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Love is on short supply in the hive. Tensions are running high. Love is more than food. It's what makes life worth living.

Warning: involves drug injection and implied rape

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Discussion Time: Was the main character evil or just a product of their environment?

False dichotomy, it can be both. The real test comes when they have the option to change or do something different, and how they respond to it. To turn a certain catchphrase of one Kamala Khan on its head, evil isn’t something you are. Evil is something you do.

Generally. In a fantastical world of ponies and magic, of course, Pure Evil can exist, things that are just evil by their nature. But changelings can change, we know that for a fact, if only given a way to do it.

With specific regards to 87, I don’t think I know enough about the personal consequences for him (or Elytra for that matter) if he’d ignored the command to render judgment. And also I don’t know how viable him attempting to leave the Hive is, or appears to be.

There’s not enough information, basically.

Noice. 💉

I love your analysis.

But 87 isn't intended to be Thryp


Discussion Time: Was the main character evil or just a product of their environment?

Am I missing something, here? What exactly did he do to name him evil? Unless you're implying 'rape by coercion'?

That's the implication, yes.

Ah, I see, my mistake. Shoulda’ noticed that, but I’m at work and so can’t pay as much attention as I’d like to.

I sort of cheated on the analysis as stuff like what was in this fic is something I’ve been considering for the past few months with regards to a really good fic - Starscribe’s Child of the Invasion - and a series of...considerably less good fics that I don’t want to discuss here.

And also my own take on changelings, for that matter, though as I’m having them originate from a post-apocalyptic dying world “morality” is really a secondary concern for them compared to “survival”. When I wrote for a changeling character in Ocellus’ Ordinary Day (guess which one. Go on, guess), I tried to make it clear that while she’s basically a nice creature, the primary thing that stops her from draining ponies dry of love, or eating ponies alive to sate physical hunger, is lack of need and fear of consequences — she has no moral compunction against it, no sense of it being intrinsically “wrong” to do so.

So she’s EVIL, but it’s the evil of apathy and banality, not malevolent intent. And she is trying to change.



I see... In that case we better end this discussion now, before it gets ugly...

I liked the story, though.

It seems you switch between tenses in a few parts of the story, and at the beginning, you say that he lights the candle twice if I am correct. Perhaps not.

Good story though. Very.

wow that would be the coldest way of doing "it" if i ever see one xD

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