Flame...are you using our OCs to recreate what you did to me? :ajsmug:

Cannot wait to see how this progresses!

There aren't enough words to describe how much I love Stella.

A lot of folks have been waiting for this, and you've been hyping it up for a while now. So...

No pressure, though!

7336014 Wait...what?

This is gonna be great. I just know it.

7336088 Enigmatic has an OC named Highground who's a Batpony in his story The Third Rommmate. Enigmatic placed Stella in his story as an easter egg.

woot itz out.
been lookin forward to this. i like Stella . she coo

I can't work on it for a while. :applecry: To much art stuff to do.

7336099 That's not what I was "wait, what?"ing about...

to recreate what you did to me?

Well. That happened.

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