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It's a plan as foolproof as it is audacious. In pursuit of an artifact that could spell the end of changelings' ability to infiltrate pony society, two spies in deep cover just intercepted an extremely interesting top-secret report. The influence of the Elements of Harmony has created emotional cross-contaminations inside Princess Twilight — which means that they know exactly what they need to do to get some involuntary Honesty out of her …

CONTAINS: Nonconsensual tickleplay, light bondage, hoof-licking. (No explicit content.) Written as a commission for yamgoth.

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horizon #1 · Nov 5th, 2014 · · 1 ·

Just a friendly reminder: This is a T-rated story, so please also keep your comments free of explicit material.

I'm pretty confident that this is age-rated correctly (and, if you're reading this, it did pass moderation as a T fic), but I'm willing to bend to consensus here. Vote this comment down if you think it should be retagged Mature. Vote up if you think it's fine at Teen.

oh god what is this

EDIT: oh god what was that

Seriously, though, that was funny. If bizarre. (So totally #judging yamgoth rn (no I'm not).) If nothing else I'm left wanting more. Also, I'm torn. I don't feel like this should be mature, but at the same time it just READS really risque.

I don't see anything here which would warrant a mature rating, frankly.

That being said, I wasn't overly enamored with this story; I didn't get anything out of it at all. Guess that's what happens when you don't have a foot hoof tickling fetish and read something about it.

5229475 5229543
The story passed moderation while I was out voting. You both jumped on this before my explanatory blog post went up, so … um … thanks for leaping on it so quickly, I guess! That's always flattering. :twilightsmile:

Side note to 5229543: Now that this is done I will get to your PM (and your editing) after dinner.

I saw it and wanted to make the edit joke so I knew I had to read it immediately

See, this is why we Oregonians vote by mail; we can always promptly post explanations for our weird tickling fetish stories.

I gotta admit that tickling fetishes are even less comprehensible to me than hoof fetishes; I can see why some folks might have very different erogenous zones, but tickling is a very distinctive sensation. I suppose it is at least pleasurable (kind of), so I can see the crossover...

Guess I'm not wired for it properly.

Of course, I understand the idea of tickling someone, and then getting up to other shenanigans, but, I dunno. I think of it as such an innocent thing on its own...

Hmm. Well, I'm glad I didn't stop reading halfway through... but on the other hand, I was tempted to stop reading halfway through.

In all, not my cup of tea. In fact, I'm not even sure if it's a liquid. Still, I hope yamgoth enjoys it.

5229594 I'm with you, I hate being tickled. That said, this still tripped the "so bizarre it's funny" connection in my head so I freely admit I got a kick out of it. Not my thing, but still an amusing idea. i'm sure Yamgoth will adore it.

The saliva idea is some nifty headcanon too.

I myself am not in the target audience, but I researched it as part of the writing, so I can at least admire it from the sidelines. There's a powerful element of helplessness in it, similar to bondage, and it's provoking an involuntary bodily reaction, doubling down on that sensation of being at your partner's mercy. The laughter is a full-body workout which leaves you exhausted and a little endorphin'd (which sensations ought to sound familiar to connoisseurs of the adult arts). As kinks go, the links back to the … source material … are remarkably straightforward, and there's a fundamental innocence to it as well.

I'm sad this wasn't about a certain party throwing pony, Because then the title could've been "Tickled Pink".

I've found that there are few things in this life that are as incomprehensible as a fetish you don't share. :rainbowhuh:

Fortunately, it works even without the fetish. As makes sense, since you, not having said fetish, wrote it.

5229859 *reads comment* hm... I can use some of this content...

Not my fetish, but this is actually kind of entertaining regardless. A nice twist.

Considering that I have a foot/hoof fetish, this was a wonderful fanfic to read! Who knew Twily would be this ticklish? :rainbowwild:

5229278 Bad Horse did the same thing with the first comment of "Pony Play". I reread that story recently and it's no more explicit than this one on purely carnal matters, but the effect of its much darker themes was such that I had remembered it as being much raunchier. It was overwhelmingly voted as "Mature".
And speaking of darker (or lighter) themes: maybe some readers were put off by the fetishy content, but in the absence of a more... visceral response to the story, I found the idea that a kidnapped, imprisoned monarch at the mercy of unsavory aliens would face the horrifying prospect of being tickled kind of charmingly innocent, in a vaguely show-reminiscent way. Still not totally my thing, but more worth reading than it might have been.

Look up.

There is a moth approaching. Its brown colouring is somewhat hard to see in the dark sky, but it can be seen that it is quite furry. Perhaps nature is trying to be cute and make it's creatures overcompensate with potential cuteness? Well, either that or repulsiveness with how much fur is covering it.

It flutters closer and... are your eyes deceiving you? It appears that the moth is rather big. Bigger than a football, maybe even bigger than a basketball. Nature must be really trying to compensate something.

The moth dive bombs, headed for a cheap folding table horizon had set up, filled with a single plate of hors d'oeuvre that have already been dug into. Before impact, the moth's form gushes into something not quite solid, folding onto itself, changing. There's a squishing of organs, the snapping of sinew, the scraping of metal against metal, and the soft, excited purr of convulsing flesh.

The moth crashes though the table, sending wood splinters raining everywhere. The dust settles and you go over to examine what in the blue hell is going on. But, upon inspection of the destructive table-crater, there is not a giant moth, but a cat boi face planted into the ground, his tail waggling with friskiness and clad in way too much black clothing, possibly purchased from some bloody Hot Topic. Or maybe Wal-Mart.

Ta da!

Greetings, fellow sufferers! It looks like the lot of you are confused, so maybe I should clarify things a tad. Or maybe I'll make people more confused. It seems like a coin flip sometimes.

Maybe I'll just creep some people out. That's fine, too.

Yeah. Sure you aren't judging C_C
What I was steering horizon towards was a situation that would be kinda like that of a cartoon tickle scene. It's kinda tame and innocent enough that kids would see it as nothing out of the ordinary. A few certain people would make a huge deal out of it, like me, and get something out of it completely unintended.

Innocent enough.

But, I'm naturally inclined to being cryptic, and that often manifests as me accidentally leaving out details for better or for worse. I think if I had remembered to at the time, I would've told horizon to not mention anything about tickling in the summary and see what happens. Sure, I bet people would still be kinda weirded out, some would be naughty, but I bet some would've been confused in the comments about how much a big deal it was. I mean, it was a story about a changeling doing anything under the circumstances to get info... and a meal. Tickle torture is seen in cartoons is innocent enough. Plus, I'm a little sneak, so getting things under the radar amuses me.

I guess it's all a matter of interpretation, and not mentioning hidden tickle fetishes might've gotten people to interpret it differently? People view things differently, but a few subtle pushes can make for something else.

What can I add that horizon hasn't? Well, I guess there is a bit of hardwiring involved. I can attribute starting to develop a tickling fetish when I saw this scene from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when I was like 4 or 5:

Funny enough, I've heard of quite a few guys who say this scene started their fetish, too.

I guess I associated tickling with things I didn't know were actually sexual at the time. And here we are now.

Tickling can be a light form of foreplay, and a form of bonding, but it can be a fixation while doing naughty things. Or for some people, that is the naughty act. When I was, to be frank and hell, I want to test the teen rating boundaries, getting laid, I was more than happy to switch up between sub and dom since my ex was into bondage. There was quite a bit of overlap between bondage play and tickling that it became integrated at times. But was it's own thing most of the time because I was persuasive :P

Why is tickling as a fetish pleasurable? From a 'lers[1] standpoint, it's quite similar to domming. You have your partner, who is immobilized, their cheeks flushed red with embarrassment. There's no denying it, getting tickle tortured is embarrassing as hell, and that's part of the turn on. A bit of power play. The laughter can be a turn on. For me, I can get turned on by sexualized comedy. Hell, it's why I like Bronystories stuff, because rather than a taboo thing, I see it as over the too absurd humour, but I digress. 'Lers have control. They decide when a 'lee[2] gets tickled and when they don't. Power play much? Plus, 'lers get to get a nice look at all the goofy expressions that 'lees make as they beg for all the tickling to stop XD

'Lees... well, they get to be helpless and get pleasured by tickling, often to the point where it hurts? Personally, I'm very ticklish pretty much everywhere and find getting tickled to be a pleasurable, yet uncomfortable at times, activity. It's a willingness to surrender yourself to the delight of another, a trust exercise. I guess there's a bit of hardwiring there, too, since it's a distinct form of pleasure between sexual and tickling. See some overlaps between subbing and being a 'lee?

Evidentially, these were terms made up by someone prominent in the tickling fetish community that they came into everyday lexicon

And then we have another aspect of the tickle fetish, which is the extreme of it. It's tickling while doing very naughty shenanigans simultaneously with the goal of causing your partner's head to explode with an overload to their sense of touch, mixing the sexual pleasure with the tickling pleasure. Hell, I remember the time I got that to work with my ex. It was exhausting, but so damn worth to see the look on her flushed face. Then, after a few minutes she pulled out some neckties, shirts, scarves, a belt, and a strap-o-- I mean... Strap-Omb. Yeah! Strap-Omb. Super secret item from Mario Party 3, kids. Needless to say that night was super exhausting because of tickling and Mario Party. Yes. That was indeed the case. Don't let Luigi get it under any circumstance or you are infinitely screwed.

Actually, I did commission a fic that does deal with this aspect of tickling, along with another extremely questionable fetish that shouldn't be mentioned. Not going to say the title because I am trying to get this post under the radar (and am currently failing hardcore), but it's by The Abyss. It should be easy enough to spot, just turn off the Mature filter. It's got my name all over it, the picture practically broadcast what it's about, and the comments are a mile long of butt hurt. Personally, don't like how that turned out with the dramafest, but if you want more of an idea on that whole overwhelming senses thing, perhaps it's worth a look, eh?

And enjoy it I did. Personally, kinda glad you stuck to the end. Wait... what do we have here:

In summary, if I don't like the story, I can blame the Uncle of Machines. Got it.

*yamgoth's cat tail strokes at Foamy's elbow, but doesn't actually touch. Totally non-sexualz*

Y'know, I could've gone in completely different direction with requesting this. I could have had Tsabo Tavoc put Dashie on the slab with more than the intent of experimentation. Ooo, those tools wouldn't be scalpels and knives, and her minions would be well equipped. Or, maybe I could have gone with Twiley getting captured by a malfunctioning Tomb Spyder and having to service every single machine in a Necron[3] Tomb World to get out as per an agreement with the local Overlord, from the legion of Immortals to the micro-scarabs in a Phylactory.

No, I'm friggin' kidding. The Uncle of Machines keeps sexuality separate from Phyrexian metal men and angry goth terminators, as screwy as that sounds.

But an odd idea that came up when thinking of a prompt for horizon was Maud getting abducted by the Invasion Beam of an errant Necron Night Scythe, being brought back to a Tomb World and being turned into a Pariah by an overly ambitious Cryptek. It's possible to argue that Maud does have aspects of the Pariah Gene if we go with her bits of her behaviour and the reactions she gets from her being herself.

Yes, apparently autism=psychic-draining, emotion-devastating Pariahs and Culexus Assassins. Sure.

Actually, maybe JMac is more suited to write such a tale (Quizzical lol). I might if I ever work up the nerve.

[3]Yes, the Uncle of Machines mains Necrons in 40K. It is the most appropriate, eh?


I hate being tickled.

*ears perk*

Eyy... that some sort of challenge?

*licks lips and pulls out an electric toothpick, turning it on to continuous buzzing and vibrating*

I know! I'll change your mind by throwing you at more tickle fic I've commissioned/requested. The following are Mature, but I'll name some names. Mischievous Creatures by TittySparkles is more on the cloppy aspects and is kinda primal with super naughty tentacle tickling. Interspecies Request by Gabriel LaVadier has a chap I requested. It has comparatively smaller tickling aspects and more on cuddly romantic aspects, backstory, and polyamory.

Here's a bizarre, interesting tidbit. I have a hard time saying words out loud pertaining to my fetish. "Feet" "feathers" "tickling". Could be me channeling my inner Fluttershy, but I know it's because it feels embarrassing and rather dirty. Funny thing is, and I read this on a thread one time, other tickle fetishists have the same problem.

Changeling saliva... NickNack has Griffin saliva being a sort of healing accelerant. Apparently, Griffins and Changelings combo together to make decent medics... sort off. Changeling saliva as anaesthesia is tricky, and Griff saliva would be more viable if they don't punch more holes into their patients.

I dunno. If this post doesn't cover aspects enough about the fetish to satisfy your curiosity from that one PM awhile ago, ask me more questions?

Actually, there was more things that I don't understand. Like another fetish I've had involving wrestling (I blame theycallmejub). I have it, yet I do separate it. Like, I can watch WWE and view it as sexual because hey, oiled up, mostly naked men grasping each other into holds, locks, and slams. But other times, I view it more normally and enjoy it simply for the fact that I get to watch someone get destroyed because testosterone.


Yeah. Don't quite understand. Maybe it's the whole hardwiring thing. Maybe it's a minor fetish?

Totally could've been the title. What was the first thing Twi admitted to having upon feeling the tickle of her own feather? Naughty thoughts of her sister-in-law Pretty Pink.

Actually, I was joking with horizon on why it wasn't Pester Pink that Twiley blurted out. It does make sense because you'd think that tickling would be a thing Pester Pink would use, at least as a last ditch effort. But apparently, Pretty Pink makes more sense because everybody has the naughty thoughts of Pretty Pink, and that kind of info is blackmail worthy.

Also, here is an amusing pic of Coral and his dad, Dick Grimes, that is so very relevant.


Someone once told me that there are people who can orgasm to the sound of a balloon popping.

...I don't get it. Sounds neat, though.

Then perhaps my choice in authors was a good one. Now, to continue the hidden agenda.

Spoilers: it involves being creepy.

Did you watch cartoons such as TMNT when you were younger?


Here's Tara Strong voicing a character getting tickle tortured by a Chinese Emperor man:

Yeah, I think Tara is used to doing these scenes. Another one I recall is with Kylie Griffin from Extreme Ghostbusters, the one episode where Eduardo is scared of clowns.

Y'know, when I first read that part Pony Play with the feather play, my first thoughts were, "Does Bad Horse have a tickling fetish? O_o" But that's being presumptuous. Authors don't necessarily live what they write. But hey, I can have my hopes. Then I squeezed the juice. Do you know how hard it is to squeeze the juice without proper equipment? Yeah, mashing your forehead into lemons is not a great idea like the cartoons would have you believe.

Anyways, I think that Pony Play kinda does merit the Mature rating. The whole feather play does transition into something more off screen. It does push you to interpret it as bondage-y and sexual compared to this story. Plus the main character, a human, does end up travelling Equestria naked because comfort.

I dunno. Maybe I should reread it for like the third time. I missed a lot of stuff because I started getting pissed at the main character because of reasons I made in the comments section of the story. Even the second read through I missed a bit. Prolly worth another shot.

...Especially because the tickle play scenes are so reserved and unique, yet gets quite a reaction from me :P

*blows raspberry*

Sooooooo... did I out-MWoT[4] Titanium Dragon yet? Word count of this nonsense is over 2000.

[4]Mighty Wall o' Text-- do I really need to keep up with this one? Surely I've spammed this acronym enough...

5255172 Not a challenge, just a genuine statement of dislike. Reading about it or seeing it doesn't do anything for me, I think I've seen some of those fics but since they're not hitting the notes for me they're more interesting from an academic POV than a sexual one. The balloon popping is a genuine fetish. Some folks like popping them, some don't.

"And," she whispered as the feather dipped down underneath his chin, "it goes both ways."


Oooooooooh! You clever tricksy princess you!

...This was not what I was expecting.

I'm very happy about that.

Thanks! Though now I'm intensely curious what you were expecting. :derpytongue2:

I mean, out of all the stories I've ever written, this is probably my strongest candidate for Exactly What It Says On The Tin …

I didn't think it would be nearly as serious in tone as it was, and I was expecting a little more, er, rule 34 as opposed to Report. Guess I really should have known better than to expect anything like that from you - I think Fimfic might implode if horizon started writing Feature Box bait.

And in case I didn't make it clear, I loved the story (as always :pinkiehappy:).

This had me curious and now I am glad I looked. Well done again, the idea of liinking the elements together that way had never occurred to me before.

Okay, I’m still confused by the ending tbh. What exactly was Twilight trying to say there?

Twilight was playing them the whole time, except she didn’t account for involuntary honesty being an *actual* thing. But it doesn’t work the way her fake “report” said it would. Because the weird magical trigger that made Twilight honest when she laughed was a side effect of Wings’ feeding link opening an empathic bond between them, it can be used against him in the same way he tried to use it against her.

So what’s she interrogating him for, exactly?

I'm pretty sure that if changelings managed to infiltrate your guards to that level, you'd want to know how, and who else was compromised. The story suggests she also may … have some motives of her own :ajsmug:

Huh. It’s disappointing that we may not be able to see how that plays out, though.

Any chance someone could put a reading of this story on YouTube or something? I’d really like to hear how that’d sound.

I think the chances are low of it spontaneously happening, as this was a commissioned story in a pretty obscure niche, but certainly feel free to suggest it to and/or commission it from your fanfic reader of choice :)

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