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You have my attention. Good structure. Excellent mystery tossed in right at the get go. I am interested in seeing were this goes.

Consider me watching.

im intrigued....tell me more :D

I cant wait too see more of this story im excited 😆

Thank you! :rainbowkiss:

Tune in tomorrow morning (PST) for the next chapter! I'll be posting daily for most of this week. :rainbowdetermined2:

Love the world building and the fact that you have more chapters ready. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

wat a spectacular bday present lol :D

And I'm gonna just set this story to tracking. You got me hooked and am eager to see where this ride goes.
And quick question: with the unicorns, do they usually keep their horns lit all the time? The way that you have Pearl describe the numbness in her head got me curious and picturing little unicorns foals prancing about with their horns aglow.

Congratz, ya got featured. 7/28/2021

I like this. Can’t wait to see some action.

Well written story. I like to read about all the various different customs and problems with coexisting the tribes have, when not united. RGRE setting just makes it better.

Was it poisonous?

Pearl is some healer, she thought of eating the poor thing, after it nearly drowned

Thank you! It's been a lot of fun to write them and more are in the oven as we speak. 👩‍🍳

Happy birthday! 🎉

So it begins. The great battle of our time. :moustache: Glad to have you here, Mr. Otterton!

As I envisioned it (and admittedly was inspired by TheManFromAnotherTime's wonderful story, Everyday Life With Guardsmares) unicorns are constantly channeling magic through their horns. It's barely perceptible and instinctive, like breathing, but they can stop at will.

When they extinguish their horns they basically 'hold their magical breath' for a little bit. The absence of this constant channeling is noticeable, and works like raising one's right hand in greeting. It's basically stating that you mean no harm, since your magic is innactive. :rainbowkiss:

You got it! Tune in tomorrow morning for another chapter!

Heck yeah! 😎

Worry not! The first act has been mostly written to completion and the action is fast approaching!

Liked and tracked good sir.

Well I'm interested. Definently liked and followed

This has certainly captured my attention. I graciously bestow upon you a like and will be following this new adventure with great interest. I am looking forward to seeing how our wayward human takes to these strange and uncertain events as they happen around him. Keep up the good work, and I patiently await the next instalment.

This looks like it will be an amazing adventure, I look with all the eagerness of Twilight in a new library for more. I love historical fiction and I love stories that explore and expand upon Equestria's war-like past beyond the show's "Ye Olde Unicorne Kingdome". Liked and Followed

Just now saw your author's note, and if it pleaseth thee, I would be most honored to lend what little skill I have to bear being a pre-reader.

Well, it seems that the benefits of being a priestess are far and wide, although I have a feeling the fun is going to come to a rather unceremonious end now that our wayward human is entering the picture. I'm certain things are only going to get more interesting as we progress. Wonderful chapter, please keep up the amazing work and skill you have showcased and I will patiently await the coming dawn for the next instalment.

"Pour some urine on these," she told the mare, Dew, before she left, and gave her a few wheat and barley seeds from their storeroom. "If the wheat grows, it's a filly."

A straight from Ancient Egypt

Good start.

I'll follow for a bit.

“A spider’s got to spider.” -Scarheart

You have my attention and my curiosity.

Looks very promising. I am eager to read more of this. So far great job!

I can tell already this story is going to be a banger of a good time. And I desperately want to read more >.<

Well that was abrupt

I really like this story so far can wait for the next chapter

Hope you enjoy your Rise to fame

Ah, so we have begun. Not quite sure what to make of our human yet, although your descriptions of how he seems to be from the ponies' point of view is mesmerizing. Masterfully done. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more soon. Also, first comment for the last two chapters in a row!! :pinkiehappy:

You still have my attention, and it is growing stronger.

is Saul an oc, or is the character based on something?
Also, I should say that I am loving the setting and feel of the writing so far!

already his legend is born, the giant, birthed from the sea dead, only to be revived at the will of a priestess, to do good or evil only time will tell, but regardless he already stand above the ponies

Tol human is Tol. I look forward t the many chapters that ensue and hope this will be a loooong one

This is very well done. I'm having problems placing this in the MLP timeline. Far into the future, back in the past? Not enough clues to say for sure.

Great world building, I enjoy the caste system you've made and the way this is presented.

I can't wait for more.

The Monk
"Mavis, for crimes against royalty, I hereby sentence you to the sushi bar!" the judge said, as chains wrapped around her, and dragged her away." -darkmage1997

small correction, but she seemed to know he was a human before he told her what he was


Too phlegmatic for a guy who just cheated dead, and now finds himself rescued (and imprisoned) by an unicorn an a pegasus.

This is greatly intriguing, I am following for sure.

I wanted to say far in the future. It seemed obvious to me. They know of Celestia, Luna, Discord, and Grogar, but not as if they have been spotted in recent times. They speak of old Equestria, and of a time back when the unicorn and pegasus tribes were united as one.

But there are many ways in which a pony population could be relocated to another land/world/dimension. It is possible even that these events are taking place at the same time as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. They haven't referenced anyone that is less than a few centuries/millennia old in this story yet.

Well this is a great surprise. A superb start, grammar's tight, and most importantly, the story is interesting. Can't wait for more!

Please continue this it's a really good story and I would like to see how far it goes.

Thank you! I'm super happy you're enjoying my work! 😎

Heheheh I'm glad you caught that one! There's bits and pieces like that sprinkled here and there. It's always a joy when they're seen. 🙏

Roll credits hahaha 😂

He's an OC! Though I've drawn inspiration from one genre in particular. 😏

I'm very happy you're enjoying it! The mystery will be explored further! 😁

I'll look into it ASAP! Thanks for pointing it out!

Thank you to everyone who's taken the time to comment! I read all of 'em and they each make my day when I get the notification. We thanks you forever! 🙌

Oh goody crazed monarchs. Lets kill her.

Usually they live as long as it is fits the nobles.

I'm imagining Saul grabbing an axe and casually tossing into in our red princesses head, splitting it two from horn to cortex.

I already don't like her. She's very much in-bucking-sane.

“...and now I’d like to have some fun!”

You keep using that word. I do not believe it means what you think it does.


She means her fun. Doesn't matter if everyone else gets screwed.


I'm very happy you're enjoying it! The mystery will be explored further! 😁

YES! A Author after my own heart.

What's the fun of reading if the writer answers all the questions. I kind of wish more writers thought that way.

The Monk
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thanks for the hiatus heads up

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