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the name Anon

As much as I don't like this, I'm going to see where this goes.

Let's do this.

Wasn't this on 4chan? Swear I've read this before.

This a typo?

Or do you believe it was I saw no other way?”

That first chapter title... oh, you. :trollestia:

I suppose it's time to re-read this classic.

Well, it's a good story and well written. Albeit discomforting and disquieting in ways.
Good job! :derpytongue2:

With hesitant hands, he begins to clean the wet area of the couch in-between your legs.

hesitant hands

Shouldn't that be hooves? Or is this missing a human tag?

Good lord, this Cadence is freaky.

Like, really really freaky.

Hooves. Typo.

Dark for a reason. Who said this was a happy story? :twilightsmile:

The creature would need to find a home in Tartarus, the moon, or worse.

What's worse than Hell?

Oh, it's gonna be a human-turned-pony story...

This is a great story, I can't wait to see what Cadence will do to seduce the pore colt and what else she will do to him. I wander what is the source of the friction of the Anon parents, and what she will do to keep the friction going on with out destroying the marriage. I thing the hints about Anon origins are fairly good, he seems to remember how he was before he arrived in Equestria, but still seem to be clueless about sexuality. I loved the salad scene and the the bath. I hope to see more of this awesome story soon.

Oh boy im more like waiting for the sequel... but it finally happens. Anything new added from the original?


This is just as good as the original. I love it.:heart:

I.....I have mixed feelings for this story, I really don't know how I 'should' feel.

I've been staring at the screen for the past few minutes trying to think of a thing to write and I've got nothing.

Fuckitol is a wonderful drug when taken with vodka.

Ill read this eventually but tonight I feel like fapping to a picture of president Obama and scream to the top of my lungs to send in the drones as I splooge all over a picture of a Arabian Prince.

If only it didn't have Anon in it, I might read. :raritydespair:

I don't understand why everypony uses a green-skinned protagonist from 4chan of all places. It's not the lack of originality, it's just objectively stupid.

Part of me...i just love the commenters you got, most are very entertaining.

Foalcon, just, specifically a colt and not a filly...

7127205 you mean like shotacon, but in pony version?

Why does the POV change so much? Shouldn't a second person story be told from one characters view, cause the reader is supposed to be that character? I'm confused. :fluttercry:

who cares if its 4chan this is fucking good

Because a lot of content creators are also 4chan users? I'm pretty sure 4chan was where FiM first exploded; I know that's how I discovered it way back in the first half of season one. It was everywhere on the site back then.

Come on, Priest. You're not foaling anyone with this. We all know this is just an innocent attempt at playing with our emotions. A shota clop and weird, right where we want it.

7127250 It can be a bit hard to follow. Suggestion: maybe have the first few words of the new P.O.V. be in the color of the pony speaking. That way it's clear who's who without being very intrusive in important parts.

"Yeah Anon let it go

Let it goooo, let it gooo! Can't hold this cum back anymore!

7125877 Oh my God, this image is killing me, thank you XD

7126203 My thoughts exactly!

This is so deliciously wrong. Don't stop :pinkiehappy: Can't wait to see what she's got planned!

Write more.... I want anon to screw her senseless.

Many people said that this is a sequel. But were is the first part? Or i just get it wrong.

Thank you for bringing this to Fimfic. :heart:

Everything worked out in the end. worked out in the end.

Double sentence

You have to stop yourself from nearly springing your own bloody nose.


They keep saying that Anon pony looks different, but never give any detail. What makes him so strange? The fact that he (apparently) always wears clothes, or some weird side effect from his transformation?

7127559 i.giphy.com/XFQxwLgRo36eY.gif

This is a very disturbing look into the female predator's mind and to be honest the name anon isn't so bad when you can replace it with just about every other young boy's name and replace the hooves and other furry references to human analogues.

This left me actually wanting to read on when I then realized that there were no more chapters. (Meak moar plz)
All in all I would give this a 8/10 as it leaves me on the edge of my seat waiting to see when she will finally slip up or if she ever does.


i smell stranger danger

That doesn't make it suck any less as a core story element. "Anon" pulls you out of the story whether or not you use 4chan.

It's not that it's hard to follow because the POV switches are broken up with lines, but it's just weird to read at frist. It's strange to go from Anon's being called "you", then Cadances becomes "you", so you're two characters in this story. It just threw me off a bit.

The long description for this story is very clunky, a distraction that isn't helped by the ugly sentence fragments floating around up there. I suggest making the sentences a little more complex than the single-clause ones you have here. There's nothing wrong with direct, lean writing, but when I read the long description, I can't help but think it was written by a first-grader. You probably don't want that, do you? I know I wouldn't.

Point in case I'm fuckkin irish you honestly think I care when one of you people dislike my comments?

Ill argue with a fuckkin rock if it looks at me the wrong way so no I don't care and I do enjoy when ya like it but it's either here or there so if you got something to say you say it where everyone can read it publicly and let them decide if you're right or wrong.

Also this story gave me a nice bit of daydream material.

(Sorry for the rant but someone didn't like me splooshing on a arab prince's dirty face)

Disturbing yet inticing. Im of split opinion on the anon thing. On one hand, it does pull you back out of the story, on the other, you can train yourself to self insert. I read anon as *insert owen young male oc*
It's actually made me want to read more just to find out what happens to my own colt oc

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