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.... Make this clop and you have a fave.

This seems like an interesting story. You get a fav.

Keep this clean (non-clop) and you have a fave.

Plus I think this has a lot of potential to be a fic with a rather good story to it. It'd be a shame to spoil it with clop material.

An interesting concept and start to a story. I rather like it. Take a fav from me

This thing seems to be near predestined for clop... also, I've read plenty of stories where the story wasn't impeded, but rather extended and elaborated upon because of the clop. It's an opportune moment to explore some very intimate subjects. Granted, it's easy to over-do the clop and overrun the story with it but a scene or two here or there wouldn't be bad.

"In cadence minor" (explores the effects of how traumatic events can affect a relationship, both in and out of the bedroom)

A certain 2nd person POV fic whichs name escapes me at the moment starring rarity and a human (explores the growth and trials of a relationship through various semi-mundane difficulties with surprisingly strong impacts)

And, while this one might be an example of clop gone overboard since a large majority of the story is based around sexual relationships, the "Trixie's Magic Bit" series of fics (Does a LOT of exploration into how and why people have the desires they do including various unconventional ones.)

So... to add to the current theme... Make this a good read with a side of tasteful clop, and you can keep the fav I'm giving you.


Uhhh... This is going to be really doofer, isn't it?


Well I can tell you it's not going to be clean, but it's not going to be a full-on porno either, haha.

This is more of a "wants and needs" sort of thing. Celestia needs ponies that treat her normally. Luna probably needs close friends and acclimation training. Twilight, to be perfectly frank, needs a bit of exposure to the opposite sex (but that's just my opinion of the poor thing). There's gonna be some lewdness, they are a HAREM after all-- but I'm not setting up for a down-and-dirty clop-fic, haha. Sorry to any hopefuls. <:)

6228363 Still, you can't have a clean version and a clop version?:pinkiesad2:

Commence read.

Glad to see something brewing about.

Harry Potter shenanigans.

Guess Feather Fall takes the current lead.

Hot damn, a new story! *happy flail!*

I can see naïve Twilight not thinking any sexual thoughts whatsoever.

...or not.


I'm sure this will be an adventure, all right. :trollestia:

best string of insults ever...i must memorise it

T rated harem story, this should be interesting, faved.

Refreshing ! I want more. I bet it's gonna be pretty funny.

Interesting... More please. :)

When had she magiculated last?!

magiculated last?!







6229755 I thought it was clever. :trollestia:

Man, Feather Fall seems to be he most adorable pony in this story if he can make Shy and Luna momentarily stop their heartbeats out of cuteness overload. Also, Twilight enjoying the attention of Feather was hilarious, especially with the majiculation.


I'll... I'll just go to the next chapter then.




Uh... okay. Well. Um. Yeah, okay. I'm... I'm keeping an eye on this one.

Alright, this is beautiful. Wonderfully in character.

Gosh, they're all adorable. Even Mountain Blood, in his own horrible way. :rainbowlaugh:

Okay, new favourite story on FIMFic. :rainbowlaugh:

Bless this glorious story:rainbowlaugh:

This chapter was sweet and funny. I loved it. The bad thing is I could see Luna being into dress up.

The description of a comfortable environment really stood out for me.

Warm milk? That is just what I needed! thanks. :twilightsmile:


PS: 100th up vote:yay:

"How many I be of service?"

um... I think a sniky "n" just managed to bypass your story. :rainbowkiss:

Also, 1253 is a LOT of friendship problem letters, If she sit out to just answer friendship problems for six hours each day she would need to spend about two minutes with each one on average.:applejackconfused:



If she sit out to just answer friendship problems for six hours each day she would need to spend about two minutes with each one on average.

Which sounds exactly like something Twilight would do, including a panic attack every now and then because she couldn't speed-write an essay for every single question.
Then 30 minutes break in which Spike forcibly keeps her at the dinner table.
Then 4 hours Princess duties actually related to running things.
Then Coffee break (2 pints).
Then 4-8 hours research with papers full of coffee stains.
Pass out.

I like, Question are the harem males immortal or some spell thingy? Also will you take requests for future chapters? fetishes?

6233049 They're normal ponies with normal lives, they just heed the call. That might be an interesting topic for the next chapter...
But no, not taking requests, sorry. :)

6232859 yea it makes sense I just wrote that so that people can picture out the volume of work that would imply.

That sounds like a wonderfull lifestyle, but she still must take a brake from that every now and then to chill out and bond with her friends not to mention go in an adventure whenever the map activates.:twilightsheepish::twilightoops::twilightblush:


With one stallion brown and built like a dump truck, and one white and built like a ballerina, I was half-expecting a tubby purple one with a brash personality.

I really enjoy this story so far. It's light, fluffy and very cute. I can't wait to see more. Also, would you mind warning me when the more adult chapters are, I'd like to skip those.

OK...love it...the end of 2 was epic

6233318 This is about as racy as it's going to get, I think. :)

where will there be sex?

Miles away, Fluttershy suddenly “Hynnnngh”d! as she felt the balance of cute in the world shift towards Canterlot for a few moments. She clutched at her heart, setting her teacup down to breathe for a moment.

:rainbowlaugh: You brilliant man!

Also, funny chapter. I liked it.
Woot woot! Tasteful limit. Well done.

That is exactly the potential that I saw. I like the idea of royalty having a special room and special ponies to treat them just like any other pony would and keep them up to date with normal pony things, along with the idea of a "get-away" room. Nice combination.

Carry on good sir!

Please don't stop working on this story before it's finished. It's been lovely, funny and a good read so far!

6229755 Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffthahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :rainbowlaugh:
Who even is that??


Peter New, voice of Big Macintosh.

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