Padding Pearl's Life Out

by PaddedPearl

Meeting The (DeltaCorp) Family

Pearl awoke with a sleepy mumble, slipping out of a pile of drool and glancing to her side to see the sun setting on the horizon. She could hear the employee induction still going, coming from the box to her side.

Shaking her head, the mare squirmed and flailed as she tried to stand, the weight between her legs making it difficult. Deciding it was finally time to change, she pulled the tabs by her hips, and slipped out of the huge, crinkly cloud- As she did, it crumpled in on itself, further and further, until it was back to it's original size, neatly folding itself.

"Easier to wash, I guess..." She prodded it suspiciously, before realising just how... naked she felt. More than usual, anyway. Staggering over to the DeltaCorp box, she hit a button to turn off the introductory video, and grabbed a diaper. Her heart soared as she felt the fresh, new fabric escaping it's packaging, and rolled over, eagerly slipping on the diaper and wiggling her butt. It wasn't very big, but she knew it'd slowly swell the longer she wore it.

In fact, she knew a surprising amount of things about DeltaCorp and their fantastic, affordable, and high quality products. The mare shook her head groggily, blinking to clear the swirling logo from her eyes.

She heard a knock on her door, and jumped in surprise, scrabbling over to the door and peeking out through her peephole.
"H-hello?" She called. She saw a stallion, turned away, his face hidden by the angle. He was orange, and wore a simple suit jacket. He jumped ever so slightly when Pearl spoke, and turned to face her, clearing his throat.
"Ah yes, Miss Pearl. I'm here to inform you of your first job as a tester for our company." He said, calmly. He was rather handsome, if a little... androgynous. His mane was cut short, with a small bit of fringe sticking up over his face. His eyes were multicoloured- One orange, one blue.

"U-um, would you like to come in for some coffee... sir?" Pearl asked, meekly, guessing that this guy had to be senior if he was giving her jobs... In fact, his voice sounded kinda... similar.
"Good to see you accepted our invitation to our program."

The stallion shook his head.
"Ahh, best we keep our relationship... Impersonal. If you don't know who I am or what I look like, I can ensure you will never know if I'm watching you perform in the field-"
"... I'm looking at you through the peephole, sir." Pearl said, softly. The stallion froze, eyes locked on the tiny glass hole.

"... I'll have decaf." He said, with a weak sigh.

Pearl sat at her coffee table, DeltaCorp products strewn about all over her floor, sitting across from the stallion. He was nursing his coffee with a bemused look on his face, while Pearl sipped her hot chocolate. She was acutely aware of the loud crinkling noises she made every time she moved, and had decided to remain as stone still as she could.

"Um... You... Were here about my first... Job, sir?" She asked, with a smile.
"I-I'm not really sure what my job even is, honestly... F-first you mentioned some sort of... program? Then the introduction video said I was a tester..."

The stallion cleared his throat.
"Well, we at DeltaCorp, er... Like to keep you on your toes, by making sure your job title is somewhat... Inconsistent. So you know that... Er. You're always. Doing the job we need you to do." He said, blankly. Pearl went to speak, but he continued.

"Anyway. My name is Loose Fur, sir will do for now. Your first job will be trying to find someone of note in the world of fashion and... Encouraging them to introduce diapers into their line. Preferably modelling them themselves. Just to make sure DeltaCorp is a little more... Readily accepted, when we inevitably open to the public." He said, with a charming smile.
He's way better at talking when he has a script... Pearl thought to herself. She nodded meekly.
"U-um... Do you have any ideas for who I can try and convince?" She asked.
"Oh, of course!" Loose grinned, and pointed out the window.

"In this very town, too. Her name is Rarity, of the Carousel Boutique. You might know her, she's kind of a big deal or something." He waved his hoof dismissively.
"Whatever, if you can get her, she'll be a hell of an asset in our plan."

"U-um... This all sounds... Very... sinister." Pearl mumbled. Loose frowned.
"Don't worry. This is all to make ponies happier. It's fine. You can trust me, I'm your boss." He said. Pearl nodded, feeling as though her brain had been hit with a glass of cool water, washing her doubts away. A smile broke out on her face.
"O-okay! I'll get it done, sir. Um... How... How exactly do I convince her?" She asked, weakly.
"Just show up wearing a diaper. Your training will take care of the rest." He said, with a smile.

With that, he finished his coffee and stood, giving her a slight wink and disappearing out the door.

Pearl huffed faintly in relief. She'd just met one of her bosses face to face... And he wasn't all that bad. She knew she could trust him. With that, she grabbed her saddlebags, and stuffed a diaper into them, happily setting out, this time without any apprehension of wearing diapers publicly.

... Or so she'd hoped. Pearl was finally at the right place, but turns out being a famous fashion designer meant you tended to be on streets with lots of traffic, which meant Pearl had hundreds of staring eyes passing as she approached the door.

However, as she stepped inside, and laid a hoof on the threshold of the place, a strange, fuzzy warmth settled over her, and the mare felt her body working on autopilot.

She slowly waddled in, her diaper having doubled in size during the walk. The jingle of the door's bell behind her made her giggle- It sounded so cute! Maybe she could attach bells to her diaper...

Pearl was distracted from that line of thought however, as the store's attendant appeared from out of an army of mannequins. She was a white mare, with a curly purple mane, and gorgeous violet eyes. She also wore a pair of red glasses, and was brandishing a measuring tape, held in her magic.
"Welcome to the Carousel Boutique, where we make you ch--- oh!" The mare stopped, however, as she saw Pearl in all her padded glory. Pearl simply giggled, and slowly approached. Her mouth spoke words she didn't mean to say, all while her body took steps she didn't mean to take.

"Hey there! Sorry about yesterday, I didn't mean to... Distract you like I did. I thought I'd come by your shop to apologise!" She said, eagerly. Rarity stammered a little, a blush coming to her cheeks as Pearl looked her in the eyes, licking her lips.
"A-ahh, of course, darling! Not a b-bother in the s-slightest." She said, trying not to stare as Pearl turned to look at the racks of clothing she had on display, her hips ever so gently swaying.
"Wow, you have so much to wear... All this sewing must take ages!" She said.

Sway, sway, sway.

"Um, well. Magic tends to help, of course!" Rarity said, slightly flustered, her eyes drawn downward to the spiralled logo of DeltaCorp, her eyes tracking it as it swayed.

Sway, sway, sway.

"Oh of course, but it's such a menial task! I mean the needle just goes in and out, left and right, left and right, left and right... And it just keeps going. It never stops! It must be so hard to concentrate!" Pearl said, with a mischievous grin, glancing backward, watching as Rarity watched.

Sway, sway, sway.

"Left... Right... Ah... Yes, of...Of course. So hard to... To..."
"To concentrate? I know! It must be good to just relax sometimes. To just stop focusing on anything but what's right in front of you, and let yourself drift off into a nice, relaxing sleep." Pearl began to back up, hips still moving left and right.

Sway... sway... sway...

"Y... Yes... Drift..." Rarity was slowly beginning to drool now, eyelids drooping.
"In fact, I even have a pillow here for you, to rest your sleepy little head." Pearl purred, slowly pressing her diaper against Rarity's face. Rarity let out the faintest moan, and leant into it, almost falling forward as she rested her head on it. Pearl shivered happily, and giggled again.

"Would you like a pillow of your own?" She asked, licking her lips.
"Whuh...?" Rarity mumbled, sleepily.
"It's a diaper, silly. Would you like one? I think it'd look great on you..." Pearl whispered. The word diaper made Rarity shift a little, but her mind was so mushy at this point that even such an odd fashion choice couldn't rouse her. She nodded slowly, ever so softly drooling onto the soft surface beneath her.

"Okay, you just gotta agree that once it's on, you can't take it off until you make one for yourself! And you gotta keep making them. I mean, you want to make them anyway, you absolutely looooove diapers, and modelling them for everyone you know, right? You want to make sure they know wearing diapers is natural, comfortable, and ohhh so normal~" Pearl purred.

The drooling, entranced Rarity slowly nodded.
"Uh-huh..." She mumbled.

"Okay! You're going to wake up when you feel your head drop, and when you do, you're going to ask me if I have a diaper for you to wear, since you've lost yours~" Pearl slipped forward, and Rarity's head dropped.

Immediately, the mare whipped to attention, cheeks burning red as she swayed on the spot, still recovering from her impromptu trance.
"U-uhm... What were we talking about, dear?" She asked, sleepily.
"Oh, you know, diapers n' stuff." Pearl said, bluntly, giggling as she watched Rarity twitch in surprise.

"O-oh, yes! Of course. S-say... You wouldn't happen to have a... a... a s-spare, would you? I seem to have mis... misplaced mine..." She said, with a blush. Pearl nodded, and fished about in her saddlebags, producing the DeltaCorp branded diaper and hoofing it off to Rarity. The mare nodded, still blushing.
"Th-thank you! Aha..." She seemed to recover somewhat, her confidence returning as she took the thing in a magical hold, casually lifting a leg to slip it through one of the holes, then the other, slipping it on tightly and snugly. A soft shudder ran up her spine, that Pearl, even in her uncontrolled state, felt oh so jealous of, in spite of herself.

Rarity cleared her throat, and turned, undressing her mannequins.
"Now, I have so many new ideas for... Products. I apologise for being rude, dear, but may we continue our discussion another time?" She asked, politely. Pearl nodded, licking her lips.
"Of course!~ I look forward to it." She purred, turning and happily waddling out the door.

The second fresh air hit her, Pearl felt in control of herself again, and immediately fell flat on her face, yelping in surprise.

"Wh... What was that...? And... Why... did it feel so good..." She whispered, pulling herself up. She immediately turned, and began her trip home, her head low as she pushed between crowds of ponies, still reeling over the total loss of control she'd just had... And how good it had felt...

The walk home passed by in a blur-- Thankfully the only interaction she had was bumping into some yellow pegasus, but the mare had simply stammered an apology and skittered away, so there was no embarrassing bending over to be done.

By the time Pearl got home, she was exhausted, and collapsed on her couch, groaning meekly. Her diaper was so ludicrously heavy to carry around... But it felt so warm and relaxing, not having a diaper on was uncomfortable and scary.

She stretched out, and dozed off into a small nap, satisfied that she'd done a good job...