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>No Scootaloo tag


Annie? Are you here? My name is Twilight! We’re here to help you!" Twilight calls out again.

Annie, are you okay? Annie, are you okay? Are you okay, Annie?

I woulda taken one look at the place then noped the fuck outta there. My skin isn't pale enough to last more than five minutes in a place like that

What inspired this? It seems a little too well written for something on the spot.

7106667 God Dammit, the smile on my face is terrible. What makes it worse is I saw the story in my feed and clicked it expecting a Scootaloo tag.

wlam #5 · Apr 8th, 2016 · · 1 · Welcome ·

Second person horror is certainly an unusual format that doesn't get used a lot. It's interesting, but it's also really difficult to do well. On the one hand, the idea really reminds me positively of text adventure classics like The Lurking Horror, Hexuma or Anchorhead, but on the other hand, being told "you are terrified" is just not really all that terribly scary. I'm curious how that will work out in the long run.

Upvoted because this is the first story I've seen use an orphanage as a setting without the obligatory Scootabuse.

Nice story, as well. You did good.:raritywink:

I'll take "fuck this shit Twilight" with a side of "Nope"

Plot twist : so....anon ... What do you think of your new home ?
we have been waiting for you
Ya know Fluttershy has been here before ...
before she was taken from us..
we've been waiting oh so long for her return ...
so very , very long to reunite together
Surely you will keep her company ...
for now & all eternity
just don't try to leave ...
there is no escape ...

You've been hit by- you've been struck by- a true, spooky-ghost!

7106667 I thought that was against site TOS or something.

This story really adopted a dark attitude. I don't know whether to keep reading orphan myself to cool down a little.

Why are they visiting Scootaloo's house?

Once the ties are gone, then the spirit will be able to pass on to Tartarus."

Yes, let's send them all straight to hell!

"Okay! We’re too scared to go in the basement anyway," their leader says.



holy shit im loving this. The build up is working.

omg...it started looking sweet with the fillies and then...and then i got near the end.

Its earning the dark and horror tag alright. The sex tag as well...

Is this new stuff or one of your old reworked stories?

Wow. Usually sanitariums are scarier. Well done.

"In that case, let's just get this with,” you say. “The sooner we are done, the sooner we can head home. I don’t like this place."
"Y-yes, my love," Fluttershy stutters.

You are missing the word "over", and the next line has a minor formatting error.
Aside from that, well done. This is pretty decent for a second person story.

If i ever visit an abandoned place then it would only be a 2 floor house maximum 3 floors, then it should have its windows opened all of them. And ofcourse no horrible background..

Yep I just cried. Good job

I have a bad feeling about this.

This story is just full of clichés...is that why I love it? Who cares, I love this :pinkiehappy:

Incredible! :pinkiegasp:
Abandoned orphanage outside is a great place for shelter of horrors. :pinkiecrazy:

WOW UM. Sex, yeah I really wasn't expecting that.

Edit: Just realized who the author is, not to surprising.

Bitch needs to die. AGAIN!
Wonder how she died though.

And then there were three.

And for the second time, this story has made me tear up. :pinkiesad2:

so many tears must be shed for theses fillies

Rock Slide of Feels
Danger Falling Tears

All the feels this fic gives me! Morbid and still Beautiful.

Man, I'm gonna be a mess when this is all over...

From wanting to punch something in its face, to shedding manly tears...
This fic is playing jumprope with feels

My sheer and utter loathing for a certain mare keeps growing for every chapter, i do so hope she will suffer as much as the poor Children had to.

At this point I am so ready to slaughter Gertrude. WHO'S WITH ME?!

At least we didn't get raped again. :rainbowwild:

can't wait for the ending to see what happens to Gertrude.

One Filly and one wretched mare left, then they are home free!

Plot twist.
Celestia planned all this.

I really should not have started reading this at 00:12.
You are far too good a writer and now I can't sleep. Fair play to you but screw you because of the no sleep bit.

I really want it to end on a happy note, maybe even Anon giving Fluttershy a chance or something like that. I really do, but something tells me Gertrude is going to do something to crush all my hopes of having a happy ending. :fluttercry:

Man that got too close to ending badly. Phew thankfully it didnt go that way for anon...

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