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Six, a young man from Canterlot, learns to cope with his special talent, and even makes some friends along the way. May contain some images not safe for everyone and some rather dark themes.

[This seems out of left field from my other work, but I got inspired and thought I'd give it a try.]

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“Six, please….I-I don’t want you to leave. I want you to be happy here…” My hand glows grey and her grip disappears.

Courier six's parent's .Dialogued

sorry, fallout addict

Before I read this, I must know: Why is the human named Six? Is he really a robot or something?

haven't read it yet. but does it have anything to do with little nightmares? the name Six isn't really all that common.

No, it isn't. And I have no idea what that is.

is good story, yes, am enjoying

“Rest npw, Six…” I press my glowing hand to his head, and he falls slack in my arms, fast asleep. I levitate him over to his bed and lay him down.


“Ever since that day, he blames himself for her death. He spent years of his life trying to talk to her spirit. When the dean of the orphanage had found out about his delusions, he was locked in a mental ward until he broke out and ran when he was fifteen. He gpt to Canterlot, where he stayed in an abandoned home on the outskirts of town, away from everyone, taking every single burden along the way. Or, so he had said. But your letter today was evidence enough for me to believe that he can do all the things he has ever said and done. Twilight, have you ever noticed that there isn’t very much sadness in Canterlot?”

He gpt to Canterlot?

Thank you for pointing that out. Fixed it.

“Sprained!? The hay was that crack, then?!” She looks at the dree, which part of the bark had cracked.


so uhh. whats his special talent?

At least I can say that I made a logical guess, given he felt a sting in his neck after seeing movement in the Everfree.

It was a good guess. I'll give you that.

interesting concept, I await to see where it goes.

No problem, as I said it is interesting to see...
Though he seems to be very attractive... though I have to wonder if all of that gunk isn't going to come together.
Also now that he is clean it should be possible for him to take a burden and then purg himself after a little bit of training right?

Well...….. THAT escalated quickly....

First is worst, as any Youtube commenter would tell ya.

Very funny nostalgia critic...

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I have rewritten the section and will remove the comment with the highlighted paragraph that no longer exists. Thank you for helping me improve my story!

Re-read the chapter.
Yes, it's better, less rushed with the relationship.

I can picture Cinder trying to keep his arm, rather than try to eat it, keeping it as something of a memento, if she's as obsessed as she seems.

You never know...also, ch. 12 going up rn

... the pacing seems to have accelerated in this chapter.

Also, didn't Shade say in the previous chapter that he WASN'T Cinder's 'master'?

The permanent loss of his arm only adds pointless difficulties to his day-to-day.

Also, I don't get why Shade has such problems with Discord and how he's not evil enough.
Chaos is, fundamentally, not evil. It's neutral.

One does not simply assume anything while reading a story. Haveaptience, and your questions shall be answered. Also, it's a character choice. If it was pointless, why would I do it?

I'm not saying that the act of taking it was pointless, just that the added difficulties he's going to face with it will be.

Think of it this way: He's already spent a majority of his life feeling useless, and his sister was always there by his side to protect him. The loss of his left arm was symbolic for the severance of that protection from his sister, leaving him to feel like he's truely alone.

It might just be me, personally, but having Shade be the devil himself seems a bit forced, given earlier he kept correcting Six on calling him a demon.

I could see Shade being a servant or guardian of some sort from Hell.
Kindof like the Watchers from the Darksiders series.

My point is that Shade getting agro over being called a demon is heavy-handed when he's apparently Satan himself.

Think of his hatred of being called a demon similar to a King being called "jester" or "prince" It's more of an insult to him than anything to be compared to lowlife demons.

But I get what you're saying, but I am gonna keep this one in. Thank you for the feedback, though.

AJ's a werewolf, Twilight's a Hakutaku.
What next? Fluttershy a Gorgon?

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