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Awesome start; don't drop or abandon th--aaand this fic has had the big red CANCELLED put on it. WHY?!

awesome chapter mate keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Awsome, the concept is not new, but pretty much anybody has never finnished one fic of these, this one has a RGE, so that is enough for me to get in, please contenue.

I would have liked to see the actual confrontation with Sombra, but otherwise it's an excellent start.

So far so good I really like your story and looking forward to reading more

Well, this looks extremely promising.

I believe this story will take off

I hope you don't drop this, it's fucking awesome.
Also I know its gonna be a winner, 10 likes when I first saw it, 21 now... I bet it reaches the hundreds.

Oh snap, a new story to continuously look forward to!

Heil to the new King ! Praise be ye on such a glorious start to an adventure.

Fuggman returns with the American dream on his back, what a sight to behold. His dad giving him an SKS does leave me wistful for the good ol days of $200 Mosins and plentiful surplus

Always love these kinda fics
Hope it goes places

Hmm, promising.

Not really enough to go on yet but it's interesting enough to watch,

Still it starts off with a major annoyance of mine, when an author hypes something and then skips over it entirely.
Thumbnail is a picture of a revolver, title is "The First Shot Fired" implying someone gets shot but instead it time-skips from earth to us getting familiar with sombras former council.

Plus I don't like anon stories but I really like the rebuilding the crystal empire setting and the first person perspective is different.

Hopefully this goes better than non equestrian version.

When a story manages to make you smile, you know you have picked a good one. Amazing job!

Awwww.... This is just adorable and sweet beyond words. You nailed the balance of showing the true horror of what was and the potentially bright future. It's going to be wild when Shining Armor and Cadance show up to try to take charge though.

This is pretty good so far!

Yeah. I grew up with three rifles on the gun rack in the dining room -- and one of them was from the revolutionary war. My brother has it now. The other two were a 30-06 and .22. We used to go out to the creek behind the farmhouse, throw bottles into the water and plink away at them.

In addition, please the tax records taken during Sombra’s regime pulled so that we can reconvene at a later

Uh . . . what?

Damn it... this is such a nice story, full of hope; I certainly hope that the title "Game of Pones" is only a little nod to that horrible, bleak series penned by George R. R. Martin -- I want the Empire to rise and keep rising, forever, not have it all descend into petty backstabbing and politics. In the words of Kor, the Da'har Master, forever may He live in Suto'vo'qor:


Fixed. Something you're going to learn real fast is that I'm no joke dyslexic.

I whole-heartedly agree. I really hope this whole thing doesn't fall apart.

reactivate the Heart and it defenses?

and its defenses

I and here to answer these questions

I am here

He came to us only this morning, a stranger from a strange land, wielding a power Sombra knew not That power, you ask?

There's a period missing from that sentence. Did you mean ". . . Sombra knew not. What is that power, you ask?"

Fixed, fixed, and fixed.

Praise be unto thee, wordsmith
May these blessed texts come to fruition

A very interesting story and concept. Tracked and favorited. :pinkiehappy:

You know Anonymous always changing Fate & Destiny it doesn't matter what gender the character is they always find a way to break the system of the world

Mostly I just mean that Cadance is going to feel that the crystal empire is her birthright and her kingdom since it's a very safe bet she's a descendent of Amore. It's her middle name after all. The problem of course is that the various families just swore allegiance to Anon. If she's been raised expecting the Crystal Empire to be hers, that's gonna be a really nasty surprise, and people have shot the messenger over much less.

Huh, didn't expect a 2nd person story to evoke such emotions from me--though I saw the name Fuggman, and I knew I was in for a nice read. :)

This said, I feel the need to ask ... what came to be of Sombra's corpse?

If there was someone who deserved to have its corpse presented impaled on a pike alongside the recovered Heart, it was him. If there is someone's corpse that deserved to be desecrated by the ponies that he ruined, it was definitely him.

Only to be disposed of via being thrown into a latrine once its use was over.

Thank you for the double release, and see you in future releases! :twilightsmile:

Saw the description, pulled up Big Iron before I started reading

What did I just read? The raw emotion in these two sections was more than in any romance or tragedy novel ever made. The cool calculated nature of Anon would make any other possible character seem foolish and quick tempered.
The only words that could give any semblance of a summary to this story is "God bless America!"

Ya know was expecting a cheesy anon but damn im loving this guy and the ponies with him.

By this point I believe Sombra’s body was made of pure dark magic. Once his corpse ran out of the stuff it simply faded away

huh, I had no idea you were the same guy who did borne of caution, what a coincidence that I came across this story so early... (it had 10 likes iirc)

This is amazing. Absolutely worth becoming a treefiddy patron, you beautiful aquatic beast from eons ago.

I’m really excited for the new stories but also sad to see you cancelled some...

~The End

You forgot to put that in last part..


Kidding, i want more chapters...
I mean, We Are...

awesome chapter mate friend keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Lots of potential. And lots of points for the story to advance. Will Cadance return and attempt to retake her throne? Will the Mane Six try to help her or the Empire? Will they get food in time to feed the populace? Will there be a rise of political factions?

Game of pones is a play on game of thrones in terms of the title, don't know about the content itself but I'm just hoping it's better than how the latter ended up.

Armed gunman saves crystal horses by obliterating tyrant. Tiny Tina would be proud.

I don't know why these goofy/hyper serious 2nd person stories make me smile as much as they do, but damn it! I want more!

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