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damn:rainbowderp:! how are you going to write this without sounding like an orgy scene.:applejackunsure:

I actually had a very similar idea a while back, and started writing it... only to realize I suck at writing.

Ugh. So I'm guessing this is where the story is basically just Cadance fucking half the stallions in the empire?

Oooh, a sexy story about Cadence and Shining Armor? That's actually off to a good start?

I shall follow this with cautious optimism.

You went a whole lot further with the idea than I would've gone. For me the idea of Cadance trying to assure the crystal ponies that she was nothing like Sombra, was going to involve lots, and lots of hugging, and maybe a little opportunistic tickling.

just remember shining. "It's for the good of the Empire"

Oh look, Steel Quill has a new story up.



Same here. I wouldn't mind some consensual (not any one of those half-assed ones that I've read on other clopfics involving the royal couple) swinging in the clopfic but then again I did read a story where Shining had sex with not only Cadence but Twilight Sparkle as well.

Incest I can handle. Honestly the only thing I'm really not fond of with fics like this is when they go wandering across the line from 'swinging' to 'cheating.' I'm really weary of fics about infidelity among married couples.

So far it seems like this fic won't do that though, despite how easily the setup could lead there. Hence the cautious optimism.

your name literally gives me too many ideas for puns when i saw this story.

Why not gather all the crystal ponies to see Shining and Cadence having sex?

And as a bonus ordered Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle have sex as well.


It seems to be going that way. Cuckold story if you're into that. Seems written well so far.
Not my kind of thing though so....I'll follow it with a lot of trepidation. :moustache:

In one generation, everyonepony in the Crystal Empire was related to the royal family. :rainbowlaugh:

6209346 What do you mean a story about Cadence AND Shining Armor? From reading the first chapter it's basically gonna be Shining on the sidelines more then 90% of the time while Cadence fucks her way through the entire stallion population of the Crystal Empire.

6210277 "The Peculiar and Sexy Adventures of Princess Cadance the Virginity Fairy (Occasionally Featuring her Husband, Prince Shining Armor)"

Tell me, is Shining also is going to be giving some of the mares a gentle nudge in the right direction?:raritywink:

To clarify for you folks, there will be no "cheating" in this story, only "swinging". Fully consensual swinging, at that. I would not write about cheating, it's not my style and certainly not my interest. And Shining Armor will be as involved as Cadance. They will also only be involving themselves with a select few ponies, not half of the empire. I hope this settles some worries. :twilightsmile:


They will also only be involving themselves with a select few ponies

Those selected ponies will be mares or stallions?

Is this just going to be Cadence sleeping around? Or will Shining Armor be getting around as well?

I felt is was kind of implied, with the whole, "single unattached mares" bit.

I just want to make sure, because I'm not into the whole, "wife banging other people" thing. If it's a open marriage, where they both get some, then that's different.

6210888 As I said and hinted before, both will be involved in the story. Neither is left out of the fun, so rest assured, this story will hopefully not leave you with a bitter aftertaste. :twilightsheepish:

Story sounds interesting, but the overlooming sense of an all out cheesy orgy is keeping me from giving this a thumbs up. I'll fav for now, but if this ride just dissolves into some cheesy clopfic of a mass orgy I'm getting off at the next stop.

Not quite what I was expecting, but I do like this idea a lot.


Flashlight? Heathen! The shipping gods will be angry! We're doomed!

No, Cadence encouraging the crystal ponies to get married and have kids by showing them her and Shining I could be okay with, but Shining letting his wife sleep around and vice versa is just "cheating, but I don't care so that makes it okay" in which case why are they even married? Why not just get a divorce and be fuck buddies with whoever they feel like at the time if sex is just some means of getting your dose of dopamine from some piece of warm meat and has no emotional meaning?

6212493 I think you missed the comedic point of this story. It's also why I tagged it as a comedy. Of course the concept seems ridiculous if you take it too literally. But this is hardly a serious story. It's purpose is purely for adult fun, namely "swinging", which is a common practice today.

If the story is not your cup of tea, I understand. Feel free to pass along to another story at your whim.

6212493 I think you might be confusing fidelity as something necessary for a happy and loving marriage. Sex and love are not the same thing. Only the couple can decide what is okay in their own relationship. They can, in fact, involve others and still be happily married.

It's when one of them goes off by themselves and keeps it a secret that it becomes cheating. You may have a different opinion, but that only defines how your relationship works. You can't just hold the same standards for everyone else and expect that to work.

That being said, you're entitled to your viewpoint, up to the point where you try to force it on others.

I like the story so far, and the idea behind it, I just kind of wish that Shining felt opposite about it. Instead of being gung ho for the polyamory, he gets mad. He would understand it, "For the good of the people" and all, but he would just get pissed as the story progresses.

But thats me. I look forward to seeing how the story evolves regardless.


Copulating is mandatory in the Crystal Empire, being a princess is no exception.

Do you have the image link? I need it for... research... purposes... :pinkiecrazy:

6213825 If you hover your mouse over the picture, in the corner of it, the source button will appear to take you to where I found it.


Oh right, forgot about that nifty little feature. Thanks! :P

So Cadance is going to introduce intimacy back to the stallions and Shining is going to do the same for the mares?
I am very okay with this. :raritystarry:

Couldn't the Crystal Ponies just adopt all the orphans in Equestria? Seems like less work.

I'm looking forward in this!
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I find it odd people were so concerned about drawing the line between "cheating" and "swinging" here, like Cadance's and Shining's marriage stability is the new hot gossip. Hmm . . .

If consent is part of the game, it's not adultery.

But, in fairness, with Shining spreading his seeds and Cadance receiving so much from different stallions, I worry about the two of them getting more out of this solution than they aim for.
Next problem on the royal list: Alimony payments for a couple of hundred mares Shining impregnated. :trollestia:

If Cadance is the Virginity Fairy, she's going to have to leave a bit under their pillow afterwards. It's in the Equestrian Fairy Code.

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