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Just a mare who loves cute, soft things, diapers, and hypnosis!


Diamond Pearl, Pearl for short, is a young mare eager to get out into the world and make a name for herself. She's starting by going in for an interview at a corporation she hasn't thought to check the name of. She just got this funny letter in the mail... Things seem a little weird, but it's probably fine. Every corporation's office is a big warehouse... Right?
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[Chapter 1 Fetishes: Diapers, Mind Control, FemSub, Cuteness]
[Chapter 2 Fetishes: Diapers, Hypnosis, very light humiliation/general embarrassment]
[Chapter 3 Fetishes: Diapers, Hypnosis, Induction]

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I'm honoured you enjoyed my efforts, dear! :>

Nice story so far. Good writing, not to fast paced... Now lets see how long it takes between chapters. If it takes too long, you might have trouble keeping an audience. Good luck. I hope you succeed.

this is a very interesting story. I hope you continue.


Not to worry, I'm working on the second chapter right now! Hopefully it should be done in the next day or two, since y'know, christmas and all :>
I hope to keep you both entertained! :)

whoops should've said to turn it off first~! Can't wait to see all the products she'll get to test (also will we see Pearl use her diaper?)

Iā€™m nobody to judge, but I recommend that you make your format a little bit easier to read. Maybe lessen the small text features.

All in all, great job.

Ahh, possibly not. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about wetting, and I definitely am not a fan of messing, sorry :(
But we'll see how things go!

Sorry about that, I know what you mean. It didn't entirely turn out how I thought it would in my head. But I doubt I'll do something like that again. Thanks for your feedback! :>

A lovely if a bit rushed opening of a fic, enjoyed it none the less though, good work~

The story continues... wonder what might happen to the induct- introduced pearl~ :3

Interesting story so far, I hope you will continue writing this project, keep it up.

To preface this, I'm enjoying the story and its implications. Others have said it's rushed, but this is quite obviously high-octane fetish fuel and as such I'm fine with it jumping into the proceedings without too much fanfare. Overall, I await more and look forward to seeing where you go with this.

>Once the box was situated in her living room, Paddy sat down,
Wrong character, unless you're trying to be clever with her hypnosis.
>She saw ponies sad and alone, under a grey sky, looking sad
You say 'sad' twice here.
You might also want to take a look at your dialogue punctuation, there's a few mistakes in there.

Aaaahhh, thank you both!! I'll do my best to keep it interesting, and with the new year and christmas season fully out of the way, I can focus on getting another new chapter out to you! :)

Thank you so much for your pointers, I'll fix those now! :>
I was actually role-playing with a friend while writing this chapter, and his character is named Paddy, so, guess there were some crossed wires, oops.

Nice hypnosis scene with Rarity!

>By the time Padded got home
Seems you slipped into this again. Also, 'Paddy' from before, was the person you RP'd with Kurikia, by any chance?

There's some other things that could use some tweaking. However, I'm hesitant to spend the not-insignificant amount of time it would require to explain them, especially since a lot of writers I've tried to help before just went right back to making the same mistakes. I would be willing to do so in exchange for some token of appreciation in return, though; perhaps a cameo in your story? Otherwise I'll just say you should Google dialogue punctuation and keep in mind that every paragraph should be double-spaced since you have no lack of real-estate on the internet for your writing.

Hello, sorry! Some unexpected personal issues came up, so, I've been dealing with those. Next chapter should be up in a few days! :)

I'll fix that now, thank you! Also the Paddy I know is River :)
As for your offer, thank you very much for it, it's very kind. However, I've actually got the aforementioned River helping me out! I was just a little too overeager in posting, and didn't let them proofread first! A bit silly of me, I know :>
But thank you again for your kind offer and your feedback!

Ah, okay.

And no problem. I hope the two of you are able to deliver a story you're proud of, and I look forward to the next entries :)

I will soon, I promise! ^^
I've just been having some trouble getting inspiration to strike. But don't worry! I'm still here :)

Yay Also great job here is a like and im gonna go look at your other stories now BYE

Nevermind on the last part but here is a follow

"Just put it on, wait ten minutes, and the zipper's gone! Woah, now that's magic. DeltaCorp is not liable for humiliation suffered by wearers of DeltaCorp diapersuits. Only a high-up DeltaCorp official, such as me and my fellow board members, are able to remove them! So you better make a good case, sweetie!" The voice said. Pearl had well and truly zoned out by now, the words washing over her like a wave. A faint line of drool ran down her chin, her eyes locked onto that swirling logo. All the ponies on-screen were wiggling their padded rumps, hundreds of DeltaCorp logos swaying in her vision. She was so sleepy...

I do remember seeing a self sealing diaper suit image once. Hehe it was cute

It really is! I only hope I can get to something like that soon!! ;)
Just waiting for inspiration to strike... I've made a little bit of progress on the next chapter though! :>

Never have I thought about her branching out.

Good thinking.

Nice, I like the diaper suit stuff, keep it up.

Thank you!~ Diapersuits are an idea I've been very eager to try out~ :D

Hypnotizing her boss? LOVE IT! I kinda hope he hypnotizes the other heads so they are all wearing the "products"

Nice to see those corporate ponies are being subjected to their own products, karma!


I think you two are going to enjoy the coming chapters, then!~ ;)

Glad to hear it's backfiring (shame about the mane 6 getting caught in the middle but maybe when they find out they might help, certainly Rarity will making special products for them <3)

I miss this story!! When's the next bit coming out?

So you are working on extra chapters and just haven't gotten around to uploading them a season later? I look forward to Rarity going whole hog on diaper chic.

Does anyone know what happened to the author of this? It looks like she hasn't been on in almost 3 months

Soon!! Sorry for disappearing friend! > .<;
Oh no, I write them as I go, but I do have plans! :)
I'm back now, sorry!!

Although it's been quick paced (Not a complaint) I love what's occurred so far and I'm looking forward to what's to come.
(Would love to see pearl use her newfound ability to make things change for a more padded world for all to enjoy)

Wow after reading this little series i can safely say that i can't wait too read the next chapter! (Loved what you wrote) P.S plz don't be dead </3

Hope your doing okay šŸ‘Œ

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