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dirty little secret

I tried so far... and got so hard... but in the end, it didn't even matter at all. (SubscribeStar)

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holy shit you're actually doing it lol...

though you have no relation to the fic about the same thing between cadance and shining right?....


though you have no relation to the fic about the same thing between cadance and shining right?

None at all, even though that happened to be posted around the same time. Just a coincidence.
Well, not a total coincidence. Someone was out there commissioning stories and artwork about that, which is what led to me finding the cover image, which led to me writing the story.

The fails my god the fails.

Mine, too, kinda.
Just sort of stumbled onto the idea, but there's so much you can do with it, and so little of it already out there. It's a lot of fun to do.

I might sometime get around to having Cadance teach the spell to Celestia and Luna.

What's with all the dislikes already? Kind of makes me nervous...

I don't know, but a lot of initial dislikes are pretty normal for a fetishy clopfic.
I think a lot of people just downvote it because they don't like clop.


...I'll leave now.

6329638 I thought it when I read the title.
Then I thought better of it.

Are you serious, are you actually serious?
I mean, I don't know if I want this... The picture alone conveys a lot

Super. Serious.
The cover image conveys exactly what this story is about. ^.^ Made it myself, after all.

i haven't even read this but im liking it just on principal :rainbowwild:

“Not yet no! I need more.” Shining moaned loudly. “Just think of the dentist!”

“Mmn... Minuette,” Twilight softly mumbled. “Can you just imagine thick white cum dripping out of her little blue... Ummn!”

Dammit, Twilight! :facehoof: :rainbowlaugh:

I knew what I wanted to do! “Come on, Twilight! Get in here and lick his nuts while he ruts me senseless!”


She might not but I think I do: Shiny returns to normal and RD and Twi are the ones that are swapped.

That's some good clop right there

Why does so much I do end up being song lyrics? :raritydespair:

Well, here's to hoping the like will be justified when you get around to reading it!

Heh, I really enjoyed writing that.
People tell you to think of the dentist when you want to delay things... but what if your dentist is really hot?

Rainbow is very direct. ^.^

I see you've got things figured out!

Thanks! What do you like about it?

And now I'm reading the sequel!

Oh joy.... one of my favorite clopfics' of all time just went TwiDash...


I can only imagine you going at it with a very, very serious look on your face.

An opportune choice of words, there.

Cadance looked in through the window, one eyebrow raised haughtily. I'd been caught in the act... by the most powerful mare in the Crystal Empire: my wife.

Kind of a good reaction you got from her. I bet she's going to join in.

No one mare should have all that power.
Thankfully it'll be two mare that have all that power.

Fun little story, too bad it's over.

Have you read "Split Ends" by Twinkletail by chance? It's on my Read Later list at the moment but is this sort of set up.

please write about the Love-In

I would love a sequel, especially about the Love-in!

Still in my read it later. ^.^

Someday, someday.

Sadface,you are EVIL
Rainbow should get to FEEL him shoot inside :(
Its only proper.

Didn't she get to feel it while she was borrowing Twi's butt?

I'd only ever had Twilight's mare parts, never anypony else's.

So even though he's married to her, he's never had sex with Cadence?

He's never been attached to Cadance's before.

I love how Dash is offended at Twilight here, after Dash used the last swap to have sex with Thunderlane without even TELLING Twilight what Dash was doing with Twi's private parts.

For all she knew, Dash could have gotten Twilight pregnant.

I think it's in-character for Dashie to be a little self-centered. ^.^

This may be clop, but you're not going to get away with this mistake:

He was mercilessly eating Twilight's borrowed marehood out, his face buried under her rainbow-colored tail.

Twilight had Cadance's tail. Not Rainbow's.

Heh... um, well... it does get confusing sometimes...

The character tags kinda spoil this reveal.

The change in perspectives was confusing at first, but it worked out. A bit more clarity would be helpful.
Her 'punishment' was delightfully appropriate.

You never used the pun "Swap Meat", and I am disappointed.

Well, I'm glad it worked overall! ^.^

:facehoof: I like to think the story is better off without bad puns.

7427124 while you're most likely right, I choose to ignore your logic and continue to induce facehoofing. To each their own, I guess. Great story anyways.

I haven't read the whole story yet, but based on what read:

So it was going to be a threesome! “Last one to the top has to eat the other's creampie,” I shouted, not waiting for Twi before shooting up toward the top windows of her castle.

“Rainbow, wait! You don't even know which window it is!”

I have to say this: LOLS!!!!:trollestia:

Now that I've finished reading this story...
6331009 My thoughts exactly.


I was going to say that Shining should have told her to think of this or that, eg "Just think of astronomy", but everything I thought of would have ended the same: a naughty thought, and then... sploosh. Seriously, I've thought about astronomy (dirty constellations), studies (from dirty books), elderly ponies (I quickly forced myself to stop thinking about that), cute animals (bestiality), educational tests (punishment for failure/reward for passing), donuts (with holes in the middle), cakes (all that white, creamy, gooey batter flowing everywhere), fine dining (as Madonna once said, "But let me remind you in case you don't already know, dining out can happen down below."), and all sorts of (not so) innocent things! Seriously, I think my mind Twilight's mind could turn any situation into a dirty one!:trollestia:

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